Celeb Schoolgirls – Christina Aguilera

“And how do we calculate the cosine, class?”

Mara James’ question rang out down the aisles filled with the twenty
students in her calculus class at St. Bernard’s Academy, ricocheted off the
dusty back wall of her humid classroom, and deflected back into her own
ears, unanswered and utterly ignored by her daydreaming students. The only
sound she heard besides the usual fidgeting in creaky desks and light
tapping of pens and pencils was a stifled but audible giggle. It was coming
from the back left corner of the classroom. There, bathed in sunlight from
the only window not covered by a hideous green shade, was the chatty petite
looker of the class, one Christina Aguilera, uncontrollably giddy from a
flippant one-liner she’d just tossed across the aisle to her gal pal Mandy.

Christina held a transparent Bic pen one inch in front of her smile,
as if that would be sufficient enough to hide her delinquency from Mara. Her
hair, carefully dyed a brilliant shade of blond, a color almost matching
Mara’s natural hew, jiggled back and forth in the light, held back by a
crimson red ponytail. Her rich, yellowish skin was highlighted by the sun
too, Mara noticed. Her blue eyes twinkled, her thin, unique nose crinkled,
and her lips, glossed a light pink, continued to grin, Christina’s tongue
making a brief appearance at the side of her mouth, salivating over Mandy’s
obvious enjoyment of her joke. Christina’s lithe figure, clothed in a
mandatory plaid uniform of gray, black and yellow, swayed gently against her
desktop. Mara found herself admiring the view for a split second – a split
second too long – and composed herself with a frown and a tap of her wooden
pointer onto the classroom floor.

“Math is a real riot as usual, eh, Miss Aguilera?” Christina slowly turned
towards Mara, a deer in the headlights, while Mandy bolted up in her chair,
pretending Mara could only keep one student in her sights at a time. The
rest of the young teens, only now catching on with their swift American
brains, turned to glare accusingly at the blond beauty.

“No, Miss James.”

“Well then, I assume you know the answer to my previous question.” Mara
didn’t feel comfortable yet when interrogating “rotten apples.” The pressure
of the confrontation and the muggy April afternoon was getting to her. She
could feel a bead of sweat trickle down her own young, ample cleavage
underneath her pink tweed sweater.

“Cosine,” Mandy whispered quickly to a clueless Christina, then sat
upright again. Christina felt all eyes on her and tried desperately to find
the right mental nugget, her silky smooth face contorted into several
concentrated wrinkles.

“Cosine,” she repeated. “Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhh-ooo-ohhhhhh! I KNOW I know this!
It involves the tangent….or something. Right?” Christina flashed a smile
at Mara that pleaded for approval, but all she received in return as the
loud end-of-the-school-day alarm rang was a disappointed smirk from her
teacher and snickers from her fellow students.

“See me after class, please,” Mara said to Christina firmly over the
alarm’s ringing, setting off a chain of “Ooooooh”s from the exiting students
and a helpless shrug from Mandy as she slowly left the room and headed for
volleyball practice. Christina sat motionless for a moment, slumped over in
defeat. Mara stood for several seconds and observed this behavior. It wasn’t
long ago – only five years, in fact – that she, too, was a carefree, buxom
high school senior, flirting, goofing and failing her way through more than
one class. But never math. Everyone has their meal ticket, as boring as
others might find it. For Mara James, it was cosines and tangents.

The 22-year-old teacher looked at the downtrodden young choir girl in
front of her, who had now propped her elbows up on her desk, running her
damp hands across her flushed cheeks. Mara looked below. Christina’s legs
had parted, revealing a pair of blue cotton panties under her plaid skirt,
with some sort of embroidery in the middle of her crotch. Maybe flowers.
Maybe fruit. Maybe a cartoon character. Mara couldn’t tell due to the
distance and the shadows. Suddenly, she reminded herself that she shouldn’t
be aware of this information AT ALL. She walked towards the open wooden
classroom door, her youthful, long legs brushing against her flowing skirt
of gray silk as she walked, and closed the door with a minimal slam.

