Zoe Bell and Katee Sackhoff have sex in Zoe’s home gym

Zoe Bell and Katee Sackhoff were in Zoe’s home gym,
getting ready for their upcoming roles in The

“Man, it’s a shame Michelle didn’t want in on this.” Zoe
said. Zoe was on the barbell, while Katee was on the
chin-up bar.

“Yeah, still don’t get her reasoning,” Katee grunted,
pulling herself up. Katee had been hesitant about
accepting Zoe’s invitation to use her home gym, but
decided it was easier than using the studio gym. The
reason she was hesitant was, well, she would never admit
this, but she secretly had a crush on Zoe. She figured
she could ignore it, but was finding herself getting
more and more distracted as the morning went on.

Zoe looked good when she came over; and then they
started working out. Hearing Zoe grunt and groan as she
worked, and seeing her get more and more sweaty, and the
smell of her sweat; the air was thick with it. Also, the
fatigue from her work-out was taking a serious toll on
her self-control.

Zoe sat up on the bench, reached for the towel next to
her, and wiped down her forehead.

“Woo. I don’t know about you, mate, but I’m wiped out.”

“Yeah,” Katee dropped to her feet, “same here.” Turning
around, she saw Zoe’s wife-beater was soaked through,
and clinging to her back. Then she saw a single rivulet
of sweat traveling down Zoe’s neck.

“So, lunch? Any ideas?” Suddenly, she felt Katee’s lips
on her neck. “Yeah, thought we’d get to that. You’re not
exactly subtle, mate.” She then felt Katee’s hands on
her breasts. “You are good with your hands, though.” She
took off her wife-beater, and Katee felt up her bare
tits. “Alright, let’s do this.” She turned her neck, and
they tongue-kissed.

Zoe then turned all the way around, and pulled Katee’s
shirt off. The room was silent, except for their moans
and sighs, as they kissed and embraced, and it was hot,
so hot, even though they were done working out, they
were still pouring sweat, hair matted to their
foreheads. Zoe felt up Katee’s tits, and kissed them,
causing Katee to tilt her head back and moan a little

Zoe pressed her hand on Katee’s chest, and pushed, and
Katee leaned back. Leaning over her, Zoe ran her fingers
through Katee’s sweat-saturated hair, and they continued
to kiss.

Zoe then kissed Katee’s chin, down her neck, and her
chest, rising and falling as she breathed, and
glistening with sweat. She kissed down Katee’s stomach,
stopping at her navel, slowly licking around the rim.

Zoe got down on the floor, and pulled off Katee’s sweat-
soaked shorts. Katee got up on her elbows, and spread
her legs open, and watched as Zoe kissed her inner-
thighs, teasing closer and closer, before pressing her
tongue into Katee’s dripping wet snatch. Zoe stroked the
outside of Katee’s pussy with the tip of her tongue,
then slid it in, and licked up her juices.

“Oh, God, Zoe,” Katee moaned, while grabbing Zoe’s hair.
“Oh, God! Oh, God!!” Katee grimaced and her hips locked
up as she started coming. “YESYESYES!!” Suddenly, she
squirted, all over Zoe’s face.

Zoe sat back, smiling. “Jeez, mate, wasn’t expecting

Katee climbed down from the bench, smiling lasciviously,
and crawled toward Zoe. “Your turn.” Katee grabbed Zoe’s
shoulders and shoved her tongue in her mouth. Zoe
grabbed Katee’s arms, and pulled her down with her. “I
love you, Zoe.” Katee whispered, and started kissing
down her sweaty, heaving chest. She squeezed Zoe’s tits,
and sucked her hard nipples.

“Uh, bite ’em!” Zoe gasped. Katee took Zoe’s nipple
between her front teeth, and bit down. “Ssst!” Zoe
winced and breathed in sharply, then again when Katee
bit the other.

Katee continued kissing down Zoe’s stomach, licking up
the copious amounts of sweat dripping down it. Katee
then pulled down Zoe’s shorts, while licking and sucking
her navel. Pulling them off, Katee put her mouth over
Zoe’s pussy, and shoved her tongue in. Zoe bit her lip
as Katee’s tongue probed deep inside her dripping

Eventually, Katee’s tongue found its way to Zoe’s clit.
Suddenly, she remembered Zoe’s thing with her nipples,
so she took Zoe’s clit between her teeth, and bit down.
“Shit!” Zoe practically screamed this. “Oh, fuck, Katee,
do that again!” Katee proceeded to gently gnaw on Zoe’s
clit, while finger-fucking her.

Zoe started to buck her hips as Katee licked her
throbbing clit, biting it periodically. Finally, Zoe
cried out, almost a scream, as she came.

Katee then kissed back up Zoe’s stomach, her chest, and
then her lips, which they held for over a minute, before
breaking it, and holding each-other’s sweaty, panting
forms silently. Finally, Zoe broke the silence.

“So, shower, then lunch.”