Elisha Cuthbert pops around to the club

I had gotten back to the US after travelling around
Europe for nearly two years. I had decided to relocate
in L.A and was looking for a job to pay for my shitty
one room apartment. I had already gone through money in
my bank account that I had inherited from when my
father died. Most of it was spent on travelling and the
money that remained was spent on rent and now I was low
on funds.

I had searched around, looking in the paper, employment
agencies, handing out my resume to as many places as
possible and nothing. I had finished up for the day and
decided to head to the beach. I sat down on a bench
that had a good view of the beach when a teenage kid
came and sat down next to me. It was obvious Eminem was
his role model, he looked like an extra from ‘The Real
Slim Shady’ video. Bleach blonde hair, white T-Shirt
and blue jeans. He kept looking at me and then looked
ahead. He finally spoke after about a minute of

“I got the stuff you want.”

“What stuff?” I was confused as fuck.

“Stuff to make you feel like you’re flying.” He said
with a stupid grin.

“Sorry. Don’t want any.” I said looking ahead trying
not to make eye contact.

“You call my ass out here and then you don’t want my
shit?” He was getting pissed off.

“First off all I didn’t call you out here and secondly
who the fuck are you?”

“Hey, you called my up, said you got my number off

“Sorry. I don’t know no Rob.” I cut him off. “You must
have the wrong person.”

“Oh shit.” He came to realisation. “Sorry man. I didn’t
mean to bother you.” He said still sitting there. I
knew no one over here, so I decided to strike up a
conversation with this guy since we were already

“How long you been selling?”

“A couple of months.”

“It shows.” I said.

“What do you mean it shows?” He asked slightly

“You attempted to sell drugs to me out in the open.
There’s parents with kids here.” I pointed them out to
him. “They wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops on you.”

“So you’re saying I shoulda done it in like… a car or
some shit?”

“No. A car is too bait. A guy goes in and comes
straight back out. If a cop’s nearby they’ll now
exactly what’s going on. You need to do it in a place
like a diner. Get a coffee and pass the stuff under the
table. But don’t keep going to the same place or
they’ll get suspicious. Al ternate between places.”

“You a dealer?” He asked.

“No. Being a dealer would be better than nothing. At
least you’d be making money, unlike now. I can’t get a
job about to get evicted.”

“I feel you dogg. I been there, done that.”

“How?” I said looking at him. “You look like you’re

“17 dogg. But I been out on the street since I was 15.
My moms and pops kicked me out for doing dope.” There
was a moment of silence. “You know if you want I could
introduce you to my boss, he could do with a dealer who
knows what he’s doing.”

“That’d be great.” I said. “When?”

“Now, if you have the time.”

“Sure.” I said. He started to lead the way. “I didn’t
quite catch your name.”

“Stefan.” He said, extending his hand.

“Kash.” I replied shaking his hand. He took me to see
his boss, who went by the name ‘Bishop.’ Which I
assumed was an alias or a surname, didn’t really ask.
He was apparently a big player. Stefan vouched for me,
even though he knew me for only half an hour, the kid
had heart. I was made his partner and he was suppose to
show me the ropes, but it turned out to be the other
way around.

In just a short month I had already leap frogged over
Stefan, which wasn’t too hard, as he was treated like a
joke, but by hanging out with me he was starting to get
smarter and more street wise. We had already
established ourselves as the biggest selling duo. I had
already moved out of my shitty apartment and was now
living in a luxury apartment that was more or less a
condo. It had two floors, spiralling stair case, view
of the beach, pool out back for the block and even a
receptionist at the front doors, the full package.

We started to sell so much that we were starting to run
out of supply and couldn’t keep up with the demand. I
had managed to sell to a celebrity and he introduced
other celebs to us. Every celebrity had to be OK’d by
Bishop first and then he’d assign them to one of us.
This was to make it seem like a big well organised
operation, like a business. I had mainly male celebs as
the other guys always called dibs on the female celebs,
so they can ask them for sex in return for drugs and
the women never said no. If they can get drugs without
paying for it they did.

The only female celebs I had was the ugly ones that you
would never even think about sleeping with. Hence why I
was left with them. A lot of the guys accepted sex in
exchange for drugs from women. I was a bit picky,
that’s why none of the female celebs had caught my
eyes0 I did accept sex from some of the regular female
customers, after all I was human. The women I accepted
it from the most were three of the hottest women you
will ever see. They practically lived at my place and
were more like live-in girlfriends than clients.

