Poker With Panabaker – Danielle Panabaker

I live in Las Vegas. I play in a couple of bands and occasionally after a great show we get asked up to somebody’s after party in a suite. Sometimes people are just hanging out….. sometimes is poker. I like those nights…. because these Hollywood types don’t know how to play.

So one night after a show I’m playing a friendly cash game at a party in Vegas. A couple of celebrities are in the game including Danielle Panabaker. She’s drinking but playing decent….. getting some good cards. She thinks she’s got the winning hand. She “THINKS” I’m bluffing…. because I’ve won some…. and bluffed some…. In fact, I took a bunch of HER money and she wants it back.

“I’m not falling for your bluff this time.” she announces. I’m not bluffing. I replied confidently, even though there was a card I needed. “I’m going to spank you again and take ALL YOUR MONEY!” I stated. “You think so?” She chided. “You bet your ass Sugar!” I teased. The table laughed. “My ass huh? You couldn’t handle my ass.” she retorted. “Okay Nicholson….. Let’s see if YOU can handle the truth…… I’ve got most of you money and if you bet it…. I’ll have that sweet ass too!” I continued. The table roared with laughter and she sneered at me. “Okay…. YOUR ON! If you can beat THIS HAND….. You get my money and my ass.” “Oooh…. this just got interesting.” I said. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked. “Oh you scared?” she taunted. “No no….. I just want to be sure you know what you’re betting. I’ll push all in….. looks like that pot will be worth….. hmmmm over 10 grand…. of your money (chuckles from the table) but if you lose, I own your ass.”

I checked with everyone at the table. “Okay people….. Are you okay with her making this bet?” Her friend urged her to reconsider…. “Danielle, What if you’re wrong?” “I’m not wrong. I know his tell and he’s bluffing.” “Hey man…. I think she knows what she’s doing…. and I definitely want to see how this ends.” said our host. “But she has to HONOR THE BET right? (I look her dead in the eyes) No backing out after you lose.” I state for the record. “I’m not going to lose, so it doesn’t matter.” she said over confidently.

I stood up and made it official. (Announcing) Here is the bet. “If you win, you get all my money, but if I win, I get you…. at least for tonight. It’s almost 1am now…. until 1pm tomorrow…… Is it a BET?” She looked around the table and everyone agreed that it was okay to make the bet if she wanted to…. Danielle stood up “BET!” she says and we shook on it. Some comments are made around the table and now everyone in the room is crowded around to see what happens.

I pushed all in….. “CALL….. Whip em out.” “Queen High Flush!” she exclaims…. and the table applauds…. she starts to reach out for the chips. “Not so fast Frosty….. Full House!” WOAH!!! the table roars. Danielle looks at the cards and slumps back into her seat…. but you didn’t have the cards. “I got the last card on the river Sugar.” I pulled all the chips into a bag and stood up. “Ladies and Gentlemen…. I’d LOVE to keep taking your money….. but I have a date with an angel.” She looked up at me, “You’re not REALLY going to hold me to that are you?” The table scoffed…. “OH HO HO HO!” All the guys were, “No No No… You bet and you lost!” She looked at her friend… “Don’t look at me…. I told you not to make that bet.” Now realizing her situation Danielle started to bargain. “There must be some way we can work this out….. I have money.” “I know….. I HAVE you money…. now I want your body…. A bet’s a bet.” I stood up and walked around behind her. I slipped my arms around her waist and whispered in her ear, “Come on angel face.” Danielle looked around and everyone felt like she needed to honor her bet. She shook her head and stood up.”I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Have fun Richard!” “Yeah…. You two have a real nice time”. the group chided her. Danielle was trapped. I took her arm and she reluctantly left the room with me. “Where are we going?” she asked. “My place is about 10 minutes from here.” “You live here?” she questioned. “Remember, I’m the drummer from the band you were dancing to tonight. I live here in Vegas.” “Oh right….” she said remembering. We walked down to the Valet and they brought my van around. Realizing things were about to get very serious Danielle tried again to make a new deal. “You’re not really serious are you….. come on?” she pleaded. I turned and looked her right in the eye. “I didn’t tell you to make that bet. You made it, your friend warned you not to, but you didn’t listen, that was over $10,000 in that pot…. so I think it’s a very sweet compliment that I would risk 10 grand just on the chance to sleep with you….. don’t you?” She looked away and then around at the valet attendants trying to think of a way out. “I have a boyfriend.” she countered. “Don’t you know…. What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” I said with a smirk. The Valet showed up with my van. I opened the passenger door for her and as she got in I gave her a little spank on the ass. “You’re mine now.” She looked at me nervously and I closed the door.

