Scarlett Johansson – Wedding Night

“Ready, baby?”

It was a simple two words. An ordinary two words. But when they’re spoken by your new wife in your honeymoon suite, hours after your island wedding, they take on a special meaning.

When your new wife asks this before coming out of your hotel room bathroom, wearing an open white robe, with a green bra and matching panties and nothing else on, it is an overload of special.

And when your new wife happens to be Scarlett Johansson, there aren’t any words left to encompass that. Even if you are a journalist from France.

Of course, no one would remember the name Romain Dauriac for that anymore. No matter what happened after tonight, I would always be Scarlett Johansson’s second husband to most of the world. At a moment like this, however, I didn’t see the downside.

“More than you know,” I actually answered my new wife’s question. Her next answer was to smile and lean against the bathroom door, teasing me even further.

I was well aware that most men not only dreamed of this, but would likely have a heart attack by now. With my months of exposure to sights like this, perhaps I’d build up an immunity. Yet it was straining – along with other things – as Scarlett’s robe hung open, her tantalizing chest and curves peeking out…..and dear God, those legs.

I said I was more ready than she knew – well, she earned the right to know. I was merely in a white shirt and boxers, so she could tell how ready I was, but it was not enough.

To further drive it home, I put my hand in my boxers and took my cock out – every fully erect inch. As Scarlett’s sweet, sultry eyes gazed down, and her full, famous lips curved up, my hand grabbed onto myself and wasn’t prepared to let go.

After a few pumps, Scarlet realized, “I guess I can’t waste any more time,” and walked over to me. As her Goddess-like figure swayed and shimmied under her open robe, I had to slow my hand down out of necessity. “Can you at least let me help?”

I merely nodded, figuring time was of the essence. Then that….essence almost came out when Scarlett dropped to her knees, engulfing my cock immediately with her steamy lips and mouth.

Her tongue bathed every inch of my erection that it could reached, while her lips all but sucked me completely down her throat. This pleasure could have kept me going for hours, yet she stopped after about eight seconds.

Yet as soon as her mouth was free, she still stuck her tongue out and licked up and down. My cock was just about soaked from her tongue, but it was this sight of Scarlett’s seductive eyes, joyful face and flowing blond hair – now back to blond after Avengers 2 filming ended – that nearly made me make her face wetter.

Nevertheless, I held off for some unexplainable reason. I stayed engorged and wet as Scarlett got on her feet, faced me again, and put her hand on me – her own saliva being used perfectly as lube.

“Perfect, now I’m helping,” she said with a chipper tone, as if she wasn’t the hottest woman in Hollywood, and she hadn’t just brought her new husband to the brink of cumming gallons. At that point, I wanted to help too.

As Scarlett’s right hand stroked me, my left reached the front of her green panties. It pulled back and went to my mouth, where I performed my own oral work on my forefinger. Staring into Scarlett’s eyes the whole time, I nevertheless wasn’t distracted – so I distracted her while my right hand lowered the front of her panties.

She probably just pretended not to notice that. She couldn’t fake it when my wet finger jammed right into her, however. I knew her faking face by now, and that wasn’t it – and she was probably too worn out by the Avengers to work on new faking faces.

Now that we were both working each other, the rest of our bodies got into play. My right hand went into Scarlett’s robe and on her bare waist, while hers grabbed my still boxer-covered ass. As for our faces, they came together and moaned, licked and suckled each other until finally coming apart.

Despite how fast our hands were going, and how on edge we were, our mouths got calmer from then on. Slowly savoring Scarlett’s incredible mouth made it easier and more difficult not to blow, and it seemed to have the same effect on her.

We tried to kiss and stroke each other as we headed for the wall next to the bed – the logistics of which kept us distracted too. Eventually, I could press Scarlett against the wall and insert another finger, while she closed her fist around me and lowered my boxers too.

“You expect me to keep holding it?” I had to ask, as her thumb went to work and my mouth went to her neck.

“No, I don’t….” Scarlett breathed. “We got all night, so you don’t have to pace yourself. Probably better if you went early. I can help with that.”

So Scarlett got me to back up, then helped the best way she could. By slowly sliding off that pesky robe, unhooking her bra from the front, and letting that slide down as well. For good measure, she went over to the bed and laid on her back, grabbing her tits and telling me to, “Aim here.”

“Me? Aim?” I asked, for the sake of proving my voice still worked, somehow.

“Yeah, you. I want your cum on these tits,” Scarlett said directly, in that sexy, nearly Oscar nominated voice of hers. “Show me what I’m in for when you fill me up with that cum later. In every hole.”

