Michelle Keegan – Lockdown Neighbour

All things considered, I could barely believe my luck that not only had I managed to finalise my house purchase and move in days before the country entered lockdown, but I’d quickly discovered my new neighbour was none other than Michelle Keegan!

Naturally my girlfriend was a little less impressed when we made our first, brief introductions to our new neighbours. Apparently I’d been less than subtle when I’d first seen Michelle, but who could blame me when the woman was ten times hotter in person than online? She was without doubt sex on legs and I couldn’t help but take an immediate, jealous dislike to her husband Mark.

All that being said I was in a happy relationship and was over the moon at the new house we’d managed to move into together. Of course I was still shunned to sleep on the sofa that first night after my apparent ‘ogling’ and ‘staring’ my girlfriend claimed I’d done next door but it was a small price to pay.

Due to circumstances we barely saw our neighbours again after that first meeting. It wasn’t until summer came around and we were all pretty much set into our new unusual routines that things got interesting.

My girlfriend and I had both been working from home for months now and I’d definitely found myself getting a little stir crazy and often ended up pacing around the house for breaks from sitting at my desk.

It was during one of these short tours of the house that I passed a window and almost cricked my neck doing a double take at what I’d glimpsed outside.

The window was perfectly positioned to overlook next door’s back garden and there, lying stretched out on a sunlounger on her back was my hot, bikini-clad neighbour.

I don’t think I’ve ever pitched a tent faster in my life.

I quickly checked my girlfriend hadn’t snuck up on me before moving to the edge of the window for a better look without being visible myself. Michelle was facing my general direction for the best sun and wore dark sunglasses so it was hard to tell if she was asleep but I didn’t want to take any chances.

A million thoughts ran through my mind at once. It was as if I’d been given some golden opportunity and was terrified of wasting it. I wanted to take a photo, record her, go find some binoculars, jerk off on the spot, go jump the fence and shove my cock between her lips…between her tits…into her–

I suddenly snapped out of my trance by the sound of my girlfriend coming up the stairs. I quickly moved on and tried to act natural and not at all guilty at the thoughts I’d been having mere seconds before as I passed her and got back to work.

Summer was only just getting started. I had no doubt I’d be getting another eyeful soon.

To my surprise the British weather had my back because a week after my first sighting, we were struck with a record-breaking heatwave.

Luckily my partner was too busy with her own work to take any notice of the amount of time I spent away from my desk during daylight hours. It got to the point I’d practically worked out Michelle’s schedule and knew the time of day the sun would be in the optimum position for tanning in her garden.

So far I’d resisted the urge to take photos or anything too creepy, terrified my girlfriend would find the evidence but before long I was faced with something I simply couldn’t help but get footage of.

I was often in work meetings during the morning and by the time I could take a break and have myself a look out the window at the view, Michelle was already laid out relaxing. It wasn’t until a morning meeting was cancelled due to technical problems that I found myself upstairs earlier than usual and was rewarded with the heavenly sight of Michelle generously applying her sunscreen lotion and tanning oil.

“Holy shit–” I breathed to myself out loud.

It was a sight to behold and while it certainly wouldn’t be one I’d forget, without even thinking I pulled out my phone and hit record. There wasn’t an inch of her flawless body she missed as she slathered herself with the lotion, shortly followed by the oil that left her with a bronze shine.

My attendance for the morning work meetings dropped dramatically after that.

Over the next few weeks things began to slowly get back to normal. Lockdown was easing, my girlfriend ended up back in the office while my work remained from home and the weather turned to the usual British grey clouds and drizzle. So, despite finding myself home alone during the day, Michelle was unfortunately not lounging around half-naked in the rain.

It was August when another heatwave finally struck, this one even more scorching than the last. Fortune seemed to be back on my side because not only was I home alone still, but I’d been given a few days off work and all.

As sad as it may sound, despite the weather I knew full well I’d be spending the majority of my time off in my new role of peeping tom but I defy any man who wouldn’t have been doing the exact same in my current situation.

All that being said, my partner had given me a list of chores to be getting on with including some work around the house and garden. It was during one afternoon while mowing the lawn I was startled when I heard my voice being called.

It took me a moment to find the source before spotting Michelle herself waving me over from the other side of her wall.

