Lovely Angelina Jolie

It’s been a typical Friday night in New York City, club hopping, parting.
I’ve been to several clubs already tonight when I decided to drop into a
club called Zanzibar over on 9th Avenue. My friends and I took a cab over
to the club. When we arrived, the club was really hopping. A large group of
people were in the middle of the dance floor grooving to the heart pounding
hip-hop music.

I wasted little time in ordering my first shot of Jack then sliding my way
into the dance floor. After a few songs, I needed a break and another
drink. When I made my way over to the bar, there was someone new sitting
on one of the barstools. I climbed on to the chair next to her. I noticed
her glass was almost empty.

“Bartender,” I said. “Malibu Rum and Mountain Dew for me, and one more
drink for the lady.”

The woman next to me looked at me. Holy Shit! This woman was Angelina

“You didn’t have to do that,” Angelina said. “I’m perfectly capable of
buying my own drink.”

The way she looked at me and the sexiness of her voice sent a shock of
energy through my body and raised goose bumps on my arms.

“I know,” I replied. “I just like to treat ladies I like.”

Angelina leaned a little closer to me and put her hand near mine as it
rested on the bar. “Do know what I like in a woman?”

I almost couldn’t respond. I could feel the warmth of her skin near mine. I
couldn’t help but get turned on. “N-n-no, what?”

“I like a girl who can dance,” she answered, “and I’ve been watching
you. You can dance.”

I nodded my head. My mouth was completely dry. I opened my mouth to say
something, but when no words came out of my mouth I closed my mouth.

“I’m about ready to go back up to the VIP section,” Angelina said. “Would
you like to come?” She looked into my eyes with her sexy green eyes.

“Uh…” I said. “Sure. Why not?”

Angelina led me up to the VIP section. There was a bouncer sitting on a
stool next to the door. When he tried to stop me from going through the
door Angelina grabbed his arm. He looked at her and she looked back. “She’s
with me.”

He didn’t respond. He also didn’t look to happy about Angelina letting me
in, but he didn’t protest.

Once inside, Angelina sat down on one of the sofas. She rested her hand on
the seat next to her and gave me a `come to momma’ kind of look.

I sat down on the sofa next to her. I felt myself getting a little nervous.
I’d never been this close to a celebrity before, not to mention one this

Angelina slid a little closer to me on the sofa. I looked into her eyes,
pleading with her to tell me what was on her mind. I was so nervous, I
could almost scream.

I think she got the message about me not knowing what was going on. But
instead of telling me, she just did it. Angelina leaned in and kissed
me. Her lips were so soft. I opened my mouth a little, and her tongue shot
into my mouth. My tongue danced a tango with hers.

Angelina pulled me onto her lap and began kissing her way down my body. She
started unbuttoning my blouse. I ran my fingers through her long brown

Abruptly, she stopped. I looked at her, but she was looking behind me. I
turned to see what she was looking at.

“Can I help you?” Angelina asked the woman standing in the doorway, in a
slightly annoyed voice.

“Angelina, sweetie, I’ll take care of this,” I said getting off her lap and
walking over to the door. “Gina what are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” Gina said. “Jennifer said she saw you
come up here with some chick. Now I see it’s not just some chick, you’re up
here with Angelina Jolie, and you’re letting her take advantage of you in
your drunken state.” Gina’s words were slightly slurred.

“She’s not taking advantage of me,” I said. Gina looked down at my
unbuttoned shirt then back up at me; she raised her eyebrows at me. I held
my shirt closed and said, “This is the first time I’ve ever felt this way
about a girl, why can’t you just let me have these few moments of bliss,
then tomorrow I’ll let you know if she took advantage of me.”

Angelina came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “You want
to get out of here?”

I looked at Gina. The look on her face said that she didn’t want me leaving
Zanzibar with anyone but her and the rest of the group, but I didn’t really
care what Gina thought at the moment. “Sure baby. I’d go anywhere with

Gina looked surprised. Angelina took my hand and led me though the door,
she handed the bouncer a 50 on the way out, then took me out into the New
York City of 1:30 AM. Angelina got into a black Ford Mustang parked across
from the bar.

“I’m so glad I had my driver leave this here for me,” Angelina said as she
revved the engine. “Can we go to your place? I don’t think Brad will be too
happy with me bringing a girl home, especially after the fight we had
before this. It was about chicks you know.”

I gave Angelina directions to my apartment. Then she told me that Brad
didn’t like the fact that she looked at girls even though she was with
him. I agreed with her reasoning. “I’m with him, so I’m going to look at
girls, if I was with a girl, I’d look at guys. It’s not cheating, cheating
is what I’m about to do with you,” she said.

I didn’t mind that she was using me to cheat on Brad. Either is was because
I was too drunk to care or because I was so deep in lust with her.

