Mandy Moore has a wild night out

Mandy Moore knew this day would come. She only had a
hazy recollection of an evening out drinking alone. She
had been depressed after breaking up with Andy. She was
also pissed a bit about her squeaky clean image. “Fuck
it!” she said out loud and ended up in a Hollywood bar.

She remembered having a few drinks and having a lot of
them bought for her by an extremely handsome man. She
remembered she would love to fuck him but everything
went black after that. She woke up at her friends house
Cate. Cate told her later that she had called her from
a pay phone on Sunset Boulevard at five am and told her
she need a ride.

Cate said when she picked her up she looked like hell
and was a blithering drunk. Cate took her home and
shoved her in the shower. She then passed out in bed.
This had been six month ago and Mandy had not recalled
the incident until she went to the mailbox.

Inside was letter with a single photograph. The
photograph was a video still of Mandy that night
kissing that handsome man at the bar. The letter simply
said, “Thanks for the evening, there is much more of
the video. Call this number if you want to talk about
it… and trust me you do. Richard.” Mandy had a sick
feeling in stomach like a kid who knows when they have
done something bad.

Mandy collected her courage and dialed the number. A
man answered and immediately said, “So nice of you to
call Mandy. I thought you might after the letter I
sent.” Mandy started to explain that she couldn�t
remember anything from the night but Richard told her
not to worry.

He told Mandy to meet him at restaurant a few blocks
from her house in an hour and he would explain
everything. Mandy thought this was crazy but in the
back of her mind she knew she had to go and agreed.
Mandy threw on a pair of shorts, tee shirt, sandals,
and big sunglasses. Pulled back her hair and looked in
the mirror. She looked camouflaged in the sea of wanna
be stars in LA.

When she arrived she saw Richard sitting at a booth at
the very back of the restaurant. In front of him was a
laptop. Mandy looked around and saw that the only other
people in the place were staff. What a relief, privacy
no one would see her here. Richard was smiling as Mandy
started to sit across from him. “No sit next to me.”

Richard slid over and Mandy sat next to him. “Do you
remember me Mandy? We had a wonderful evening a few
months ago.”

Mandy smiled, “I remember you buying me drinks and
maybe even a kiss. Everything else was a blur.”

“That�s too bad because we all had a great time.”

Mandy really felt her stomach start to churn. We? “Well
I figured you might have been a little to drunk to
remember and I had a video camera that night. Would you
like to see?”

Mandy was near throwing up. Her stomach lurched as
Richard opened the laptop and opened a file.

The video started as she remembered that night. Mandy
was wearing a short black skirt and a cut tee shirt.
She was dancing on the floor with several people around
her blowing kisses at the camera. Every once in a while
Mandy would lift her tee and flash her C cups. No bra
that evening.

Mandy thought if that was the worst she would be ok.
The video continues and after a few other flashing
episodes she pulls the unseen cameraman�s hand. They go
out of the club to a waiting limo. You hear the car
door close and Mandy saying, “Come here I want to see
your cock.”

The camera pans down as Mandy takes the cameraman�s
pants down and fondles his cock thru his underwear.
Many then pulls those down as well and starts stroking
his cock. Mandy was always terrible at blowjobs and the
video showed that clearly. Mandy licked the head and
shaft. She actually kissed it as well.

When the pre-cum oozed onto her tongue her face twisted
and she started to sputter. The cameraman was obviously
having fun because Mandy could hear him laugh. Mandy
also heard him say, “Come up front you may enjoy this.”

The limo driver enter behind Mandy is all grins. Mandy
is still on her knees working on the inch of cock she
can fit in her mouth as the driver lifts her skirt.
Mandy is wearing granny panties just in case the skirt
revealed too much. The driver pulls the panties down
and Mandy hears herself, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

The driver doesn�t wait for her to change her mind and
takes down his pants. He wraps his arm around Mandy�s
waist and slams his cock into her. Mandy obviously is
in pain as she gasps and winces. The camera rolls on as
Mandy keeps yelling for the men to fuck her.

