Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan find love, in all kinds of ways

Hilary had an exciting day of interviews and photo
shoots to promote her upcoming movie. She was doing a
sequel to her Lizzie McGuire movie and was doing a ton
of appearances for it. In one day she had already been
on the Regis and Kelly show at 7:00 in the morning.
Then she did a layout for Rolling Stone magazine and
was now on the Oprah show. She thought to herself, I’m
exhausted, I need to have some fun.

When she got back to the hotel she was staying in she
decided it was time to cut loose. She pulled the phone
number out of her purse that her friend Brittany had
given her awhile back. She had told her if she was ever
in New York City and was looking for a good time she
should call this service number and they would fix her
right up.

Dialing the number she was a wee bit nervous because
she had never done anything like this before. While it
was true she wasn’t exactly the Snow White that her
image portrayed she had never used a male escort
service before, not that she needed to. Hell she had
guys lined up for just a sniff of her golden pussy. But
when her new pal Brittany Spears told her about the
service she used when she was in town she just had to
try it.

A handful of seconds after she called the number a
guy’s voice came on the line. “Hello.”

“Yes I would like to speak to Big Jim please.”

“May I ask whose calling?”

“Yes my name is Hilary, I’m a friend of Brittany’s.”

“Hold on a second please.”

About a minute later another guy’s voice came on the
line and he said “so you’re a friend of Brittany huh.”

“Y-yes,” stammered out. “My name is Hilary.”

“Would that be Hilary as in Hilary Duff?” he inquired.

“Yes, but how did you know?”

“Don’t worry Hilary, Brittany contacted me in advance
and said you might be calling.”

“Oh ok.”

“So what can I do for you tonight?”

“Well, Brit told me that if I ever wanted to have some
real fun in the Big Apple I should call this number.”

“Oh really and just what kind of fun were you looking
to have?”

“Well, I’ll tell you I’ve had a long day and I want to
have a good time tonight, that’s all.”

“Well I’m sorry sweetie, you’re going to need to be
more specific then that.”

Feeling a little embarrassed she said quickly “Brittany
told me that if I was ever just looking for a good lay
to call your number.”

“Oh, so you’re out for a good fucking. Huh?”

When the guy said that Hilary started getting a little
bolder. “Yea, as a matter-of-fact it’s been an
incredibly long day and I need to get some release and
I figured the best way to achieve end that was to get
screwed good and hard.”

“Well in that case sweetie, you’ve come to the right
place. Just what kind of a man are you looking for?”

“Gee, I never thought about it really, I guess one who
has a great body and who’s fantastic in bed.”

To this Jim really cracked up. “Well, do you want him
to be big, small, fat or what?”

“All I care about is that he’s big were it counts,” she
said with a big grin on her face.

“You know I think I have just the guy for you. When do
want it, or should I say him?”

“Oh in about an hour. I’m staying at the Land View
Hotel and my room number is 825.”

“He’ll be there.”


“Well this night should prove to be more then
interesting,” Hilary said out loud after she hung up
the phone. “I think I better take a quick shower before
company arrives.”

Hopping into the shower Hilary made it a special point
to get all of her favorite parts of her body god and
clean before her “date’ arrived. Getting out she dried
herself off with a big soft towel and then stood up and
looked at her naked body in the mirror. She really
admired the way her young breasts peaked out with nice
pink nipples.

With a body this hot she knew she could have just about
any guy she wanted, except maybe one, Aaron Carter.
That bitch Lindsay Lohan had stolen him from her. Well
never mind that she was going to have a good time
tonight and nothing was going to change that.

Going back to the bedroom of the hotel she put on a
frilly pair of pink panties and a tight white t-shirt.
She had no idea who was being sent to her room or what
he looked like but whoever he was he was going to like
what he saw.

About 15 minutes later there was a knock at her door.
Opening it she most astonishing fuckstud she had ever
seen. Standing 5’9 and weighing 175 pounds of nothing
but ripped muscle with dark black hair. To say the
least he took her breath away.

“Please, won’t you come in,” she said stepping aside to
let him in. As he walked through the door she couldn’t
help but think what a hot evening this was going to be.
She told herself she really owed Brittany big time for
telling her about this escort company.

Once in the room her escort turned to her and asked if
it would be alright if he sat down.

“Oh sure, make yourself at home,” she replied. “By the
way I didn’t catch your name.

“Danny Stevens,” he said.

“Well I’m Hilary Duff.”

“Oh believe me I’m well aware of who you are Hilary.”

“Well, I should tell you Danny, I’ve never done this

“Do you mean never had sex or never having been with a
male escort?” he joked.

“Been with an escort silly. How’s this work?”

“It’s quite simple sugar, you pay me and then I fuck
your brains out every-which-way.”

When he made that comment she went weak in the knees
and felt wet between her legs. “Ok so how much is it?”

“I usually charge $200 an hour, but since you’re such a
hottie I’ll make it $200 for the whole night and
believe me when I say it will be the whole night. The
truth be told, he thought to himself, I’d do her for
free. I mean just about every guy in the country wants
to fuck this little bitch and she is paying me to do
her. Man life is good.

“Alright then, let me get your money,” Hilary told him.