Christina had heard the movement of Mara’s black high heels against the
cold tile and picked her head up, expecting to see Mara advancing towards
her and not the door. She drank in the view of her teacher’s back and side.
It was almost as if the woman was trapped in the 50’s, what, with that
sweater and her long golden hair cropped up in a checkered scrunchie.
Christina knew Miss James would’ve been one hot number at the drive-in,
though. What amazingly perky tits, she thought, as the staid young tutor
swung the door shut. Christina instinctively peered down at her own smaller
breasts, covered by that damn itchy plaid blouse and white shirt. If she was
ever going to be as famous as she hoped, she thought, a boob job just might
be the ticket. A real shame, since Christina was personally proud of the
body God gave her.

Sometimes, Christina thought Miss James would stare at her through her
wire-rimmed glasses a little longer than the other lay teachers, even the
decrepit, horny old men who taught her Chemistry and German. Christina
really needed a big improvement in Calculus if she was to graduate on
schedule in two months. A devious smile crossed her face, then quickly
disappeared as soon as Mara turned around. Although she wasn’t a stranger to
dick, Christina had a secret, unsatisfied craving for pussy, and an emphatic
A+ for effort where Miss James was concerned just might get her the passing
math grade she needed. It certainly wouldn’t be all work and no play.

Christina remained seated solemnly at the rear of the room, as Mara
silently sat down behind her large wooden desk at the front of the class.
Mara liked having Christina around, sometimes for reasons more impure than
she let on, but today her thoughts were already on her sister’s surprise
birthday party that evening. All she wanted to do was give Christina a good
scolding and a mathematical pep talk, and be out to her car within minutes.
More dedicated teaching and lusty thoughts would have to wait for another
day. Mara blinked her inquisitive green eyes, puckered her siren red lips
tentatively, and sighed at her statuesque student.

“Do you think I’m coming to you, Christina? Get up here, please.”

The girl obeyed, sliding out of her desk contritely, but careful to let her
skirt ride up above her bare, moist thighs for the longest of seconds. Once
upright, she bent over to pick up her knapsack, her skirt flying high yet
again, the crack of her tight, tiny behind shielded by only those flimsy
panties. Mara quickly licked her lips and cupped her right breast. Little
did she know that Christina saw the fleeting movement as she peered between
her legs. Christina stood up again, slinging the olive-colored sack over her
shoulder, clutching the pen in her right hand, and walked towards Mara’s
desk with a neutral expression. She let her body do all the talking instead.
When she walked, and her black clods clicked against the floor, the muscles
in her bare, sculpted dancer’s legs created sinful curves, the light
rustling of her skirt against her ass could be heard, and her perpetually
happy teen titties bounced up and down ever so slightly with each stride.
Christina didn’t yet believe in using bras on a regular basis. Mara had
taken note of this months ago. Christina broke into a seemingly casual,
secretly come-hither stance when she got to Mara’s desk, actually placing
the pen, followed by her small, perfectly manicured hands on the desk’s edge
and leaning over a centimeter or two.

“Listen, Miss James,” she started warmly, “I’m realllllly sorry I disrupted
class again. I’ll try harder, I promise.”

Mara was straddling the delicate line between attentive and entranced. The
girl let “promise” glide off her tongue and aligned her beautiful lips into
a slight smile that asserted maturity. She let her right leg wag back and
forth behind her as her turquoise-painted nails dug a bit further into the
teacher’s desktop. Her nose pointed to the door and her eyes looked down
with friendly sincerity. Mara knew that Christina’s pledge wouldn’t be
enough to let her off the hook. What she didn’t know was that Christina knew
that, too.

“You keep saying you’ll try, you’ll try, you’ll try,” the teacher said
slowly, battling the horniness within. “I’ve seen other students try less,
Christina, but among students in your grade predicament, I have certainly
seen many try a lot harder. When is your effort going to kick in around
here? It’s almost as if you don’t have life figured out, as if you’re
clueless where you want life to take you.”

Christina, as planned, pulled back from the desk at this point, but Mara’s
words stung her a little deeper than she had anticipated.

“I do too have an idea, Miss James,” she shot back, picking up her pen once
more. “I want to be a professional singer.” Christina scratched an imaginary
itch on her lower thigh with the end of the pen and trailed the pen up and
away, pulling the flap of her skirt up to show a little more crotch for a
second or two. Mara couldn’t help but look down, causing Christina to smile
before she looked up at the girl again. The embroidery was two purple roses.

