Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself

“Umm, who are you?”

I was just finishing setting up the massage table when Selena Gomez finally arrived at her hotel room to immediately ask the suspicious question. I turned to see her in the doorway looking understandably nervous and moments away from calling security about the strange man in her hotel suite.

“Sorry miss, I’m your masseur this evening,” I quickly explained, trying not to drool at how stunning she was in the flesh.

“Where’s Kate?” she demanded, referring to my colleague and her usual masseuse.

“Did no one call ahead? She’s off sick today but sent me, I’m the best there is,” I assured her.

Selena still didn’t look convinced but she did close the door and enter the room properly.

“I prefer working with people I know,” she said, never taking her suspicious eyes off me.

“Trust issues?”

“Comes with the job,” she quipped back.

There was a moment of silence between us. Obviously, I’d been looking forward to this all day, a chance not only to be alone in the same room as Selena Gomez, but she’d be naked and I’d be getting my hands all over her hot body.

Unfortunately it seemed she wasn’t comfortable with the last minute change and it seemed unlikely any of that would be happening. That was until I took a moment to admire her current outfit, a simple white blouse covering her black bra and small shorts leaving her legs bare down to her uncomfortable looking heels.

“Well I’m here now, how about a simple foot rub?” I suggested as a hopeful way to ease her into it.

Selena considered it for a minute. I knew she’d been on her feet all day filming a new music video and was more than likely desperate to get out of her shoes.

“Okay fine…but just a foot rub!” she reluctantly agreed before crouching to kick off her heels and dropping to her petite 5’4 height.

I didn’t say another word and let her hop up on the end of the table while I turned on the soothing music and lit an incense stick.

Luckily for both of us, foot rubs were my speciality so I quickly won the young starlet over as I massaged her aching feet. It didn’t take long at all for her to start sighing contentedly and it took even less time for me to start growing hard knowing who it was making those erotic noises.

If this was her reaction just from a foot rub, I couldn’t imagine what she’d be like if I got to treat her to a full-body massage.

With her watching me, I was finding it difficult to concentrate and not stare at the long, slender legs I had directly in front of me.

After a few more minutes of gently rubbing the sole of her foot and between her delicate toes, Selena lay back on the table with a sigh and I took the initiative to ease upwards, starting at her ankles before gently stroking my oiled hands up her calf.

When she didn’t object, I assumed my plan had been successful and I’d convinced her. Before she could change her mind, I started adding a generous amount of oil to her legs, much more than I’d usually use.

I massaged the length of her legs, brushing my hand against her shorts while applying pressure in all the right places until Selena spoke again.

“God you weren’t kidding, you are good at this…”

I took that opportunity to stand up and suggest she strip down and lie down so I could give her a proper going over.

To my delight she almost immediately agreed and quickly rid herself of her clothing while I wasn’t looking and lay down on the table with a towel covering her butt.

“Okay. I’m ready,” she said a moment later.

Turning back, I had to do everything in my power not to drool and push the fact that I now had a naked Selena Gomez on my massage table to the back of my mind. As I stepped over her bundle of discarded clothes with her bra and matching lacy black thong on top of the pile, I told myself I simply had to do my job and not do anything that would get me fired.

Of course, that was much easier said than done once I got my hands on her.

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Again, I went a little overboard with the oil, making her gasp when the cold liquid touched her skin and slowly ran down the arch of her back before I started gently rubbing it in.

I started at her shoulders, digging my thumbs in and making her hiss inwardly as I worked out her tense muscles.

“That feel alright?”

“Mmhmm, perfect…” she sighed blissfully.

The way she almost moaned her reply gave me pause and made my already rock hard cock twitch in my pants.

“Sorry about earlier by the way,” she added a moment later.

“Hey, don’t worry about. I get it, these full-body jobs can get a little…” I trailed off but Selena quickly completed my sentence.


Selena turned her head to the side to face me and gave what could only be described as a sultry smile, especially following her last comment.

“That’s one way to put it,” I nodded.

I couldn’t help but notice the way her face was now perfectly level with my crotch and there was no doubt in my mind she hadn’t spotted the obvious bulge she’d caused in my pants. Even if she did, she didn’t mention it. I expect she was used to being around horny guys who desperately wanted to fuck her brains out.

Just that brief image in my head was enough to make my cock throb yet again and I quickly moved out of her eye line, not wanting to make her too uncomfortable with the sordid things I was thinking about.

The room fell silent again as I ran my hands down both sides of her back, daring to brush my fingertips against the curve of her breasts, squashed beneath her.

Again, she didn’t complain to the brief but repetitive contact. Selena simply closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax fully to the point I wondered if she’d actually fallen asleep.