“No that can wait till later,” he said has he walked up
and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up to
him and kissing her hard on lips. From the moment he
walked in the door he had wanted to get his hands on
her. He told himself that he was going to do everything
in his power to make this little bitch scream like a

He grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up
over her head exposing her 16 year old tits. Picking
her up, he carried her to the bed and laid her down on
it very gently. He started by kissing her on the mouth,
all the while he was rubbing her breasts and playing
with her nipples.

Soon there tongues were dancing together. He began to
kiss down her neck and in doing so he had the young
girl moaning and purring like a kitten. Damn, he
thought to himself, was she going to be one hot fuck.
Working his way her body he soon was licking and
sucking on her pink areoles. Making sure to lightly
flick them in order to get them to stand straight out,
so that way he could rub his tongue all over them.

By now he was licking up and down on her stomach.
Taking time to run his wet tongue in her belly button
he heard her giggle and cry out how it tickled. He
loved this. He was slowly working his way down to her
tender young snatch. Just below her waist line he began
to run his tongue back and forth along that section of
her skin sending wave of heat through her teen body.

Making his way down to her young cunt, he couldn’t wait
to bury his face between her legs. Placing a thumb on
each side of her lips he pulled them apart and started
rubbing his tongue between the two pink pussy lips. It
seemed the more he licked the wetter she got and the
louder she moaned.

For Danny this was pure heaven, having seen Hilary
numerous times on TV the last few years, he really
thought she was hot. And now to be here with his face
in her cunt eating away, what a fantasy come true. But
there was still more to do to her.

By this time he had already made her cum twice and know
he thought it was time to show her what his cock could
do. Since there was something of a height difference
between the two he first wanted to fuck her in the
missionary position. He rose up on his knees and he
placed the head of his cock at the opening of her young
pussy and glided it into her. Then he told her to wrap
her legs around his waist. Sliding his 8 inch cock
about half way out of her each time he would then slam
the full length of it into her without mercy. It seemed
each time he did his penis would slam into her cervix,
sending cries of ecstasy out of her.

He fucked her like this for about 30 straight minutes,
never letting up for a moment. He relished how each
time his cock would thrust into her how she moaned, but
now he wanted more then moaning, now he wanted little
miss “Lizzie McGuire” to scream like a whore in heat.
Moving up off her upper body he sled his muscular arms
underneath her thighs and proceeded to drive them
against her chest. From this angle he was able to
absolutely hammer his meat into her.

Now Hilary was really into the fucking this guy was
giving her. Her head arched back and let loose when one
primly scream after the other. It only took a small
time period before she started to scream the words he
wanted to hear. “I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming.
Don’t stop please don’t stop!” Over and over she seemed
to scream that out.

Danny found himself silently laughing when she said
that. He knew he could more then get her off, and he
also knew there was no way his cock was coming out of
her till he had her fucked till she couldn’t walk
straight. After all this was one of the hottest bitches
in Hollywood he was fucking and he wanted to fuck her
good. He had made her cum now it was his turn. Briskly
slamming his meat back and forth into her tight young
cunt he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was spewing
his juice in her. God did her pussy feel good wrapped
around his dick. His only regret, was having to wear a
condom, he’d love to get this baby doll pregnant.

Pulling out of her he feel on his side exhausted. He
knew after a little rest he’d be ready to go again. And
he defiantly had plans to do this honey again and
again. Bringing his head to rest on in hand while to
talked to her, he asked “so how was it?”

Barely able to breathe she meekly said “that was
incredible, I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“Well don’t fret sweetie. Because I assure you it won’t
be the last. In fact, before this night is over you
will be fucked many more times like that.”

“Sounds good to me,” she said.

After resting for a while, in order to get his second
wind. Danny thought it was time to get back to what he
came here for, screwing this little girl’s brains out.

He asked Hilary if she would mind helping him get hard
again. She was quick to inform him that she had no
problem with that request. Crawling in between his
legs, first she started to kiss and lick up and down
his cock and balls. Occasionally she would take one of
the balls into her mouth and nibble on it. Whenever she
would do this she could hear him let a moan of his own
and then she would feel him rub the top of her head.
She loved the feeling of control she had over him.

Soon she had worked her way up his shaft with her
tongue and took his cock into her hand she started
rubbing the top it with her palm. Then she placed the
head of his cock in her mouth and started sucking and
licking on just it.

“Come on Hilary deep-throat it! I need to feel it all
the way down your throat.”

To this Hilary started giggling and began to suck his
rod all the way down her throat and began to suck it
like a lollipop. Running her tongue up and down it she
soon had it hard as a rock. Now he was ready to use his
cock to make her scream and cum again.

“That’s enough Hilary, stop!” he said. Although he
wanted to fuck her again, he also wouldn’t have minded
have mined letting her suck him off. Man he thought
this girl could suck one mean dick.

Drawing himself up on his knees he took Hilary by the
arm and pulled her towards him. From there he crawled
in behind her. This time around he wanted to do her
doggie-style. He put his hand on the back of her head
and lightly pushed her head down on the pillow. Then he
took a hold of her hips and pulled them up to a raised
position. Reaching over to the dresser he picked up a
condom and ripped the package open and rolled the
rubber onto his penis. Settling in behind her he got
ready to give her hot box a second banging.

Wrapping his hands around her waist he started to slide
his 8 inches in her fuck hole for a second helping.
After he had slid it all the way in he then slid it all
the way out except for the head. In one smooth motion
he slammed the whole thing in, causing her to let loose
with a scream. Again and again he pierced her cunt with
his meat, loving each time how she cried out.