“Yes, I know,” Mara said as she remembered the previous year’s school
talent show. “You’re beautiful………when you sing. A beautiful singer.
But you have to learn some basic skills in case life throws you a curve

Christina swayed like a pendulum, from what Mara thought were nerves. “I’ve
got, like, plenty of basic skills, Miss James.” She ran her hands down her
sides and darted her feet in and out, losing her fight against a sudden urge
to start dancing. She looked straight into Mara’s thoroughly interested
eyes. “I know what I need to know.”

“Hah,” Mara couldn’t help chortling at the girl’s self-confidence.
“What is it that you know and I don’t? Enlighten me, Christina.” Bingo.
Christina swooped down upon this opportunity and turned to slide into a desk
in the classroom’s front row.

“OK, Teach,” she began, brazen all of a sudden. “I know that you’re crying
out on the inside. Whether you know it or not, want to admit it or not,
you’re just like me. You’re young. You’re hot. You want something more than
teaching in this shitty dump.”

“Christina!” Mara exclaimed, mindful of the crucifix on the wall but much
more excited by the truths pouring out of this little kitten’s mouth.
Christina was in control now, grinning like a Cheshire cat, swiftly running
her radiant pink tongue against the length of her gleaming pen. Mara felt
her panties get wet in record time, and a hand disappeared underneath her

“I know you love seeing my cute little ass walk through that fucking door
every day,” Christina cooed, getting dirtier, narrowing her eyes, licking
the pen to taste victory. “And I also know that I can take this pen and
stick it so far up my coochie that it’ll look like Niagara Falls down there
in no time.” She ran the pen over her crotch, teasingly covering it with her
skirt and panties but still feeling a warmth so much hotter than the room
temperature. “Why don’t you lock the door, Miss James? I’ll let you judge
whose skills are more awe-inspiring.”

Mara’s defenses were completely shot. Her morals were down a black hole
somewhere. Fuck this shit, she heard the sexual beast inside say, this hot
little slut’s gonna slam herself! Finally, a gorgeous young dyke of her own!

“Such a sexy little bitch,” she said to Christina, winking, feeling 18
again and not looking much older, either. Christina didn’t reveal her mild
shock at the quick conversion of her teacher into a pervert. She just went
on smiling and getting the pen good and wet.

“Lock the door,” she whispered again, giggling under her breath as Mara got
up and did just that, pulling the tiny shade down on the door’s window, too,
just in case anyone walked by at this deathly quiet time of day. Christina
saw a perfect drop of moistness fall from under Mara’s skirt and white silk
panties, splattering against the tile. Mara smiled at Christina, reaching
back to unfasten her mane of blonde hair and suddenly pulling off her pink
sweater to reveal her 36 C breasts inside a white lace bra. She threw both
articles of clothing towards the floor, the sweater winding up draped across
the wastepaper basket. Christina fingered her panties as she watched it all

“Hell of a rack, Teach,” said through a laugh tinged with genuine nerves.
This was, after all, her first time with a woman. And what a woman!

“You like them, Ms. Aguilera?” Mara cupped her tits and ran her gold
necklace across her teeth. She was hot in every sense of the word, frantic
to get her antiquated outfit off her skin. She unfastened her skirt and let
it drop, stepping out of the dress with her underwear and black heels still
firmly attached. “How about this waist? And these legs, little girl?”

“I like,” Christina squealed, exhaling as her body writhed about. “I like
so very fucking much.” She always knew that Mara was a babe in nerd’s
clothing, but she now openly wondered why this small town teacher never
became a big city model. Mara strolled seductively back to her desk and sat
behind it.

“Don’t I get to see your body, Miss James?”

“Not till I see yours, honey,” she demanded with a wagging finger, tossing
her fetching hair about and leaning her tits over the desk to give Christina
something to be aroused over.

