College Party With Madison Pettis

When I walked into the party, I knew it was gonna be wild. The music was blaring, a strobe light was set up, and it was clear that everyone had been drinking already. As I wandered through the party, I grabbed a beer and watched as people made fools of themselves. The party was mostly guys, with a few girls sprinkled in, at least that I could find. Pretty much any girl that wasn’t already with a guy was being hit on by groups of drunk guys.

I watched as a beautiful girl stood surrounded by a group of guys. She wore tight black jeans and a neasrly see-thru top showing off her impressive tits. The girl said something to them, but I was way too far away to hear it. I decided to see what was going on. As I got closer, I realized the girl was Madison Pettis, the Disney star. As I came up behind the group of guys, I heard one of them shout, “You owe us! You gotta do it!”

Madison rolled her eyes, but then got on her knees in front of one of the guys and began unbuttoning his pants. She pulled out the kid’s cock and immediately began stroking it as she looked up at him. She pushed her hair over her shoulder as she took his half-erect dick into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. She moved to his balls and licked and sucked them, all the while jerking him off with her hand. She took his bell-end back into her mouth as the guy pushed against her cheek, creating a noticeable bulge.

Madison bobbed her head up and down, taking about half his length before jacking him off and licking his balls again. As she did, the kid suddenly lost control and jizzed, shooting over her shoulder and onto the floor. She smiled up at him and said something to one of the other guys. As she stood up, one of them grabbed her around the waist, put her over his shoulder, and began carrying her through the party-goers as his friends trailed behind. I followed, my thoughts confused from alcohol, but knowing something was going to happen. They carried her to one of the bedrooms and tossed her onto the bed. All the guys took off their clothes and proceeded to offer their cocks to Madison, who began to suck them off.

I had stopped just outside the doorway, taking in the display, when one of the guys turned and saw me. “Hey, man, join in. Not everyday a girl this hot will do this!”

The alcohol convinced my brain to do it, and I stepped in, took off my clothes and joined the line. As Madison moved to my cock, she looked up at me, and instead of being freaked out at the new guy, not to mention now being outnumbered 5 to 1, she merely winked and proceeded to bathe my cock in her spit.

She moved up and down the line a few times, before one of the guys got more impatient. “Let’s fuck her already!”

Madison laid on her back and allowed a guy to quickly enter her. He began to rapidly thrust into her, her tits jiggling enticingly on her chest.

“Hey, make sure you don’t cum in her!” one of the guys shouted.

“Dang, look, we got an audience!” one of the other guys said,

Sure enough, when we turned around, a crowd of guys stood at the door.

“Come on in, guys! She’s up for it!” the guy currently fucking her said. “New guys, take her mouth if you want!”

The new crowd stripped and formed a line as we moved Madison so her head was hanging off the bed. The first guy put his dick in her mouth and she began to work her magic, even while upside down.

“Only rules, guys, is don’t cum. We’re gonna cover this bitch at the end.” one of the guys said.

“Mm, sounds great,” Madison piped up, only to have another cock immediately pushed into her mouth.

Finally, it was my turn to fuck Pettis. I stepped forward and slid my cock inside her. Even after having four or five cocks already, she was still very tight. I fucked her hard and fast immediately, and the kid with his dick in her mouth matched my pace so that I pushed her farther down his cock. He reached forward and pinched and pulled at her nipples. I could hear Madison moaning, even with a cock deep in her mouth, as we worked her over, when to my surprise, I felt her tense up before my groin was covered with her juices.

“Damn, she just came!” one of the guys said excitedly. All of the surrounding guys, probably at least 20, now took driving her to a second orgasm as their personal goal.

As I reached my limit, I reluctantly stopped and pulled out, tagging in another guy, who immediately began pounding away at her.

The guys continued for another half hour, all of them getting a chance to either fuck or be sucked by Pettis. I got another turn fucking her, and I damn near blew my wad before I was able to pull out.

“Alright, let’s cover this bitch!” one of the original guys yelled over the noise. Madison now lay on the bed, the center of a group of at least 25 horny guys, as they jacked off fervently above her. Within seconds, a number of the guys in the middle lost it and sprayed her down with the cum, lacing her flat stomach with lines sticky goo. Another couple came on her tits while at least 10 aimed at her face, myself included. I beat them just slightly, leaving a massive line straight up her face, from her lips to her hair. The rest let fly at roughly the same time, giving her nearly a full mask. Her forehead, nose, and eyes were nearly completely covered, and streaks of cum clung in her curly hair.

That group stepped back as a second group moved forward, almost immediately blowing their loads. Most of them covered her stomach and chest, but a few finished off her mask of cum, covering her cheeks and chin. Once all the guys had finished, most of them grabbed their phones and snapped a few pictures of the gorgeous cum doll, now just tiredly laying on the bed, having been used by nearly 30 horny college guys. I left after getting a few pictures as well, knowing that something like this would likely never happen again.