Mandy Moore fantasies 1.

This story is purely a work of fiction, and isn’t
intended to be taken literally.

God how boring as hell this was. My brother Rick was an
aspiring dancer and actor and I didn’t mind every once
in a while driving him around to the jobs he got, he was
only 20 after all, but the timing couldn’t be worse.

I’m sure she’s a nice person once you get to know her
but the bubblegum pop crap that Mandy Moore sang, which
she most likely didn’t even write, was really more than
I cared to deal with it. Quite simply I hated the music.
I didn’t like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, but
they were cute so the albums got bought.

Anyways, this was supposed to be the last day of
shooting for Mandy’s video, but somehow they got behind
on the schedule and three hours of shooting had turned
into five. I had left and came back after the first
three hours, only to find problems had arisen and the
shooting wasn’t done. They seemed to be trying hard to
get everything done, but they just didn’t know how much
longer it would be and I really couldn’t leave as I
didn’t have my cell phone with me in case they finished
while I was out. So my joy wasn’t surprising in it’s
coming when the director yelled, “That’s a wrap and
we’re done!”

Great, finally I could get the hell out of there. As I
got up to get ready to go, I noticed Mandy looking at me
while she talked to my brother. She smiled at me then
looked at Rick before she left.

After changing out of his costume for the video and back
into his street clothes Rick walked up.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yeah, but we can’t leave yet.”

“Why not?”

“Well after we finished shooting the video, Mandy asked
me to bring you by her dressing room after I finished
changing clothes. She said something about you being a
great brother or something.”

“Why would she say something like that?”

“During the breaks during the shoots we’ve talked a bit
and I may have mentioned you once or twice,” Rick said.
“Great. My brother’s telling a soon to be forgotten
fifteen year old pop star about me,” I respond
sarcastically. “Oh come on. Give her more credit than
that. She’s not that bad.”

“Whatever,” I said as we started walking towards her
dressing room.

“You coming in?” I asked Rick as we stopped in front of
the door to her dressing room.

“Naw, she asked just for you, besides she’s seen a lot
of me so I’m sure she’s bored of me by now.”

“Ok then. I’ll go in listen to whatever she has to say
and then we’re gone.”

“Who is it?” Mandy’s voice asked from the other side of
the door after I knocked on it.

“It’s Rick’s ‘great’ brother.”

“Great! I wanted to see you! Come in!” Mandy chirped.

“Alright,” I said to Rick, “I’ll be right back.”

Closing the door behind me I began, “Hey Mandy, can we
make this quick? I’ve got things to do tonight.”

“Alright, alright, if you say so. But what about doing
this?” Mandy asked stepping from the room next door. As
much as I hated her music and didn’t care too much for
her personally, damn she had nice body for a 20 year
old. She was dressed only in a set of white lace panties
and a bra.

Apparently able to tell I was interested she continued,
“What do you think?”
“Before I answer, what’s this for?”

“I got to talking to Rick during shoot breaks and he
talked a lot about you and how great you were. Made you
out to be the greatest person in the world and told me
you didn’t like my type of music too much so I figured
that maybe you deserved something in return.”

“As tempting an offer as that is I’m going to have to
pass.” With a confused look on her face Mandy asked,
“What? You’re going to pass? A teen pop celebrity like
me? You’re crazy.”

“That may be, but in three months it’s not going to
matter because more than likely you’ll be forgotten
about by then. Besides, I like my women to be a bit more
developed,” I remarked with a smirk.

“So what if I have small breasts? I’m still good in
bed,” Mandy retorted.

“I bet you don’t even have pubic hair yet.”

“Bullshit I don’t,” Mandy said as she pulled down her
panties revealing her tender pussy and barely visible
peach fuzz.

“God you’re such a slut,” I commented.

“Yeah and you don’t want me right?” Mandy rhetorically
asked as her hand had begun to stroke my hardening cock
through my pants. “Take your bra off.”

“You like?” Mandy asked as she bra fell to the floor
revealing her barely b-cup breasts.

“Let me see first. Sit down on the couch.”

“Oh no hon, let’s go to the room next door.”

“You have a bed on the set of a video shoot?” I asked as
we entered the room with a bed in the center.

“I sure do. Just in case something like this happens.
It’s something I picked up from my friend Britney.”