I’d fantasied and watched her so much it was almost surreal to see her speaking to me in person again.

“Oh hey, sorry was I being too loud?” I asked, turning off the mower.

“Nah don’t worry about that, I was just gonna ask a favour?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“It’s my sprinkler, it’s fucked,” she told me, exasperated.

The way she’d said ‘fucked’ was enough to stir something.

“Yeah I can have a look at it if you like?”

“That would be amazing,” she beamed. “Mark’s out and between you and me, he’s a bit shit with DIY and he’d be too proud to ask for your help.”

“What makes you think I’d be any better?”

Michelle shrugged. “You look the type I guess.”

“I’ll let you in on a secret,” I said as I pulled myself up and over the wall connecting our gardens. “Majority of men are shit at DIY, just some are better at pretending otherwise.”

Michelle had been standing on a chair to see over the wall and hopped down alongside me, leading the way to the broken sprinkler. She was in a bikini top and hotpants and I did my best not to stare too much. It was one thing seeing her from my window, it was another seeing her up close like this. The scent of her tropical, coconut tanning oil alone sent my head spinning.

Thankfully her sprinkler was a simple fix and only took ten minutes. I’d have been embarrassed if I too had failed her.

“Ahh, brilliant!” she exclaimed, turning the tap and seeing the sprinkler splutter to life on her lawn. “Sit down a sec, I’ll grab us a drink.”

I took a seat besides her usual lounger and was soon handed a glass of ice water upon her return. She laid out and made herself comfortable while we made smalltalk. I wanted to stare at her body so badly that it must have been obvious I was doing everything I could not to until she ultimately called me out on it.

“You can relax by the way, I’ve seen you looking,” she claimed nonchalantly. “Every guy who’s ever lived there has camped out at that window, I’m surprised the floorboards aren’t worn away.”

I quickly decided there was no point in lying.

“So you knew? And…you don’t mind?”

Michelle shrugged before gesturing to herself. I followed her gesture in time to watch a bead of sweat trickle down her neck and between her breasts.

“What’s the point in looking this good if no one’s going to check me out and appreciate it?”

“I can’t imagine you of all people have ever been lacking in attention.”

“You’d be surprised. Most men are too intimidated.”

“I’m not,” I claimed confidently.

“You’re bolder than most I’ll give you that,” she replied with a side smirk. “But I can tell. You’re definitely intimidated by me.”

“You wish, princess.”

Michelle removed her sunglasses and cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Okay then stud,” her voice suddenly husky and seductive. “Take me then. Here and now. Rip this bikini off, grab these fucking tits like you’ve been dreaming of. Bend me over this lounger, show me what you got and fucking POUND me!”

“Uhh–I–” I fumbled, shocked at her sudden turn.

“Ha! What did I tell you?” she laughed.

“You’re gonna get yourself into trouble one of these days,” I warned her, trying to laugh along with her joke whereas in reality I was kicking myself for hesitating.

“Maybe a bit of trouble is just what a girl needs,” she replied more seriously. “…a bit of excitement in her life?”

We paused for what felt like a long moment. She’d put her sunglasses back on so it was hard to tell what she was thinking from her expression. I could have sworn there was some serious sexual tension between us right there but a huge part of myself was convinced it must be pure wistful thinking on my part.

It’s not that I was unattractive but she was simply so far out of my league she was practically in another galaxy. Why would she risk her marriage, home, career to screw around with the guy next door?

Our mutual pause suddenly ended when multiple things happened at once. Michelle opened her mouth to speak just as I threw caution to the wind and placed my hand on her bare leg just as the sound of a car door opening from the front of her house startled us back to reality.

I quickly pulled my hand back but not without noting just how smooth and soft her thigh had felt. Thankfully she didn’t appear offended, in fact she smiled.

“Like I said, intimidated,” she teased with a wink. “Now get outta here before Mark sees you.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and quickly hopped the wall to the safety of my own house again.

As much as I’d enjoyed my brief interaction with Michelle, I couldn’t help but feel some guilt about it once my girlfriend came home from work. Naturally I decided against mentioning anything had happened at all and told her about my uneventful day before she went up for an early night.