When we got to my apartment, I lead Angelina into my room. By the time we
got there we were both completely naked. Both of us stood admiring each
other’s bodies for a moment. She was very well toned after giving birth to
Shiloh; she also had a clean shaven pussy.

After the moment of viewing, we pulled each other into a deep passionate
kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth this time. She pressed her naked
body against mine; our nipples rubbed together sending static charges
through my body. I laid Angelina down on the bed and began kissing my way
down her body.

I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it vigorously. I squeezed the
right one, she moaned in time with my squeezes.

“I want to fuck you baby,” Angelina moaned.

I pulled away from her and went into my walk in closet. After a bit of
rummaging, I found the strap-on with the baby blue dildo. I brought it out
into the bedroom.

“Do you want me to put it on you?” I asked. “Or are you going to put it on

Angelina got off the bed and walked over to me. She pushed my hands down
and stepped into the strap on. I helped her adjust the straps. Once the
straps were tightened, Angelina spun me around and pushed me down on the
bed. She had a devilish look in her eye.

Angelina climbed on top of me and with one swift movement, she plunged the
dildo into my unprepared pussy. I couldn’t help but let out a long loud
moan. This must have enticed her because she began pumping the dick in and
out of me very forcefully. With each thrust, I moaned loudly.

“Yeah, baby!” Angelina said, squeezing my breasts as she fucked me. “Tell
me how you want it!”

“Angelina!” I moaned. “Fuck me harder.”

Just as I said that, she stopped. She pulled out and ran her fingers down
my clit, past my pussy, and to my asshole.

“Show me what you can do,” she said.

I pushed her into a chair into the corner of the room. I sat down on her
lap, facing her. I felt the tip of the dick on my pussy. I held it there
for a moment, and then plunged down on her. Angelina grabbed my ass cheeks
and guided me up and down.

I pressed my breasts into her face, tempting her to suck them. When she
started sucking them, I slowed my pumping. I squeezed her breasts as she
sucked mine. After a few minutes, Angelina picked me up and turned me
around so my back was to her. She took me over and pressed me against the
window. The glass was cold on my nipples.

Angelina rammed her dick into my pussy and began fucking me more
energetically than before. I felt her hard nipples rubbing on my back as
she slammed hard into me.

“God Angelina,” I said, “This feels so fucking good.”

“I’ve been too gentle for too long,” she said. “I like it rough. And
obviously you do to, you fucking slut.”

I liked it when she talked dirty to me. “Keep talking dirty to me,” I
said. “Tell me what a slut I am.”

“You’re a fucking whore,” she said. “You like me fucking you like a dirty

“Yes! YES! I am a sl-” Angelina sunk her teeth into my shoulder muscle. It
felt good when she bit me. “Fuck! Bite me harder.”

Angelina wrapped her arms around me and fucked harder as she kept biting me

As she continued fucking me, I felt my muscles begin to tighten. I was
close to an orgasm. Angelina must have known because she fucked even harder
than before.

“Cum for me baby,” Angelina said. “Cum for me like you’ve never cum

Just as she said that, my legs began to shake. Seeing that I was going to
orgasm any second, Angelina pulled out and got on her knees. She started
licking my pussy and rubbing my clit with her index finger.

“Oh God!” I moaned. “Holy Shit! Angelina! I’m going to cum!”

Angelina pushed her tongue in and out of my pussy and rubbed my clit more

I reached down and pushed Angelina’s face deeper into my pussy as I let go,
and had a large orgasm. Angelina licked up all of my juices, still leaving
me pressed against the window.

When she was done, she pealed me off the window. Angelina kissed me deeply;
I could taste my own juices on her tongue. She and I walked over to my bed
where we laid down and just kissed for a while.

Eventually, Angelina got out of bed. She paced the room for a while, and
then she walked out of the bedroom. I go up and followed her. When I got
there, she was already in her bra and underwear.

“Sweetie,” I asked. She didn’t stop pacing, so I got in her
way. “Angelina.”

“Get out of my way,” she said. “I’ve got to get my cloths and go home.” She
pushed me out of the way and walked over to pick up her pants.

Out of the blue, she said, “I just don’t get it. I don’t get why he has to
be such an ass.”

I turned around. “What?”

“In the bar,” Angelina said. “You bought me a drink of Caffeine Free
Coke. I’ve been sick almost every morning for the past four weeks. Brad
says that I’m overly bitchy. But you want to know the real reason I’ve been
doing all that crap?” She didn’t give me a chance to answer. “I’m
pregnant. Pregnant with his kid, again.”

“Oh, Angie,” I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. “If I’d
have known, I never would have done any of this.”

Angelina pushed me away, “Don’t say that.” She kissed me. “If Brad and I
ever fight again, I’ll know where to find you.”

“The spare key is in the plant next to the door,” I said.

Angelina pulled her shirt and pants on. Kissed me one more time, then
walked out the door.