Bishop had already dubbed me as his ‘Prot�g�.’ And he
was even more impressed when I came up with an idea of
having a crack house slash brothel rolled into one, but
fronted as a night club and strip club rolled into one.
He bought a place the size of four clubs, we split it
in half. One half for clubbing and one half for the

We had an upstairs for all the illegal activity. The
strippers were hookers, who now had a place to do it
and we took a healthy percentage. Word got around and
the place packed it out every night, it got so packed
we had to open a couple more and ended up with ten
clubs around L.A. Me and Stefan were still running the
first initial club, which was still the most successful
one. We had now managed to bring the drug users to us
instead of us having to find them and then go to them.

Me and Stefan became best of friends and were two of
the highest ranked guys working for Bishop, who was now
known as one of the biggest drug distributors in
California . Me and Stefan were known as the guy’s who
moved drugs faster than anyone else. This wasn’t
limited to just weed, we sold everything from x pills,
coke, heroine, ether and we had even started to sell
human adrenaline. God knows where Bishop gets human
adrenaline, but I’m not gonna be the guy to question

The initial club became the hub of our operation. Me
and Stefan were recognised by everyone, from high
rollers to low lives, people who were some bodies to
people who were nobodies. Even the cops knew our
reputations but couldn’t do shit because we were just
too smart for them.


Me and Stefan pulled up in front of the club like any
other night, dressed in our $1500 Armani suits, me with
my trademark white and Stefan with his eccentric red.
People on the outside waiting in the queue were calling
out to us trying to take the easy way into the club,
like we knew who they were. Every employee from the
door to the bar greeted us, trying to go up the
rankings by sucking up to us. We headed up the stairs
and straight to the back. We had a meeting with the
Lopez brothers, Hector and Luis.

They use to be Bishop’s number one guys but were
replaced by me and Stefan. They didn’t like it too much
and were trying to come up with an idea, like my idea
with the club to bring themselves up to number one
status again. Their idea was the slave trade. Smuggle
in people to the US and have them work as slaves,
selling them off to the highest bidder.

Bishop wasn’t too keen on the idea and asked my
feelings towards it and I made it clear that I thought
it was inhumane and barbaric, which helped him make his
mind up. That’s why I was known as his prot�g�, I could
influence his thoughts very easily. They came in to try
and convince me it’s a good idea, I heard them out and
dismissed them. As soon as they left the intercom

“What?” I said answering the intercom by holding the
button down.

“A Hollywood actress her to see you.” Stefan’s eyes lit
up. “A Ms. Cuthbert.”

“Send her in.” I said letting go of the intercom
button. The office had a window behind the main desk
that over looked the whole club, this was our way of
seeing everything that happened in the club. The blinds
were already pulled from the meeting with the Lopez
brothers. I peeked through the blinds to see her being
shown up the stairs. “Out.” I told Stefan. “She’s

“Oh! Finally! A celebrity that’s caught the eye’s of
the high and mighty Kash.” Stefan mocked, bowing down
to me a couple of times as he walked backwards and left
the room. I had to laugh at his stupidity. He may be an
imbecile at times but he was the greatest friend you
could ask for and was too stupid to stab you in the

Scott, the door man, showed Elisha Cuthbert into the
room. She was a small, petite woman at 5’3″ and had on
a short black skirt, that fell a few inches of her
knees, a short black top that showed off her belly and
was sleeveless, cut off at he shoulders, she had black
open toed heels and she was holding a small black

“Nice tan.” I complemented her. She usually had milky
white skin and must’ve been sunbathing or at least out
in the sun, she had the tone she had for her Maxim
photo shoot she did back in 2004.

“Thanks.” Elisha replied uncomfortably.

“How can I help you?” I asked.

“Me and my friends… were looking for some…” She
started, shifting side to side. She was clearly

“First time buying?”

“Yes.” She said starting to look a little relieved, now
that the subject was out.

“Please…” I said motioning to the seat on the other
side of the desk. “Take a seat.” She sat in front of me
and I could see her beauty more clearly. She had curly
blonde hair just past her shoulders, a lot like her
hair in the first season of ’24.’ She wore a light
shade of pink lip stick and had plain hoop ear rings.
“How much you need?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never bought dope before.” She

“How many of you are there?” I asked.

“There’s five of us all together.” I stood up and
walked over to a painting on the wall. I opened it like
a door, there was a safe behind it where we kept the
drugs and large amounts of money. It was a cheesy thing
to do, but had to be done. I took out enough for five
girls in their early 20’s would need to get high,
closed the safe and sat back down.

“My friend Justin Timberlake said that you guys take
sex as payment.” She said quickly, probably built up
the courage and blurted it out before she lost her
nerve. She didn’t look up, she looked down as if she
felt dirty the moment she said it. I got up, took off
my expensive blazer, put it on the back of my chair and
walked over to her. The seat she was sitting on was an
office chair that spun around, so I spun the chair
around so she’d face me. I squatted down enough for us
to be face to face.