I was about to head up to bed myself when my phone lit up with a new message. Any guilt I’d felt earlier immediately vanished again when I saw it was a late night text from my new friend next door.

“Hey mate it’s Michelle, sorry it’s late just wanted to thank you again for your help earlier today! x”

Evidently my girlfriend had had the sense to give the neighbours our numbers in case of an emergency.

“No worries, happy to do it,” I replied eagerly. “Let me know if you need anything else done! x”

I’m embarrassed to say I put way too much thought into whether I add the kiss at the end of the message or not but ultimately went for it since she had done. I felt like a lovestruck teenager texting his first crush.

Her reply came quickly.

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind! Not sure if I need to apologise for how I acted earlier? Don’t want things to be weird or awkward. I was only teasing, maybe I got a little carried away…lol x”

“No need to apologise, was just a little fun wasn’t it? x”

“Exactly! I guess that’s just my weird, inappropriate sense of humour x”

“Yep, you really had me going there for a moment…lol x”

Michelle replied with a winking emoji.

“I know I did, I could tell, hehe x”

“You’re lucky you caught me off guard. Imagine if I’d just gone ahead and done what you asked? Lol x”

“Hmm, I bet you’ve been imagining that all night 😉 x”

“I’ll be honest, it may have crossed my mind…you? x”

“Mmm…wouldn’t you like to know? x”

“I asked, didn’t I? x”

“Maybe I should tell you in person, fancy coming round for a drink tomorrow? I might have some odd jobs around the house for you? 😉 xxx”

I must have read the message a dozen times. Surely I was dreaming, or she must just be messing with me again? Evidently I left it too long before replying because she followed up with another message.

“Mark’s off in London all day tomorrow btw. I’ll be home all alone… xxx”

“I’ll bring my toolbox, xxx” I replied in an attempt to play it cool.

I barely slept that night what with the hot weather and vivid, seemingly constant sex dreams featuing my bombshell neighbour. I knew it was wrong, and I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I couldn’t stop re-reading those texts again and again while I couldn’t sleep.

Ultimately morning came. I was already home alone when I got up but figured 8am was probably a little earlier than Michelle had meant when she said about popping round. Instead I busied myself with a workout and a long, cool shower.

When I got out I was greeted by another notification on my phone, a message from Michelle sent ten minutes ago.

“Hey, I’m free whenever you want to come round xxx”

“Sorry I was just in the shower, I’ll be right over! xxx”

“Phew! Haha, I thought I was about to be stood up in my own home for a minute there,” she replied, referencing the late reply.

“Not a chance.”

Ten minutes later I headed out into my garden figuring I’d take the same route I had yesterday, jumping over our adjoining wall. I dropped into her garden to find it empty so I gingerly headed towards her large, glass sliding doors that led directly into her kitchen.

Again I felt like a teenager. Sneaking into his girlfriend’s place, terrified of being caught by her parents. I spotted Michelle alone in her kitchen, once again dressed in next to nothing, a bikini top and denim cutoffs but currently draped with an almost sheer cover-up. After shamelessly checking her out, I knocked on the glass.

“Jesus!” she gasped, almost jumping out of her skin. “Fucking hell mate, you scared the shit out of me!”

She slid the door open and gave me a playful, surprisingly painful punch in the arm while inviting me in.

“Sorry about that,” I smirked at her reaction. “I thought you were expecting me.”

“Most people I’m expecting come via the front door,” she pointed out.

“Maybe next time I’ll do that then.”

“Next time?”

“Well, you said you had a lot of jobs didn’t you?” I reminded her, catching the playful look in her eye.

“So I did…so where’s this toolbox of yours?”

Michelle grinned as I realised I’d forgotten all about that and come empty-handed.

“Well shit–”

“Haha, relax, I invited you here for a drink, remember, so what are you having?”

It was still fairly early but I gladly accepted a cold beer from the fridge before watching her mix herself something far more complicated involving a lot of fruit, ice and a hefty amount of alcohol.

Once she was done she led the way back into the garden, setting her cocktail down and arranging her lounger. They only had the one lounger although it was over double the width of a standard one, you could have probably comfortably fit three people lying on it.

Nonetheless I grabbed a nearby patio chair and took a seat beside her as she adjusted the pillow behind her head.