“I’ll have to meet Britney and thank her someday,” I
said as I laid Mandy’s petite nude body down on the bed.
“Maybe I’ll introduce you two one day…” I heard her
say as I made my way between her legs. Mandy’s pussy was
still pink and I could smell its sweet scent infiltrate
my nose as I outlined it with my tongue. “You must be a
real pro at this to treat me this well,” Mandy said as
my tongue darted in and out of her pussy tickling her

“You like this don’t you slut?” I asked her as I ran my
tongue up her nubile body and rubbed her clit with my

“Mmmm… yes I do… don’t stop…” Mandy moaned as I
continued rubbing her while wetting one nipple then the
other with my tongue followed by me nibbling on each of
them. I pulled away when I began to fill Mandy’s juices
run over my fingers. “What’s wrong?”

“If you’re going to cum, it’s not going to be like
this,” I said as I got up and went to the trailer door
stripping my clothes off. Fully nude I cracked open the
door and whispered to my brother, “Psst! Rick! Get in

“Why, what’s going oaoaoa–,” he stammered as I led him
to the room with a nude Mandy Moore laying on the bed.
“Hiya Rick! You going to join us?” Mandy asked when we
entered. “Uuuuh… Aaaah…” he stammered just standing
there at the foot of the bed.

“Ah no worries,” Mandy said with a smile as she crawled
to Rick, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them and his
underwear down revealing a fast hardening prick. “Get
inside of me first,” she ordered me. Without a second
word from her I quickly climbed onto the behind her and
grabbed a hold of her hips. Holding Mandy’s nice, young,
round fresh ass in my hands almost forced me to
prematurely cum.

I regained my composure, and slowly inserted my stiff
erection inside of her tender pussy. As I began to pump
myself in and out of her, Mandy began to rub Rick’s cock
up and down as her face began to bob up and down on him.

I leaned forward working my hands up and down her body
grabbing a hold of her breasts as I continued to work
myself in and out of her. Her tiny young breasts in my
hands, I began to pinch and tickle her nipples. I felt
her orgasm right then, my rock hard dick getting covered
with her fluids lubricating it for what I really wanted
to do. After I pulled out, Mandy pulled away from Rick
and panted, “What’re you doing?”

“Don’t worry about it, just keeping sucking off Rick,” I
responded. Mandy murmured a response and then began
running her tongue up and down Rick’s shaft stopping at
his scrotum to suck on each side. “Oh god…” Rick

“Get him back in your mouth!” I quickly ordered Mandy as
I started to advance toward her asshole.

As the head of my cock poked at her anus, Mandy panted
“No,” as she continued to orally pleasure Rick.

“Yes,” I said. “Trust me you’ll like it once I’m done.”
First I got the tip of my penis inside of her ass and
then I slowly worked my way farther inside of it.
Feeling my cock work it’s way inside of her rectum,
Mandy increased her pace causing Rick to moan a bit
more. It wouldn’t be long before he came I could tell.

Slowly as I worked more and more of my cock inside of
her ass I began to pump it in and out of her. It was
more than Mandy could handle having a cock in her mouth
and one in her ass as she came again.

The idea of Mandy cumming and the orgasm that pulsed
through her body only aroused Rick and me even more.
Instead of just standing there Rick grabbed hold of the
back of Mandy’s head and began to face-fuck her while I
grabbed tight hold of her hips and started barreling my
cock deeper and harder inside of her ass.

As I fucked Mandy’s asshole harder and deeper reaching
farther inside with each thrust, I could feel her get
ready to orgasm a third time. I looked up briefly from
Mandy’s ass and saw Rick as he pulled his cock from her
mouth and began jerking it off as his cum shot out
splattering all over Mandy’s face.

As Rick’s orgasm subsided, Mandy’s began and I could
feel her body shake again as her third orgasm hit. It
was all I could handle as I dove deep in her asshole
with one last thrust decorating the inside of ass with
my cum.

I pulled my cock out as Mandy finished up her tongue
cleaning of Rick’s prick. Reeking of her rectum and of
my cum, Mandy didn’t care as she began to lick my erect
penis clean.

As me and Rick began dressing Mandy said, “I’ll be right
back,” as she walked into backed into the room we were
originally in. She returned a few minutes later and hand
me a videotape.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“See that camera over there?” She asked pointing to a
video camera I had completely missed when I came in.

“Let’s just say the VCR in the other room wasn’t
recording regular TV programming.”

Mandy Moore’s music video premiered on TV shortly there
after, and just as I suspected her popularity and media
spotlight waned a bit shortly there after. As much as I
hate her music, and as much as I don’t care a whole lot
of her as a person, I must admit she was quite nice in

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