“Every….” I pictured and almost came on the floor instead. Getting the bright idea to stand in front of her, I asked, “You’re that confident?”

“Show me what I have to be confident in. Cover me in it. You’re the only one who gets to now,” Scarlett reminded. I’d been the only one who got to for well over a year – presumably. But I chose to take her choice of words as ego boosting – as if her tits weren’t encouraging enough.

Scarlett stared hungrily at my cock, pushing her tits and waiting for them to get hit. I was no longer willing to make her wait by then. As such, I finished what I started and she had helped with for a while, pumping my cock furiously to give my wife her husband’s cum.

“Mmmhmm…..give me the first cum of our marriage. Show me that married cum….” Scarlett asked. An odd choice of words, yet anything she said in that tone was hot by default. And by default, it made me even more ready to cum.

A few more pumps and some good aim was all it took, as I shot hours of built up cum onto Scarlett’s chest. She took her hands off her tits in time and let them take the full load, while I tried to paint as much of the large flesh as I could.

Perhaps they were too big to completely cover, but they were big enough to make me churn out a lot. A paradox I was glad to see the bright side of.

“That’s good….” Scarlett praised when I was done. “Now it’s my turn. Get down there and make it my turn.” That was clear enough for me.

I vaguely noted that Scarlett wasn’t cleaning my cum off her tits. However, I was too hungry to use my mouth for words right now. Once I got her panties all the way off, I used it for something much better.

I thought I was eating her as fast as I could in those opening seconds. That was until I saw Scarlett put her hands on her cum covered tits. That was before she rubbed my cum on there, took her hands off to lick them clean, then rubbed the rest of my spunk into my chest.

“You keep going right now,” Scarlett hissed. The sights she was giving me fueled me the rest of the way.

My tongue, lips and teeth devoured Scarlett like a buffet – as if rubbing my cum on those tits wasn’t enough for me. In truth, all of it was enough to really get her there. As she pushed her hips up into my face, trying to rub onto me like her hands rubbed her chest, I was just along for the ride.

I played my part, especially when her hips came up and I reached under to grab her stunning ass. Getting a good handful of both ample cheeks, I jiggled them around and slid my tongue and face side to side on her pussy – all of which made Scarlett grab her tits and hold on for dear life.

A big load of Scarlett soon unleashed itself on my face. Licking it up right away, without bothering to rub it on me first, I lapped her clean as Scarlett’s hips finally came down on the bed. She was sitting on my hands, but I was in no way eager to move them.

I finished licking Scarlett, beginning to kiss her down there once she got too sensitive. I looked up to see Scarlett catching her breath, putting a hand on my hair – in spite of what that hand just touched. Then again, she rubbed her tits enough that she couldn’t get traces of my cum in my hair now – I assumed.

Even if she was, it wasn’t in liquid form anymore, so no harm done. Some of her liquid was still on my lips, though.

Scarlett sat up, so I slipped my boxers all the way off, got myself up and sat next to her. Before I remembered to lick my lips clean, Scarlett did it for me. Tasting herself and me, she playfully tongue lashed me and rubbed her sensual lips on mine, doing it with a smile.

“I supposed you weren’t covered in enough cum,” I noted.

“You gave me enough, I just wanted dessert,” Scarlett commented. “I’ll probably get pretty sticky for it soon,” she predicted, glancing down at her chest. “Would you mind getting me some water?”

I assumed I tired her out and she needed a drink. There was another possibility, but it was best not to get hopes up, just in case. With that in mind, I went out of the bedroom to get one of our remaining water bottles from the refrigerator.

I came back to the bedroom and Scarlett was standing up, still utterly naked and glorious. Yet when she accepted the bottle, took a few sips and then poured a good deal of water on her chest, she improved on perfection.

After sealing the bottle up and settling it on the floor, Scarlett stood straight up and grasped her wet chest again – this time rubbing clear water on it. “That should wash it out,” she figured. “You can help if you want.”

There was no way I could taste my cum on her chest now. If there still was, I was past the point of caring. All I tasted was warm, wet, ample delight as my face landed on her soaked breasts.

Before long, her chest and my face weren’t dripping with water anymore, yet I kept trying to make her tits wetter anyway. “Okay….I don’t think we can get water on the bed now,” Scarlett gasped out. “Maybe we should lie down.”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I mumbled into her nipple, barely paying attention. My hands pushed her breasts up as my face stayed on her left breast, gobbling it up while my right thumb and forefinger headed for her right nipple. Soon enough, her left nipple was between my teeth and her right was getting pinched in another way.

