Ariel Winter – Perfect plan

The doorbell rang at the door of Ariel Winter’s new apartment. After the entire legal mess with her mother, the sixteen year old brunette thought that the best plan for her was to try and make it on her own. The overall stress bled into her living with her older sister and was becoming way too much for the maturing girl to handle. Tonight was her first free night since moving in days earlier.

Ariel opened the door to find her older friend and ‘Modern Family’ co-star Sarah Hyland standing with a bag from Best Buy in her hand.

“Hey hey,” the short twenty-three year old brunette said as she handed the bag to her and hugged her. “I got you a housewarming present.”

“Oh my god thanks,” Ariel said as the hug broke and Sarah entered the apartment. “Holy shit, a GoPro Camera,” she said as she pulled the popular camera out of the bag. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Don’t be silly, you deserve it,” Sarah said as she sat down on the long couch. “Cute place.”

“Thanks, I haven’t had much time to decorate it but I think it looks good so far,” Ariel said as she placed the camera box on the coffee table. “Want anything to drink?”

“Have any Diet Coke?” she asked.

Ariel grabbed two diet cokes from her refrigerator from the kitchen and returned to the living room, handing her friend a can. The younger girl had been watching the ‘This Is the End’ when her friend arrived, so the two girls sat and watched the movie for around a half hour. They spent their time talking about a variety of things, including their increasing work schedule as the season winded down.

Sarah was excited for the season to be wrapping up while Ariel was a bit upset. With all the drama in her life, her work was the only thing keeping the young girl sane. She had no movies or cameos set up any time in the near future and so she had become nervous about how her life might end up in a few weeks. Despite her big new contract, money was not her primary goal for her career but instead was focused on staying busy. Luckily for her, Sarah was here to help take her mind off of things. For tonight, it felt like 2011 all over again with nothing but girl-talk to worry about.

“How are things with Matt going?” Ariel asked, referring to Sarah’s boyfriend Matt Prokop.

“I don’t know, I think I might break it off soon,” Sarah responded as she unzipped her black hoodie.

“Why is that?” the teenager asked.

“He’s been pretty distant lately and I kinda have a thing for someone else,” Sarah said as she pulled the hoodie off, revealing a blue tank top that hugged her chest.

“Really?” Ariel said with discomfort. “Who?”

Sarah stretched and let out a long moan before looking back at her friend with a smile. She lightly brushed the hair out of her eyes and took a slow sip of her Diet Coke. She reached her hand towards Ariel with a loving look in her eyes.

“Whoa!” Ariel said. “What are you doing?”

“I wanted to see that sweater,” Sarah responded as she grabbed the pink sweater resting behind the sixteen year olds head.

“Oh, oh,” Ariel stuttered, embarrassed.

“What?” Sarah asked as it clicked in her head. “Oh, you thought…oh silly Ariel. You thought I was talking about you?” Ariel softly nodded, keeping her eyes down to the ground. “Aww, you are so cute. I don’t think so…you are too young for me,” she said sarcastically before laughing.

“I’m really sorry,” Ariel said as a smile returned to her face.

“It’s okay, you’re just a teenager. When I was sixteen, every move someone made seemed sexual in nature to me too…boys and girls.”

“Have you ever…you know…done anything with a…a girl,” Ariel said nervously.

“Nothing more than a kiss,” Sarah said. “You?”

“No, all my… ‘activities’…have been with boys,” Ariel said as she took a sip from her own drink.

“How many ‘activities’ have you done?” Sarah asked as she kicked her shoes off.

“I’ve kissed a bunch of boys and…” she responded before pausing.

“And what?”

“And had sex five times,” the young girl responded.

“Five?” Sarah asked in shock. “Damn, I was a virgin until I was seventeen. When was your first?”


“Shit, someone’s a bit of a slut isn’t she,” Sarah mockingly said.

“Shut up,” Ariel said before the girls laughed.

The girls made some more small talk until a heavy knock came to the door. Both girls looked confused as the younger brunette jumped up to answer it. As she pulled the door open, she was met instantly with a cold pistol pressed to her forehead.

Two tall men barged into the apartment, one pushing Ariel back with the gun. The sixteen year old was frozen in shock and backed up as the man wanted. The other man walked over to Sarah and pressed a gun to the back of her head. The older girl sat still with a blank look on her face.

“Which one of you whores live here,” the man with Ariel asked.