We drove to my place. It’s nice and I have it decorated pretty cool. I lead her into the bedroom and she stands there feeling trapped. “Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked. “I do tonight” I said pointedly. Her shoulders sank as she realized I meant her. I smiled at her defeat. “Sit” I commanded. She sat down on the edge of the bed. “Boot”. “What?” she asked “Give me your boot so I can unzip it…. by the way…. very cool boots.” I said. “Thanks but I can take them off myself.” she replied. “I’m sure you can but I want to unwrap my present.” I stated. “Now give me your boot.” She lifted her foot up and I unzipped her boot and pulled it off and then her sock and I saw a chance for some good fun. I ticked her foot. Danielle started laughing and wiggling…. “NO NO….. stop it… HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. please!” she giggled. I taunted her. “Are you going to be a good girl?” “What?” I resumed tickling her foot…. She howled laughing…. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. NO PLEASE….. AHHH…HHAHAHAHAA… OKAY OKAY OKAY!” “Okay what?” I said….. “I’ll be good.” she answered. “No say I’ll be a good girl or else…. (I wiggled my fingers towards her exposed foot.)” “Okay…. I’ll be a good girl.” she conceded. I reached down and took off her other boot and sock with no more tickling. Then I reached out my hand and lifted her to her feet. As she got to her feet I surprised her with a kiss. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and she let me so I pulled her to me and really savored our first kiss.

It was VERY REAL…. and she really wasn’t sure what to do or if she could somehow stop this but before she could say anything else I started to unbutton her blouse. She reached for my hands and I smacked her hand away, “Ah ah! Good Girl…”, I said defiantly. She reluctantly allowed me to continue undressing her. She was trapped and I was enjoying the hell out of this. I turned her around and slipped off her blouse. She had a pretty bra on. I reached around her waist to unbutton her jeans and she stopped me again. “Hey…. I thought you said you weren’t going to back out of this deal.” I whispered in her ear. “I know…. but I can’t do this.” she admitted. I was kind of annoyed. “What I’m so hideous and disgusting that you can’t even imagine being with me?” I said pointedly. She turned around…. “It’s not that…. ” I pulled off my shirt and revealed my tan, smooth skin and muscular upper body…. She stopped talking and stared at me. Then just to prove my point I took off my shoes and unbuckled my belt and slipped off my jeans revealing my strong tan legs. “I’m not good enough for you?” I said. “No…. really…. you have a nice body….. and you’re cute…. but…. ” And to really take it home I dropped my underwear and stood there proudly naked. “Okay…. you’ve made your point.” she retreated. I stepped forward and kissed her again… more passionately. Then I took her hand and put it right on my stiffening cock. I held it there while my rod got nice and hard in her hand….. and with my free hand…. I squeezed her cute little ass. While we kissed I felt her squeeze my cock….. I gave her a little moan to let her know I liked that so she stroked it a bit more and squeezed it. I pulled back from her… “Hmmmm. THAT was nice.” I said….. she was still holding my cock and I started unbuttoning her pants again. I stared in her eyes as I did it and she didn’t stop me. Then I pushed them down and knelt down to remove them. She stepped out of them and I kissed her thighs and then her tummy and then her neck and finally her lips again. Now we really kissed deep and together and I caressed her smooth skin and she did the same to me. It felt fabulous to feel her heart pounding against my chest. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra and she let her shoulders drop so it fell to the floor and then I kissed her breasts and sucked on each nipple. She sighed as I did this. Even if she was reluctant…. that was fading away. Then I kissed down her flat tummy and hooked her panties. Down they came to reveal and very slender landing strip. I kissed around her pussy and then I stood up. “Come on” I said…. leading her into the bathroom. “Wait…. do you need to go?” I gestured to the toilet. “Actually yes….” she replied. I quickly let go of her and closed the door behind me. When she opened the door I kissed her again and led her back in….. I opened the shower door. “You want to take a shower?” she asked. “We’re both all sweaty from tonight and I want us to be all fresh and clean when we go to bed….. and I want to wash you…. because you’re been very naughty….. you’re a dirty girl.” I said seductively…. That made her smile and I kissed her again.