Scarlett gave out a throaty moan, though it looked like her knees buckled at one point. She did need to lie down, but I didn’t want to waste time getting her to the bed yet. So I lowered her down to the floor and laid myself on top of her instead.

“That impatient?” Scarlett caught her breath.

“For this? Can you blame me?” I punctuated by sitting up and massaging her luscious hourglass figure. Scarlett approved by clenching her thighs and pushing them against my stirring crotch. We should have been doing this on a bed, but my impatience got the better of me.

Too stubborn to back out now, I figured I should make her a little more comfortable. First, I remembered to actually take my shirt off. Now that I was completely naked too, I laid my naked body on the floor and got Scarlett’s naked form on top of mine.

With her resting on me, I could massage her body much better and reach a few more places. She rested her head on my shoulder while my hands went up and down her waist, briefly stopping a few times on her ass. On the last time, I was suddenly inspired to trail my right middle finger between her cheeks, before going under and into her pussy.

Scarlett gasped erotically – if anyone could, it was her. Settling in as I dug my finger into her, she lifted her head above me and went back down to kiss me. I kept my right hand between her ass and my right finger in her pussy, while my left caressed her hip and my tongue caressed hers the same way.

I could utterly ravage this woman, but also be aroused and content to slowly make out with her. To kiss those lips, feel those groans against my mouth, and watch that flushed, gorgeous face when my eyes opened. Feeling that chest pressed on me and that body writhing on top of mine wasn’t so bad either.

Putting my left hand in her soft hair while my face went down to her neck pleased me too. Her encouraging moans and her tightening pussy told me she was pleased as well. So did her ass pushing back against my hand.

I was about ready to take her over to bed, until Scarlett made a move of her own. She took my face off her neck, putting hers on mine instead and suckling away. Her hips pushed back slower and deeper while my finger rooted around, although her tongue and lips on my skin was quite a distraction.

“Mmm, a little more….fuck me a little more,” Scarlett mumbled on my collar bone.

“You close?” I felt encouraged and proud.

“No, but that’s good. This’ll get me ready,” Scarlett said cryptically, though I still wiggled my finger around for her. In return, she kissed me up to my ear and grinded herself on my revived erection.

“Yeah, that’ll hold me,” Scarlett tortured me by whispering. Finally, she reached back and got my hand and finger off her bottom.

It didn’t take me long to see I was back at her mercy, as she went down my body and kissed and licked down my chest. Her destination was lower than that, and she kept me lying on the floor so she could blow me then and there.

Unlike when this whole thing started, Scarlett didn’t just suck me down to get me wet. This was a full length blowjob, complete with full use of those full lips and that firm tongue. Soon enough, they even went down to my full balls.

I had to bang my fist on the floor, just to do something to distract me. Yet that was no match for Scarlett, which she further proved by grasping my shaft, closing her lips around my head and circling her tongue around my slit. She dipped it in for a half second a few times, but otherwise it was torture.

My right hand got into her hair this time while Scarlett’s head started bobbing. Before she got too low, I had to gasp out, “Am I cumming in that hole first?” reminding her of her earlier vow.

“Soon,” Scarlett answered when she came off. “Just a few things first.” One of them involved deep throating me, keeping her head still and licking my shaft up, then coming off loudly.

When we could both breathe normally, Scarlett didn’t celebrate by taking me back in. Rather, she got up on her feet and walked past me to reach the bed herself. I wound up getting on all fours to see her saunter away from me, before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Come here,” Scarlett said simply. Unable to question her at this moment, I got up and walked to her. “Now get back on your knees. I got you halfway there, you do the same for me.”

I almost asked, “All that was just halfway?” But the more time I asked that, the more it would take for her to go all the way. This realization helped me get down on my knees, in front of the left side of the bed, where I stayed as Scarlett put her legs up and rested her feet on my shoulders.

From this angle, her sexy, shapely legs almost made my mouth water as much as her pussy. They might just be the most underrated part of her, if only because of all the other mind blowing parts. Well, I decided to give them my best appreciation.

My right hand rested against her pussy and teased it, while my left went to work on her left leg. It rubbed underneath just as my right index and forefinger rubbed her pussy lips, occasionally dipping past them. Shortly thereafter, my thumbs went to work on her center and left thigh.

“Jesus, come on….” Scarlett urged, both impatient and in bliss. I inserted my two right fingers into her to calm her down, but riled up her again by pulling out. My right hand went on her right leg instead, while my left drifted to her center and played around.