“I…I…,” Ariel squeaked out.

“You!?” the man yelled. “Name?”

“Ar…Ariel,” she said.

“Ariel, lay down on the floor right now!” he screamed as he shoved her to the ground and pushed the barrel of the gun against the back of her head.

“Please, don’t hurt us!” she cried while Sarah remained still and silent, staring down at the young girl. “Take whatever you want!”

“Don’t mind if I do,” the man said as he stepped onto her hair and put the gun down on the table.

The man grabbed the GoPro camera out of the box and quickly started it up with little ease. He turned to Sarah and menacingly stared at her. He handed the camera over to the woman and instructed her to keep it pointed at Ariel at all times. She grabbed the camera and did as she was told without changing the expression on her face.

Ariel stared up at her friend and could only assume that she was just as frightened as she was, given that she was not moving. Meanwhile, her own fear increased as she felt the man’s hand grab the bottom of her t-shirt.

“No! No!” she screamed as her shirt was roughly yanked up her body.

The young girl tried to squirm away but the man had put his feet back on her hair, making every movement she extremely painful. He stepped off of her as her shirt reached her neck. With a rough tug, the shirt was gone and the sixteen year old was left with her d-cup breasts only covered by a flimsy white bra.

“Damn those tits are huge,” the other man said. “I thought a sixteen year old was living here, Josh.”

“I am sixteen,” Ariel said.

“Damn they grow ‘em younger and younger,” Josh said before looking at Sarah. “What does that make you? Twelve?”

“Twenty-three,” she said in a monotone voice.

“Someone’s probably jealous,” he said before he reached down and tore the bra off of Ariel’s body. “Let’s see them.”

Ariel was grabbed by the arm and roughly rolled to her back, exposing her bare chest to the other three in the room. Before she knew it, she felt a hard slap against her right breast. He slapped her massive chest over and over again, leaving large red palm marks all over her. She begged and pleaded in pain for him to stop but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Josh stared down as tears started to stream down young Ariel’s eyes. He admired how mature her body was for her age. In his mind, a girl with a body like that could not have possibly been a virgin, which was slightly disappointing. How sweet it would have been to have given her the final step to womanhood. Unfortunately for Ariel, this did not change any of his plans.

Ariel stared up at Josh as he reached for the zipper of his jeans, pulling them down and giving the teen a clear look at the giant bulge formed in his tight underwear.

“Please,” she softly begged before he pulled his underwear down, freeing his thick eight inch cock.

“Shut the fuck up!” the other man yelled as he pushed the barrel of his gun harder into Sarah’s skull. “Keep talking and I’ll spray your friend’s brains all over the damn place!”

Ariel locked eyes with Sarah and, for the first time, could see her shaking. She was smart enough to know not to try and call his bluff. She kept her mouth shut as Josh dropped to his kneed inches from her head.

Josh grabbed onto his rock hard cock and started slapping it hard against the young girl’s forehead. She closed her eyes and softly sobbed as she felt the soft head smack against her. He reached forward and took her left breast in his hand and gave it a rough squeeze, causing her to moan.

“They’re definitely real,” Josh said as he groped the girl.

Needing to put his cock inside something, he swung his leg around and maneuvered until he was sitting on the soft balloons on her chest. He pressed the throbbing head of his cock against her puckered lips and tried to force it in her mouth. She resisted at first but soon remembered the situation with Sarah and opened up. With one hard push forward, Josh had all eight inches in her mouth, stretching her throat.

While Sarah stared on, Josh started to violently throat-fuck Ariel. He grabbed both sides of her head and used it as his own personal sex toy. The traumatized girl felt as if she would vomit at any second. She fought her gag reflex with every ounce of strength, afraid of what would happen if she pissed him off. As slobber rushed out of the corners of her mouth and some liquid started to run from her nose, he pulled out to give her air. She started coughing hard and gasping for air before he grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head down.

Josh lay down on her face, forcing his cock back into her mouth and started humping her skull into the carpeted floor. Her arms and legs flailed around as she felt like her head would be crushed under his hips. The man took no mercy as he tortured the young girl. After about a minute, he pulled himself off and slithered his way down her body until his hands were on her big white belt.

