The Rape Of Christina Applegate

This is of course a fantasy. No one in real life would
want to do something like this to Christina who is a
wonderful sensitive person. But fantasies aren’t
necessarily logical.

Rick had been a huge fan of Married with Children,
specifically Christina Applegate. He thought she was the
sexiest person to ever appear on television. He couldn’t
understand why she never won an Emmy. Maybe it was
because she wasn’t acting playing Kelly Bundy, she was
just playing herself.

Rick watched her new show Jesse, he couldn’t believe
just how bad it was. It turned out to be a top ten show
though. He thought they could put a test pattern on and
it would score higher ratings in that time slot though.

Rick worshipped from afar then after watching another
rerun of M W C, he decided to act, he would meet that
sexpot. He headed for a taping of Jesse.

He sat through the taping, man he couldn’t believe how
bad that show is, he knew if they but her in one of the
short skirts she must own the show would have least have
a redeeming value, and men wouldn’t have to be ashamed
to watch it.

Rick walked around outside the sound stage. He couldn’t
believe it when he saw Kelly and an older women come

He walked up to the two girls and yelled out “Hey
Kelly.” Christina turned to see who called, she got that
a lot. She told the man Kelly was just a character she
played, her name was Christina.

Rick thought “What a bitch, he just wanted to get to
know Kelly better. Christina turned and began to walk
away. That really pissed Rick off, how dare she turn her
back on him, after all Al wasn’t around to protect her.

He grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around, the
lady that was with her tried to step in between them.
Rick punched her in the face and she collapsed to the
ground, Christina ran over to check on her fallen
Publicist Aaron. Rick ran over and started dragging
Aaron away, Christina followed just like Rick knew she
would, when they were in an area that was shaded from
onlookers, Rick pulled out a gun. He made Christina drag
Aaron to his car.

He took the two girls to his motel. Christina was trying
to see if Aaron was all right. Rick pointed the gun at
her and handed her a leather mini skirt. He told her
this is how Kelly should be dressed.

Christina was confused, she didn’t know what he wanted,
she told him again that her name was Christina and that
Kelly was a character she played. Rick slapped her and
told her to put on the skirt.

She did as she was told. Rick made her model the outfit;
he had bought it a long time ago because it reminded him
of Kelly. It was a size too small and barely covered her

Rick loved that site. He reached under her skirt and
felt her ass. Christina slapped him. How dare that bitch
hit him. He punched her in the jaw. He knocked her out

Rick tied Aaron to a chair in the room. He laid
Christina on the bed. She woke up as he was finishing
tying Aaron up. Christina begged to be let go Rick just
laughed, he was mad now, Kelly wouldn’t admit who she
was, and she hit him. Now she would pay.

Rick told Kelly to strip, Christina wouldn’t do it. Rick
took his gun, pointed it at Aaron and shot her in the
foot. Christina screamed and pulled of her shirt. Rick
was pleased. He told her to keep going, and she pulled
off her skirt. Rick had always wanted to see Kelly like

Christina was standing on the bed in her thong
underwear, Rick made her do a slow turn so he could
check out her ass, she was in great shape, a tight ass
with no fat at all. He then instructed her to remove her
bra, she did so quickly. Rick told her to rub her tits.
Christina grabbed one in each hand and began to squeeze.
They fit perfectly in her hands, she had nipples like
erasers and they were hard.

Rick told her to take off her panties, she exposed a
nice trim cunt, Rick’s mouth started to water, this was
a fantasy come true. He dreamed about Kelly Bundy every

Rick had Kelly laid on the bed and spread her legs, he
instructed her to put her finger inside of her pussy.
Christina slid her middle finger in. Rick told her to
wiggle it around. She did as she was told.

Rick told her to add a second finger, then a third. He
the instructed her to fuck herself. Christina slid her
three fingers in and out of her pussy. Rick was yelling
for how to work them faster and faster. He had pulled
out his cock and was jerking it off. Christina’s fingers
were a blur working in and out of her cunt.

Rick was going to remember this for the rest of his life
and he wanted to see more. he looked around the bare
motel room and didn’t see anything that gave him any

He went to the refrigerator and saw the root beer.

He handed Christina the two-liter bottle and told her to
fuck herself with it. She screamed no and Rick shot
Aaron in the other foot.

Christina grabbed the bottle and started to work it into
her tight cunt. It was a slow and hard struggle, Rick
pointed the gun at her. Christina grabbed the bottle
with both hands and shoved. It was in.

She had half the bottle buried in her cunt. She began to
slowly slide it in and out. Rick was clapping like a 2
year old. He wanted her to go faster.

Christina was doing the best she could. Rick told her to
sit on the bottle. She got on her knees and squatted
over the bottle. She began to rock up and down on it.
Her juices were flowing now and the bottle was easily
going in and out now. Her juices were sliding down
outside of the bottle now.

Rick leaned over and held the bottle still on the bed.
Christina started rocking up and down faster and faster
now. Her head was rocking back and forth and her hair
was flying wildly now.

Rick but her on her hand and knees and grabbed the
bottle with both hands. He shoved with both hands and
buried it all the way inside of her. He than began to
work the bottle in and out as hard as he could.

Finally he couldn’t take anymore. He slammed his cock
into her ass. He told Christina to keep working the
bottle into her cunt. He was fucking her ass as hard as
he could. He dropped the gun and grabbed her by the
shoulders. He pulled back as he thrust into her tight

The site of his fantasy fucking a two-liter bottle and
the tightness of her ass was too much for him. He was
cumming. He pulled out of her ass and stuck his cock in
her face. He was cumming before he could get it in her
mouth. He plastered her face and he was pleased, he did
manage to get half of it in her mouth.

Christina wrapped her lips around his cock, and bit
down. She chomped half of his cock off. Rick fell
screaming to the ground as Christina spit out the other
half of his cock. I guess Rick won’t be doing that