Scarlett arched her hips forward as I tweaked her lips, all as her upper right leg was massaged. I bent my head down and kissed above her right knee, going up briefly before moving over to kiss above her left knee. Yet she still insisted, “I know you’ve got more than that….”

She probably wanted me to put my mouth on her to prove it. However, I had one more trick before I got to that. Namely, taking her legs off my shoulders, going to her left side, putting two and then three fingers in her, and then kissing the side of her left leg.

As my right hand fucked her harder, my left squeezed her left, full hip until my mouth got on there. After nibbling it, I kissed across the side of her leg again until I got to her knee. When I started to lick up her leg again, my left hand grasped Scarlett’s ass and pushed it forward, all as my right fingers drove deeper into her.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me….” Scarlett moaned and repeated, thrusting her hips up against my fingers and back against my hand in equal measure. She lost herself while my mouth kept teasing her leg, adding that last little bit to drive her crazy.

By the time I licked and nibbled the lower side of her leg, my right fingers curled in her pussy and my left hand was practically spanking her. This was all Scarlett could take. “Oh God, that’s all I need….fucking stop right now!”

“What?” I asked, since that seemed like an off request at a time like this.

“You got me close….time to take you overboard. Give me that fucking cock again,” she ordered. That much I understood.

I stood up, but Scarlett didn’t even bother to move. She stayed seated on the bed, even as she put her left hand around my shaft and buried her right hand between her legs. It seemed she was finishing herself off while trying to finish me. The way her tongue moved on my head, I didn’t see how she could finish first.

Yet she was urging me on anyway. “Do it. Fuck me hard and fill me up. Make me really taste it this time,” Scarlett ordered before taking me back in. When I thrust forward and she moaned on me in approval – then moaned further from working on herself – I got the gist.

Still, I fucked her mouth slow at first to get her adjusted, and to make sure it didn’t end too soon. Scarlett did more to get me close by bobbling and gargling on my shaft. For real inspiration, she popped off me herself, licked her wondrous lips and used them to lube me up further.

That just about did it for me. When she put me back on her mouth, I started fucking it in earnest. It was just below full speed, and just enough to keep me from blowing early. As such, I could savor her moans, licks and the sights of her working herself too.

Feeling more daring, I grabbed hold of Scarlett’s hair and kept her head still while fucking it harder. Finally, I pulled out to let her breathe, but when she stabilized, she just stuck her tongue out to tease my head. This made me shove myself back in, then after a few hard thrusts, I pulled out only to have her lick my tip again.

The pattern continued a few more times, as I saw Scarlett thrust her hips against her fingers too. She broke the pattern by popping off my hand, putting both hands on my shaft and going down to suck my balls.

“Keep fucking,” she mumbled on my sack, so I had no choice but to mindlessly fuck her hands while she gobbled my testicles. Eventually, she took her right off and really went to town on herself, voicing her joy on my sack.

“I’m ready to cum….you cum with me. Cum right in here,” Scarlett pleaded, swallowing me down anew. Gathering a last burst of strength, I fucked her mouth hard and fast – yet she worked on her pussy faster and harder.

Scarlett came all over herself, getting her mouth off me before she grit her teeth. Yet she still put her lips on me, placing my head against her closed teeth and moaning around me. Sparse amounts of breath got on my head, leaving me hanging in agony as hers faded away.

Ultimately, Scarlett even took her lips off me and opened her mouth, breathing normally again. Needing to keep from just shoving myself in there, I settled for rubbing my head over her lips.

All she did was lightly peck my head, look up and smile, in a way that both warmed my heart and made me want to fuck her lights out. Only Scarlett could do that.

Now for the fuck her lights out part….

Once Scarlett’s lips went around me again, I drove the rest of my shaft in and kept shoving in and out. She kept up by putting her hand on the bottom of my staff, sucking whenever she could. When her tongue came onto my underside, I felt just about ready.

We both groaned, although her groans were muffled on me, which only made me groan and fuck harder. I held onto Scarlett’s hair again and just kept pumping and pumping, until Scarlett forced her mouth off me.

Fortunately, she jacked me off too fast and too hard to make me upset. Plus her mouth was open and right over my head, breathing on me and pushing me to madness. Finally, her tongue dabbed my slit and her lips closed around my head, just in the nick of time.

My hips thrust forward and stayed frozen as I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth. Eventually, Scarlett pulled her mouth away and had to swallow a bit before catching my next few spurts. Some did only get on her lips and just above her chin, but most landed in her open mouth.

