Lily Collins at the Dirty Thirty Club

“I cant believe you’re turning 30 tomorrow!”

“I know! I feel so old!”

“Oh shut up, you barely look 25 and you know it!”

“Jealous much?”

“A little bit, yeah. Luckily, I have this margarita right here to comfort me.”

“Mmmm yeah, same here.”

“And why would you need comforting?”

“Um, maybe because I’m about to turn 30 and I’m still single?” Lily said, slurring her words before gulping down what was left of her drink. Her best friend Liana wasn’t handling her booze any better but that didn’t stop her from ordering another round as soon as her own glass became empty.

“So what? Lily, listen to me. You are rich, beautiful and famous, who cares if you have a man or not?”

“I know, I know! It’s stupid to think like that, but I just always imagined I would have a gorgeous husband and at least one kid by this point.”

“Oh, please! There’s still plenty of time for that! Right now it’s just the two of us so fuck your imaginary husband and your hypothetical kid, let’s just forget our problems and get fucking wasted!”

“I’ll drink to that!”

The two childhood friends clinked their glasses and, after a few more margaritas, headed for the dance-floor, where their alcohol-flooded brains forgot about their problems and their drunken bodies surrendered to the simplistic but irresistible catchy beat of the Reggaeton music.

“Thank you for coming on the trip with me, by the way,” Lily shouted, swaying her hips under the bright red lights.

“Are you kidding? I should be thanking you for this weekend in Barcelona.”

“It’s just that now you’re married and stuff.”


“So I know you can’t just leave whenever you want. It was really cool of you to say yes when I invited you last minute.”

“Look, I love my husband… but I need a fucking break from marriage from time to time. And speaking of…” Liana turned to the tall, bearded man dancing behind her. He and his friend had been eyeing the two gals for a while, clearly waiting for an opportunity to approach them.

“Oh my God, Liana!” Lily laughed, watching her friend suddenly twerking on the stranger.

“What? We’re on vacation and no one knows us here. Let’s just go with it!”

As her friend finished saying that, Lily was approached by the other guy. He was a good dancer and had a middle-eastern look about him that she found very attractive. With all that alcohol in her blood, the petite beauty had no problem going with the flow and soon she too was rubbing herself on a stranger, although even her sexiest dance moves were tame in comparison to the full-on dry humping session her best friend was having in front of everyone. “That’s it, that’s the spirit!” an euphoric Liana cheered on when Lily let the pony-tailed man wrap his tanned arms around her tiny waist. The British-American actress had never been the type of gal to get so hot and heavy just mere minutes after meeting a guy in a random club, but her usually prudent demeanor had been set aside thanks to her having ingested enough alcohol to drown a small child. And so, Lily’s hips got more and more adventurous with each song; as did her partner’s hands. Encouraged by her friend shouts of, “Fuck yeah, Lily, shake it!” she pressed herself against his strong and powerful body and even allowed him to briefly feel her up from time to time.

The foursome danced for what seemed like days but was most likely no more than half an hour before the girls got thirsty again. Sitting back in their booth, the two men introduced themselves as Diego and Sancho. With thick, Spaniard accents they explained they too were just visiting Barcelona. Diego was a professional soccer player, he’d traveled all over the world and played in 5 different countries before his current contract playing for a second division soccer team in Cordoba; Sancho had been born in Egypt but emigrated with his family to Valencia as a young kid, now he worked selling real state in Lisbon. Not that Lily and Liana cared too much about about all of that, what their intoxicated minds were mostly interested in were their well-defined jaw lines and muscular arms. Still, they continued to talk and drink and laugh, both of them allowing for subtle grazes of the thigh and a quick kiss every now and then, until they noticed the rest of the bar patrons starting to leave.

Liana and Lily excused themselves and hurried to the ladies’ room to discuss their next course of action.

“Okay, we need to decide, are we really doing this?”

“Wait, doing what?” Lily wondered, staring at her friend’s blurry reflection in the stained mirror.

