How I Fucked A Celebrity (who happened to be Salma Hayek)

Hola! My name is Hymie. In English you’d probably call
me Jim or Jimi. I live in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico.

I’m twenty-one. I didn’t go to College, I’m “street
smart” but I didn’t have the smarts it took to do good
in High School and get into College.

But who cares? Hardly anyone I know has gone to College
but we have what we need and are content, si?

I work and give most of my money to my family. I don’t
have much of my own – my parents don’t even have a
television or anything really fancy – but I make enough
money to have been able to buy my own cell phone and pay
the bill.

I don’t text much, my writing is not very good. But I do
call my friends but mostly I’m already hanging out with

I mostly use my phone for what you call the world wide
web. I like to – how you say – “surf” for what you
Americans call “porn”.

I did not know about porn until I bought my first phone
at nineteen. Now I “jerk off” to it all the time. My
mother sees my jizz-stained sheets but says nothing
about them.

To be honest, I am still a virgin, not that I’m ashamed
of such a thing.

Despite all their “big talk”, most of my friends are
still virgins too but won’t admit it out loud.

I mean, I have done stuff. Back in High School I put my
hand up a girl’s blouse and inside of her bra. I had a
girl play with my cock once. I came within ten seconds.
I got my jizz all over her hand and blouse. THAT I was
embarrassed about. But she forgave me because she knew I
didn’t know that would happen.

She never did it again though.

I had seen girls naked before. I share a room with two
of my sisters and saw them naked all the time and still
do. I’m embarrassed to admit I got hard for them. They
always had very nice bodies with full breasts and butt
and hairy pussies.

Since I started jerking off I try to wait until they go
to sleep since there isn’t much privacy, but I know both
of them have seen me do it.

Not that they’ve seen my cock hard. They’ve only seen me
jerk off under my sheet and seen me “ejaculate” my jizz
into my sheet.

When the dark spot would appear and spread, my youngest
sister used to say “Ewwwwww!” softly, but my other
sister would just watch quietly. Not that I could every
look either of them in the eye as I jerked off.

Or for some time after for that matter.

So that’s basically my story: Horny, inexperienced
twenty-one year old virgin.

I was at my friend Santos’ house the other day. I’ve
known him since grade school.

At least I thought I knew him. Seems there are things
he’s never told me.

Like he has a famous aunt.

Until she walked in the door and hugged Santos’s madre
and then him, I never knew Salma Hayek was my friend’s

“Tita, this is my best friend, Hymie,” Santos

Unlike Santos, I am very tall. In American measurements,
I am almost six foot five inches tall. Santos is a
little taller than his famous aunt Salma, who I knew
from Googling her long ago was five foot two inches

That alone would have made my cock hard. I love short
women. But Salma has a big butt and bigger breasts too!

In American measurements Salma is 36D-25-37. THAT made
my cock – how you say – throb!

Salma has such a small-waisted body for such big breasts
and big butt… [And it was hard to believe she less
than three years away from fifty! I swear she looked no
older than thirty!] I tried not to stare.

“It’s not to meet you, Hymie,” Salma said.

“Thank you, Miss Hayek,” I said, doing my best to
contain my nervousness. “I’m kind of a fan.”

Salma smiled. “Oh, really? What movies of mine have you
seen? And call me Salma.”

I blushed. “Well… I haven’t actually seen any of your
movies, Miss Hayek – I mean Salma. Just pictures of you
I found with Google,” I said, pointing to my phone.

“Oh. Hopefully nothing risqui,” Salma laughed.

“Huh?!?” I wasn’t sure what she went meant at first. “Is
low-cut dresses risqui?”

“Here they are,” Santos’ Madre piped in.

“Not where I come from,” Salma laughed again, a sexy,
throaty laugh that made my testicles ache. “You boys
should come visit me at the cottage I rented.

I have a large pool in the back that I can’t use all by
myself. And I know how hot it gets down here.”

“Sure, tita!” Santos said excitedly. “Hymie and me would
love to come!”

“Thanks, Salma!” I chimed in.

“No need to thank me,” She smiled. “I’ll be here for a
month, come by anytime.” Salma gave Santos the address,
hugged him and his madre again then left.

“Tio, why didn’t you ever TELL me Salma Hayek is you

Santos shrugged. “I hardly think about her,” He said.
“She’s been living in America my whole life and I hardly
got to see her.”

We changed the subject after that, BUT We got his tita
Salma A LOT.

Santos and I hit the pool every day [we worked nights,
the pay was better though it was only part time, most
jobs are down here]. Salma only wore one piece bathing
suits but I could tell she had an amazing body
underneath them.