Ariel was preoccupied by the pain in her head and the lack of air in her lungs to notice her belt ripped off and tossed across the room. By the time she was aware of the situation again, her jeans were being pulled off at her feet while her panties were stuck around her knees. She looked down in embarrassment as her underage pussy was exposed to the two men and Sarah. With all of her busy work, she had not had the time to trim up her pubic hair and was left with a bit of a bush.

“I like a cunt with some hair on it,” Josh said as he slapped her pussy hard.

The tall man lifted himself up until the head of his thick eight-incher was pressed against the dry opening of the sixteen year olds cunt. Ariel stared up at him with a worried look as she felt him begin to invade her sacred area. Her breathing increased and her nerves were on fire as his cock stretched her vaginal walls to their limits. She wanted so badly to punch his smirking face but knew better. She shut her eyes and groaned as he continued to push in until she felt his balls hit her asshole.

Josh slowly pulled back before roughly slamming himself forward, causing her to slide back a few inches. She groaned hard as he started to fuck her hard with no mercy. The girl was in pain as the thick cock continued to stretch her still-developing with each hard thrust. The pain increased when he reached forward and grasped her neck, choking her. Her eyes shot open and her tongue hung out as she fought for breath. He lessened his grip slightly before grabbing it tight again. He did this repeatedly while never slowing his fucking down.

Sarah continued to stare blankly at the rape happening in front of her while the other man held the gun against her skull. She made sure to keep the camera pointed at the scene in front of her, making sure that the men would be satisfied. She jumped a bit as she watched Josh land a hard slap to the young girl’s face for no reason other than ‘he wanted to’.

Josh continued to violently fuck the teenage girl on the rough carpet, leaving carpet burns on her back which only helped increase the pain and trauma she was experiencing. She was silently begging for him to finish quickly to end the torture. Ariel could not think of any possible way that this experience could get any worse…and then he pulled out.

With one quick motion, Josh flipped the girl onto her stomach and lifted her lower body to her knees. She thought that he was going to fuck her doggy-style, which in her mind was not much worse than what she had just experienced. Unfortunately for her, he had different plans.

Ariel felt something wet and warm land on her ass hole, causing her to freeze. As Josh bean to rub the wad of spit around her airtight ass hole, the reality of the situation became clear to her. All was confirmed when she felt his warm cock head press against it.

“No, no stop! Not there!” she screamed as the head slipped in and began to inch its way in.

The other man grabbed Sarah by the arm and stood her up as Ariel looked up. He took a step back while holding the gun to the older girl’s head.

“One more word!” he yelled.

Ariel stopped talking despite the pain, fearing for Sarah’s life. She was tested when Josh, who was about half way inside her, thrusted forward and filled her virgin ass. Her mouth flung open and she took several deep breaths while squealing. She looked up at Sarah who stared on with her normal blank stare. If it was not for the trauma she was experiencing, Ariel would be wondering why Sarah was not freaking out as much as she was.

Josh grabbed onto the young girl’s plump ass and viciously fucked her. The sounds of skin slapping and Ariel squealing in pain filled the room. She lowered her head and stared at the floor as she was helplessly abused. Never before had the young brunette felt so useless. To this man, her existence was worthless. She was nothing more than a living, breathing sex doll to this strange man. She watched as her tears dripped down and hit the carpet beneath her.

As the rape was winding down, Josh pushed the girl down until her stomach was flat on the stomach. He used every ounce of his weight to slam down and sandwich the girl on the floor. He wildly bucked himself around until he felt his end coming. After a few more hard thumps, he pulled his cock out of her beat-red ass and started to jerk himself off over her back.

Ariel closed her eyes and sobbed as she felt hot strings of cum begin to land on her body. It felt like he was cumming gallons when in reality, he shot eight large ropes of cum before the last few drops dribbled out of him. When he was done, he rubbed his cock against her shapely ass cheeks to clean himself off.

As Josh moved away from his victim, he looked up at Sarah and locked eyes with her. Sarah then looked down at Ariel until she looked up at her. As the girl’s eyes met, they stared at each other for a few seconds until a smile came to the older girl’s face. Ariel was confused as to why her friend was smiling at her raped and abused body.

The man standing behind Sarah took a step to the side and showed the gun to Ariel. She immediately noticed the plastic orange cap in the barrel, showing that her friend was being threatened with a toy gun.

“What?” Ariel asked.