“Don’t play dumb, Lily, are we going to fuck these guys?”

“Whoa, whoa! I never said–”

“Oh please, he had his hands all over you so don’t act like–”

“I was just following your lead! I mean I did flirt with Sancho a little but–”

“A little?!”

“Okay, a lot! But you’re the one who’s been sitting on his friend’s lap all night!”

“Says the girl who has flashed the entire bar more times than I can count.”


Lily looked down at the front of her dress, the pasties she had put on to keep her outfit decent had fallen off at some unknown point without her realizing it, leaving the deep, plunging cleavage wide open. From the front it was just her pale skin peeking out between the opening, but from the sides either one of her breasts was clearly visible unless she was standing completely straight and still.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Because I’m fucking drunk! In case you haven’t noticed.”

“Shit!” the slender actress yelled, startling another girl who had just walked out of the stall behind them.

“Forget about that. The bar is about to close and Diego just invited me back to their hotel.”

“But what about your husband?”

“John and I haven’t had sex for more than a month now, …I think he might be cheating on me.”

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry, I didn’t–”

“I don’t wanna talk about that right now, okay? I just want to go back with Diego and fuck him until I pass out. What do you think?”

“I think it’s your decision, why are you asking me–”

“Because there’s no way I’m going back to the room of a guy I just met in a foreign country alone.”

“Oh no, this is your doing! Flirting is one thing but–”

“Hey, hey, what did you say when you invited me to Barcelona, huh?”

“I said–”

“You said you wanted to have an epic birthday full of new experiences!”

“Yeah but I didn’t mean–”

“Fuck what you meant! “Look, you’re thirty, single and drunk as fuck, what could be more epic than a glorious night of hot sex with a handsome, exotic stranger in Barcelona?”

Ten minutes later Liana and Lily were aboard an Uber car on their way to the guys’ hotel. The two couples had drank too much to care about how uncomfortable they were making their driver, who kept trying to act as if nothing was happening while the telling sounds of wild tongues and impatient hands filled the inside of his Camry. Liana took a break from Diego’s mouth to take a peek at Lily and her companion. Her gorgeous best friend had her eyes closed, head leaning back on the seat as the pony-tailed Egyptian kissed her neck and fondled her braless chest, taking full advantage of the easy access her unusually slutty outfit provided. The two couples stumbled onto the hotel lobby, laughing like children while they struggled to find the elevator. Lily bumped into one of the guests and dropped her purse, exposing herself to half a dozen lucky customers hanging out by the small lobby bar when she bent down to pick it up. The foursome continued to make out in the elevator all the way up to the 14th floor and things got even more heated the moment they entered the suite. The two couples sat in the living room in opposing couches facing each other, Lily was about to say something when Sancho’s tongue slipped between her lips and massaged her own. From the corner of her eye she could see Diego pulling Liana’s blouse over her head. As inebriated as she was, Lily was still nervous about what they were doing. She had had her fair share of boyfriends over the years but sleeping with someone she had just met and knew practically nothing about was a definite no-no in her book. But then again, Sancho’s fingers wrapped around her hardening nipple were pretty persuading. He smelled like tobacco and sweat and left a hint of whisky in her mouth after every kiss. Then, for some reason she didn’t fully understand, the sight of Diego sucking on her best friend’s huge tits turned her on to the point of no return. She took Sancho’s hand from her chest and lead it down between her legs, where her wet little pussy could wait no longer.

“Ahh…” she gasped with her eyes closed as his middle finger teased her labia, her hips reacting hastily with every poke and slide. Burning from the inside, the pale beauty unzipped Sancho’s pants and slipped her tiny hand under his underwear to grab his already rock-hard member. He let out a quick grunt of pleasure when she began to stroke it and he in turn plunged two fingers inside her. Lily moaned in his mouth, becoming louder the deeper he reached inside. When she opened her eyes, Liana was watching her. The childhood friends exchanged a quick look, equal parts arousal and shame. Self-conscious about having her best friend see her like that, Lily said into Sancho’s ear, “Let’s go to your room,” and felt herself being carried with ease to the nearest bedroom.