My favorite was a jet black suit that matched Salma’s
hair. When it was wet it clung to her large, firm butt.
I loved the way her massive breasts jiggled under the

I had to stay in the water a lot to hide my hard on, but
it was so hot neither my friend nor Salma thought it was

We never went in the cottage. At least she never invited
us in. Then again, people would talk if she was alone
with two strong, handsome young guy. Even if one WAS her

One day Santos couldn’t go to Salma’s. I didn’t want to
go by myself. I felt funny about my friend knowing I was
alone with his tita.

But I wanted to see her again.

I went down to her cottage, which was surrounded by a
high, solid fence which was also surrounded by heavy
shrubbery and all kinds of plant life.

I snuck into the dense foliage around to the back. I
found a large, thick tree. I climbed it and could see
into the back yard though the thick foliage hid me from
view. I could even get down into the yard safely from
here if I had wanted.

Soon Salma came out in a robe. She unsashed it and
slipped it off. She was naked under it!

Santos had called her and told her we weren’t coming.

Otherwise I know she wouldn’t have done that in front of

I was about to take out my cock and jerk off when I had
a better idea. I could take out my camera, take pictures
of Salma and jerk off to them anytime!

I was glad I had bought the best phone with a zoom
feature. I got some AMAZING pictures.

Then things got better. Salma started rubbing tanning
oil on her delicious body. I swear I heard her moan from

As she covered her breasts with the oil her nipples
thickened and stuck way out. As she oiled up her belly
her moans grew louder.

She oiled up her firm thighs, spread her legs and began
to rub her hairy pussy!!! I was glad I was still taking

Soon Salma slid two fingers into herself and fucked her
pussy rapidly. Her body convulsed and when she came her
hips shot up and she cried out.

Then she lay still for a long time after that.

I put my phone away and took the opportunity to release
my aching cock and jerk off.

I was so hard and throbbing I didn’t last five minutes.

I started spewing jizz everywhere. What a mess!

Sated for a while, I stuffed my cock back in my jeans
and waited. I was afraid even if I was careful Salma
might hear me climbing down.

She finally got up, robe in hand, and went back inside.

I jumped down from the tree and rushed home. Going into
my room, I shut the door and stripped, climbing under my

I looked over the pics I’d taken and locked them for

As I did all that with one hand, my other hand was
jerking my cock. I soon was hard again.

I imagined Salma jerking me off like that girl back in
school had. But this time I lasted longer and Salma –
unlike the girl – was naked, so I shot my jizz on her
body, not her clothes.

I was imagining jizzing all over Salma’s huge breasts
when my sister walked in. Not the youngest one.

I was too far gone to stop. I grunted and spewed my jizz
into my sheet, the stain slowing spreading.

Somehow I got the nerve to look my sister in the eye.
She was smiling at me but didn’t say a word.

Later I got to thinking about the pictures I’d taken of
Salma. It occurred to me these kind of pictures may be
what she meant by risqui.

Still thinking about them, I decided to send them to the
email account I had access to on my phone. Then I logged

I showered and dressed. I didn’t have to work later
tonight and if things went as well as I hoped – what did
I know? I’d never done anything like this before – me
not having to work would be a good thing.

I went to Salma’s cottage. Lights were on. I knocked on
the front door. Salma answered it less than half a
minute later.

“Hymie! What a surprise!”

“Hola, Salma,” I said, doing my best to maintain my
boldness. “I was hoping to talk to you. Is now a bad

She wasn’t dressed for a date or anything – just tight
jeans and a tighter worn dark pink top, her darker bra
was outlined under it – but what did I know?

“Now is fine. Come in,” Salma invited.

I went in and she closed the door. It then hit me I was
alone with Salma. For real.

She invited me to sit down on the couch. “Would you like
a beer or something, Hymie?”

“No, gracias,” I said. Afraid I’d – how you say – “wimp
out” if I didn’t get it over with, I got to the point.

“Salma, I saw you sunbathing naked today.”

“You did?” She seemed surprised but not overly so. Nor
did she seem upset.

“Si. From the big tree outside of the fence in back.”

“I see,” was all Salma said.

“I took pictures.”

Now she looked somewhat nervous.

“You did?”

I nodded. “Lots of them.”

Salma started to – how you say – fidget. She was
definitely very nervous now.

“I sent them to my email off of my phone, so they are in

“What do you want, Hymie?” She asked rapidly.

“What do I want?”



Salma blinked. “What?” She asked, confusion in her now
soft spoken voice.

“I want you,” I repeated. “I want to – how you say –
fuck you.”

“You want to fuck me?” She repeated.