“What are you doing? There’s plenty of room on here for you as well,” Michelle assured me, patting the space next to her.

“Yeah? I mean sure, if that’s alright with you.”

She didn’t need to ask me twice so I carried the chair back to where I found it and turned to see Michelle pull off her coverup and begin to apply her sunscreen.

I must have been staring, slack-jawed and oblivious because it took a click of her fingers to snap me back to reality.

“Enjoying the show I take it?” she laughed.

“Uhh–shit, sorry.”

“It’s alright…it’s the least I could do to thank you for yesterday.”

“Actually yeah, you’re right,” I nodded in agreement. “That sprinkler was a real bitch, it was hard work.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure it was real hard,” she agreed, playing along. “In that case…maybe…maybe I should let you help me out over here?”

My voice almost broke.

“I suppose that could work,” I said, approaching the sunlounger. “For starters.”

“Don’t push your luck,” she grinned, tossing me the bottle of lotion. “–and don’t miss a spot!”

There was certainly no risk of that.

Michelle held an arm out so I started there, innocently enough. She sighed contently as I moved onto her other arm and she laid back with her eyes closed.

“Mmm, I could get used to this,” she said.

“Isn’t this meant to be a reward for me?” I reminded her.

“Ha! Don’t act like you aren’t getting a kick out of this! I’m surprised you haven’t already stabbed me in the side with that thing you’re packing.”

I tried not to flush red as she pointed out the more than obvious boner I’d failed to hide but given the activity, she could hardly blame the natural reaction.

“Sorry, I’ll be sure to ‘accidentally’ poke you a bit so you know you’re having the right effect on me,” I said as I was directed down to her long, smooth legs.

Keegan let out another relaxed sigh as I began coating her legs and feet. Noting the reaction it got I paid particular attention to her feet, relishing in the coos and soft moans she let out as what had started as simply applying sunscreen lotion was quickly turning into a spontaneous full body massage.

“Fuck your hands feel really good,” she admitted as I continued to caress her legs. “It’s been a long time since a guy’s touched me like this.”

“Really?” I exclaimed in genuine shock. “A body like this deserves to be pampered 24/7.”

“Now that I could definitely get used to,” she agreed.

“Well you know where to find me.”

I began up her velvet smooth thighs before she stopped me. For a moment I thought I’d somehow misread the situation and gone too far but on the contrary she simply wanted to kick off her denim shorts.

Maybe it was the heat, or the lack of hydration but when I clapped eyes on just how skimpy her high waisted bikini bottoms were I got light-headed.

“You doing alright there?” she giggled, obviously noting my reaction as I took a swig of beer.

“Fucking hell,” was all I could say causing her to laugh even harder.

“Oh piss off, get on it with it you perv!”

Michelle impatiently shoved the lotion back into my hand and seemed keen for me to get back to work.

The only sounds that followed were her soft sighs and moans as I explored every exposed inch of her thighs, stomach and abs. The fact there was nothing but a tiny triangle of fabric between me and Michelle Keegan’s shaved honeypot was driving me absolutely mental.

I caught her eye more than a few times as my fingers danced on the edge of her bikini and I could have sworn she was silently daring me, pleading me, begging me, to throw caution to the wind and give in to what we both wanted.

I was harder than I’d ever been in my life and just as I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, Michelle’s phone buzzed and started ringing beside her, startling the pair of us.

“Shit, it’s Mark,” she cussed, rolling her eyes. “I gotta take this.

She moved as if to get up but instinctively I firmly held her down in place at the hips. She glanced at me stunned for a brief second before her lips curled into a mischievous smile, willing to play my game.

Michelle accepted the call while I continued my pampering. I didn’t really pay much attention to what was being said but I noticed her way her breath wavered, her voice shook on occasion as I teased and circled her pussy. There was no doubt she was as worked up as I was right now.

Ultimately, with her distracted my dwindling willpower and ability to resist crumbled away and with a quick motion I pulled the string holding her bikini together allowing me to rip the infuriating piece of fabric away leaving me face to face with what must have been the most flawless, juiciest little cunt I’d ever seen.

Without even giving it a second thought I dove in.

I vaguely remember hearing her gasp out loud and stammer some explanation to her husband down the phone but any sounds were cut off when Michelle clamped her thighs shut over my head as I devoured her pussy.