The Egyptian man threw her on the bed and didn’t even bother to close the door before getting on top of her to kiss her perfect little tits. The yellow light coming through the door provided just enough illumination for Lily to undo the buttons of his blue shirt and, as he helped her slip out of her airy summer outfit she wished he had closed the door so they could have a little more privacy. But the door was too far from the bed and his cock was too hard in her hand to fret about it. ‘Even if they can still hear us, at least we’re in different rooms now,’ she thought while raising her hips to let him take her white cotton panties off.

Now completely in the nude and leaning against the head of the bed, Lily smiled and posed with her arms up and her legs crossed for Sancho, who was next to the bed, desperately trying to get out of his skinny jeans. She looked like she had been carved from marble with her flawless pale skin glowing under the dim moonlight that fell through the window and Sancho couldn’t wait any longer. He puts his hand on her chin and turned her head towards him where his twitching meat was waiting for her. Lily wrapped her little hand around his hairy 8-inch cock and pulled the foreskin back to reveal a thick, bulbous purple head. She studied the first uncircumcised dick she’d ever seen up-close and recalled what she and Liana had discussed about before coming to Barcelona, ‘New experiences’ she said to herself as her wet tongue wondered around the ugly-looking mushroom. Sancho was eager to say the least, maybe too much for the pretty brunette’s liking. He had immediately put both hands on her head and had started thrusting into her mouth, grunting stuff in Spanish she couldn’t understand. The taste of salt and piss was very strong at first but less so after she had cleaned it inside her mouth. Sancho grabbed the headboard to support himself and it gave her a chance to pop him out of her mouth so she could lick the sides, something that, as teenagers, Liana had taught her as a way to give the muscles of the mouth a bit of a rest when dealing with cocks of a considerable size. Suddenly she was pushed and fell on the pillows. Sancho grabbed her legs and pulled them off the bed so that her ass was barely on top the mattress. For a brief moment she thought he was going to lick her pussy but instead he held her legs up by the calves and positioned himself between them.

“Put a condom on,” she said.

“No. No condom.”

“Yes condom,” she insisted, “I’m not on the pill!”

The tip was already sliding up and down her slit, “No condom.”

“I have one in my purse,” she said, turning over to head for the living room, “Liana game them to m– AAHHH!”

Sancho had stopped her from leaving and shoved his dick right into her. ‘So much for that’ the gorgeous actress thought as she felt him pumping viciously into her. “Can you– ahh… can you go slower?” she whimpered with difficulty, digging her nails into the mattress as he kissed her neck. Sancho ignored her request and shoved his thumb in her mouth, making her suckle on it while he continued to fuck her like he wanted to. He was being too rough for her liking, but eventually the grimace of pain softened and she started enjoying him moving inside of her. Soon she found herself rubbing her clit with her eyes fixed on his meat pushing in and out of her, getting more coated with her pussy cream after each thrust. The Egyptian man interrupted the pounding briefly, just long enough to flip her over and then shove his cock into her petite little cunt once again. Lily reached for a pillow and placed it under her stomach, holding onto the mattress’s covers as he continued to fuck her ruthlessly from behind. “Oh fuck! Fuck!” she moaned after every push that made the fat in her plump ass ripple in her lover’s hands. Between Sancho’s unintelligible monologue and her own cries of pleasure she completely missed what was going on outside the door. In her drunken stupor, Liana had panicked about cheating on her husband and bailed on Diego before he could fuck her, running out of the suite with her clothes in her hand and leaving her best friend alone with two strangers in the process. And so, still thinking that she was sharing a wild new experience with her best friend Lily asked to get on top. She sighed deeply when he pulled out and then she proceeded to squat on the bed, lowering herself on him and holding in another moan as his uncut cock pierced her loins. She leaned against his hairy chest and began to roll her hips forward and back, the tip of his cock rubbing her g-spot and his hands playing with her sensitive pink nipples. She took his hands from her breasts and brought them down to rest on her fantastic ass, where his fingertips buried into her ass crack. Clenching both cheeks tightly, Sancho’s thrusts became more powerful, causing the petite birthday girl to scream and lift up in the air every time he shoved his cock inside her. Before long she could feel her climax getting closer. In the heat of the moment and out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a silhouette standing by the door but Sancho pulled her down into a kiss and she forgot about it. When the kiss finally broke she stayed on top of him, staring into his eyes as she felt his cock pumping hot cum into her womb. “Oh my God, are you–?!” she yelped with a worried frown but he still had a firm grip on her ass, preventing her from moving anywhere until her had emptied himself. ‘Shit!’ she thought, hearing him sigh loudly after the final spurt. This was definitely the dumbest thing she’d done in a long time, but even the fear of pregnancy wasn’t enough to stop her from enjoying the warm sensation of a man exploding inside of her.