But as he fucked her pussy he seemed to notice
something. Something that he couldn’t ignore. The way
her asshole seemed to be winking at him. Yes her cunt
was great, but he just had to fuck her ass. He wanted
to feel the tightness of her behind and he wanted to
see how loud he could make her scream.

Sliding out of her, he changed positions slightly.
Before she knew what was happening he had jammed his
manhood into her virgin ass.

Not expecting this she shrieked, “what are you doing.”

“I’m fixing to take you for a ride you’ll never forget

“Dear God I’ve never been fucked in the ass before” she
screamed out.

Realizing he was going into uncharted area nearly
caused Danny to blow his wad right there. “Don’t worry
Hilary it only hurts at the beginning. Relax before I’m
done you’ll be begging for more.”

Inch by inch he worked his stiff cock into her tightest
of holes. It seemed to take forever to get it all of it
in her behind. Once he had the whole 8 inches in, he
stopped for a moment. He wanted to rest for a few
seconds before he started tearing up her ass, and tear
it up he would. Slightly he started to stroke her ass
cheeks and telling her what a lovely butt she had. Then
slowly he started to pull his cock out of her.

He pulled out of her until only the head of the penis
remained. Grabbing her by the hips he drove the entire
thing into her ass in one drive. Not expecting this
Hilary let out with a blood curdling yelp. Now it was
time to fuck her asshole raw was the only thought
racing through his mind. He began nailing her ass with
long deep strokes and pinching her cheeks till they
were bright red.

After several minutes of brutally fucking her rear he
felt the tingle in his balls, he knew it would not be
long before he started cumming. As he peaked, he pulled
his meat out for one last push. He drove in her as hard
as he could knocking the wind out of her. As he did his
cock began to spew his spunk.

Falling on top of her, the weight of his body caused
her to collapse under his. The two just lay in a heap,
panting for air. After several minutes of just laying
there he finally slid his softening cock out of her
ass. “That was the single tightest ass I’ve ever had my
cock in.”

“Fuck Danny for a second there I thought you were going
to rip me in half,” she quietly proclaimed.

“Well I can assure you it wasn’t for lack of trying.
God did I love hearing you scream when I shoved it in,
I almost came right there. Believe me when I tell you I
wanted to rip you in half.”

Looking up at him she then smacked him on the arm and
said, “You brute!” with a grin on her face.

Leaning down her took her head in his hands and gave
her a deep kiss on her mouth. Soon the two were French
kissing, smacking there tongues against the other got
them as hot as ever, but having already blown two loads
in the young girl in the last hour left Danny unable to
make his cock rise for duty. Hilary ended up curling up
next to him and soon the two were fast asleep.

Waking the next day he asked her if she would have a
problem with him taking a quick shower before he left.
No she said as long as he didn’t mind a little company
while he was in there.

Before long the two were in the shower and going at it,
hot and heavy. Since he was close to a foot taller then
him he was forced to kneel down so he could have the
pleasure of washing her young body for her. He cleaned
her from head to toe. First with the wash rag and then
he started doing the job with his tongue. He began to
gently lick her breasts, consternating on getting her
nipples hard and then lightly flicking the tips of them
with his tongue.

From there he ran his tongue down her belly in one lick
so he could once again taste the sweetness that was her
pussy. Really wanting to see how far up in her he could
get his tongue he ran his hands up her right leg and
slid it over his right shoulder. Then he grabbed two
handfuls of her tight ass cheeks and squeezing them
tight he probed his cunt as deep as possible with his
mouth lizard.

In almost no time at all she was gripping his hair and
moaning for him to please her twat. Like a hungry dog
he ate her cunt like he was starving. He was licking
her snatch up and down and whirling his tongue around
in her pussy. He could tell by the way she moaned and
groaned she had never been eaten this good before.

Suddenly she arched her back and let out a squeal and
started cumming all over his face. As more she came the
faster he licked. Cries of ecstasy ripped from her
lungs as she had one orgasm after the other. He loved
eating her out almost as much as he enjoyed fucking
her. Although he had went down on his fair share of
girls in his life, he had never had one get into it
like Hilary. He loved it!

Once he was done with her pussy he began kissing her on
her stomach and leaving a trail of kisses on her body
as he worked his way back her. Using his lips on her
young tits he worked them into his hot mouth he drowned
her nipples with wet flicks from his tongue. Soon he
had worked up to the base of her neck, kissing and
licking her there once again had growing weak in his
hands. Taking hold of her head he began slipping his
tongue down her throat and he kissed her mouth firm and

Pulling away from a kiss he looked Hilary straight in
the eye and said, “You know what it’s like to be
pleasured by my tongue, would you consider showing me
your skills?”

“With pleasure,” was all she said.

Kneeling down she took his penis deep in her mouth and
started running her wet tongue around the head and
sucking very lightly. Not satisfied with merely taking
care of his cock she began playing with his balls with
her left hand. Now she deicide she wanted his whole
cock in her mouth. So she started to deep throat his
meat and soon was giving him an earth shattering blow

Back and forth she slid her mouth up and down his
shaft. She enjoyed the taste of him and was really
getting into this. She would suck him all the way down
his meat and then leave a wet line of saliva on his
cock as she slid it out of her mouth. And she could
tell he really was enjoying the way she tickled his
balls with her fingers.