I reached up and forced her legs open again, looking up to see she’d closed her eyes and had a hand over her mouth to silent any involuntary noises.

I could just about hear Mark rabbiting on but the only response he now got from his wife was a vague ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh’. She made no effort to stop me, on the contrary she lifted her hips and pushed her cunt into my mouth harder, egging me on.

With her legs now spread wide of her own accord, my hands were free to roam elsewhere, reaching upwards to finally slip under her bikini and cup her famous, magnificent tits.

I groaned into her and her pussy practically gushed over my tongue as I manhandled her.

It was sensory overload for her and finally she had no choice but to interrupt Mark and cut him off.

“Sorry babe I really–ugh–uhh–I gotta go, I’ll see you tonight–”

She hung up and practically threw the device away before setting her eyes on me.

“You fucking bastard.”

Michelle pulled me up on top of her and before I knew it her tongue was practically down my throat while she urgently fiddled with my shorts to fish my cock out before impatiently guiding it towards her sex.

“I need this…” she huffed.

Before I’d even caught my breath or realised what was happening I was inside her.

Her legs and arms wrapped round me like a vice, pulling me deep, forcing every thick inch into her tight clam.

“Holy shit! Fuck–” I grunted as I pulled back and slammed back in.

“Yes! Oh god,” she moaned beneath me. “Fill me up with that fucking cock!”

To my shame it only took a few pumps to realise I wasn’t going to last. Michelle seemed to sense this, or maybe she was simply used to it, but she quickly pushed me off, rolled me onto my back and lent over to take me into the back of her throat.

Sex with her was like a whirlwind and I admit I was struggling to keep up with what the fuck was going on as I looked down and watched her suck my dick until, without warning, I exploded like a fire hydrant over her wet tongue and down her narrow throat.

I grunted and grabbed a fistful of her long, thick hair with both hands and forced her to slow down a bit so I could catch my breath.

“What’s the matter? Can’t keep up?” she teased with another of her sexy winks after swallowing my load.

“Just getting warmed up,” I assured her.

I decided to test her boundaries a little, gripping her hair as I fucked her face, pausing to let her catch her breath as she spluttled, spat and drooled all over my shaft.

“Fuck yeah,” I hissed as Michelle treated me to the sloppiest blowjob of my life. “Let my fuck those tits!”

I knew by now Michelle enjoyed being dominated a little so I didn’t actually give her much choice in my demand. At this point I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I took what I wanted.

My busty neighbour was more than happy to allow me to pull her up by her hair though and keenly wrapped her flawless tits around my cock.

“Yeah? Is this what you wanted?” she grinned. “How many days and nights have you jerked off dreaming about fucking these titties?”

“You have no idea,” I groaned in pure bliss.

“I’ve seen your girlfriend, she definitely couldn’t do this,” Michelle teased. “There’s no way she could get her tits round this huge fucking cock like I can!”

“Ugh–you’re a bitch,” I grunted.

“What are you gonna do about it?”

“Fuck you like one.”

She’d told me to do it the day before but this time I didn’t hesitate. I bent my sexy neighbour over the sunlounger, admired her flawless, hourglass figure before sliding back into her wet cunt to POUND her from behind.

“Ughh—fuck yeah that’s deep,” she moaned, tossing her hair back. “Slap my ass, fucking give it to me!”

I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long but I gave her everything I had, distracting myself from cumming by slapping her ass as she pushed back against me before reaching forward and roughly pulling her hair which drove her even wilder.

“Shit–you’re gonna make me cum again,” I hissed.

“Not yet—fuck I’m so close,” she begged. “Don’t you dare pull out…”

I could feel her hand furiously rubbing her clit as I repeatedly slammed into her as hard and deep as possible. I grit my teeth when she finally came like a freight train. The entire neighbourhood probably would have heard her if she hadn’t quickly muffled herself with her towel.

With her already tight pussy clamping down even harder I was pushed well past the point of no return and quickly pulled out in time to shoot a rocket of cum over her ass and back. In a flash Michelle spun on her knees, grabbing my cock and fisting it to hose herself down. My entire body twitched as she milked my load, spraying it all over her gorgeous face, tongue and tits!