The room was spinning as she lifted herself and looked down at the sticky substance dripping out of her cunt, making a gooey mess all over Sancho’s cock and balls. He had finished before she could do the same and she was still as drunk and horny as before she entered that bedroom. She laid next to him and started to kiss is hairy chest, massaging his cum-smeared dick and balls so he would get hard again for another go. But instead of round number two what she got was loud snoring and a bunch of sticky fingers. Growing increasingly frustrated, she turned on her back and played with her clit for a bit, dipping a finger between her lips every now and then to feel the remains of Sancho’s cum still swimming inside of her. But even that was not enough to get herself off, ‘I could just do this at home, screw it!’ she thought, getting up from the bed with her famous eyebrows pulled into a huge frown and heading for the bathroom. She stopped right at the bedroom door, thinking her friend Liana and Diego were still in the living room, and peaked her head out from behind the door, excited for the possibility of spying on her friend, but there was no one around. ‘They must be in the other bedroom,’ she figured.

Still wobbly and drunk, she looked for her clothes in the dark but all she could find was her panties. Instead, she covered herself with Sancho’s shirt and stepped out of the bedroom. Curiosity and arousal had gotten the best of her. Leaning against the next bedroom’s door, she put her cheek against the smooth surface and tried to listen to what was going on inside, but not one sound reached her ear. Her mouth was so dry. She stumbled to the small kitchen and tripped into the mini fridge, breaking a couple of wine glasses in the process. Cackling loudly like the drunken mess she was, she stepped over the broken glass and headed for the balcony with a cold bottle of beer in hand. The cold air of the night brought goosebumps to her porcelain skin as she stepped out into the darkness. She took a sip of beer and tried to make sense of the blurry clutter of city lights. With shaky legs and impaired balance she leaned against the metal rail, shivering with pleasure when the cold steel grazed and hardened her nipples. Imagining Liana and Diego fucking got her going again. She began rub herself with the city lights watching, and in a couple of minutes she could feel a big one coming. Her hand slipped under her panties and became a blur as she played with her swollen clit, the pleasure building up fast inside of her. She thought about Liana and Diego and Sancho’s cumming inside of her. She was so wet, burning from within, and with her mouth wide open and her free hand firmly gripping the balcony’s rail she felt herself getting there, getting close, so close…

“FUCK! YOU SCARED ME!” she screamed, turning to see Diego walking towards her. He was completely naked and his chiseled body amazed her, but not as much as his huge cock did. Seeing that veiny piece of meat swinging from side to side and getting bigger and closer all she could think to say was, “Uh, where’s Liana? …Did she fall asleep?”

“Yes,” he lied, slowly running his hands up the outer part of her thighs until he reached her firm ass cheeks and squeezed one in each hand.