“Ohhhhhhh, you’ll see my honey,” the girl laughed, and with that, Christina
ripped – RIPPED – her panties off. She surprised herself with her strength.
She only meant to push them aside, but now she had a torn piece of blue
fabric and purple petals in her hand and a warm breeze striking her bare
snatch. Mara moaned in approval when she saw how wet it was, Christina’s
surprisingly large pussy lips shining with vaginal fluid. The labia lips
were a darker shade, perhaps a product of the girl’s Hispanic heritage.
Nastiest of all, Christina had dyed blonde the small patch of pubic hair she
hadn’t trimmed off. Christina gave one last suck on the end of the pen, spit
trailing out between her pleased lips. She moaned as she ran the pen over
her mound a few times, pulling back her dark clitty hood with one hand to
massage her sensitive little nub with the thin writing stick. Quickly,
without warning, Christina plunged the pen into her puss, shrieking as four
inches of plastic tore through her cunt. Mara watched with an open mouth and
pulled her tits out of their confinement to play with her rock hard nipples.
Good God, the little slut was producing more juice than Tropicana!

“Ooooooh I love fucking my wet pussy for you, Miss James,” Christina
whispered, pouring all of her energy into slipping the pen further and
harder into her passage. “I love watching you fondle those big boobs while I
fuck myself.”

“Keep working that tight cunt, babe,” Mara commanded, Christina correct in
the assumption that the hands behind her teacher’s desk were furiously busy
on a snatch of their own. Mara had pushed her panties aside and had two
fingers jammed all the way up her pussy, the other hand alternating between
tit fondling for Christina’s pleasure, and clit rubbing for her own
explosive enjoyment. Her wooden chair was creaking with each finger thrust,
her desk rattling with each vibration of her high-heeled feet.

“Ain’t this more fun than arithmetic,” Christina asked, more to hear
her own smoky voice than to get a weak nod from her paralyzed partner. The
pen was so deep inside her, the shaft making squishy noises as it ran along
her dripping teen twat. The exposed end of the Bic was busily leaving black
ink stains on Christina’s palms and fingers as she moved it back and forth
psychotically. The beautiful student was in utter ecstasy, letting out
little moans at the end of each deep exhalation, moans that combined the
deviance of a little girl with the kinky pleasure of a grown woman. “You
enjoying the show, Miss James?” She pulled the pen out of herself for a
moment to let the her juices glow in the slants of light. “Look at how wet I
am, ma’am. Um-hum. Tight, wet, steaming chicana cunt meat.”

“Take that blouse off,” Mara urged, her hands tweaking both nips to full
attention now, her own juice streaking across her large areolas. “Let me see
those pretty knockers, Christina.”

“You wanna see my tits?”

“Uhhhh huhhhhhh”

“You’re a naughty naughty girl, Teach.”

“Oh baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Mara groaned, her fingers back to
stroking her irritated pleasure bud. “I’m just gettin’ lubed up.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…….” Christina arched up in her seat as the deepest
thrust yet gave her a sensory overload. Her glossed lips closed into a tight
smile and several drops of sweet nectar flowed onto her chair’s edge before
her tiny caboose came down for a landing. It was time to show Mara her tits.
She so wanted to rrrrrip her fucking uniform off, so wanted to be butt naked
and raw right that instant. Somewhere deep inside, though, the one rational
brain cell Christina had left told her she couldn’t walk home in a tattered
uniform. What would the neighbors think? Those uptight assholes.

Christina sighed and locked eyes with Mara, carefully but quickly
slipping the straps of her blouse off. She pulled it over her head and
winked, throwing it right at Mara’s face. Mara quickly inhaled a whiff of
Christina, all perfume and innocence, before tossing the blouse on the
floor. Christina had only her white dress shirt and upturned skirt left on
her sweaty body. The shirt clung to her moist chest in spots, allowing Mara
to spy on the toned skin below. She wouldn’t have to spy long. Slowly,
teasingly, mouthing “yeah” over and over, Christina exposed herself, button
by button, top to bottom. There were only seven buttons, but by the time she
had finished, Mara had quietly climaxed, bringing her fingers up to taste
her own juice just in time to see the girl open the shirt and toss it aside.

“They look so tasty, don’t they,” Christina teased. She cupped her
beautiful bare breasts, highlighting them, so smooth and young, at best an
A-cup verging on a B, if Christina would ever bother herself with taking
such measurements. She aroused her small nipples with her thumbs, pinching
them and giggling until they blossomed into dark pink nubs. “I know, they
look like erasers,” Christina said, “but they taste soooo much better than a
pencil.” With that, she lowered her mouth and raised her right breast, and
somehow, that long pink tongue of hers managed a good hard lick on her teat.