Without saying a word, Sarah turned around and jumped into the man’s arms before planting a deep kiss on him. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss and Sarah got back to her feet. She turned back to Ariel and gave her an evil smile before reaching down to the bottom of her tank top and pulling it off her body. Ariel watched in shock as she saw the bra-less chest of her smiling friend being exposed. The man slowly pulled down her jeans and panties until the short girl was left stark naked.

Without saying a word, Sarah got down on the ground and sat down on Ariel’s ass. She looked behind her at her young friend’s confused face before laying back. She giggled as she felt and heard Josh’s cum squish between them.

“My turn Allen,” Sarah said to the man as her quickly pulled down his shorts.

Ariel tried to squirm her way out from under Sarah when the older girl elbowed her in the ribs, causing her to groan. She felt humiliated as Sarah rested her head atop hers and laughed.

“Figure it out yet?” Sarah asked her friend.

Before Ariel could answer, she felt Allen kneel down on her knees. He quickly slid his seven inch cock between Sarah’s soaking wet pussy lips and started gently fucking the girl. He wrapped his hands around her waist and softly pushed her down, pinning Ariel down even more under her.

“Oh yes!” Sarah yelled as his thick cock made its way in and out of her horny pussy.

The entire time during Ariel’s rape, Sarah had to fight the urge to ram her hand down her pants and rub herself to completion. To her, nothing was more thrilling then seeing her young friend in so much distress. Now she was finally able to relieve her sexual buildup. Within a minute of Allen’s cock entering her, Sarah had a massive orgasm that soaked Ariel’s ass beneath her. The young girl screamed as she felt her friend’s orgasmic juices flow down her ass crack and into her pussy.

“No!” Ariel screamed, now not fearing a gun.

“Yes!” Sarah laughed, mocking her.

Sarah continued to giggle and moan as she had the most pleasurable sexual experience in her life. She loved hearing the sound of her gushing pussy juices slushing around as Allen’s cock fucked her. The brunette reached down and laced her fingers with Ariel’s, adding more humiliation to her.

Allen reached forward and grasped Sarah’s perky b-cup breasts, making her purr. He softly pinched each nipple between his fingers before lightly slapping each tit.

“She likes it,” Allen said to Ariel as he continued to slap Sarah’s breasts. “Smaller tits are better anyway.”

He brought his hands back to her waist and began fucking her harder while her hips began to violently buck forward, causing more pain to the young girl pinned beneath her. Sarah rolled her head off of Ariel’s and rested it next to her. She turned and put her lips to the girl’s ear.

“Cunt,” she whispered.

Allen gave her a few more hard thrusts before he pulled his cock out of her and made his way towards her head. Sarah kissed Ariel’s ear as his cum rained down on both girls’ heads. Sarah laughed and caught some with her tongue while Ariel sobbed as a large glob went directly into her ear. Most of the cum landed on Sarah’s face and in her mouth, letting only a little bit stain the teenager’s long brown hair.

Once he was finished, Allen rubbed his seminal residue from his cum against the inner thigh of his willing lover. Sarah continued to kiss and lick the cum from Ariel’s ear while laughing her ass off. This whole experience was one of the most amusing things that the twenty-three year old had ever experienced. She relaxed for a few seconds before sitting up, putting all of her weight, once again, on Ariel’s ass.

“That was awesome,” Sarah told both men. “And we got it all on video so a certain little spoiled cunt won’t be running off to the police unless she wants the WHOLE world to see what a slut she is.”

“Ready to go babe?” Josh asked her.

“One second,” Sarah said as she looked forward with a smile on her face.

Both when wondered what she was doing until they saw what was happening. They looked down and saw a stream of urine shooting out of her throbbing red pussy, dripping down Ariel’s ass and pussy until a large dark spot formed on the light blue carpet. She started to laugh once she heard Ariel cry like a baby. Once she was finished, she wiped her piss-soaked cunt with Ariel’s shirt.

Sarah got dressed and looked down at Ariel’s beaten down body and started to laugh uncontrollably. The two men joined her in laughter while pointing at the victim.

“Well Ariel,” Sarah said through laughter. “Enjoy your big career, big paycheck and big whorish tits. See you on set tomorrow; the three of us have a nice long night ahead of us. I wonder if I’ll still be able to taste you on Josh’s cock later!”

The three left their piss-soaked, cum-soaked teenage victim laying on the floor in a crying mess and headed back to Sarah’s place to continue their nasty night of sex.

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