“What are you–”

He kissed her and she could not help but kiss him back. Lily lost herself in his mouth while he pulled her underwear down, then she melted in his hand as he began to finger her. Standing still with her cotton panties around her thighs, Lily finally came. “MMMNFF! MNNFF!!!” she moaned in his mouth, holding on to him and feeling his hard cock poking her tummy as her juices washed over his hand.

“Oh my God… thank you…” she said very softly, still trembling and clinging to his neck. He grinned and picked her up with ease, holding her petite frame against him as she kissed him again. Lily was so drunk and horny that her panties being ripped off barely registered with her. He lowered her a bit until the tip of his twitching cock lined up with her dripping wet entrance and began to penetrate her. The slender actress let out a long sigh of uncontainable pleasure and relished every thick inch of veiny cock pushing its way between her pink walls. “You’re so big!” she whimpered with difficulty in his ear with her skinny arms wrapped around his shoulders and her heels digging into his lower back as he began to fuck her in mid air. This time the concept of a condom hadn’t even entered her mind, all she could think about was how strong Diego’s arms were, how extremely turned on she still was, how full his cock made her feel.

Lily moaned and whimpered softly on his shoulder as he carried her back into the living room with his cock still inside of her. The Spaniard sat back on the white leather couch, the same spot where he and Liana had been making out before she fled, and Lily gasped loudly when she felt his cock hit her cervix. “You’re so… deep… inside,” she whimpered, holding on to his neck and swaying her hips around him. She put her hands on his face and kissed him passionately while he pushed in and out of her stretched out little cunt. Then, the skinny actress leaned back and rested her weight on his knees, “OH GOD!” she screamed when the new angle caused Diego’s cockhead to brush against her G-spot. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she kept repeating, completely unaware that her moaning had woken up Sancho.

She was so lost in lust that she didn’t even realize he had been watching them for a couple of minutes. Diego’s cock was shoved so deep into her that it had erased everything else from her universe. But that changed when he decided to join in. In Lily’s drunken mind, Sancho had just teleported next to her, sitting on the armrest and stroking his cock to the music of her panting and moaning, just a few inches from her face. “Suck” he said to the inebriated actress, pressing his member on her cheek. Lily hesitated, she’d never been with more than one guy in the same night, much less at the same time. And what if Liana woke up and saw them? Would she think less of her? Would she think she was a slut?

“SUCK!” he yelled harshly, his hairy hand coming down to smack her pretty face with one quick and decisive slap. The hit was not strong enough to actually hurt her, but the man’s point had come across loud and clear. “Hey!” Lily sheepishly protested, rubbing her reddened and sore cheek. Maybe it was the alcohol, or how turned on she was, or something completely different; but in her confusion she felt that getting hit like that had not been entirely unpleasant. After that brief moment of indecisiveness, she pushed Sancho away and tried to get back on her feet, but Diego easily stopped her and brought her back down to his cock by force. “AAAHH!” she cried sharply. He held on to the girl’s small shoulders, doubling the strength and speed of his thrusts while she moaned and cried like a mental patient, almost forgetting about Sancho as his friend ruthlessly impaled her with his huge dick. Out of what little patience he’d showed, the man with the pony-tail yelled: “CHÚPAME, PUTA!” and forced the pretty actress’s head down to meet his semi-hard member. Lily looked at him with resentment, her lips sealed shut as the uncircumcised head brushed against them. It was extremely difficult to think or talk with Diego’s cock drilling into her hard enough to not only discombobulate her thoughts but to also abandon every bit of common sense as well as her instinct for self-preservation. Somehow she still managed to let out a defiant “No!”. It was a test, a dare not only to Sancho but to herself, even is she wasn’t ready to admit it. Would he strike her again? Would she enjoy it?

