Beaver’s Sleep Over

Beaver invited Larry and Whitey over for a sleep out in
the Cleaver backyard.

Wally helped the Beaver set up the tent and got every
thing ready. When the boys arrived Ward and June had
fixed a barbecue for them all.

After dinner the boys went out to the tent and got
ready for bed. Their talk turned to the new little girl
in their class. Beaver said he would like to try and
get her alone so he could fuck her. The other boys not
knowing about Beaver’s escapades with the other girls
in the class laughed at him.

With all the sex talk Beaver’s cock had grown and was
straining at the fabric of his pajamas. “Go ahead and
laugh, the girls in class seem to like this.” He leaned
back and pulled out this oversized boy cock. He was
already as big as an adult male. Larry said he was
twice as big as his sister’s boyfriend. Whitey added
that his dad’s cock wasn’t that big either. Beaver
smiled as his friends were admiring his monster.

Beaver told the boys that even mean Judy Hensler had
enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her cunt. Whitey
started rubbing his cock through his pajamas, Larry
noticed and asked Whitey how big his cock was. Whitey
stood up pushed down his pajamas and showed Larry and
Beaver his stiff cock. It was much smaller than Beavers
but about normal for a boy his age. The head of his
cock was all red and looked like it was about to

Beaver and Whitey turned their attention to Larry,
shyly he stood up and shucked his pajamas. His cock
although stiff and had was only about 2 inches long and
his stomach hung over it making it almost hidden.
Beaver started working his cock moving his hand up and
down the shaft and was joined by the other two.

They all played with their cocks until Beaver shot cum
across the tent hitting Whitey in the face. Larry
started breathing hard at the site of Beaver’s cum all
over the place and began to shoot his load too. The
other boys were surprised at the amount of cum Larry
little cock was spewing. It didn’t come out hard like
Beavers but kept coming and landed just in front of

The spot grew from a small spot into a pool as big as a
dinner plate. When it finally quit Larry fell over
backwards and passed out. After Whitey was hit by
Beaver’s cum, he stopped pulling his pud and watched
Larry. Then he couldn’t get his cock to get hard again.
Beaver not wanting to let his friend down moved across
the tent and licked his cum off Whitey’s face and
chest. Then went down to his cock.

He sucked in the soft cock and Whitey laid back on his
sleeping bag. Beaver sucked and sucked until the cock
in his mouth began to react. It grew to its full
hardness. Beaver pulled off and started to jerk off
Whitey, he pumped hard at first and then slowed down to
a steady rhythm, Whitey began to hump Beavers fist and
finally emptied his balls into Beaver’s hand. Beaver
offered it to Whitey like you would try to give a dog
water from your hand. Whitey looked at Beaver and at
his prompting began to lap it up.

Much to his surprise Whitey liked the taste. When he
had finished cleaning Beaver’s hand he pushed past
Beaver and went down between Larry’s legs to the pool
of Larry’s cum. He cleaned the pool up completely.

Larry came to while Whitey was eating his cum and sat
up. As Whitey finished with Larry’s cum, Larry’s dick
was right in front of him. Whitey never before having
sucked a dick, but after having Beaver suck his had to
try it out.

As Whitey sucked Larry wrapped his legs around Whitey’s
head and held him tight. Beaver not wanting to be left
out got up behind Whitey, spit on his hand and rubbed
it in Whitey’s ass crack. Then he spit again and rubbed
the spit onto his cock. With a mighty thrust buried his
enormous cock up to the hilt into Whitey’s ass hole.

Whitey shocked by the brutal assault bit down hard on
Larry’s cock . Larry screamed as blood spurted from his
mangled cock. Hearing all the noises coming from the
back yard Ward and June went to see what the problem
was. Beaver was so far gone that he kept pumping his
cock unaware of what Whitey had done.

He was pulled back by his father Ward, his cock pulled
out of Whitey’s ass with and audible pop. June was
shocked by what she saw but drawing on her motherly
instincts grabbed the nearest thing, a pair of pajama
bottoms and pressed them against Larry’s bleeding

Explanations were hardly needed, as the scene was quite
enough. Whitey with blood on his face Beaver’s still
stiff cock streaked with shit and of course Larry hold
his onto Junes hands covering his cock and balls.

Ward taking it all in was horrified but smiled with
pride at the size of his son’s cock. He backed out and
ran to call an ambulance.

Whitey jumped up and like the little scared rabbit he
always was and ran naked from the backyard. Larry
passed out from the loss of blood and June, was able to
look over at her son’s cock. She noted much to Beaver’s
shock that he really his father’s son and told him to
get dressed before the ambulance and the police came.

Whitey was never heard from again and at the coroner’s
hearing; Larry was charged with his death. Beaver after
being given an alibi by his folks was exonerated of any
wrong doing.