My mother is Amy Poehler

My mother drives me CRAZY!!! I’m pretty sure EVERY
mother drives their son(s) crazy. But my mother is the
worst, I guarantee it.

Let me start out by telling you I’m an average teenage
boy. I just turned sixteen, I’m a B student, I play on
the football team and I have no problem getting with the
girls. They love my thick, 10″ long cock.

My mother, on the other hand, is far from your average
mother. My mother is Amy Poehler, the comedienne from
Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, and of a
bunch a dumb comedies [at least one of which she co-
starred with her BFF the hot Tina Fey, so I will give my
mother credit for good taste in friends]. She always
plays screwball characters, and that is exactly how she
is in real life.

I’m a very serious guy. Not overly serious, but my
mother’s antics just make me grind my teeth and roll my

I know some of you guys are thinking to yourselves
“Damn, Amy Poehler is ONE hot lady! I’d love to have her
for MY mom!” Fine, take her then. Now if Tina Fey were
my mother I’d probably beat off twenty-four/seven
guaranteed. I’m not turned on by blondes. I only fuck
dark-haired girls. I’ve been with a lot of Hispanic,
Indian and Blacks girls.

Just no blondes. My mother has never turned me on

I was home alone after school one day, I’d finished my
homework in Study Hall and was watching television in
the den.

An Old Navy commercial came on I’d never seen before. It
was a Spelling Bee and it took me half the commercial to
realize the Moderator was my mother!

Fuck! She had on glasses and wore a blouse under a
jacket and a skirt. At that moment I thought she was the
hottest woman in the world!

My cock shot to full hardness. It pressed so hard
against my fly it unzipped it!

Then it pushed itself out of the fly of my jeans and out
of my briefs!

It was a good thing we subscribe to one of those
services where you can Rewind and Pause Live television.
I grabbed the remote and as soon as my overly-excited
fingers hit the right buttons I rewound the commercial
and stopped at the best clip of my mother. I began to
drool and my cock throbbed violently.

Wrapping my hands around my shaft, I began to rapidly
jack off, my hands and cock a blur like the Road Runner
in those old Looney Tunes cartoons.

It seemed to take forever to get myself off, though I
know it took a lot longer than I’d have thought it would
considering how fast I was doing it. But my giant balls
finally tightened up and my cock shook like a volcano. I
began to groan loudly and gush like a volcano! A huge
wave of jizz rose from the tip of my cock and flew high
into the air as well as to the left and right all at
once. My hand continued to be a blur as eruption after
eruption flew from my cock.

I heard a gasp from the doorway. My head flew to the
left. My mother was standing there in jeans and basic
top gaping at me as I masturbated. I was ashamed and
shocked to be caught, but I couldn’t stop what I was
doing, nor could I stop looking at my mother though I
really wanted to look away… Geyser after geyser of
hot, white jizz jettisoned from my aching cock.

Finally the flood of jizz came to a stop as my cock
drooped forward between my legs. Jizz was in massive
puddles everywhere: On the television, on the ceiling,
on the walls, on the carpeting, on me… My face felt on
fire like it would melt off my skull.

“Sorry, mom!” was all I could say, my eyes frozen on my

Surprisingly she didn’t look upset. She looked at the
frozen image on the television screen [from which my
jizz oozed] and smiled.

“No need to apologize, sweetie,” mother said. “Stay
right here.”

She zoomed off but came right back dressed in her Old
Navy Moderator outfit, eyes twinkling behind her

My cock began to rise again.

My mother stepped into the room. I was ready to warn her
[actually remind her] about all my jizz pooling atop the
carpeting but realized my mother was barefoot. I found
it kind of erotic to see her walk in my river of jizz.

“You don’t have to be ashamed, son,” mother spoke
softly. “Everybody masturbates.”

She lifted her skirt to her waist and slipped her other
hand into her pink panties. I could tell she was playing
with her pussy the way her hand moved under the thin

“Mmmm, that was the hottest sight I have ever seen,
sweetie… You make your old mom feel good.”

“Mom, you’re not old,” I said hoarsely.

“Thank you,” she smiled.

Tucking her skirt into the waistband, my mother pushed
down her panties. I was seeing my mother’s dark blonde-
haired pussy for the first time.

“You want to touch your mother’s hot pussy?” she asked

Nodding, I reached out as she moved even closer to me. I
slid my hand into the apex between her firm thighs.

My mother sighed as her pussy radiated heat.

At the same time she reached out with both hands and
took hold of my large cock lovingly.

“I’ve never touched one this big…” she whispered.
“Never mind seen one this big…”

I became rock hard again before my mother even began to
stroke it. “Mmmm, I want to see it spurt like that
again… Though I know I can’t beat you off as fast as
you did,” My mother giggled.

She started to jerk my cock off awkwardly. I had the
feeling she’d never masturbated a guy before. As she
seemed to become more relaxed handling my massive cock
my mother stroked it faster. The light in her eyes told
me how bad she wanted to see my jizz again.

My mother slowly built up her pace, jacking me faster
and faster, pre-cum flying here and there. She built her
lower lip as her eyes stayed locked on my cock avidly.

I had lasted ten minutes the first time despite the
rapid pace. Being that I had cum and my mother’s not-as-
rapid pace, I lasted thirty-five minutes the second

A throaty gasp slid from my mother’s lips as I began to
jizz. Leaning forward, she took my jizz all over her
face and in her hair, bathing in it.

My mother never stopped jacking my cock, my jizz
covering her clothes and hands thickly. When I finally
stopped cumming, my cock miraculously stayed hard.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, covered in my heavy load. “You’re
still hard for mommy…”

I didn’t care that she had jizz all over her face, I
pulled her face to my own and kissed her passionately.
She gripped my cock tighter as she returned the kiss.

“Sweetie, your mother wants you to fuck her,” she gasped
between kisses. It was a shock to hear her use the f-
word, but at this point not as shocking as it could have
been any other time.

I was still rubbing her now-soaked pussy and started to
ease down her panties. She stopped me.

“Not there,” she said, pulling away. “I don’t want to
get pregnant. And you’d get me VERY pregnant,” my mother

Stepping between the television and me, she flipped up
her skirt and bent over.

She proceeded to offer me her ass, spreading her
medium/large but firm cheeks.

Rising up, I took my thick cock in hand and aimed it at
the tiny brown eye. As I pressed the head to it and
pushed my cock in I was surprised to see it open with
ease, taking every inch of my scummy cock.

She let go of her ass and supported herself on the

“Fuck me now,” she said hoarsely.

Grabbing my mother’s hips, I started pumping my cock in
and out of her tight asshole. Her pussy squirted juices
onto my massive balls.

My mother was gasping and whimpering as I fucked her
faster. When she had her first orgasm her pussy jetted
pussy juices onto my balls continuously, her body
thrashing wildly as she screamed in pleasure.

I made my mother cum a lot. She came so hard once, her
juices squirted out like a waterfall, soaking the legs
of my jeans straight through.

I lasted over an hour the third time before I drilled
another heavy load up my mother’s ass, making her orgasm
once more with my cock embedded deep inside of her.

My cock softened some but I kept it buried deep in her
as I pulled her head back to kiss her. I found it a
major turn on to see my mother covered in my jizz, now
dry and crusty. She didn’t seem to care, though.

“Mmmm,” my mother moaned, smiling at me. “Are you still
sorry now?”

“Fuck no,” I grinned.

“Good boy,” my mother winked, working her ass muscles to
get me hard for her again.

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