What if Jena Malone worked for Helen Mirren at a big company?

Jena was a quiet, mousy girl who worked at a big
company, as a corporate assistant. Her boss, Ms.
Mirren, was the CEO. She was a much older British
woman, who was definitely not one to be fucked with,
which she’d seen a few younger execs make the mistake
of doing, but at the same time treated Jena more like
a friend than an assistant. Truth be told, Jena had a
great amount of admiration for her boss, but
sometimes, it felt like something…more.

“Ms. Malone, can you come in here, please?” Jena went
into Ms. Mirren’s office.

“Yes, Ms. Mirren?”

“Jena, how would you like to go to the big convention
in London next week, as my guest?”

“Really? I-uh, sure, but why me?”

“Oh, come on, Jena. You know I’m useless without
you.” Ms. Mirren winked at Jena, as she often did. As
usual, Jena had to stifle a giggle.

A week later, Jena was in London; she’d never even
been out of state before. She’d also never been in
any place as lavish as the hotel suite she was
sharing with Ms. Mirren.

“God,” she said, once they’d been in the room for a
few minutes, “this place is amazing! I feel like I
wanna do something crazy.”

“Like what?” Ms. Mirren asked, in an intrigued tone.

“Like, I dunno, order a bathtub full of champagne?”

“That’s actually not as much fun as it sounds,” Ms.
Mirren said, then in a lower tone, “Found that out
the hard way. Well, we can certainly get a bottle up
here. And how about lunch? Your choice.”

“Um, okay. Isn’t this place supposed to have great
Indian food?”

“Oh, excellent. Yes, Indian does sound good.”

“From outside, right? Just, you know, I heard most
food-poisoning cases abroad happen with hotel food.”

Ms. Mirren laughed, “You’re going to make a great
executive someday, you know that?”

Jena again stifled a giggle. “Thanks, Ms. Mirren.”

“Please, I want you to call me Helen from now on.”

“Um, okay. Helen.”

The next evening, they were at a formal event. Jena
was just sort of standing around, with a glass of
champagne; she never was much at socializing.
Suddenly, Helen called her over.

“Jena, tell them what you were saying the other day
about the bond market.”

Jena barely remembered the comment she’d made, but
knew what she thought about that subject, so just
spewed her opinion at the men Helen was talking to.

“Yes, very perceptive,” one of them said.

“Oh, yes,” Helen agreed, “Jena’s quite brilliant. I
dare say she’ll have my job someday.” Jena was
finding it increasingly harder to keep from

Later on, the pair returned to the suite.

“Well, you seem to have made quite an impression

Jena couldn’t hold it back anymore, and let out a
snigger. “Thanks.”

“Why do you do that?”

“Uh, do what?”

“Whenever I say something nice about you, you turn
into that vulture from the cartoons. It’s like you’re
not used to being complimented.”

Jena again sniggered. “Well…”

“Listen to me, Jena. When I tell you you’re amazing,
it’s because you are amazing. You’re lovely and
brilliant, and just a wonderful, beautiful girl.”

Jena turned bright red, and had to fight to keep from
covering her face with her hands. Recovering she
said, “Thank you.”

Helen then changed the subject. “Oh, I almost forgot,
I was going to take care of the bill tonight, so we
could leave quickly tomorrow. You think you could see
to that?”

“Oh, uh, yeah.” Helen handed her the corporate card.

Paying the bill only took a few minutes, and then she
was back in the room.


“In here.” The voice came from the bathroom. Jena
went in, to find Helen, lying in the bath. “It’s not
champagne, but I thought you might join me anyway.”

In spite of her age, Helen still looked… good. Jena
instantly started removing her clothes, then, once
naked, got in, and almost immediately, their lips
met, as they embraced in the hot, soapy water.

A few minutes later, the two lay on Helen’s bed,
still wet from the bath, lips locked, Helen holding
Jena lovingly. Helen started to kiss Jena’s neck,
then her shoulders, and her chest, and gently sucked
on Jena’s hard nipples. “Huuuhhh…” Jena sighed
blissfully, as Helen continued to kiss every inch of
her body; her stomach, her thighs, her hips. Jena
could tell Helen had made love to more than a few
women in her time.

Before she knew it, Helen began performing
cunnilingus on her. Here was where Jena really knew
how experienced her boss was. “Ha! … Ah! … Oh…”
Jena let out a series of high-pitched gasps, as Helen
ate her out. As Helen probed deeper, Jena started
rubbing her nipples, and grinding her head into the
pillow. “Oh… Oh God!” Jena’s body jerked and
twisted as she came. After, Helen kissed her way back
up. They kissed again, until Jena spoke. “Helen, can
I tell you something?”


“That’s the first time I’ve ever been, uh…”

“Oh. Really?”


“Well… How was it?”

Jena responded by again kissing her, and then, “I
wanna do you now.”

“Well, okay. If you like.”

Helen now lay in Jena’s place. Not really knowing
specifically what to do, Jena just started licking
the outside of Helen’s vaj. “Oh… yeah…” Helen

“Is that okay?” Jena asked.

“Oh, fantastic,” Jena continued, going a little
deeper now. Helen clutched at herself, and squeezed
her large breasts. Jena was clearly a natural. “Rub
my clit,” she whispered. Jena started rubbing Helen’s
clit with thumb, as she probed deeper with her

Helen almost clawed her tits off when she came. Jena
came back up, and they kissed some more. “Oh, God, I
haven’t cum like that in years.”

Helen held Jena close, and Jena cozied up to her.
“You are a beautiful, wonderful girl, Jena,” Helen
whispered, as both dozed off.

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