I turned on the water and made sure it wasn’t too hot. I pulled her in with me and we kissed more. GOD IT WAS HEAVENLY! She has such a beautiful body and face. I grabbed some liquid soap and washed her back and her butt…. She washed me too…. I washed those hot tits….. making her nipples nice and hard. I was careful not to get soap inside her sweet pussy. Finally we were satisfied that the other was nice and clean and we got out. I dried her a bit and then gave her my blow drier for her hair. I’ll leave you to that….. Just come out when you’re ready.” I instructed. She turned it on and began drying her hair. I closed the door behind me and ran for my camera. I found it and turned it on….. then found a suitable location to hide it. I was going to have a Danielle Panabaker SEX TAPE!!!!

Danielle opened the door still naked with her hair dried and brushed….. she was GORGEOUS! I stepped to her and kissed her deeply again and we stroked each other. Then I laid her down on the bed and began my assault on her sexy body. I kissed her all over, her neck, chest, breasts, nipples, ribs, tummy, thighs and ultimately I started licking her pussy. Oh my God she smelled so sweet. At this point Danielle was ready for action…. no more misgivings. I teased at her pussy and that turned her on even more. I slipped my tongue inside her lips and pressed it inside her. “Mmmmmmm….” she sighed. I opened her pussy up with my fingers so the camera could see. I took my time and made her squirm. Finally the licking began and she was quiet…. just breathing heavily. I teased my fingers insider her love box and pressed two inside. “OOHhhhhh” she moaned. I slid my fingers in and out while tonguing her clit. “Mmmmm….. uhhhh…” she purred. She was getting very excited now. Her pussy got really juicy. I worked my fingers in and out of her and she kept looking down at me to watch what I was doing to her. Finally I began to rub her G Spot. “UGH…. OHHHH…. Wow….. that’s Hoo that’s good…. You’re really gooooood at this”, she moaned. Forcefully I continued until she started to thrust her hips up. “OOOH….. OHHHH…. OH GOD….. WOW…. UGH… UHHHH….. UH HUH……. UH HUUUUUHHHHH…. she came…. HARD. It was awesome. “GOD….. I’m seeing stars….. You’re really good at that.” she said. “Yeah….. say it dirty….. I wanna hear that again but say it like a dirty girl.” I asked. Danielle smiled a devilish smile. She sat up and looked at me and said, “Mmmmm Richard… I LOVE the way you lick my pussy… You’re so good at it…. You made me cum so hard I almost passed out…. such a bad boy.” “Thank you my beautiful, sexy, slutty bad girl….. Do you like to suck cock?” I teased. She nodded…. “Come on you nasty girl…. tell me dirty….. tell what you like to do.” I urged. Danielle was getting turned on by our dirty talk. She got up on her hands and knees and pushed me on my back. “I LOVE to suck cock….. I love it in my mouth…. I love to suck it HARD and feel it throbbing.” she purred. “Do you want my cum you sexy, dirty girl?” I asked. “YES… I wanna suck your cock so hard that your cum shoots into my mouth all hot and salty…. because I’m dirty…. I’m a dirty slut that loves to suck cock.” and then she did. Danielle promptly stuck my raging rocket into her mouth. MAN she was good. I adjusted my position on the bed so I could relax better but also so the camera could see her sucking better too. Then I let her blow me. I fucked her face from below and just like she said…. she sucked me hard and fast and soon I was erupting hot cum in her sexy mouth….. and she loved it. “WOW…. you taste good.” she stated. “Does your man smoke or drink?” I asked. “Yeah, he smokes pot sometimes and drinks.” she replied. “That will do it…. makes you cum taste bad.” I said. “So you don’t smoke or drink at all?” she asked. “Nope, I gave it all up and now my juice 100% all natural and healthy for you.” I said with a smile. “Well I’m hungry for more Angel Cake” I said gesturing to her pussy. “I know you like it….. so ask me dirty…. tell me how bad you want it and I’ll give it to you.” I said. “Oh baby…. my pussy is so wet….. Please please lick it for me (I thought I was going to die when she started to talk like this.) I’m all squishy and wet inside and I need your fingers in me….. touch me inside where it feels good. I do ANYTHING you want…. please lick my pussy baby…. please.” she cooed. (DAMN I thought to myself, remember how this night started???)