After about 15 minutes of her sucking hic cock he could
no longer hold off. While he had short his last two
loads into a plastic bag this wad was going in her. In
fact he was going to fill her mouth full. Running his
fingers down through her hair he grabbed a handful of
her golden locks and held them tight. Suddenly without
warning he started cumming in her mouth. One load of
the sticky fluid shot down her throat. “Come on Hilary
swallow” he started saying.

While this wasn’t the first time she ever had given
someone a blowjob she never consented to gulping sperm
down her throat before. But she had never wanted to
please a guy so much before either. Plus she figured
that if she swallowed then maybe he’d want to come back
and provide her with some more of that incredible
tongue, maybe even free of charge. Not that she
wouldn’t pay for something that good.

After she was done sucking and swallowing she began
kissing all around his balls and up and down on his
cock. Then she looked up at him with the most innocent
little girl smile on her face and said “so how were did
you like it?”

Reaching down he took hold of her arms and pulled her
up to a standing position and hold her to his chest and
told her, “That Hilary, was nothing short of
incredible. You truly know how to give a blowjob.”

With a radiant smile on her face she replied, “Well
after the way you attacked my pussy with your tongue I
figured I should at least return the favor by giving
you a sucking you wouldn’t forget.”

“Oh trust me I’ll never forget it.”

“You better not,” she said giggling.

Finally done with their oral work in the shower they
got out. First he dried himself off and then he picked
up a big soft towel and preceded to dry Hilary off,
from head to toe. Then he wrapped his big strong arms
around her waist and pulled her up to him in order to
give her a big wet sloppy kiss.

After they were done playing tonsil hockey they went
hand in hand into the bedroom to dress. While they put
their cloths Hilary began to wonder just how many other
famous girls this paid stud had fucked. She wondered
whither or not she should ask. Walking up to him she
looked him in the eye and said “would you mind if I
asked you something, if it’s not too private?”

“You can ask me anything sweetie.”

“Well, now if this is being to nosy just say so and
I’ll drop it, but, um, just out of curiosity just how
many female celebrities have you, you know been with?”

“Jeez, I don’t know,” he said, shrugging his shoulders,
“I’ve never really kept count.”

“Ok then may I ask who some of them have been, again if
it’s not too personal.”

“Oh, let me think, ok Brittany Spears.”

“Wait, you did Brittany Spears? No wonder she told me
about your service, go on.”

He laughed and continued. “Um Amanda Bynes, Michelle
Williams, Jessica Behl, Lindsay Lohan, Hanna Sperrit,
Kirsten Dunst…”

“Wait, back up a second, did you say Lindsay Lohan?”

“Yea why?”

“Oh I don’t know, I guess because I hate the fucking
bitch, that’s why.”

“But why?”

“Why, why, because she stole my boyfriend from me,
that’s why.”


“Aaron Carter that’s who, don’t you read the tabloids?”

“Uh no, I thought they just made that shit up anyway.”

“Well some of it, yea sure they make up, but not this,
it was real, very real.”

“Ah come on Hilary I wouldn’t worry about it if I was
you, I mean if that numb-nut can’t figure out how lucky
he was to have you in the first place then he’s not
worth your time.”

“Thanks”, she said lowering her head to the floor, “but
you don’t understand, I really, really liked him.”

“Maybe, but he sounds like a real dick, in fact it
sounds like he just played you.”

“I know.”

“Hey for what’s worth you twice the woman in bed that
Lindsay could ever hope to be.”

“Well thank you, I gotta tell you, your pretty good

“What, just merely good?”

“Wait check that, you were great, I hope we can get
together again.”

“Anytime you want sweet thing, and next time it’s on
the house.”

“Sounds like winner to me.”

Walking him to the door she looked at him as he got
ready to leave and said, “Thanks for last night, I’ll
never forget it.”

“I know you won’t,” he said confidently.

Shutting the door Hilary stood in the main room of the
suite and thought about the night before and realized
how lucky she was to even be walking after the pounding
her cunt and ass had taken. But the best part of it all
was when he said how she was better in the sack then
that whore Lindsay Lohan, man how she hated that bitch!

Suddenly Hilary thought to herself, you know I’ll be in
New York for the rest of the week and I do have this
room for that time, I think I’m going to have to have
Danny back over for a little more horizontal


The next day of her trip saw another round of
interviews, man how she hated answering the same
questions again and again. The following night was the
teen choice awards at Radio City Music Hall. Now that
should prove to be fun.

The next night she arrived wearing a hot white frilly
dress. It showed her back and a lot of leg. She knew
the moment she walked in every guy in the place had
their eye on her. She walked around to see who all was
there. Soon she ran into her friend Lalaine Pares.
Stopping to talk the two were soon laughing and talking
about things that had happened on the Lizzie show.

After chatting with her for a little while Hilary told
her to take it easy and to keep in touch. Turning
around she started walking but didn’t get more then ten
steps when who should she see but none other then her
hated rival Lindsay Lohan. And to make matters worse of
course Aaron Carter was with her.

Seeing a golden opportunity to rub it in that she was
with Hilary’s old flame Lindsay sauntered up and said
“so Hilary what’s a matter couldn’t you find anyone who
wanted to be your date?”