Elisha was still looking down. I lifted her chin up
with my hand so I could see her face. She looked
unbelievably gorgeous & had beautiful, hypnotising blue
eyes that you could get lost in for hours by just
staring at them. I leaned forward and kissed her. She
did nothing at first, probably startled, but then she
kissed me back and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I
started to suck her tongue instantly gently massaging
it with my tongue. I broke our kiss.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” I
told her. I was starting to feel like I was taking
advantage of her. It was obvious she was uncomfortable
doing this. “I’ll take money for them.” I said standing
up and going back to my seat.

“No way!” She replied. “I have to or my friends will
think I’m a total wuss.”

“O.K.” I said, noticing her immaturity even though she
was 23, but I still wanted her. “I tell you what give
me a blowjob and we’ll call it even.” Elisha started to
make her way towards me with a hesitant look. “What’s

“I’ve never given a… blow job.” She confessed biting
her bottom lip, showing her lack of sexual experience.
I looked her up and down. She was unbelievably hot,
from head to toe. She had a great figure, big breasts,
nice round ass and a beautiful face. I looked down at
her feet. She had nice looking toes, which were painted
a light shade of red, I couldn’t get a proper view of
them as they were in shoes, but she wasn’t a foot model
for nothing.

“You use to be a foot model right?” I asked still
looking at her feet.

“Yes. How did you know.” She asked, surprised.

“I know a lot about you.”

“Like?” She asked, tilting her head to one side,
starting to flirt a little.

“You’re a huge Ice hockey fan and despite growing up in
Montreal, you’re a huge Kings fan and have season
tickets to them.” Elisha looked surprised at the fact
that I knew that piece of irrelevant information.
“So… how comes you don’t support the Montreal

“Because…” She said coyly, looking down. “I love

“Here…” I said patting at spot on the desk looking to
get things moving. “Sit here.” Elisha sat exactly where
I told her. I turned to face her. I put her feet, which
were still in shoes, on to my chair, on the space in
between my legs. Elisha had her legs together. I
touched her thighs, they were so soft and tanned. I
reached up her skirt and grabbed hold of her panties
and started to pull them down and off around her
ankles. Elisha put her feet back at the same spot as
before. I spread her legs apart to get a clear view of
her cunt. Her musky scent wafted through the air into
my nostrils.

“Smells like someone’s excited.” Elisha gave a adorable
nervous laugh. I lifted her skirt up to reveal a
clearer view of her pussy. There was a tiny brown patch
just above her slit and no hair any where else. Her
slit was already glistening with her juices. I leaned
forward and licked her wet slit.

“Ummmm…” Elisha moaned biting her bottom lip, staring
down at me. I couldn’t get her legs open properly
because her feet were in between my legs, so I lifted
them up, took off her shoes and put one foot on each
shoulder, they felt warm through my thin shirt. I
wrapped my arms around her thighs and was able to part
her pussy lips from the top, with my hands. I darted my
tongue in and out of her moist hole a couple of times,
causing Elisha to moan. I leaned forward and locked my
lips over her slit and pushed my tongue in deep into
her, forcing her juices to trickle out the side of my
tongue and into my mouth.

“Oh God!” Elisha moaned as I let go off her pussy lips
with my hand so they were wrapped tightly around my
tongue. I pushed my thumb down at the top of her cunt
under the hood and I could feel her swollen clit. Her
hips bucked at the touch of my thumb on her clit. I
started to work my tongue in and out of her tight hole
faster and faster with every stroke, with my clit
rubbing keeping up in time with my tongue strokes.

“Yes! Yes! That’s IT!” Elisha moaned moving her hips to
one side, getting my tongue to the spot she wanted it
on. “That’s it! That’s the fucccking spotttttt!
AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” She came to a screaming climax in
minutes, her pussy vibrating and contracting all around
my tongue as her orgasm hit hard. I could feel her toes
curl, as she gripped my shirt with them. “AAAHHHH!
AAAAHHHH!” Elisha screamed as I felt her juices run
into my mouth. Her pussy started to twitch as her
orgasm started to subside and her pussy started to get
sensitive and every touch made her moan out loud and
her pussy quiver. I had a taste of her sweet nectar and
now I that I had satisfied her I pulled back.