Mandy is sickened by what she sees. She is no virgin
but she is conservative when she is in bed. Andy had
brought out a few nights of passion but he crossed the
line when he asked her for anal sex. God hated
sodomites and she could not condone the request. After
that she couldn�t look at him the same and left him.
Now she was watching herself in a drunken stupor giving
a faceless stranger a blowjob while the limo driver
fucked her from behind. And even worse was the fact
that in the videotape it was obvious she was enjoying

All the sudden the stranger turns the camera to him and
shows the face of Richard who says, “Watch this folks.”
Roger pans the camera down as he pulls his cock from
Mandy�s mouth. Richard strokes his cock and it starts
to spurt cum. He aims it directly into Mandy�s face and
hair. She is covered in the thick cum as it oozes down
her face. As Richard finishes the driver pulls out of
Mandy and lays his cock on her ass cheeks. His cock
covers her ass in his cum as well. Richard pans to
Mandy�s cum covered face and hair. Its obvious Mandy�s
passed out. The video then fades to black.

“Don�t worry there�s no more. I like my sexual partners
awake while I am having fun with them. Now that you
know what you did that night you have a choice to
make.” Mandy blood rushed from her head. Still reeling
from seeing herself on camera she knew Richard was not
just looking for an autograph or money.

He was acting to confident and smug. “You can keep this
video from appearing on the internet, save your squeaky
clean image, keep your career, money, friends, and
everything that makes you what you are. Or I release
the tape and it all goes away. Of course there is a

Mandy was stunned… tears started to well up in her
eyes. She knew that her career was built as being the
anti pop star, the anti slut, the anti what ever the
flavor of the day was. “What do you want?”

“It�s simple really… I want you… all of you. You
will become my pet to be used as I see fit. You will do
what I tell you to, wear what I tell you, fuck who I
tell, well you get the idea. It will not be forever and
someday you will have your life back. It may not be the
same as you remembered it but much better than when I
blow it away with this video. So that is your choice
and you have a minute to decide.”

Mandy couldn�t understand why god had forsaken her. One
night of wickedness and now she had to pay a hundred
fold. He knew Richard was right. If that tape surfaced
she would be ruined. She was not Pamela Anderson. She
appealed to soccer moms who could present her to their
daughters as role models. Her movies were on all the
Christian movie recommendation lists. If the tape came
out she would be scorned from that community and mocked
by the mainstream she ripped on every interview she

“Your answer.”

Mandy looked at him and whispered, “I�ll do as you

“Good girl. I knew you were bright. Let me explain the
basic premise on how this will work. You will hire me
as your personal assistant. I get to schedule
everything for you and I am with you almost a hundred
percent of your day. Of course I will live at your
house. This is the fa�ade the public will see. In
private I am your master and you my pet. You will
service my needs, whims, and desires. If you do not or
I am not satisfied you will be punished. It is really
simple Mandy but things will progress. Now I want you
to go down to your knees underneath the table and suck
my cock.”

Mandy turned bright red. “Here… Richard?”

“Get on your knees now and you will call me master when
no one is around!”

Mandy slid under the table feeling her knees on the
sticky floor. She unzipped Richards�s pants and took
out his thick purple cock. She started to kiss the
head. Richard reached down and slapped Mandy across her
cheek. “I said suck it not play with it. Open your

Mandy was stunned. Her cheek was hot with shame and
Richard�s handprint. Mandy opened her mouth and Richard
thrust his cock into her mouth. “Relax you throat”
Richard pulled her hair and started to push Mandy�s
head down onto his cock. Mandy start to choke and
struggle for air.

Oh my god she thought, he going to kill me. Richard
pulled her head up and she desperately gasped for air.
“You need to relax your throat and breath through your
nose.” Richard again forced Mandy�s head onto his cock.

Mandy could hear herself gag on Richard’s cock as he
fucked her mouth with his cock. She could taste the
salty pre-cum mix with her spit. Oh god he was going to
kill her by shoving that huge cock past her tonsils.

Richard let her up for air. He slapped her other cheek.
“I told you to relax your throat!” Richard pushed her
down again and this time she calmed her self to relax a
little. Richard continued to rapidly thrust his cock
into her mouth like it was a pussy. He tensed and all
the sudden he pulled backwards so only his cock was in
her mouth. “Swallow it!”

Mandy felt his cum rush into her mouth. Oh god it was
too much she started to choke and gag. She kept gagging
until she retched. A mixture of cum and vomit was on
the floor. It trickled from her nose and mouth. Richard
zipped himself up just as the waiter came to see what
the commotion was. “She�s just sick… must have been
something she ate.”

Richard sat up as the waiter went to get a towel.
“Enjoy your last day of freedom Mandy. Tomorrow at
eight am sharp you’re mine.”

With that said Richard left leaving Mandy on the floor
crawling. What had she done? Oh God, could it get

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