Private Pleasures With Rihanna

I hung up the phone and stared at it for a few seconds in disbelief.

Just stared at it in quite disbelief.

How could this be actually happening? And to me?

“Well?” asked me best friend, Jen, eager to hear the news.

“She’s… well… coming…” I eventually replied.

We both looked at each other, unable to contain our laughter for even a few seconds. Huge grins spread across our faces as what was about to happen was beyond our wildest dreams. Jen scrambled up off the floor to hug me and we excitedly jumped about the room, screaming.

The phone call I just received was from my dad.

We have never really spoken much, he was in a band when he was younger and dated my mum before he really got any type of famous. He also got her pregnant; and then when his band made it he left her and chose the champagne lifestyle instead of fatherhood.

‘Champagne’ probably doesn’t do it justice actually; I guess it was a lot more than that.

Anyway, the crux of the story is that when I was turning 18 my dad suddenly decided he wanted to make amends with me and be a part of my life once again. Unfortunately the only way he knows how to get anything he wants is by using the money he has earned over the years. And seeing as he gave my mum none for 18 years, I’m quite happy to take that from him as some sort of recompense.

Apparently, as he told me one day, he gave up the band when I was ten, and for the last 10 years he has directed one of the biggest record companies on the planet.

So, to make my 21st birthday party ‘special’ (of course he couldn’t be there) he decided that he would try to get my favourite singe of all time, Rihanna, to perform for me.

A private concert for me and my friends.

I couldn’t wait; and the next week of birthday preparations passed in a blur.

A huge marquee went up in the back garden, people were in and out of the house all the time and all I had to do was buy a dress. I had to admit, I was happy.

Thanks to my dad.

Mostly I didn’t really care; in less than two days’ time Rihanna would be in my back garden.



Now, I’m not a lesbian, but I’m confident she could turn anyone any direction she wanted.

Sure, I have kissed girls, and even gone further with a couple, but relationships with girls have never ever interested me. I could never have a ‘girlfriend’ which is why I guess I am straight. I still fancy guys and love riding a hard cock as much as the next girl.

Hot girls do it for me and always have done; though if I am going to watch porn it is 100% girls only that does it for me. (Strange, I know. But it’s true.)

There’s just something about a girl’s body… Round, firm breasts, a tight, peachy ass, a killer pair of legs and, of course, a dripping hole and a throbbing clit.

And two of them?

Even better.

I’ve fantasised about Rihanna for a long time and the rumours about her sexuality make those fantasies even better.

And now, she was about to arrive at my house.

I didn’t really know how I would react or what I would do, but I knew I was seriously excited.

Even thinking about it, I could feel myself getting warm and wet, and my panties became slick against my seeping slit.

I resisted the urge to touch myself and had a shower.

The day of the party arrived and it was seamless.

Hundreds of people came, there was food, drink and dancing… the day was perfect.

Rihanna had arrived, and it was getting close to her performance.

Suddenly all the lights dimmed and the music stopped.

Everybody clambered around the stage and out of the smoke stepped a girl.

The opening beat of ‘Only Girl In The World’ hammered the sound system and the crowd erupted into a frenzy.

When the smoke cleared a bit, I finally saw her and Jesus, did she look hot.

She was wearing tight leather shorts, impossibly high heels and a PVC looking corset top.
Her red hair was down and the way she moved was unbelievable.

Every time she bent over, I swear I could see the bulge of her pussy through her shorts, I just wanted to eat her alive.

After the gig people were crowding me, asking me too many questions about how I got her to perform, and all I wanted was to get away and find her.

I made some excuse about needing to change my dress and went up to the house and made sure nobody had followed me.

At the front of the house was parked Rihanna’s trailer and outside stood two absolutely massive men in suits.

I approached them and they moved to stand together.

“Sorry girl, you can’t come out here” said the one on the left.

I took a step forward and explained that it was my party and that I wanted to thank Rihanna in person.

One of them spoke into his radio and the other came over to me and began patting me down.

“Okay lady, in you go.”

I couldn’t believe it, I was about to meet Rihanna.

Suddenly I felt a lot drunker than I was and my stomach was in knots.

‘Stop it you idiot,’ I thought to myself. ‘You’re just going to say thank you for a fabulous gig.’