“Uh no bitch, I just decided to come alone, as if it’s
any of your business.”

“Yea right Blondie, now I’m sure you could find a date,
unless of course I wanted the guy then I would just
take him from you.”

“Oh is that right, well I’ve got news for you, I was
with a guy just two short nights ago and he told me
himself that I was far better then you where it

“And where pray tale would that be?”

“In the sack you dumb cunt.”

“Whatever Hilary, what guy would say that?”

“Oh gee I don’t know, does the name Danny Stevens ring
a bell?”

Now seriously stunned Lindsay was barely able to
stammer out “you know Danny Stevens?”

With a big grin on her face, knowing she had Lindsay
where she wanted her, “Know him? Why I fucked him! And
he told me afterwards I was twice the woman in bed that
you were.”

“You’re fucking lying,” she said with her teeth

“Well think you dumb bitch that is if it’s not too hard
for you, it I wasn’t really with him how would I even
know who he was?”

“Well, well you might know who he is and you might have
even fucked him but that doesn’t mean he said you were

Almost laughing at the way Lindsay was barely able to
get the words out of her mouth Hilary hit her with a
major shit eating grin and said “oh trust me toots he
said it.”

“Well so what, besides Hilary what were you going to a
gigolo for anyway? Couldn’t you find anyone who wanted
to fuck you for free.”

“No bitch I could find plenty of guys but what I was
looking for was a not strings attached not of wild sex
and that was exactly what I got. And come to think of
it you’ve been with him too, so why is that?”

“I uh, well that’s none of your business.”

“What the matter Lindsay” she said, can’t little Aaron
take care of you?” As she said that she made a hand
gesture holding her fingers apart as if to indicate he
had a small penis.

Now totally furious Lindsay stormed off. Hilary just
stood there and laughed knowing full well she had shot
her hated enemy down. Now that felt good she thought to

The rest of the night was kind of ran together. She won
an award for being the most popular teen actress. After
she walked to the stage to accept her award she made it
a point to walk by where Lindsay and Aaron were sitting
and to wink at Lindsay as if to say ha-ha.

On her ride back to the hotel she came to the decision
that before she left she wanted to get together with
Danny one more time. She couldn’t help but wonder if he
was always that good in the sack. She didn’t know, but
by god she was going to find out.”

Little did Hilary know but it would be Danny who would
contact her first. The next afternoon she had the day
off, so she went out and did a little shopping and when
she got back to her room the phone was ringing. Picking
up the receiver she said “hello, Hilary Duff specking.”

“Well it’s nice to see you in a better mood,” said the

A little take back because she didn’t recognize the
voice she asked “who is this?”

“Uh, you mean to tell me I gave you the fucking of a
lifetime a handful of nights ago and you’ve forgot me

“Oh my god, Danny is that you?”

“As a matter-of-fact, it is.”

“Wow I was thinking about calling you.”

“Really and why is that?”

“I was hoping that before I had to leave New York maybe
we could get together again.”

‘Well I don’t have a problem with that, but to be
honest that’s not why I called you,”

“You know I was kind of wondering why you did call.”

“I called because I got un interesting call today from
one of your good friends.”


“Does the name Lindsay Lohan ring a bell?”

“And what did that cow want?”

“Well she told me about the conversation you two had
the other night, quite interesting.”

“And what may I ask did she say?”

“Well she told me how you informed her of what I said
about you being hotter in the sack.”

“Yes I told her that.”

“You think that’s something Hilary you should have seen
the look on her face when I told her you were telling
the truth.”

“Wait you’ve got to tell me what happened.”

“Well I don’t know if you this but Lindsay knows were I
workout and needless to say she came by the gym. And
she was none too happy.”

“Oh boohoo poor little Lindsay, or should I say not so
little Lindsay, the fat bitch.”

“So anyway she asked me if I really said you were
better and I politely informed that was true and that
you were.”

With a smile radiating from her face she told Danny
“why thank you, I was hoping you enjoyed it. At least
as much as I did. So how did she take it.”

“Well it’s a shame you weren’t there. She had a hissy-
fit, to say the least.” Personally I thought it was
funny as hell.”

“Man would I have given anything to see that.”

“Oh you would have loved it.”

“I bet.”

“So what were you saying about us getting together

“Well I was hoping we could before I left.”

“The only problem is I’ve got a couple of commitments
already lined up, but I’ll see what I can do, ok”

“Ok that’s cool, just get back with me and let me

Hanging up the phone she thought it would be nice take
a nice long bubble bath. Walking into the bathroom she
was practically floating on air. True Lindsay may have
Aaron, but a real man told her she was more of a woman
then Lohan could ever be and that made her feel a lot
better. As far as she was concerned Lindsay could have
him, he was just a little boy anyway.

Throughout her bath Hilary was thinking about Danny.
She kept thinking about how good it felt to have his
cock deep inside her. Man she was horny. She knew what
she needed was to get fucked. Little did she know her
wish was not far from coming true. Just not the way she
saw it happening.

That night Hilary didn’t know what to do with herself,
Danny had called back about three hours after they
talked the first time to tell her there was no way to
get out of his prior engagement. And now she was
sitting in her room bored out of her mind. She came to
the conclusion she could sit here all night or she
could go out and hit the town. She choose to hit the

Deciding to dress causal she put on some tight jeans
and a skimpy blue top. She loved the way even when she
dressed average she was still hot. The jeans showed off
her tight little ass, while the top was able to give
spectators a nice view of her ample young tits.