“Very nice, Ms. Aguilera,” the dumbstruck Mara said, her voice
trembling with each thrust of her fingers. “Just gorgeous.”

“Stop, you’re embarassing me!”

“I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot!” Christina flashed that sinful smile
again and moved her attention back to her lonely labia. She made things hot
again with a few swift swipes of her pussy pen. She moaned again and glared
at her masturbating teacher, communicating a state of bliss with her baby

“Here,” Mara said suddenly, standing up from her chair. It was the first
time Christina saw her teacher’s bare pussy. It was perfection to her, with
meaty pink lips and an unintrusive mat of dark pubes. Christina couldn’t
wait to stick her tongue up there. “Use this for awhile,” Mara said. She
picked up the long wooden pointer she was using during class to direct
attention towards the chalkboard, and walked over to hand it to Christina.
The horny student reached up to grasp Mara’s free hand, but the young tutor
pulled away. “Not yet,” she said, and handed the pointer to the girl.
Christina reached down and removed the pen from her pussy with a wet “pop”
noise. She handed it to Mara. Mara took a lick from the end that had been
deepest inside the girl, Christina giggling as Mara’s hot pink tongue
savored her forbidden labia lemonade. It was tangy, Mara, thought. Almost

“A coming attraction,” Christina purred. “Now fuck yourself for meeee, Miss
James. Pleeeeeease.”

“You don’t have to beg,” Mara said as she turned to pull her chair out from
behind her desk. She let her damp, clingy panties finally slip to the ground
as she walked, giving a hypnotized Christina a full view of her goddess-like
figure. Christina didn’t know if she could fulfill the desires of such a
picture perfect woman, but was sure going to enjoy trying.

Mara sat back down on the chair once she had placed it next to her desk.
She slipped one of her golden, silky smooth legs up onto her desk and flung
her other leg out to the side on the floor. Christina almost couldn’t stand
how beautiful her young teacher was. The tits were straight out of a porno
movie, the abs were descendants of a Jane Fonda workout tape, and the
legs……well, they were just a glorious natural gift, she supposed. Little
did she know that Mara would often run naked on her home treadmill for 45
minutes every day. She liked to see instant results, and now she was showing
those amazing results to Christina, who muttered “Jesus” and took a deep
breath before instinctively inserting the first three inches of the pointer
up her puss.

Mara didn’t know what to focus her glazed-over eyes on: the large
wooden stick traveling up a tight teen cunny, or the explosive expressions
of pleasure on Christina’s face. Christina did her best to keep her balance
as she worked herself over with both hands now, aggressively fucking herself
with one hand while quickly frigging her clit with the other. Mara simply
moved the pen slowly in and out of herself and moved her free hand around,
sometimes squeezing her breasts, sometimes making her clit stand out as best
she could, so Christina could see what she was in for. It was a sight that
brought her over the edge.

Christina made a lot of noise when she came for a second time,
spitting out filthy curse words in between long guttural moans. Sometimes a
musical note or two would slip into her moaning, and Christina would smile,
and spank her clit, and pucker her lips to kiss the steamy air above. She
slowly brought her blue eyes back down to level with Mara’s stare. The
teacher had climaxed again as well, again much more quietly. Her spunk oozed
down Christina’s pen, still lodged halfway in her pussy, and out onto her
chair. Christina smiled from ear to ear again. So happy. So naughty.

“I love to squirt,” the girl said matter-of-factly. “I’ve never seen
another girl squirt before.” That wasn’t true. She had seen her friend Kim
squirt one day after choir practice, when the two girls went to Christina’s
house and did some innocent exploring and caressing in her bedroom. It had
been two long years, though. “It makes me so hot to see your pussy juice. It
looks sooooo delicious, Miss James.”

“Mara,” the teacher said. Christina nodded sheepishly at her partner’s
request and lazily pulled the pointer’s five inches out of her slick box,
the dampness of the wood telling Mara just how far and long the girl had
porked herself with the tool. She couldn’t hold back. She needed Christina
now. “After I do what I’m about to do to you, you can call me Mara all you
want.” Christina giggled and “Mmmmmm”ed in response, but she also drew back
in her seat just a bit. What if Miss James was a psychoslut?

