Bud Bundy’s Secret

Bud was home alone, a very rare occasion. Usually his
dad was camped out on the couch or his mom was home –
looking hot in tight pants and a tighter top that her
DD-cup tits threatened to burst out of; if Bud actually
had friends he’d be embarrassed to have them over
because he knew they’d droll all over her AND they’d see
Bud’s own forbidden erection for his mother – if dad was
broke and he had no money for her to spend. But his
parents actually went out together; their new friends
were a rich couple with lots of money to throw and they
were saying for a ‘night out on the town’.

Kelly was supposed to be home watching him but she had a
date with one of her teachers. But Bud was glad to be
alone. He sat in the darkened living room, the only
light coming from the TV screen. He had his young cock
out and was whacking off to some ‘B-movie’ populate by
former Playboy Playmates running around with huge guns –
the real kind and the D and DD kind… Bud was on the
edge; he knew he was about to cum.

Just then who would come stumbling in slamming the door
behind her but his sister Kelly herself. Normally, Bud
would be lusting after her also but she had never caught
him with his cock out and in his hand. Just a few words
about Kelly, she had the reputation of being the biggest
[and youngest slut] in Chicago not to mention the
dumbest blonde in the universe and of all time [well not
everyone says that; it just sounded good in writing].

Yes, Kelly Bundy is the biggest [and youngest] slut in
Chicago but she was a lot smarter than everyone gave
Kelly credit for; first of all she rarely had
intercourse [and never put out when she first started
‘dating’ someone] unless she wanted something really,
really bad, like drugs, money, or new panties [she went
through those quick the way guys tore them off of her,
and Kelly LOVED the expensive kind.

Kelly would try to give hand jobs or blow jobs as much
as possible [especially blow jobs; she loved taking a
soft cock into her mouth and slowly, teasingly making it
hard and she loved the taste of cock, even more the
taste of cum, which she always swallowed down like a
pro], but if Kelly did have intercourse she always made
the guy use a condom. ALWAYS. She didn’t care who he was
or what he offered. Kelly always made the guy use a

Not bad for a girl not even in high school yet. And she
was an anal virgin. Where were we? Oh yeah, Bud was
about to blow his jizz when Kelly stumbled in drunkenly.

Bud’s hand froze on his cock.

Kelly hadn’t even noticed. She stumbled over to the
couch giggling and tripped falling right against her 2
years younger brother. The first thing Kelly saw was the

Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. “Oh, wowz!
My boobiez are almost as big as hers!” Kelly giggled,
grabbing her own Ds and pushing them up. She looked to
her left and noticed Bud for the first time. “Hey, Budz,
my favorite brother!” Kelly slurred loudly in his ear.
He didn’t bother to correct that he was her only
brother. “I love you, Budz man!”

Kelly threw her arms around him – planting her large
breasts into his side – and planted a huge wet kiss on
his cheek. Her left arm slid limply down into his lap.
“Oooo, Bud! Oh, wow, you’ve got a big, big, big one!”
Kelly blurted. Giggling she added “Did I interrupt
something?” She winked. Or tried to. “Do you want big
sis to help? I LOVE to suck cock! Did you know that?”

Before Bud could respond, Kelly dropped face first into
his lap fast asleep. Bud sighed. He shrugged and started
to watch the movie again. ‘Wait a minute’, he thought.
‘My hot sister is passed out in my lap. Maybe I can have
some fun…’ he grinned evilly rubbing his hands
together. He let one hand slide down between her soft
but slim thighs. Kelly shifted and moaned. He slid his
hand up.

Kelly parted her legs slightly and rubbed her cheek
against his raging hard on. Bud let his fingers slip up
under his sister’s micro skirt. Soon he was touching her
pelt of pubic curls. ‘What, no panties?’ He lifted
Kelly’s skirt. ‘Oh, there they were…’

They were pulled to the side. Kelly forgot to tug them
back into place. At least Bud now knew his sister was a
real blonde he smirked. She was also wet. Kelly moaned.
“So big,” she mumbled. For some reason, slut instinct
maybe, she lowered her mouth onto Bud’s cock and began
to suck him off in her sleep. Bud groaned and kept
rubbing Kelly’s pussy. His sister sucked cock like a
seasoned porn star.

