Scarlett Johansson – Love Your Boobs

We fade in on Scarlett sitting on a chair, naked, in front of a full length mirror, rubbing and fondling her large breasts. “Hmm…” she sighs, picking up one tit, and letting it slide out of her hand, then doing the same with the other. “Mmm…” Scarlett tilts her head back and moans, as she begins roughly kneading them, and pinching her hard nipples between her fingers. Exhaling audibly, Scarlett leans her head down, while holding one tit up, and licks her nipple, then again does the same with the other.

“Uhm…” Scarlett moans vocally, now digging her nails into her tit flesh. She then reaches down next to her, and picks up a bottle of lotion. After pumping out some on each hand, she carefully puts the bottle down again, and starts rubbing the lotion into her tits, moaning louder as she squeezes and fondles them. After a bit, she picks the bottle up again, and holds her tits up on her other arm, as she pumps a little directly on each nipple, inhaling sharply as the cold lotion hits them. Putting the bottle down again, Scarlett rubs and pinches her nipples, making them even harder.

Finally, Scarlett starts to rub her thighs, then, looking at her pussy in the mirror, begins to rub and finger it. “Huhm…” Scarlett bites her lip, as she holds her pussy open, and directly rubs her clit, first up and down, then in slow, rhythmic circles, brow furrowing as she makes herself wetter. Eventually, she inserts her first two fingers, and starts fucking her drooling hole. “Hah! Uhn…” Face contorting, lower lip trembling, Scarlett rubs her clit with one hand, and fingers herself with the other, faster and faster. Finally, with an audible gasp, Scarlett cums, shaking slightly as she digs her nails into pussy.

Sighing, Scarlett again admires her oozing quim in the mirror, while idly rubbing her thighs, as the scene fades out.

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