Walking out to the front of the hotel because she
decided to go to the Hard Rock Caf� to get something to
eat. She first thought about walking since it was only
a few blocks, but then choose to take a taxi because
didn’t want people bugging her for autographs and
pictures. While she was trying to ail a cab more then
one guy walked by and gave her an eyeful. A couple
whistled and one even blew her a kiss. She loved the

Arriving at the Hard Rock she went in and asked for a
table. As she was walking to her seat she didn’t know
it but someone had noticed her walk in, that someone
being Lindsay Lohan. But she was not alone, for her
good friend Lacy Chabert had taken her out for the
night after Lindsay called her up crying about getting
humiliated by Danny.

“Can you fucking believe it Lacy, it’s that cunt
Hilary” she said pointing her finger in Hilary’s

“Don’t sweat it Lindsay.”

“Fuck that Lacy, the tramp embarrassed the hell out of

“Perhaps, but what can you do here?”

“Maybe nothing here, but I have every intension of
getting back at her, I wonder where she’s staying?”

“I don’t know but I’ve got an idea, see her waiter?”

“Yes, what about him?”

“Well maybe we can talk him into trying to sneak a peek
at her room key and then letting us know.”

“You think he will?”

“Oh I think if we sweet talk him and maybe promise him
a little something, something he just might.”

“Let’s do it.”

Calling him over they told him what they needed and
asked if he could do it for them. He told them he
didn’t know, it could get him fired. But then they were
quick to inform him that if he did it they would show
him a night he’d remember forever. To this he agreed.
About twenty minutes later he slipped Lacy a piece of
paper with the words Land view 825 written down on it.
To show her appreciation she jotted down a phone number
where she could be reached so he could collect “his
reward”. Of course the number was a fake, for she and
Lindsay had no intension of doing anything with the
guy, they were just using him for what they needed. Now
that they had it they were done with him.

Once the two had left the Hard Rock they went back to
Lindsay’s place. The two set and talked about how much
they disliked Hilary, well Lindsay talked about it

“You know Lacy I’ve got a good mind to go over to her
hotel and teach her a lesson.”

“And what would you do?”

Not really sure she told her “I don’t know, but I’d do

“Well do whatever you think you need to.”

“I think I will.”

“Do you want me to come with you.”

“No I want to do this alone.”

Twenty minutes later Lindsay stood in front of the Land
view Hotel. She really had no idea what she would do
once she confronted Hilary but she knew she was going
to do something. Walking into the hotel she causally
walked to the elevator and got on. Pushing number 8 she
steadied herself for the confrontation.

Once the elevator stopped on the eighth she got off and
walked around till she found the right room. Standing
at the door she suddenly realized she was about to be
face to face with her hated enemy. A few seconds after
knocking on the door it opened and Hilary stood before

“And what the fuck do you want,” was her less the
polite reply.

“I want to talk to you cunt.”

“Well what makes you think I care about anything you
have to say?”

“To be honest I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if you want
to hear it or not you’re going to hear it.”


“Because of you I was humiliated by Danny.”

“Well wah…”

Suddenly Lindsay’s voice started to get louder, fearing
that other people might hear Hilary said you ‘why don’t
you come in before someone calls security?”

She stood there for a second mulling it over and then
came to the conclusion that Hilary was right. If she
didn’t come in Hilary and her both might get security
called on them and who knows there little secret about
a certain gigolo might slip out.

Walking through the door Lindsay looked around and said
“nice room.”

“Yea well sit down.”

Sitting down on the couch, she was at a loss for words.
Originally she had in mind everything she was going to
say and now she couldn’t think of a thing.

“First I want to say Hilary, I really, really don’t
like you.”

“Well I got news for you, the feeling is mutual.”

“Maybe but you had no right to humiliate me the other

“Whoa freeze babe, if memory serves me correct you
walked up to me and started the shit.”

“Yea well so.”

“So what was I supposed to do just stand there and take

Thinking to herself for a minute, Lindsay looked down
at the floor and said “no, I guess not.”

“And how do you think I felt about you rubbing Aaron in
my face?”

“Alright I admit it was a shitty thing to do, I’m sorry

“What am I hearing this right, Lindsay Lohan is
apologizing to me?”

Trying to hold back a smile she looked at Hilary and
said “yes I guess I am.”

“Well if it’s sincere I accept.”

“But do you mind if I ask you something?”


“Did Danny really say you were better in bed?”

Blushing a little, Hilary quietly said “yes he did.”

“Damn and I really thought he enjoyed being with me.”

“I’m sure he did Lindsay, you’re very pretty you know.”

“Maybe, but lets face it Hilary I’m no where as pretty
as you are.”

“I don’t know if I’d go that far, I’m mean come on you
were the one who got Aaron.”

“You know to be honest, I think the only reason I ever
chased him was because I wanted to steal him from you.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Well Hilary your so damn pretty and he wanted me, and
if felt like for the first time in my life I won a guy
instead of another girl winning him from me.”

“Do you really think I’m pretty Lindsay?”

“Hell yes I do, I’d kill to have as pretty a face as
you’ve got.”

Moving over closer to Lindsay, she told her “you
shouldn’t doubt yourself Lindsay, you’re very
attractive yourself, and you got a body I’d love to

“Right, and what’s so special about my body?’