I stayed upright, if only to see her swallow down what I gave her. When I saw her do it, I had no reason to pretend I could stay on my feet anymore.

At long last, I got myself back on the bed, lying on my side. Maybe if I got comfortable for a moment, I could get my energy back and get ready to actually fuck my wife. Scarlett came over and laid next to me without a word, so I decided I’d save my strength and talk later.

The next thing I knew, my eyes suddenly opened – and Scarlett was completely gone.

I cursed a bit in French, at myself for sleeping and at myself for letting Scarlett out of my sight. I made myself get back up and look around the room, but she was nowhere. I took my cell phone and dialed her up, but she didn’t answer back even after I left three messages.

Was this Scarlett punishing me for falling asleep? She was right there, so why didn’t she wake me? Didn’t she want to wake up so we could fuck for real? Did she even want to now? Or were those two preliminary orgasms enough for her? Should that make me pleased at myself or pissed?

I asked these questions to myself for what seemed like forever, but it took about a half hour. I even forgot to put on clothes again, perhaps in some desperate attempt to cling to the mood. It was only 1 a.m. anyway, so there still could have been a lot of time. Assuming I wasn’t the only one in the mood anymore.

Well, I did get to shoot in her mouth, and on her tits. Two out of four desired places wasn’t bad. Who’s to say she didn’t drain me too much to go further anyway? If anyone could, it was Scarlett – but if anyone could take even more loads out of me, it was Scarlett.

If she wanted to.

At that moment, I was relieved to hear my cell phone ring, even before I saw Scarlett’s name.

“Hey, honey,” Scarlett said when I answered, as if nothing was weird. Now my relief turned to annoyance.

“Where are you hey honeying from? And why?” I asked as nicely as I could.

“I’m at the beach. I got myself cleaned up there,” Scarlett said, only barely clearing up my confusion.

“Don’t we have showers in our room for that?” I asked rhetorically.

“I didn’t want to wake you. You were out cold and I know I made you need some rest,” Scarlett explained. “Since it was still early, I figured I’d take a walk outside and get myself revved back up too. This way I wouldn’t disturb you or anything.”

“And what about the cleaning up part?” I needed to know before I officially felt stupid.

“The beach was quiet and deserted enough. I figured I’d take a little swim,” Scarlett stated. “No one stole my clothes and robes on the beach, and the dip really made me feel good as new. Not that you don’t already.”

“Can we go back to your clothes on the beach?” I got fixated on. “Are….are you trying to tell me you swam in the ocean? Naked?”

“Uh huh,” Scarlett replied without breaking her even tone. “Trust me, if there were paparazzi there getting a peek, I would know. But it’s all good.”

“You’re sure?” I asked with trepidation. I did not want to see the Internet flooded with naked Scarlett pictures when I got home. This made me the only man on Earth outside of her birth family with that opinion, probably.

“Perfectly. Would I have swam around naked, and masturbated no less, if I wasn’t? Who do you take me for?” Scarlett asked, before my brain short circuited.

“What? You did what?” I asked in shock. “Why would you….are you sure no one heard you just now?” I scrambled to ask a real question.

“Relax, I’m all hidden away out here. And I was hidden away out there too,” Scarlett assured. “I know I should have asked you to come with me, even if you were tired. But by going in there naked and imagining you were there….it made up for it for a while.”

I started to feel flattered, then I felt something else when she added, “And it’s not like I needed to watch where I came in the ocean. It should dissolve by the time kids get there.”

“You really came?” I checked again, a little disappointed that she couldn’t wait for me – and yet still turned on.

“How could I not?” Scarlett asked. “All that warm water around my naked body…..thinking of your naked body around me too….how wet I was even before I imagined your fingers in me….before I put mine in me….it was a perfect storm. Even in clear weather.”

The weather felt different at this moment, as her voice got more carried away – and even more seductive. “I could have even dived below and sucked your cock for a while, and no one would see. I know it would have felt extra sensitive in there….and you would have had it extra ready by then. Probably would have felt it spraying all over me, even in the ocean….”

My thighs clenched together as the area between them got harder and hotter. Scarlett also sounded hotter as she asked, “You wish you could spray it on me now, huh?”

“Always,” I got out. “Does that make you want to get back faster?”

“Uh huh,” Scarlett moaned. “But I did just cum a few minutes ago. I need to get myself warmed up before I see you. It’s only fair.” I only heard breathing for a few moments, then she continued, “No paparazzi here either. Between that and only wearing a wet bra, panties and a robe….this should be easy.”