As I went in, she was still in her sage outfit, brushing her hair.

“Hey girl!” she exclaimed. “Happy birthday, come give me a hug.”

I went over and she grabbed me, my kin sticking to her corset.

We laughed it off and she sat down.

“You look hot tonight, girl.”

As if.

Rihanna telling me that I look hot?!

I smiled.

“Yeah, you too. Great gig, thank you.”

She began fiddling with her corset.

“I got to get this damn thing off, it’s boiling. Would you mind undoing the back? Only I don’t want to have to get the blokes in, my stylist couldn’t make it here with me.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I began to unhook the back of the corset, feeling the heat and stickiness of her skin underneath.

I took my time, and as I unhooked the last one Rihanna turned around before peeling it away from her breasts.

They swung free of the PVC and I could see the sheen of sweat still on them, nipples hard as the air passed them.

She dropped the corset.

I realised I was staring, and looked at her face to see if she’d noticed.

She had.

“Oh… You liked that?”

I didn’t know what to say but the fact she hadn’t called in her bodyguards was promising.

I looked at her face, scrutinising her eyes.

We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, both weighing up what each other was thinking.

She finally broke the silence and took the lead.

Maybe you can help me get these off too…” she pulled at the top of her shorts and unzipped them before sitting on the bucket chair behind her.

I edged forward and rolled down the leather.

I could see the string of her panties and a bit of the sheer fabric.

I knelt between her legs and felt her firm ass through the leather.

I wanted to spank her badly.

Out of nowhere she pulled my dress up and over my head.

“Stand up” she whispered.

She pulled me towards her and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth, her hands massaging my tits and pinching my nipples.

I could feel my pussy tingling and I grabbed her ass, squeezing hard.

She let out a little moan and arched her back a little.

I broke the kiss and slid back down between her legs, yanking down her shorts.

The tiny panties she had on were crotch-less, I couldn’t believe it.

Her sweet juices were all over the leather where the shorts had been rubbing against her.

Her pussy was swollen.

I moved back up to her tits and began to lick them, tracing her nipples with my quivering tongue and nibbling them sharply.

She flinched and moaned a little in pleasure as I pushed her breasts together and took both nipples in my mouth, sucking on them.

She pushed me down and took off my black lace thong, her fingers lightly grazing my throbbing clit.

I moaned as she opened her legs wide and touched herself, and then slowly bean to push my panties into her glistening hole.

I rolled my nipples between my fingers and go on my knees, pushing her legs as far apart as they would go.

Lowering my mouth to her, I slowly licked the length of her silt around her pussy lips.

She pressed her pussy into my face and I buried my tongue in her hot cunt, pushing my finger in for her to ride.

I moved up to her protruding clit and flicked at it enjoying her flinching and crying out.

Taking it in my mouth, I sucked it and rolled it with my tongue whilst fucking her hard with my fingers, my panties rubbing her inside.

I hooked a finger around them and drew the sopping fabric out slowly.

Inch by inch.

She went wild, her contracting hole pulling them back in.

I put my tongue on her clit and drew the panties out completely before getting on the chair myself.

The chair was pretty small, but Rihanna grabbed my legs and put one over her shoulder, the other on the floor.

She put both of her legs around me, and then our pussies touched.

I nearly acme right away.

She put a finger inside me and our hard clits began to rub together, our slippery cunts hot and slick.

It was almost over before it began, I have never come so quickly in my life, and Rihanna was not far behind me.

We lay there for a second fondling each of the other’s breasts and fingering our now dripping holes.

“Just… don’t say anything. Let’s not ruin this,” she whispered.

“Is this place soundproof?” I asked, hoping those outside couldn’t hear our fucking.

This got a laugh from her.

“Of course, it is,” Rihanna said as she caressed my breasts.

I nodded, feeling exactly the same way.

We had sex three more wonderful times that day.

I got up and slipped my dress over my head, smoothing my hair in the mirror as I left, not forgetting that phone number she gave me.

I got back to the house feeling like the whole thing had never happened, until I touched myself and realised that I had left my panties behind.

I thought about where they had been.

Slipping quietly into my room I closed the door shut behind me and turned the key.