Christina needn’t have worried. Mara quickly dropped to her knees and
crawled across two feet of cold wet tiles to reach the girl’s most private
parts. Christina straddled her seat and pushed forward, her crotch just
inches away from Mara’s face. Mara inhaled the sights and smells. There was
no turning back now, and who in their right mind would? The sweet scent of
Christina’s sex was intoxicating, her snatch calling to her, a dark cookie
with a creamy pink center.

“Your pussy is so beautiful, Christina.”

“Thank you, Miss Jame…Mara.”

Mara made her first physical contact with the girl, sliding her warm hands
underneath Christina’s hiked plaid skirt to caress her even warmer upper
thighs. Mara had a hot flash from the experience, heat on heat, smooth on
smooth, the girl’s shapely flesh molding itself into the woman’s hands. She
reached up and through the waistband of the skirt to feel Christina’s bare
chest. She kept her eyes at all times on the anxious pussy in front of her,
but her hands drank in the touch of Christina’s moist, taut abs and, dear
God, those glorious tits. She cupped them, squeezed them, thumbed the tiny
nipples until Christina could take no more. She rocked back and forth with
pleasure, laughing happily and reaching down to grab one of Mara’s index
fingers and put it in her mouth. She only got a short lick in before the
teasing Mara pulled away towards her thighs again, but she had sent her
teacher a message: take me. Come on.

She thought she was ready, but when Mara suddenly stretched Christina’s
pussy lips apart and dove into her passage with an eager tongue, the slutty
student shivered with surprise. She finally shoved the foldable desktop in
front of her to the right so she could see the pretty face buried in her

“Oh Christ, that’s it, Miss James. Eat me out. Eat this bad girl’s dirty
pussy. Uhhhhhhhhhh……..”

Mara was loving it in the driver’s seat. Her hands clenched tightly around
Christina’s asscheeks, pulling the girl’s hot poon as tightly against her
face as possible. Her tongue would be sore tomorrow, that was for sure. She
constantly stuck it in as far as she could, two or three inches, she
guessed. She held her tongue in Christina’s depths for long stretches, only
lightly vibrating the tip to give the girl a kinky inner tickling. Then she
would move the tongue from side to side, tasting the heat, that unbearable
heat of this hot tamale, and feel singular drops of Christina’s juices fall
onto her soft pink poker. She tasted something a bit odd. It couldn’t
be…..it was! Chalk! She knew she had scratched the pointer against the
board too roughly today! Mara snickered and let Christina’s dew wash the
white dust down her throat. She breathed through her nose, her nostrils
surrounded by the divine aroma of Christina’s blond pubes. Then, finally,
Mara would pull out, so slowly, and direct her tongue upward, licking
Christina’s engorged clitty long and slow.

“Fuck! FUCK! Lick meeeeeeee! Lick my hot button, Miss James!” Christina was
unlikely ever to call Mara by her first name, especially not when her mind
was controlled by her cunt, she the prey and her teacher very much the
talented beaver hunter. She thrashed around in her seat, her head and tits
swaying like windshield wipers, but her hips and squirming legs held very
firmly in place by Mara’s deliberate hands and mouth. Mara focused her oral
action on Christina’s clit now, gently moving two fingers into the pink
sexual volcano, trying not to scratch the delicate inner walls with her long
red nails.

Mara could sense Christina was close. She could feel the girl’s hands
grab a comfortable hold of the back of her head, the small youthful fingers
urging Mara’s face to glue itself to her happy orifice. The teacher did some
addition in her head and decided that a dozen or so clitty licks should
finish Christina off. Therefore, she took it slow and sensual, focusing her
emerald eyes on the brown bud before her. She gave it loving, wet slurps,
her tongue lingering to feel the tiny goosebumps on Christina’s meat. She
wrapped her lips around the clit, tugging at it, milking it, driving her
sweaty teen lover insane with lust. She dabbed some of Christina’s own
juices from the edge of the seat onto her fingers, and smeared it on the
clit, only to lick it off to Christina’s delight.