With a huge grin on both our faces I pushed Danielle back on the bed for another round of OH MY GOD where I lick and suck her delicious pussy until she creams but this time I wanted to add the dirty talk. “Tell me how it feels dirty girl….. tell me how I make you feel.” I said. I was sliding my fingers in and out of her and flicking my tongue on her clit. “Oh Richard…. God, my pussy is so hot for you….. Mmmmm Your fingers are inside me…. OH…… feels soooo good. I love you tongue on my pussy. I’m so wet….. please make me cum…. I do anything.” I started to rub her G spot again. “GOD your fingers are MAGIC….. My pussy loves you…… OH GOD…… so hot, I’m so hot…… I’m going to explode….. make me cum…. please baby….. make me cum.” she begged. I was happy to oblige and I suck her throbbing clit into my mouth and flicked it and finger fucked her G spot until she stiffened and arched her body off the bed in a shuddering climax.

All the dirty talk and her moans and sweet juice brought me right back to stiff city so I mounted her…. I checked the position and even winked at the camera as I pushed my cock into her. Danielle welcomed my hot rod into her velvet tunnel… Her smoldering eyes told me that she was ready to fuck. “Come on baby….. fuck me. Fuck my hot pussy with you big hard cock!” (Whenever I watch this video my cock throbs when I hear her during this part.) “Ahhhhhh….. we moaned together. Man her pussy was TIGHT. “Oh Danielle I love your tight pussy… You dirty slut….. I’m going to fuck your juicy pussy so hard.” I thrust into. HAAAHHHH… ugh…… She groaned. “Yes baby…. fuck me hard….. I’m your slut.” (All this dirty talk was driving me crazy with lust.) I opened her up….. put my hand on her chest the throttled her velvet vice. “UH UH UH UH UH…GOD…. UM UH UM UM MMAHHHH….FUCK…. YES…. FUCK ME… FUCK ME…. OH GOD…… MM…MMMM..MMMM..MMMMMAAAAHAHHHHHHHH GOOODDDDAAAMMMN!” Danielle came shaking and clawing at me. “Oh baby…. oh God baby… you’re so good to me….. I’m your slutty girl….. do whatever you want to me.

“I want you to ride me you hot slutty bitch….. Climb on my rocket and blast off!…. Come on…..” I ordered. My obedient slut was happy to oblige and slid her tight cunt down on me. She began to bounce and fuck herself….. it was beautiful. “Oh Richard…. your fucking cock is so hard….. fuck…… it feels so good in my dirty pussy…… Oh….. I’m gonna cum all over it….. I’m so juicy.” (She told me later that this dirty talk got her off so much harder than she’d ever had before.) “FUUUUUUUCKKK MEEEEE” she cried when she came again all saggin over towards me.

Now I got up…. I’d never tried this before but what the fuck right. I grabbed a dildo and some lube from my drawer and returned to my little slut…. I gave her the dirty girl eyes and rubbed some lube on the dildo and I gently inserted it in her. Danielle just watched as this toy was slid in and out of her pussy. “Ooooh….. baby…. I feel so dirty….. what are you going to do to me?” I moved between her legs and rubbed some lube on my cock. I think she had an idea but her eyes got REALLY wide when she felt me touch her ass. I pressed it into her and she grunted…. I pushed deeper and her muscles squeezed me which made my cock throb. I pushed deeper and she grunted and wiggled more….. Her eyes were huge…. I fucked her pussy with the dildo a little and then worked my cock in and out and she began to pant and move her head back and forth….. “Oh God…. so dirty…. I’m so dirty…. fuck me… fuck me.” she said. I drove it in deeper….. almost there I thought. She gripped my arms and stared at me her hips thrusting against me…… she was SUPER ON FIRE! I put her heels up on my shoulders and fucked her more with the dildo and bottomed out my cock in her virgin ass. She’d never….. and I was first. Now I had her….. really had her…… she was MINE. I pumped her tight ass and rocked her pussy with the dildo and pretty Danielle Panabaker was my slut….. “God Richard…. I’m so hot….. OH FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR BIG COCK!” It felt so good to her. I turned her sideways so the camera could get a better look and pumped her faster….. “OH OH OH OH OH… FUCK … OH OH UH UH UH…..” she threw her face into the mattress….. (ffffuuuuuckkk meeee) Her pussy gushed juice that coated my cock in her ass…… She clawed at the bed….. turn out her face and cried out again….. “Oh God, Oh Fuck….. Oh God….. Oh God…. I’m cumming…… I’m cummming……. fuuuuuuucccckkkkkk and her pussy and ass spasmed together….. She was done….. done like dinner.