I nodded.

She seemed to relax. “That’s all?”

“What else is there?” I inquired, confused now myself.

Salma smiled. “Okay. You can have me.”


“Of course,” She said standing up. “How often do I get
fucked by a handsome, strong young man more than half my

Salma reached out her hand to me. I rose and took it.

“That’s it?” I asked, very confused now. “You’re not
going to ask for proof that I have pictures to – how you
say – blackmail you with?”

Salma laughed. “No. I believe you,” She said as she led
me upstairs. “You’ve never done this before, have you?”

“How’d you know I was a virgin?!?” I asked in shock.

Salma’s smile grew wider. “I meant You’ve never
blackmailed anyone before.”


I blushed.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Salma said. “I’m glad you
brought it up. I would never have asked you but I admit
I’ve wanted you,” She admitted as we entered the small

“You have?” I smiled.

She nodded. “Si. As I said, I don’t get to have sex with
someone as young as young often, in fact not at all.”

Salma began to undress. “Come on, take off your clothes,

I wasn’t sure what “bashful” meant but I sensed it
wasn’t – how you say – a put down.

I quickly undress, embarrassed that my cock was so hard
seeing Salma naked again.

“Oh, my,” She gushed, eyeing my hard cock. “You have
very nice one…”

“Thanks,” I replied, blushing.

“One of the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

I wanted to ask “Really?” but decided against it,
smiling instead at her flattery.

“Why don’t you lay back on the bed?” Salma said, pulling
down the covers.

I climbed up on the bed and lay back. It was so much
more comfortable than my bed at home.

“Good,” She said crawling on the bed towards me. Soon I
felt her hot breath on my cock. It began to throb.

Salma grabbed it by the base and lowered her mouth down
around it. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know what she
was doing – I’d seen videos of porn on my phone but only
of guys putting their cocks inside woman’s pussies – but
it was unbelievable either way.

Her lips wrapped around my cock and soon I felt her
tongue swirl around it as the well.

The heat the inside of Salma’s mouth gave off was
amazing! I thought I’d pass out – something the heat
down her has done to me when I was younger.

Salma’s mouth slid up and down my cock, her head bobbed
up and down it hypnotically, her lips clamping around it

She kept sucking my cock faster and faster, I didn’t
know anyone could do something like that so fast!

I was surprised I lasted as long as I did, over fifteen
minutes. When I came my testicles exploded harder than
ever! I was shocked Salma kept her mouth on my cock, and
she swallowed my jizz!

Her head kept bobbing up and down on my cock, milking
every drop of my jizz from me. When she finally slid her
mouth off I was surprised I was still hard.

“Mmmm, you have some delicious tasting semen!” Salma

Eyeing my still hard cock, she asked “Are you ready to
fuck me?”

I nodded vigorously.

“Then get up and trade places with me!” She said

I got up and Salma laid on her back, spreading her legs.
Her pussy was SO hairy!

“Mmmm, cariio… You’ve got my pussy so wet…” Salma
moaned. “Stick your big fat cock into me now!”

I mounted her like in the porn I saw on my phone. Then I
rubbed my cock along her opening – making Salma coo –
until it popped in. She groaned when that happened.

I put my hand on either side of Salma and began to pump
in and out of her hot, wet pussy awkwardly. I’d never
done ANYTHING like this before.

Salma didn’t rush me, and I soon got my – how you say –
bearings. As I grew more confident I fucked her faster
and her moans and groans grew louder and louder until
she came.

I was pleased I made Salma orgasm because I know how
good it feels when I do that myself.

I was more pleased when she came again and again! It
made me fuck her harder and even faster, making Salma
scream louder when she’s orgasm.

I was surprised how long I lasted. Over forty-five
minutes. Selma later told me she’d been surprised too.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said, starting to pull out. I was
afraid I’d getting her pregnant.

“No!” Salma cried out. “Cum in me!”

“B-but…” It was too late. The floodgates burst open
and I inundated her tight pussy with a massive load.

“Yeah, amante, cum inside me deep…” Salma sighed,
milking me with her tightening pussy.”

Spent, I finally pulled out and collapsed beside her,
both of us sweaty and gasping for breath.

Salma rolled half on me and lay her head on my chest.

“That was some of THE best sex I have ever had,” she

“That was better than jerking off,” I put in.

Salma laughed. “You bet it is!”

She ran her hand over my chest slowly, working her way
down my belly.

By the time her hand reached my cock, it was hard again.

“Good!” Salma said, rolling on top of me.


“Now I get to fuck YOU!” She winked, holding my cock as
she descended onto it.

This was going to be lots of fun…