Christina Hendricks gets in some serious masturbation

Christina Hendricks came home one day from shooting Mad
Men. “Geoffrey?” she called out, before thinking to
herself, “Oh, right, he’s in Vancouver. Guess I have the
house to myself.”

She went to the upstairs hall closet, and got the big
towel. The one for ‘special occasions’. She then went to
the bedroom, and laid it out on the bed, taking up
almost the entirety of it.

Then, she walked up to the mirror across from the bed,
next to the dresser. She took her shoes off, and stood
there and looked at herself, in her blouse and jeans,
and rubbed her hands lightly over her body. She started
to slowly unbutton her blouse, then slid it off,
revealing a simple black bra underneath, and then she
undid her jeans and pulled them down revealing matching
black panties.

Christina again stood, looking at herself. She ran her
hands slowly over her stomach, then slid her index
fingers into her bra from beneath, and rubbed the crease
where her breasts met her stomach.

She then lowered her bra straps, and then reached behind
her back, and unhooked her bra, causing it to snap open.
She slid it off, revealing her huge, white breasts, with
their pink nipples. Sighing, she started to squeeze and
caress and fondle her large breasts, and rub and pinch
and pull on her hardening nipples. She then slid her
hands down her stomach, slipped her thumbs inside her
panties, and slid them down, and took them off.

Again gazing at herself in the mirror, she reached
behind her, and squeezed and rubbed her voluptuous butt-
cheeks, then brought one hand forward, and slid her
fingers down her natural bush, and to her moist snatch.
Slowly, she rubbed her throbbing clit with her middle
finger, which she then slid into her dripping pussy.
Creasing her forehead, and biting her lip, she finger-
fucked herself for a minute, before stopping.

Christina reached over, and opened the top dresser
drawer. Inside were a couple of dildos, and a large tub
of Vaseline. Popping off the top, and placing it on the
dresser, she stuck her hands in, and scooped out two
large globs, which she spread between her hands, and
then started rubbing it into her breasts. She squeezed
and fondled her tits, moaning, then went back for more,
and spread it over her stomach, then her ass, her pussy,
even her thighs.

Next, she laid out on the towel, rubbing her hands all
over her greased up body, fingering her greasy pussy.
She then reached next to her for one of the dildos; both
were large, nine inches and thick. Christina spread her
legs, and inserted the dildo into her pussy. She moaned,
more vocally now, as the big thing slid into her, and
she started fucking herself with it. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck…” she repeated under her breath. She
rammed the toy into herself fast and hard, until she
came, causing her to arch her back, and let out a high-
pitched yelp.

Catching her breath, and keeping the first toy inside
her, she reached next to her for the other dildo. She
stuck the other end of it in the Vaseline, to get it
nice and lubed up, for where it was going. She lifted
her ass up, then, with one hand, held aside one of her
ass-cheeks, and then, with the other, stuck the greased
dildo into her asshole, groaning and grunting as she
pushed it further in.

She then turned on her side, and, with one hand on each
toy, proceeded to fuck herself in both holes with them.
“Ahooohgod!” she groaned. The toy in her ass hurt a
little, but also felt good, as she rammed it into
herself hard, which made the feelings of pleasure from
the one in her pussy that much more intense.

Christina’s beautiful eyes were starting to tear up, and
her teeth were clenched, as she fucked herself hard on
both sides. When she finally came, it felt so powerful,
her resulting cry sounded like a scream, like she was
being tortured. She continued to fuck herself for about
a minute, riding the orgasm, until fatigue made it
impossible to go any further.

Shaking, she slid both toys out of her, then laid on her
back, practically wheezing, body sore all over. “Fuck,”
she said, under her breath.