“Well for starters, you’ve got beautiful breasts.”

“You really think so.”

“Oh yes” she replied. Although she had never been with
a woman there were times when she wondered what it
would be like.

“Yours are quite nice too, Hilary.”

Now sitting side by side they both could feel the heat.
Both were slowly coming to the reality that they wanted
each other.

“Lindsay would you let me see your breasts?”


“Please Lindsay, take off your top.”

With her hands trembling, she slowly took hold of the
bottom of her blue cashmere sweater and began removing
it. She pulled it up and over her head, reveling her
two globes wrapped in a frilly white bra. She started
to reach around to unclasp the hook on her bra when
Hilary suddenly stopped her.

“Let me” was all she said.

Placing her hand on Lindsay’s shoulder she gently
turned her around and taking hold of the clasps she
unhooked them and thus allowing Lindsay’s ample breasts
to fall out.

Turning her back to where they were face to face the
two fell together in a passionate kiss. Soon there
tongues were whirling around in each other’s mouths.
Then without warning Lindsay grabbed Hilary’s thin
white t-shirt and ripped it off her body.

As the hidden lust the two had for one another started
boiling they were soon exploring each other’s body.
Hilary took hold of Lindsay’s arm and she pulled her up
against her. Soon Lindsay was straddling Hilary’s lap
and Hilary leaned back and wrapped her young mouth
around Lindsay’s massive right tit. She sucked on the
right one while she played with the nipples on the left
one. It wasn’t long before she found herself
alternating back and forth between breasts.

Meanwhile Lindsay was stroking Hilary’s neck and
running her tongue into her ear. Taking hold of
Lindsay’s waist she pushed her off her slightly and
looking up into her eyes she said, “Let’s go into the

“Ok,” was all she could get out.

They both stood up and then Hilary and Lindsay stood
for a few seconds looking at one another. Both knew
that what they were about to do would change their
lives forever. And they both knew there was no turning
back now.

Before they walked into the bedroom Lindsay placed her
hands on Hilary’s face and gave her a deep kiss.
Looking down on the pretty petite blonde she told her
“you know I think I’ve always wanted you.”

“Well tonight I’m yours,” was all she had to say.

Walking into the bedroom Lindsay kicked off her shoes
and the now was only in her jeans and Hilary herself
was only clad in a pair of tight blue jean cutoffs.
Lindsay picked Hilary up in her arms and laid her down
gently on the bed. Kneeling over her she reached down
to unsnap the button her shorts and then slid them off
her young supple body. Now Hilary was dressed only in a
pair of black satin panties. Deep down Lindsay had
fantasies about seeing her like this, now the fantasy
was reality.

Lindsay enjoyed seeing Hilary in her panties, but she
wanted more. She had to see her naked. Placing a finger
on each side of the lingerie she started to remove the
item. As it slowly slid down her leg and her pussy
began to revel itself Lindsay felt herself growing
hotter by the minute. She thought to herself how in
just a small amount of time she would not only know
what Hilary Duff looked like naked but she would know
exactly what she tasted like. Soon the panties were off
and Hilary lay naked, ready to be devoured.

Lindsay started to spread Hilary’s legs open. That’s
when she heard her new found lover say stop. “Before we
go any farther I want to see you undress for me” Hilary
told her.

Lindsay nodded and then stood up. She moved back from
the bed and began to do a striptease for Hilary’s
enjoyment. Although most of her cloths were already off
she made the most of what she still had on. She
unsnapped her pants and slowly slid them down her legs.
Once they got all the way to her ankles she set down on
a chair by the bed and removed them like a stripper.
Standing back up, she seductively took off her red silk
panties, making sure to first rub her fingers against
her wet pussy, in order to leave the aroma of her cunt
on the material. Once they were at her ankles she
stepped out of them and now she too was completely

“Let me have your panties,” Hilary said in the sweetest
little girl voice.

So Lindsay picked them up and handed them to the lusty
blonde. Hilary started to run the crotch of the panties
under her nose and deeply inhaling the scent. “Man your
pussy smells sweet, I can’t wait to eat you” Hilary
told her.

Placing her right knee on the bed she looked into
Hilary’s eyes and calmly said, “I’m first.”

Crawling in between the blonde’s legs she started to
push her thighs open and then she dropped her face into
Hilary’s cunt. Soon she was licking her pussy and
playing with her clit. She would alternate between
running her tongue over the lips of Hilary’s love box
and sticking her tongue in her cunt. It was all like
sending electric jolts through her body. Lindsay was
loving the way she made her squirm and shake.

After several minutes of eating Hilary out she decided
she wanted to really see if she could cause her to
moan. She took a handful of both her ass cheeks and
spread them apart. From there she jammed her index
finger straight up Hilary’s cute little ass. Needless
to say Hilary really let loose with a scream. For a few
more minutes Lindsay stayed down her licking, and would
have been more then happy to remain there. But Hilary
made an offer to good to pass up on.

“Stop Lindsay, I want to do a 69.”

Lindsay thought this was the best of both worlds. She
would still be able to eat Hilary and she would get her
cunt serviced at the same time. “Ok Hilary sound good
to me” she said before she let go of her.