Christina looked down upon her teacher’s slender bare back and
jutting ass, the toes of her high heels digging into the tile. A few seconds
of focusing on that view, and the sensations from her stressed snatch made
her lose it.

“Oh shit! I’m cumming, Miss James! I’m gonna squirt all over you baby!”

“Yeah, blow all over my face, Christina.”

“AAAAH! FUCKING HOT BITCH!!!!” Christina thrust her face to the heavens
again and screamed throughout her orgasm. Mara massaged the throbbing clit
and moved her tongue back downwards to catch the copious flow of Christina’s
precious girly nectar. It gushed onto Mara’s tongue, piping hot and
scrumptious. She licked at Christina’s box just once more, and watched the
girl’s labia lips stick back together, her own juices the only thing
breaking the seal.

“Ohhhhhhhhh-ho-ho fuck,” the girl laughed, shaking her head and licking her
lips. “That was soooooooo good, Mara.” Finally, her brain was back in play.
She sat silently for a minute, breathing heavily and rolling her nipples
through her fingers as Mara got up from the floor.

“Stand up, Christina.”

“Yes, ma’am.” And so she did. She slid out of the desk, amazingly, with an
instinctive move towards modesty, smoothing her skirt down with her hands.
She laughed when she realized what she’d done, and quickly corrected herself
by unclasping the skirt and letting it fall like so much other clothing had
that afternoon. Christina stepped out of the discarded skirt and ran her
hands down her body as if she was Vanna White showing off some choice
merchandise, hoping for the audience’s approval. Mara laughed. She couldn’t
understand how the girl could be so confident about her body in one instant,
self-doubting the next. God damn, with Christina standing there nude save
for her arousing black clods, the verdict was obvious.

“Just stunning, Christina,” the teacher offered, unconsciously tweaking her
own hard nipples as she spoke.

“Mmmmmmm, likewise Teach,” the returning sexual animal in Christina
responded. She walked up to Mara and kissed her, her minty breath mingling
with the scent of her pussy inside Mara’s mouth. Mara reached down and
squeezed the girl’s tiny ass, letting Christina control the kiss. She was a
sloppy frencher, a saliva trail leading from her tongue as she left Mara’s
lips after a minute or so.

“I’ve got something,” Mara said, going behind her desk and opening one of
the large drawers. Out came a thick, lengthy black strap-on dildo.

“Miss James!”

“Well, I have to do SOMETHING during lunch hour!”

“Mmmmm, shame nobody’s been here to eat that muffin every day.”

“Get up against the desk, Ms. Aguilera.”

“Ooooooh, so bad,” Christina scolded ecstatically as she watched Mara
slip the strap-on over her heels and bring the fake dong up around her
waist. Christina wasn’t in the mood for mish. She turned her back on Mara
and put a knee up on the desk, bracing hard for doggy action. Mara was eager
and unconcerned about the fact that she ran out of lube two days earlier.
Christina was already wet enough to make this run like the sweetest of
clockwork. Mara’s heels clicked up behind Christina, each of her hands
taking a caring but solid hold on Christina’s minimal rear. She lined up the
dildo and admired the view.

“Ready, honey?”

“Huh! Is math boring?” Christina smiled as she got what she wanted out of
that insult: a gasp and a good hard smack on her left asscheek. Oh, how she
loved ANY type of physical contact with another woman!

Mara proceeded to push the dildo’s head against her favorite student’s
puss. Christina gasped as the bulbous head parted her cooch lips and snuck
inside her pink paradise. Mara guessed correctly that Christina had been
fucked by a guy or two before, but her pussy was still wonderfully tight.
The plastic shaft took its time conquering the Aguilera Tunnel, but
Christina took it like the pleased trooper she was, squealing and shaking
her ass with each new dildo deposit. The hands of her big-titted teacher
were all over her thighs, wanting to feel each new vibration the fucking was
causing the girl to make. Eventually, Mara got just about all of the ebony
intruder into Christina – seven mighty inches.