A sudden flash of pain on her face cleared her mind instantly. Sancho had answered her provocation with another slap which, to her surprise, Lily found equally painful and pleasurable. His course fingers squeezed her cheeks to force her mouth open and Lily felt him enter her mouth against her will. Except that wasn’t completely true. Whether it was a conscious decision or not, Lily found herself playing the role of the victim, protesting and struggling against Sancho and Diego’s grip as they forced themselves on her. Her beautiful hazel eyes still radiated anger under her frowned bushy eyebrows, but deep down she knew that Sancho’s meat forcefully pushing down her throat was making her feel something completely new, something terrifying yet exhilarating. Something she couldn’t believe had taken her 30 years for to experience.

Diego slowed down his frantic movements to catch his breath while Sancho forced the slight girl to gag on his cock. Even as she unconvincingly banged her tiny fists against his thighs in futile show of defiance, Lily couldn’t help but love the slithery feeling of the man’s cock shoved down her throat, keeping her from breathing until he deemed it necessary. The room started to spin around her again when she started to choke. Those stunning eyes of hers pleaded silently for oxygen while her mind drifted off to another time and place. She thought about growing up in mansion in England, then moving another mansion in L.A. as a teenager and visiting her father at an even bigger and more luxurious home in Switzerland. Her vision was starting to get blurry and she felt Sancho smack her cheek again, but all she could think about was how for most of her life everyone had treated her like a princess. Being the daughter of one of the most famous musicians in the world had not been without its hardships but, for the most part, she’d lived a privileged and uncomplicated life. Every single thing she had was a result of her Dad being rock & roll royalty. She had no idea what living without money meant, without fame and opportunities beyond the reach of any common person out there. And yet there she was, submitting to the will of two men she had just met a few hours ago.

She felt Sancho pull out of her and a rush of air to her lungs brought her back to the present moment. Diego had lifted her petite form with the same ease as before and put her down on the patterned wool carpet, where she was now coughing and panting over a small puddle of her own spit. Two hands gripped her waist from behind and raised her bottom until it met with something hard and wet. “I fuck your ass now,” she heard Sancho announcing. His warm spit landed between her ass cheeks once, and then again. He quickly and clumsily smeared the saliva and mucus around her rim before pushing a finger in. “WAIT, STOP!” she cried, but her protests ended abruptly when Diego smacked her face just like Sancho had done. Lily ceased her protest and then gasped as the head began to push in, slowly squeezing in between the muscles of her anus. Inch after painful inch began to fill her rectum and, in her agony, she realized Sancho had a phone in his hand and had been recording every moment of her anal virginity being taken against her will.

Or was it against her will? Even in that moment of distress and humiliation she couldn’t help but wonder this. Did she truly hate what they were doing to her or did she only opposed it because that it was part of her act? Did resisting, pretending, make it more fucked up and thus more exciting? Even if she tried to convince herself that wasn’t the case the fact was that she hadn’t really tried to run or call for help. As far as she knew, her best friend was asleep behind that door and yet she hadn’t tried to alert her in any way.

“Ostia! Qué culo tiene esta puta!” Sancho clamored, balls deep into the slim actress’s ass, pushing her tight little hole to its limit. Lily didn’t know a lot of Spanish, but she at least knew what “puta” meant, and the insult had had the same effect on her as the slapping and everything else they had been doing to her since then. When she was younger, she’d gotten into an ugly fight with an ex-boyfriend and, in the heat of the moment, he had called her a “cunt whore”. She’d never spoken to the guy again and had mostly forgotten about it until now, when that very memory had resurfaced and fallen on her like a piano, the harsh words sounding more sharp and unsettling in her mind than ever before. Sancho began to pump her ass and his buddy laughed as he pushed her cock into her now docile mouth. “Please… don’t…” she faintly protested, letting her body drop to the floor when the man plowing her from behind passed the phone to Diego so he could get a good shot of her strained expression and firm little body shaking after every merciless thrust.