Getting off Hilary she got on her knees right above her
head and lowered her pussy down to Hilary’s waiting
open mouth. Then she put her face back into Hilary’s
young cunt. Soon the two were pleasing the other with
their wet tongues. In no time at all the girls licking
and pussy sucking had both moaning and cumming. As fast
as they came each would lick all the harder.

After both had satisfied the other both rolled onto
their backs in order to rest and recover. Eventually
Hilary crawled up to Lindsay’s face and the two began
softly kissing. Lindsay then forced Hilary’s head onto
the pillow and she began to run her tongue up and down
the blonde girl’s wet face. This really turned Hilary
on. Soon Lindsay started to work her way down Hilary’s
body, by giving her a hot tongue bath.

Working down past her breasts she was soon back between
her legs. She first considered eating her out again but
then choose to do something she knew Hilary would never
forget. Rolling the Barbie doll onto her stomach she
started kissing her on her back and kissed all the way
down her spine, sending chills throughout the petite
girl’s body. She made her way down to Hilary’s cute
behind. Once there Lindsay took hold of each of her ass
cheeks and pulled them apart. She then began to run her
tongue up and down the crack of Hilary’s ass, which
quickly turned the girl’s sighs to moans.

But Lindsay was not happy with mere moans and sighs,
she wanted to hear Hilary scream again. She spread her
open as far as she would go and preceded to bury her
tongue all the way up Hilary’s asshole. Now she really
had the blonde’s number. Hilary was grabbing the pillow
the squeezing and gasping for air. Soon Lindsay heard
her yell “I’m cumming, dear god I’m cumming!”

Damn Lindsay thought to herself, I can make this little
bitch cum any time I want to. Never in her life had she
been able to control someone in such a sexual manner.
But with out a doubt on this night she owned Hilary

Having made her cum twice Lindsay deicide to take a
little break. She lay with her head resting on Hilary’s
upper thigh and lightly stroked her lover’s pussy lips.
Occasionally she would kiss the lips that just a short
time ago she was sucking. She discovered she loved the
tasted the cum on Hilary’s wet cunt.

Lindsay had never made love to another female either,
but she totally loved this experience, it was like
nothing she had ever felt before.

Now that the two had rested it was time to go again.
This time Hilary wanted to do the fucking. And she had
a special treat for her new bedmate. Getting up from
the bed she walked over to the dresser and pulled a
small black box out of one of the drawers. Reaching
into the box she removed a red dildo that was about 10
inches long. Walking back over to the side of the bed
she looked down at Lindsay and said “now it’s my turn
to make you scream, not to mention cum!”

Sliding back down on the bed between her legs, Hilary
preceded to shove nearly the entire dildo into
Lindsay’s cunt. Immediately the her head flew back onto
the pillow and she let out with a yelp. Hilary knew she
was going to give her the fucking she’d remember for a
long time. Repeatedly she would slid the plastic cock
out of Lindsay, only to slam it back in her at full
force. And each time that she did it would hit the
redhead’s cervix and she would cry out.

“Dear God please don’t stop, fuck it feels so good!”

Hilary started giggling and telling her “Oh don’t worry
I’m not going to stop, at least not till I make you cum
again whore!”

Soon the she had started driving the dildo in a faster
motion into Lindsay. After picking up the pace Hilary
knew she would have her cumming all over herself.
Finally she arched her head back and let out a cry from
deep in her throat and started cumming. Soon Hilary
pulled out the dildo and began to lick her lover clean.

Glancing over at the clock she realized that the two of
them had been going at it for over three hours and it
was damn near one in the morning. She had no problem
with spending the rest of the night getting each other
off, but she had to be up at five to do a taping of the
today show at seven, damn some times it sucked to be a
star. Looking over at Lindsay she told her how she had
to get some sleep, because she had to get up early.

“Do you want me to go home?” Lindsay disappointedly

“Hell no, I just got to go to sleep. But you can stay
the night if you like. In fact I was hoping you would.”

“I’d like that very much.”

Hilary laid down on her side and Lindsay curled up
beside her and wrapped her arm around her young lover
and the two soon fell fast asleep.

The two awoke to the phone ringing for Hilary’s 5’o
clock wake up call. After answering the call she walked
over to the bed to wake Lindsay. “Hey get up sleepy

Rolling onto her back she looked up at her, with a huge
grin on her face and said “so did you sleep well?”

Laying down on Lindsay she kissed her deep on the mouth
and then told her she never slept better.

After a few minutes of playing tonsil hockey they both
got up and went into the bathroom and showered
together. Once they were done in the bathroom they
returned to the bedroom and Lindsay got dressed and
then insisted on being allowed to dress Hilary. She
almost felt like a little girl dressing one of her
dolls, the only difference being this doll was prettier
and a lot more fun.

Almost too soon it was time for the two to be leaving,
in fact Hilary, in just a couple of days, would be
heading back to California. But both knew one thing,
that night in the hotel would not be their last bed
room romp.

Right before they both headed out Hilary turned to
Lindsay and said, “You know it’s strange, had it not
been for Danny, we would have never shared last night.”

“Your right, maybe we should think of a way to repay

With a mischievous grin on her face she told her “I
think I know a good way.”

Quickly catching on to what she was thinking she told
her friend, “I think were thinking the same thing, lets
call him later and see if he wants to come over

“Good idea.”

Then after a deep, wet kiss goodbye the two parted till
next time.