I stayed silent in case she was sleeping and after spending as much time as I could on her smooth back, I travelled down to begin giving some more attention to her toned legs.

With bated breath, I eagerly started with her thighs, oiling them up and giving them a good rub down. On each up thrust I couldn’t resist going a little higher than usual, slipping under the towel to effectively cup her concealed ass in my hands.

Soon enough it was time to move onto her inner thighs where I really had to control myself. When I slowly caressed her, I swear I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy which I was consistently mere inches away from touching.

When her breathing started coming in shorter gasps and she occasionally squirmed on the table, I began to wonder which of us was being teased more.

It wasn’t exactly unusual but it was exciting to discover Selena Gomez was just like any other woman and couldn’t avoid getting turned on by a good massage. Plus, knowing it was me doing it, turning her on, only bolstered my confidence and made me keen to tease her further and see how far I could take it.

I proceeded to focus solely on her inner thighs and at random intervals would allow my hands to drift high enough to casually brush against her pussy. This ‘accidental’ action allowed me to discover the starlet was soaking wet when her juices would stick to my oiled hand, leaving a trail when I slid back down her leg.

The entire time Selena stayed as silent as possible but grew more and more restless with her breathing coming more erratically. I had a pretty good idea what was currently going through her head.

I knew she was wide awake and at this point had to know exactly what I was doing but was conflicted between speaking out and putting a stop to it before we got too carried away or simply letting this stranger continue working over her frustrated body.

Fortunately for me, it seemed she’d picked the latter. For now, she was content to lay still, her eyes closed and her bottom lip between her teeth as she struggled to suppress her moans and whimpers.

Her massage was now completely forgotten as I teased her mercilessly for another ten minutes before I finally went for it and boldly made direct contact with her slimy taco for the first time.

As I’d noticed earlier, she was absolutely dripping wet and had already created a damp patch on the sheets. I wasted no time moving my fingers between her meaty lips and slowly dragging them up the groove of her hot cunt.

“Oh God…” Selena suddenly sighed, almost breathlessly.

As I continued to leisurely rub away at her aching pussy, I finally did away with the towel and got my first unobstructed view of her perfect Latina ass.

Selena gasped again, this time in frustration when I took my hand away from her desperate cunt and moved my attention to that butt, oiling it up to match the shiny sheen of the rest of her body.

I kneaded her soft flesh in both hands and from the way she gasped and groaned, I wondered if she’d ever had her ass manhandled like this before, whatever the case it certainly seemed to have a positive effect on her.

Before long I was spreading her cheeks and letting the oil run down over her tiny, puckered starfish and without even thinking I rubbed my finger against her most private entrance before taking her breath away when I suddenly pushed it inside.

Her whole body jerked as I penetrated her for the first time, shocked that I’d gone straight to the ass. I paused when she tensed up and looked back at me for the first time since I’d started teasing her.

“Wha-what are you doing?” she whispered nervously, as if afraid there was a risk of being overheard.

“Just relax,” I insisted soothingly, “I just want to make you feel good.”

To comfort her, I moved my other hand back down to her pussy and gave it some much needed attention.

When Selena’s eyes rolled back and her head fell onto the pillow I knew I had her won over as she reluctantly relaxed her body and allowed me to continue probing her backdoor and cunt simultaneously.

With one finger lodged firmly in her ass, I finally gave the starlet what she really wanted and pushed two into her bald pussy. After getting my fingers wet, I pulled out again to lick them clean, tasting what had to be the most delicious cunt I’d ever had.

I quickly jabbed them back inside her, making her grunt at the force.

“Ugh. Holy fuck…” she muttered as I filled her.

When I started slowly finger fucking her in both holes, I don’t know which of us was more shocked when she suddenly screamed and came loudly a few seconds later.

“Oh fuck-oh fuck-ohmigod…” she chanted, writhing as she flooded the table with her girl cum.

Watching Selena climax so intensely and so easily, I don’t think I’d ever been so hard in my life and I knew this could be my one chance to take her before she came to her senses.

While her orgasm continued to rock her body, I grabbed her greased up hips and dragged her to the end of the table until her quivering legs were hanging off the edge. Once there and without warning, I stuffed my hard cock straight into her spasming, scolding hot cunt.

“UGH-SHIT!” she yelped, arching her back as I rammed it home and filled her completely.

The slow, sensual massage was momentarily over as I now pounded Selena’s cumming pussy like my life depended on it.

The singer was moaning like a whore and going near delirious as she was forced to endure what had to be the longest climax and hardest fuck of her young life.

Having been teased and on the edge for almost as long as her, I soon reached the point of no return and had to pull out of her sloshing cunt to blow my wad all over her back and ass.