I got up took a piss and washed off my cock….. wanted her to suck it and I knew she would. I came back and eased her off the bed onto her knees. I stuck my cock in her hungry mouth and she was happy to suck me. I fucked her beautiful face right in front of the camera and when I was ready, I told her, “I’m going to cum all over your dirty, slutty face you sexy whore!” Her eyes lit up and she opened her mouth when I jerked and cum splattered across her face and in her mouth and across her eyes and checks. “Close your eyes.” I said. I grabbed my phone…. turned the camera on and and got a close up of her cum covered face. Then I stuck my cock in her mouth again and she sucked on my juice while I videoed it….. Then she opened her eyes. She was surprised. “Keep sucking you hot slut. Show me how much you love my cock.” I ordered. Already on video I guess she just decided not to complain until after. It wasn’t going to matter, I wasn’t going to delete the video no matter what… but I was glad she didn’t stop and bitch about it.

Our wild session finally over Danielle took another shower and passed out on my bed.

She slept until mid morning and when she woke up she went straight into the shower. When she came out she was all smiles and I kissed the hell out of her….. and she kissed me back. “Good morning slut!” I said with a smile. She blushed HARD. “I can’t believe what I did last night.” she said sheepishly. “Oh please….. every woman in the world wants to let go and be a dirty, slutty whore and you got your chance and you fucking ran with it like a muthafucka!” I said. “Are you sore?”, I asked. “No, not really….. I thought I might be but I’m not….. I feel great.” she replied. “About the video” she started. “Forget it sugar…. I’m not deleting it or the other one.” I stated flatly. “What other one?” she asked her eyes widening. “This one” I said and pressed play on my big screen and the hidden video played on the screen. “OH MY GOD you taped the whole thing???!!!” she exclaimed. “RELAX!” I took her shoulders and I looked into her eyes. “This is NOT on the internet and it never will be. No picture of you or video from this will EVER leave this house. I WOULD NEVER BETRAY YOU LIKE THAT…. EVER. Okay?” “Richard, she pleaded. “What if somebody finds out you have this…. I’d be humiliated.” she cried. “HOW? How would anyone even know unless you or I told them?” I said.

She turned to look at the screen again and watched herself getting fucked. We both listened and watched as we went faster and harder until she came. Then I got up and came back with the dildo. “Oh God…. I can’t believe I let you do that to me?” she exclaimed. I slid in behind her naked body and I caressed her and said, “Let me?….. You’re my slutty sex slave….. you must to obey me until 1pm today remember?” It dawned on her that I could still do what I wanted to her. She looked back and me and I gave her the raised eyebrows and she rolled her eyes at me. Now we watched as I started to fuck her ass. “I’ve never done that before.” she admitted. “I think it’s safe to say that won’t be the last time somebody fucks your smokin hot ass.” I said. “God you can see everything.” she lamented. I turned her head and kissed her…. “Yeah you can.” and I slipped my hand between her legs…. and she’s all wet. “Looks like somebody’s all juicy again.” I whispered. She sighed and her body sunk into my hand and I stroked her pussy while we kissed. She was putty in my hands. When I finished kissing her I took her by the hand and led her to the living room where I had the camera all set up again. “You wanna tape us again?” she asked. “Yes I’m going to fuck your brains out again and I want better video in this beautiful light with my sexy angel slut that I’m going to fuck hard until she cums. I stated. “This time you can play to the camera.” I said.

Danielle was turned on from watching us fuck, AND turned on from thinking about being videotaped, AND having her ass fucked and realizing that she was still my little sexy slave and couldn’t really say no now even if she wanted to. She’s like…. “okay…. If you REALLY want this to look good then I need to fix my face okay?”

Danielle went back into the bathroom with her purse and put on her make up. She really fixed up her hair and when she was ready she came out. “How do I look?” she asked…. knowing she looked INCREDIBLE. “You look DELICIOUS. I can’t WAIT to eat you up.” I said. So…. Let’s plan out what we’re going to do. I think we start out with some kissing…. Then I want you to give me head. Then I’m going to lay you down and lick you all over until you’re all creamy on the inside.” (She smiled at that.) Then I’ll fuck you in a few different positions. Then I’ll fuck your ass and cum on your beautiful face again.” Danielle nodded approvingly….. she was on board with what was going to happen and we went at it.

This may be the happiest she’s ever been to lose a bet.