“Sonríe, puta, sonríe!” Sancho kept laughing, holding her ass up as he continued to abuse it. Diego rested his cock on Lily’s forehead and, laughing and continuing to verbally degrade her, she remembered how dirty and exhilarated her ex-boyfriend’s words had made her feel, the same way Diego’s were doing to her now. She’d run away from those feelings back then, terrified of what exploring that dark side of herself could reveal and of the wicked desires it could potentially uncover. But on the night of her 30th birthday that decision had been taken for her. Those two men were in control now, not her, and why try to stop them when Sancho’s cock felt so amazing stretching her from the inside and Diego was already smearing pre-cum on her lips? It was too late to stop or even think about the consequences. ‘I’ll never see them again anyway,’ she thought, convincing herself before she opened her lips and started to suck Diego’s giant mushroom, stroking the shaft as she did so to get him back to a full erection. “Mmmmhhnn…” the pale brunette moaned softly, loving the feeling of his meat growing bigger and harder in her mouth. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for the 30-year-old beauty, bent to her left to suck his cock while Sancho continued to shove himself into her tightest hole, but she took to it like a natural.

“Ah, you like it now, puta?” Sancho chuckled as he spanked her plump ass cheeks, causing her to let out a long and strained moan on Diego’s huge sausage. He pulled out of her mouth and stood up, pointing the camera lens down as his friend stepped on Lily’s face and took to ramming her tiny asshole with as much force as he could muster. With her pretty face mushed between the carpet and Sancho’s dirty sole, the petite actress hollered, but she wasn’t crying for help or begging them to stop; what came out of her mouth were desperate cries of “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” over and over and over again until an explosion of light and sound and pleasure washed over her and pussy juice began to run down her soft and pale thighs.

“Esta puta se acaba de correr!” Sancho laughed, pulling out of her ass and delighting in how her limp body plopped down and trembled with the aftershocks of her first anal orgasm. “Dale, dale, que yo también quiero probar ese culo,” said Diego, jerking off to a close-up of Lily’s chafed asshole, opening and closing by itself to the size of the fat cock that had just been in there. Sancho took the phone and knelt next to the panting beauty. He then grabbed a handful of her shiny brown hair and made her raise her face so she could taste herself on his cock. Her orgasm had cleared her mind from the effects of all of those drinks she’d been guzzling down at the club, at least enough to start putting her thoughts together and, the more she thought about it, the more she felt they were right. When Sancho had began to fondle her on the dance-floor she’d said nothing, she’d even encouraged him. And when Liana had suggested they go back to their room she had accepted that too, knowing well that meant she was gonna to fuck one of them. How could they not think she was a puta when she had crawled out of bed after being with one of them just to fuck the other one? ‘I just came with his cock in my ass…’ she thought, full of shame and surprise, “maybe–”

The pony-tailed man shook her head menacingly and Lily acquiesced, motivated by fear and curiosity in equal proportion. “Mmmmnn…” she moaned weakly, adding tasting her own ass on a man’s penis to the list of new experiences she’d wished for earlier. Sancho made sure to put the phone right up to her face, “You like it, puta?” “Mmm-hmmm,” she moaned around his dirty cock, confessing on camera to how much she was enjoying knowing the bitterness of her insides on her tongue. The guys laughed out loud at how easily they’d gotten that drunk mess of a woman to do whatever they wanted, but it was Diego’s turn to try her ass now. He grabbed her by the neck and forced her off his friend’s cock. “Now you fuck him again,” he yelled and the actress nodded like a scared little girl. She climbed on top of Sancho and rested her weight on his chest before he quickly found her dripping wet pussy and shoved himself into her. Confused and completely spent, Lily sighed as the man began fucking her again, but little did she know that she was about to get one final experience she’d never even considered before.

“Mmm, pero que delicia!” Diego exclaimed as he knelt behind them and parted Lily’s butt cheeks wide open. Her little asshole was still reeling from the rough fucking it had been subjected to moments before, the bright pink wrinkles glossy and wet from Sancho’s spit and the hole itself gaping and puckering, like it was inviting something else in. He ran his hand over the small of her back and all the way up to her neck, relishing the deliciously fit little body he and his buddy were lucky enough to ravish.

