Janet Jackson – A guy volunteers to take him young niece trick or treating and ends up receiving an unexpected reward

I was out of work for a while, the company was having
the building worked on, getting it “up to code”, so I
went to visit my sister in Oregon. She had moved out
there for a job after college and I hadn’t seen here
since she left the East coast.

When I got out there, I was surprised to find out I
was an uncle. My sister was a single mom to a five
year old girl. She begged me not to tell our mom, she
can be so old fashioned and wouldn’t approve of my
sister having a child “out of wedlock”.

I was there for two weeks before Halloween came and it
was enough time for me to bond with my little niece.
My sister had her hooked on country music and my niece
had a crush on Jason Aldean [for real?!?]. She was
going out trick-or-treating as Reba McEntire [my
sister is a HUGE Reba fan]. She had a big red wig, a
cowboy shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots and a miniature
acoustic guitar.

She was pretty cute.

My sister came home from work exhausted on Halloween.
I volunteered to take my niece trick-or-treating to
give her a break, plus my niece said she’d rather go
with me, her mom always steals the good candy. My
sister was more than happy to hand her over for a few
hours of peace.

And I do mean peace, not peace and quiet. My sister’s
idea of relaxing is playing Country music all the
time. I needed a break from all that.

My sister helped my niece put on her costume and we
left. It was already twilight but the streets were
well-lit. My niece practically dragged me from one
house to the next. “I want to get LOTS AND LOTS of
candy, Uncle Jimmy!”

I laughed and said all right.

The further we got from my sister’s house I started to
notice someone was playing music in the distance.

And it wasn’t Country.

It was Janet Jackson music. I smiled. I was born in
1986 when Janet first went solo. Mom claims she played
Control over and over the last three months of her
pregnancy and until I was about a year old.

She says that’s why I’m such a big Janet Jackson fan
despite being a rocker.

Whoever was playing the music had on “Miss You Much”.
Wherever it was coming from, it was far away, because
the music just got louder and louder. Next, “What Have
You Done For Me Lately” came on, followed by

I finally found the source of the music. As we neared
the house another song came on. I smiled. It was
“Black Cat”.

My favorite.

I was four years old when that song came out. It’s the
only thing I remember about being a four year old. Mom
said I had a dance for “Black Cat”.

That I do not remember.

One of the things I love about “Black Cat” is it
rocks. I can rock out to it of course. I have some hot
fucks to it also…

The house was super decorated for Halloween; the fence
out front glowed orange, the front yard was full of
tombstones, jack-o-lanterns and a giant spider. A
witch guarded the door, it cackled when I rang the
doorbell and its eyes would glow red.

The front door opened and the sight that greeted me
was far from scary. I saw a body encased in black,
from foot to throat. The costume was reminiscent of
Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume from Batman
Returns, THE best Batman movie ever. But the body
inside this costume was curvier and larger-breasted.

She didn’t wear the Catwoman mask, and her long black
hair hung down lankily [on purpose for Halloween I
supposed] below her breasts, and her face was angelic
as she smiled.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” My niece yelled, breaking my

“You make a wonderful Reba, sweetie!” My Catwoman said
as she tossed some candy into her bag.

“Thank you!” My niece chimed.

I finally found my tongue. “You – you’re Janet

Janet’s smile grew wider. “I’m glad someone recognized
me!” She laughed.

My niece was tugging on my hand but I ignored her.
“Who wouldn’t recognize you?” I retorted emboldened.

“It seems all the kids tonight. None of them knew who
I was or were too shy to say anything.”

“I didn’t know you lived her…”

“I don’t,” Janet replied. “It’s my aunt’s house. She
broke her leg and his in the hospital. I came up to
stay with her and she asked me to take care of this
for her. She loves Halloween and decorated herself.”

“I’m not from her myself. I’m visiting my sister for a
few weeks.”

“So this is your niece? She’s lovely.”


My niece was tugging more insistently now. “Uncle
Jimmy,” She hissed.

“Ummm, I know I’m a few years late, but I am so sorry
about your brother. Michael was one of the best
entertainers and a great loss to the music community.”

Janet put her hand on mine. “Thank you. I appreciate
you saying that.”

“COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!” My niece said, finally
losing it.

Janet giggled. “You better not hold her up!” She
winked. “Here.” She turned my hand palm up and wrote a
phone number on my palm with a felt tip pen. “Call me
later. I’m all alone her.”

I grinned. “I will! Bye!”

“Goodbye.” Janet waved as I let my niece drag me off.

My niece’s bag was almost overflowing when I told her
it was time to head back. She didn’t want to but
finally acquiesced.

When we got back I was surprised to see my sister had
fallen asleep. My niece went up to her room with her
treasure to change out of her costume and go through
her candy. I went up later to have her get ready for
bed and to tuck her in. Then I woke my sister up so
she could go up and sleep in her own bed herself.

I was sleeping in the den downstairs. The sofa had one
of those fold-out beds.