“Fuck me. Oh god, screw my cunt so good, baby.” Christina’s hands were
smashed against the side of the desk, smothered by her lower thighs. She
didn’t care. The more leverage the better. Mara started thrusting, slamming
the pussy at a much faster pace than she licked it with. She looked at
Christina’s face, her chin quaking with every pump, her nose crinkled,
absorbing the force of it all, her lips frozen wide open, her tongue making
an occasional appearance whenever the dildo found just the right spot
inside. She cocked one eye back at Mara and nodded, haltingly, desperately.
She wanted more.

“You’re such a tight little girl,” Mara said. “So tight and slutty.” She
got daring, took a finger and stuck it without warning into Christina’s bone
dry asshole. Christina growled and stamped her feet, feeling Mara’s twisting
finger start a fire in her behind. The thrusts became simultaneous in both
of the girl’s holes, her pucker riding Mara’s index finger, her pussy
getting pulverized by her teacher’s nasty phallus.

“Harder! I’m so close! Give it to me harder, Miss James!”

“Jesus! You’re a hungry, needy whore, Ms. Aguilera.”

“Damn straight! OHHHHHH! MORE YESSSSS!” Sweat poured down both lovers’ legs
as they focused on getting the choir girl off just one more time. Mara
focused her eyes on the dildo, watching its humongous girth disappear and
reappear at Christina’s opening again and again, her pussy lips seeming to
wink at the woman with every push. She did not notice that Christina had
more or less gone delirious, that she had pried her hands free and was using
them to crumple and push away the homework assignments that had been laying
under her jiggling tits. If only all of her classmates could see her right
now, Mara thought, right before her most personal moment of pleasure. The
blond beauty, the girl with the heart of gold, sure to be prom queen,
slamming her ass backward to collide with the forward thrusts of a big black
cock. Priceless.

“Goddamn I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cummmmmING! Fuckit FuckIT FUCKIT!!!!!”
Christina erupted for a fourth and final time, her feet jumping all the way
out of her clods and back down again as Mara’s pole impaled her one last
time. The juice that only an utterly satisfied teenage snatch can produce
ran over Mara’s dildo and down Christina’s legs. Christina still shuddered
with pleasure, but Mara was already busy tearing off her strap-on and urging
Christina to lie flat on the desk. The dizzy girl caught the hint and got
her face down on the desk’s far edge just in time for her pussy-crazed
teacher to straddle it, placing her hot steaming cunt right over Christina’s
gutter-mouth lips.

“Get me off NOW, baby,” she begged the girl as her young tongue kicked in.
“I need to get off so bad after that!”

It didn’t take much to fulfill Mara’s wish. Christina tongue-teased Mara’s
bulging clit as best as she could. Her bright pink tongue, like every other
muscle in her body, was completely blown away by the nirvana she had just
received in the tail end, but just a few licks and the innocent-yet-dirty
smile on her face while she ate the meat pie were enough to make Mara lose
her cool. She groaned the groans of a contented woman, shook like an egg
beater and sent a load of feminine goo gushing into Christina’s mouth and
over her lips and chin. Sweat poured from her sculpted brow, down to her
boobs, where it trickled onto Christina’s knockers below. Mara looked down
at the girl. Her starlet blue eyes were twinkling upward with satisfaction,
her grinning mug covered in coochie cream.

“Young lady, that was, without a doubt, the best fuck I’ve ever had in my

“Thanks! Ditto,” Christina said sincerely, moving her hand to her
mouth to wipe up the tasty mess and lick it off her fingers. “I’m so happy
you enjoyed yourself inside me.” Mara bent down to give the girl a quick
kiss, and then watched as Christina’s bare ass clopped away to her desk to
redress. Suddenly, Christina turned to face Mara again, her finger extended,
her face seeming to search for a forgotten point.

“Ummmm, Miss James, about my grade…..” Mara laughed and went to scoop her
panties off the floor.

“You crafty little tart,” Mara said, and instantly Christina reveled in
being found out, her unforgettable grin letting off enough light to
illuminate the whole building. “Not to worry. I was obviously mistaken.
You’ve got a Grade A pussy. Must have a Grade A brain, too.”

“Cool,” laughed the triumphant Christina. She threw on what was left
of her uniform and walked towards the door, leaving her topless teacher
behind. She lifted her skirt before she opened the door, giving her lover
and teacher one last look at her bare pussy.

“Same time tomorrow, Mara?”

“Damn straight, Ms. Aguilera.”