Lily’s eyes opened wide when she felt him pushing inside, his member rubbing against the one in her pussy through the thin wall of tissues that separated them as it began to dissapear between her ass cheeks. The sensations were so intense that she couldn’t even talk or moan anymore, all she could do was dig her nails into the carpet and let out a long and drowned cry that died in silence before it could even begin. Diego pinned both her arms behind her back and held her firm while the two friends plowed her from above and below. The strain on her delicate little frame was almost too much to bear, and it kept growing as sweat beaded all over her supple, pale skin and the pleasure of having her two holes reamed without mercy overtook her every thought and every breath. The room wasn’t so much spinning as shaking along with her entire being and there were mascara-blackened tears running down her face and drool spilling from the corners of her mouth. The grimace of pain on her angelic features had turned into the purest expression of lust and wanting. The men had found a perfect rhythm to fuck her with, one cock sliding into her just as the other pulled back, and the brutal synchronization of their hip thrusts erased her entire personality for a moment. Diego let go of her arms and fell on top of her, groaning in her ear as he pinned her slender anatomy between his powerful figure and Sancho’s. Lily couldn’t breathe or scream or think, she could only feel their rock-hard meat stabbing her pussy and anus. Sancho had dropped the phone during this frenzy and, without even thinking, the lust-crazed star reached for it and pointed it at herself just as the two men began to explode into her, filling her womb and rectum with enough cum to fill a milking bucket. “OH GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWHHDDD!!!” she finally screamed, shaking and spasming in between them as she reached another climax, even more powerful than the last.

The phone fell from her hand an landed upright against the couch, the angle of the lens just tilted enough to capture the sweaty mess of flesh and limp limbs the trio had turned into. With her orifices turned into a swollen, reddened mess of cum and cream and cunt juice, Lily panted into Sancho’s heaving chest, “Wh– where’s Liana?”

“She left,” Diego answered as he slowly pulled his chafed, semi-hard cock out of her.

“What?! When?!” the actress yelled, almost tripping on herself as she got back to her feet. She was angry, scared and confused and she couldn’t find her clothes. “I– I have to go,” she said, feeling nauseous and exhausted. Sancho smiled and hid the phone under the couch, resting on his elbow as he leered at the petite naked hottie stumbling around the room that he and his friend had just fucked at the same time.

“Hey, hey, puta!” Diego yelled, catching up to her and grabbing her arm before she could go into Sancho’s room.

“Stop calling me that!” she protested, trying in vain to free herself from his powerful grip.

“You want to go?”

“Yes! Let me go now!”

“Get down.”


“Get down and lick if you want to go,” he ordered, pointing down at his dirty limp dick.

“No, I’m not gonna– I need to go, okay? Just–”

He slapped her and that immediately froze her in to submission. The strong man pointed down again as he stared deep into her teary eyes. Slowly and silently, Lily got down on her knees and lapped the disgusting mixture of secretions from his flopping member, clump after clump of sex on her tongue reminding her of how her decisions that night had put her in a position she would have never in a thousand years thought she’d ever agree to. “Now tell me what you are…” he said, smearing her forehead with the rest of it.


He wrapped his huge hand around her neck, “Eres una puta. Say it!”

Turning away from his stern gaze she finally conceded, “I… I’m a… puta,” and one last blackened tear fell down her cheek.

Sancho was already back to snoring, passed out in the middle of the living room. Diego picked up the shirt Lily was wearing on the balcony when he’d found her and threw it at her. “Toma. Vete.”

“But I need to get my–”

Another strike shut her up and stopped her from trying to get back into the bedroom. The Spaniard pointed at the entrance door and spanked her ass in that direction. “Happy birthday, puta!” He shouted, chuckling as he watched her humiliated figure pulling the stained shirt down to cover herself. Dripping cum onto the hallway carpet with each step, Phil Collins’s daughter clumsily scuffed her way to the elevator, the word puta circling around in her head like a terrified mouse.

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