But I had no plans to sleep just yet. I locked the
door to the den and undressed. I like to sleep naked
and didn’t want any surprises. When I got in bed I
grabbed the cordless phone and dialed the phone number
Janet had wrote on my hand, not I’m considering it
might be fake.

Janet picked up on the second ring. “Hello?”

“Hi, Janet.”

“Oh, hi!” She said. I could hear it in her voice that
she was smiling. “Hey, you never told me your name.”

“I’m Jim.”

“Well it was nice to meet you tonight, Jim.

I’ve been so lonely not knowing only up here.”

“I can relate,” I admitted. We made small talk, Janet
asked about my family, and I told her about my mom’s
stories about me growing up loving her music. Janet
laughed and I loved hearing her laugh.

The small talk went on for hours and hours. Soon it
wasn’t Halloween anymore, another Halloween come and

It was almost three A.M. when Janet said she better
go. “I want to visit my aunt in the morning.”

“Oh, all right,” was all I said dumbly.

“But I want to talk again! Maybe tomorrow night.”

“I’d love that.”

“Would you now?” Janet teased.

We finally said our good nights and hung up. I noticed
I was hard and decided to whack off before I could
fall asleep.


The next night Janet called me. The small talk wasn’t
so small this time. Janet asked me about my “love
life”, my dating history, even how I lost my cherry
[her word]. I admit, I was hard and stroking off the
whole time.

She asked me to come over for breakfast in the
morning. I said “I’d love to.”

“I bet you would,” She teased again.

I came after we hung up and fell right to sleep.

I got up in the morning, showered and shaved. I told
my sister not to make me breakfast I had plans.

“Oh?” She winked. “Just don’t go and knock her up and
run off.”

I rolled my eyes and she laughed.

I didn’t have a hard time finding Janet’s aunt’s house
once more. How could I ever forget?

Janet answered the door in a thin silk robe. I could
see her large bra outlined through it but I couldn’t
see any panty-lines under it. I loved how the robe
slid into the crack of her large but firm butt…

She had a feast waiting for me. “Coffee?” Janet asked.

“No, thanks, I don’t drink coffee. Orange juice is

“I don’t drink it either,” Janet replied.

We sat there, sipping our juice and making small talk
once more. It wasn’t uncomfortable, I found it easy to
talk to Janet.

Until she came out and said “I masturbated last night
after we got off the phone.”

I nearly spit out my juice. Janet giggled. “Well, I

“I jerked off WHILE we were talking,” I blurted.

Janet smiled. “I was wet the moment I met you,” She
whispered. “When I found out she was your niece and
not your daughter, I was relieved. I had the
naughtiest thoughts about you…”

Janet stood up and came around the table. She untied
her robe and slid it off. She had on a demi bra and
thong panties, both red.

Janet slid onto my lap and we started to make out, my
hands roaming over her tight body. She ground her
pussy against my hard cock and moaned.

I unclasped Janet’s bra and she shrugged it off. Her
large tits were capped off by large, oval-shaped
areolae. Her nipples were stiff and I twisted them as
we kissed.

Janet pulled off my shirt and got my cock out of my
jeans and briefs, stroking it roughly. She finally
climbed off of my lap and pulled me up. I kicked off
my sneakers and pushed off my jeans and briefs. I
followed her swaying butt, still dressed in my socks,
and she led me to what I assumed was her room.

Janet slid down her panties. Her pussy was unshaved,
her pubes blacker than the hair on her head.

She stepped out of her panties and motioned for me to
come to her. I did of course. We began to kiss once
more and fell onto the bed. We kept rolling around, I
was on top of Janet, than she was on top of me.
Finally when she was on top she whispered “I’m not on
the pill, I want you up my butt…”

She sat up and grabbed my cock. She slid up and
lowered her rectum around my shaft. It was gooey back
there, Janet had obviously been prepared for this. She
took my length easily and began to fuck me slowly.
Janet moaned, gritting her teeth. I reached up and
cupped her tits. She raised her hands up and held my
hands to her tits as she fucked me faster, closing her

“Mmmm…” Janet moaned. “You’ve got the thickest cock
I ever took.”

“You’ve got the finest body I’ve ever fucked,” I said,
the best I could come up with at a moment’s notice.

Janet giggled and rode me harder. She began to cum.
Her body spasmed hard atop me.

She slid off me and laid on her side, back to me.
“Let’s do it this way,” Janet said.

I rolled onto my side and entered her anus again. She

I wrapped my arms around Janet and began to pump into
her rapidly. She groaned. It wasn’t long before she
came again, even louder than last time.

Janet came at least fifteen times before a filled her
anal chute with my hot jizz some thirty minutes later.

“Mmmm,” Janet shivered, my cock still inside of her.
“That was SO good…”

“So much for waiting awhile…” I teased.

Janet giggled. “I couldn’t help it, I lost control,
I’m a nasty girl.”

“No, you’re not nasty,” I retorted. “You’re my girl.”

“I love the sound of that…” Janet smiled.

And that was just our first escapade…