What if Tilda Swinton and Mia Wasikowska were artists in Soho?

Mia, an expatriate artist from Australia, was moving
into a loft apartment in Soho, West London. As she
unpacked, one of her neighbors, an older redheaded
woman, entered.

“Hello, there,” the woman said, alerting Mia to her

“Oh, hi.”

“You must be Mia.”

“Yeah, Mia Wasikowska. It’s Polish.”

“You’re an Aussie.”

“Yeah, you can tell, can’t you?”

“I’m Matilda, or Tilda, or Miss Swinton, if you prefer.”

“Well, hi.” Mia offered her hand, and Tilda took it and
kissed it. “Um, yeah, thanks.” Mia laughed nervously.

Tilda noticed some painting implements that Mia had
unpacked. “So, you’re a painter?”

“Yeah, I am.”

“What kind of things do you paint?”

“Oh, you know, whatever.”

“Well, if you ever need a model, I’m right down the
hall, in 206.”

“Right, I’ll, uh, keep that in mind.”

A few days later, Mia was looking out the window, trying
to find something to paint, but nothing appealed to her.
She then remembered Tilda’s offer. She’d never tried
painting a human subject, and the challenge suddenly
piqued her interest.

A bit later, Mia knocked on Tilda’s door.

“Oh, hello, Mia.” Tilda instantly smiled on seeing her.
“Can I do something for you?”

“Yeah, I thought I’d take you up on your offer.”

“Oh, good. I look forward to working with you.”

“My place, about eight?”

“It’s a date.”

At eight, Mia heard Tilda knock on her door. Mia opened
the door, to find Tilda standing there, wearing a

“Um, interesting choice of…” Mia suddenly realized
what Tilda had meant by ‘model’. She wondered how this
hadn’t dawned on her before.

“I could say the same about you.” She referred to Mia’s
overalls, with nothing underneath.

“Oh, this old thing, yeah. It’s my painting clothes.”

“So, where do you want me?”


Tilda slipped off her robe, then lay down on the couch
in a provocative pose.


“Um, okay.”

Mia set up her easel, pulled up her stool, and started

As she painted this older woman, “I, uh, hope I’m not
offending you by asking this…”



“I’m fifty-three.”

“Really? I was thinking maybe forty-ish.”

“I can always tell when someone’s going to ask me my
age. Really, it doesn’t bother me. Especially since, as
you say, I do look good for my age.”

As she painted this much older woman, eying up every
inch of her shapely, womanly body, so she could put it
to canvas, Mia couldn’t help but feel aroused. She’d
never even had a homosexual thought in her life, but
now, she was having everyone in the book. She resolved
to channel all her sudden lustful urges onto the canvas.

Sometime later, Mia put down her brush and palette.
“Alright, well, tell me what you think.” She turned the
easel. Tilda’s face instantly lit up.

“Oh, very nice!” She actually seemed to be blushing as
she sat up. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked so

Mia grinned bashfully, “Well, you know…”


“I was, um, you know…”

“Mia, come here. Sit down.” Mia sat down next to her,
and Tilda put her hand on the side of Mia’s face. “Thank
you.” Tilda whispered, then leaned in, and kissed Mia on
the lips. As their tongues embraced, Mia undid the
straps on her overalls, and the bib fell from her chest.
Tilda groped one of Mia’s breasts, and kissed her chest
and shoulders. “Oh, Mia,” she whispered, “I haven’t
wanted anyone as badly as I want you. I never imagined
you’d want me the same way.”

Mia gasped her words. “I can’t believe it either… I’ve
never wanted any woman, but you. Oh, God, Tilda, I feel
like I’m burning up.”

“Where’s your bedroom?”

“In there.” Mia pointed.

Mia, now naked, lay on her bed, with Tilda on top of
her, kissing down her chest. Tilda licked and sucked on
Mia’s hard nipples, then kissed down her belly. She made
her way down to Mia’s snatch. It had been a few years
since Tilda last ate another woman’s pussy, but she was
so in love with this girl, she wanted nothing more than
to please her any way she could.

Mia came, letting out a high-pitched squeal. Tilda
kissed her way back up, till they were again face to
face. “I wanna do you now.” Mia whispered, catching her

Tilda lay on her back, as Mia kissed her tits, and
sucked her nipples. Mia had never made love to a woman
before, but, as she painted each part of Tilda, she
thought about kissing her there, and making love to that
part. Mia kissed down Tilda’s stomach, then her bush.

Mia knew nothing about eating another woman out, so she
just licked the outside of Tilda’s cunt, and this seemed
to work. “God,” Tilda sighed, “are you sure you’ve never
done this?” Mia worked her tongue inside Tilda’s labia,
and there she could taste how wet she really was.
“Yessssss,” As she went, Mia found that not only was she
getting the hang of it, but she was enjoying it,
especially the sounds of pleasure from her lover.

“YESSSS!!!” Tilda almost crushed Mia’s head with her
thighs when she came. Her pussy was now practically
gushing juice, which Mia licked up, making Tilda come
again in the process.

Later, the two embraced on the bed, with Mia resting her
head on Tilda’s shoulder. The two just lay there,
silently, contentedly, feeling the love between them.