“Uhhh-yeah! Cum all over me!” she suddenly hissed, fully on board with what had just transpired.

Just like that, the sexy twenty three-year old gave me my second wind and without even pausing for breath, I flipped her onto her back and dove between her legs to feast on her ripe peach.

“Wow! Oh my God!” she gasped, sitting up to watch as I stuck my tongue into her and lapped up her cum. “You better not tell anyone about this.”

I had to smile at her late warning but didn’t want to stop licking at that sweet Latina cunt for a second so I wordlessly carried on until she ultimately lay back to enjoy the ride.

Selena was cussing and mumbling away to herself as I devoured her, eager to bring about a second, equally intense orgasm.

It didn’t take long at all for her to flood my mouth and chin with her sticky nectar and for me to be rock hard and ready to go again but I wasn’t going anywhere without getting a taste of that ass I’d briefly played with earlier.

Lifting her slightly, I kissed her swollen clit before running my tongue down her twitching cunt and continued until I was flicking my tongue against her tight asshole, making her squirm uneasily above me.

“Do you like it in the ass Selena?”

“I-I dunno,” she admitted nervously.

“What, you’ve never been fucked in the ass before?”

“No. Not by a guy anyway…”

I had to force myself not to dwell on what she was insinuating for too long.

“-do you want to?”

There was a long pause as I continued to slowly lick at her tightest entrance and she considered my proposal.

“I…you can if you want,” Selena finally conceded.

I noticed she hadn’t actually said yes but rather left it up to me to make the easy decision. Just knowing I had such a submissive, sexy, desirable woman laying on my table make my cock throb as I realised she’d probably let me do whatever I wanted to her.

Not wanting to rush the main event and wanting her to enjoy it as much as me, I stayed where I was and began working on preparing her tight butthole for good, hard dick.

I held her soft cheeks open and forced my tongue inside her, making her take a sharp intake of breath as she got her insides licked and probed around her backdoor.

After eating ass for as long as I could, I soon couldn’t bear to wait any longer and stood to position my thick cock against her twitching rosebud.

Even without the oil, we probably would have been lubed up enough just from how wet she was but as it was, we had both so it was a simple job of popping my head past her rim and straight into her scolding backdoor.

Nonetheless, Selena groaned as I painfully stretched her out and gave her her very first warm, hard cock up her ass.

Before long the pain subsided to become pleasure like she’d never felt in her life and she quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in deeper.

We were both breathing heavily by the time I was settled almost balls-deep in her ass with me leaning over her incredible body, staring into her dark, pleading eyes.

Before doing anything else, I placed both hands on her firm, handful-sized tits and leaned down to kiss her for the first time while I kneaded her soft breasts, feeling her hard brown nipples in my palms.

In that moment, I’m pretty sure I was in some kind of heaven with my lips on hers, my hands on her breasts and my cock buried in her ass.

While I almost lay on top of her, passionately making out with the young woman, I slowly began to pump my hips. It was a complete contrast to our earlier, urgent fuck. Selena and I simply lay on the table kissing while I practically made love to her sweet Latina ass with long, deep strokes.

“That feels so good,” Selena finally whispered, her manicured nails digging into my back.

“Yeah? So you do like it in the ass?” I asked rhetorically.

“Uh-huh. I like you in my ass,” she replied in the most seductive tone she could muster which sent a shiver down my spine.

Selena smirked up at me while I had to fight the urge not to cum just from that comment alone.

Realising this was regretfully coming to an end soon; I stood back up, folded her legs over and began to relentlessly drill her ass sideways on the table. We both groaned as her closed legs caused an even tighter fit.

Selena twisted her body to look directly at me as I started to pick up the pace, desperate to make her cum with my cock in her ass before I did.

Since the double penetration had gotten her off so hard earlier, I decided to try the same tactic again, slipping my hand between her legs and roughly stuffing her tight cunt with three fingers, taking her breath away.

“Oh fuck! Yesss…” she hissed. “Fuck both my holes…they’re all yours…just like that…just li-uggghhngh-”

Her head lolled back and her mouth hung open but no sound came out as she climaxed again, her entire body tensing and convulsing.

Despite her tightly clenching butthole, I continued fucking her, eager to join her as she groaned out in bliss.

It only took a few more hard thrusts in her ass for me to reach that point but this time I didn’t pull out and instead erupted inside her, filling her ass with a torrent of hot cum which sent Selena into a moaning hot mess yet again.

“Holy fuck…” she panted a minute later when I finally slipped out of her spent holes, “Tell Kate she’s fired. Get me booked in for a weekly visit from you instead.”