Kelly was able to deep-throat his young cock with ease.
As her head flew up and down his length 2 of his fingers
flew in and out of her cunt. He’d never done this before
but he was able to make Kelly orgasm 5 times before he
blew his load in her mouth and she swallowed it down.

Bud was still hard after she sucked him dry; that was
why she kept on sucking. Bud was surprised to see his
sister really was asleep when he removed her mouth from
his cock. Temporarily sated, Bud shut off the TV and
easily lifted his 120 pound [he estimated] into his

This was his secret: Being the genius Bud was he created
a formula to transform his preteen body; it was kind of
like steroids but without the side effects and it was
undetectable in any drug tests. It didn’t make him
taller and bulk him up but it made him as strong as a
big bulky guy and it gave his body definition boys his
age didn’t have. It also enlarged his cock; he was now 8
1/2-inches long and very thick but he would grow more at
puberty. But he kept all this a secret under loose
fitting clothes and a jock strap.

So as I said, Bud easily lifted up Kelly and carried her
up to her room, passing by Buck on the way. ‘When do I
get one of Kelly’s famous blow jobs?’ he thought sadly.
Bud laid his sister on her bed and locked her door. He
removed her high heels then rolled off her fishnet

He undid her skirt and slid it down her long legs and
off of her. Bud admired Kelly’s shapely butt, even
smacking it a few times. Kelly moaned. He gently flipped
her over and removed the button-down shirt she had over
a torn t-shirt.

The indentation of Kelly’s nipples was slightly
noticeable under it. Bud sat her up and tugged off her
t-shirt. She had on a lacy, low cut nude color bra on.
He ran his fingers over the cups before he reached
behind her and unclasped her bra. He slid it off of her
body and Kelly’s large tits came into view making Bud
gasp. Her areolae were medium brown. Of medium-sized
oval shapes. Her nipples poked out hard. Bud rubbed his
hard cock as he laid his sister back down.

He quickly slid out of his clothes. He spread Kelly’s
legs and mounted her. Gripping his virgin cock, he
pressed the head between her pussy lips and slid it
right in her dripping hole. His sister moaned and arced
her back. Bud loved the feel of her pussy; it was so
tight around his shaft as he began to fuck Kelly.

Kelly immediately orgasmed around Bud’s cock. Kelly
groaned and writhed through 2 dozen orgasms before her
little brother filled her with his incestuous seed. Bud
groaned himself and leaned over his sister, dripping
sweat down on her own sweaty body…

But Bud wasn’t done yet… He grabbed the 2 pillows at
the top of Kelly’s bed and propped them under her butt.
Now Kelly’s butt hole was pointing right up at him. He
slid his cock from her pussy, all covered with their
combined juices and pressed the head against Kelly’s
[unknown to him] virgin butt hole. The head popped in
but she was tighter back here. But in her sleeping state
her body was more relaxed so it didn’t take long to fill
his sister’s butt with his cock.

Kelly was writhing and groaning the whole time. Her butt
loosened a bit now that he was gently moving in and out
of Kelly. Kelly gasped and ground her butt up to Bud.
Bud was really getting to like fucking his own sister.
Hell, who doesn’t?

When he finally flooded her insides with his hot teenage
jizz Kelly had cum about 12 times even though he fucked
her butt a whole lot longer. He could tell his sister
enjoyed it the whole time by her body language, though.
When he pulled his cock out most of his jizz streamed
out right behind.

Kelly groaned once more as Bud withdrew from her. He put
her pillows up behind her head and covered her up.
Grabbing his clothes he left his sister’s room, happy he
was now a man and looking for ways to get into Kelly


From the moment Bud had brought Kelly into her room, he
had been preoccupied, for obvious reasons. And Kelly,
well, for reasons of her own, she like Bud, were
oblivious to the fact the their next door neighbor, and
their mother’s friend Marcy, witnessed the whole
shocking event from the adjacent window, wide-eyed and
mouth hanging open…