“Jesus Christ! I’ve never had a guy make me cum so hard
before!” Elisha claimed. She took her feet off my
shoulders and leaned forward, putting her hands on my
cheeks and kissing me hard. “Mmmnhgh…” She moaned as
she sucked my tongue hungrily, taking my lips into her
mouth, so I felt her teeth against my lips as she
kissed me hard. “Thank you.” She said leaning her
forehead against mine. “Now it’s your turn.” She said
smiling, reaching her mouth forward and kissing me

Her feet rested on my crotch and they were arched. Her
feet were petite and very sexy with cute little toes.
“I can see why you were a feet model.” I said holding
her foot in my hand. “How comes you stopped?”

“Because the rest of me started to get noticed.” She
smiled. I started to massage her foot with both hands,
gently rubbing my thumbs up and down the sole. I
massaged her beautiful milky white soles for a while,
while she fully recovered from her intense orgasm and
got her breath back

“You want me to jerk you off with them?” She caught me
by surprise with her offer.

“You want to jerk me off with your feet?” I said still
massaging her foot, circling the balls under her toes
with my thumbs.

“Yeah! Sure! I’ve been told that my feet feel great
around a dick.”

“And who told you that?”

“A couple of me ex’s.”

“You jerked off a lot f guys?”

“NO!” Elisha replied defensively. “When guys here that
I was a foot model they want me to jerk them off with
them and I see nothing wrong with that, a little
strange but I get a kick out of it too.” She looked
around the table and picked up the box of tissues on
the far right hand corner. “By the way you’re giving a
great foot massage.”

“Thanks.” I said. Elisha pulled her foot away, getting
more relaxed and more comfortable around me after her
orgasm. She started to pull out a lot of tissues and
set them on the top of my crotch, lower abs and around
on my thighs. She put another two layers of tissue on
top of them.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You don’t want to get cum on your clothes do you? They
look kinda expensive.” She undid my zipper and freed my
cock from the restraints of my boxers. It was already
quite hard from giving her oral sex. “Oh my God! Look
at the size of this thing.” Elisha said holding my huge
member. “There’s no way I would’ve been able to suck
this huge thing off!” She said rubbing it up and down.
“I think I’m gonna need a little help.” She leaned
back, reached over to the seat she was sitting on
earlier and picked up her hand bag. She took out a Chap
stick, put it on her lips and then leaned forward and
kissed me. Cherry flavour. She then reached forward,
held my cock with one hand and applied the Chap stick
onto my penis with her other hand. Quite a smart thing
actually, as it would work as a form of lubrication.

Once she was finished spreading it all over every
square millimetre of my cock she leaned back. I doubt
she’d ever use that Chap stick again, but the she
shocked me by bringing the Chap stick to her lips and
applied it on again. She may have come across innocent
and inexperienced at first but she was proving to be a
dirty little slut.

My dick stood to attention and was rock hard. Elisha
leaned back on her hands and lifted her feet up to my
lap. She started to rub my shaft on the under side of
my cock, with both feet, pushing my cock back, but my
erection was too hard and it wouldn’t stay back. She’d
rub along my full length with one foot using her two
biggest toes and once her toes reached the base of my
cock, she’d use her other foot, starting from the top,
going all the way down and once that foot reached the
bottom she’d use the other foot again. She repeated
this a couple of times, teasing my cock with her
beautiful toes.

I looked up at her, she raised her dark eyebrows and
then giggled slightly, as a drop of pre-cum spurted
out, running down my cock head, down her big toe and
along the top of her foot. Elisha rubbed her pre-cum
covered foot with the sole of her other foot, spreading
it around the ball under her big toe. She then pressed
her toes down against my nut sack. She gently picked up
one of my balls and rested it in between her two
biggest toes and gently rubbed it with the big toe of
her other foot.

“You like that?” Elisha asked, in a sexy tone her voice
just above a whisper. “You like it when I rub your cock
and play with your balls with my feet?”

“Yeah!” I moaned. Elisha then held onto my cock with
both feet, with the balls of her feet firmly pressed
along my shaft. Without touching my cock with her toes,
she started to slide the balls down my cock and then
slowly back up again, squeezing my cock hard, forcing
another drop of pre-cum to leak out. She started to
work her feet up and down my shaft, getting slightly
faster with every stroke.

Elisha then stopped. With the two biggest toes of one
foot, she pushed my cock back, making it touch the
tissue that she had set on my lower abs. She had my
cock in between those two toes and she started to
stroke the under side of my dick, while she did this
she held my member down at the base of my man hood with
her toes of her other foot. Elisha was stroking my cock
fast and hard now, I could feel my orgasm building up,
but then she started to slow down.

“You wanna cum?” Elisha asked teasing me, stroking my
penis real slow.

“Yes!” I said trying my best to make my voice sound
normal, but she could tell that she had bought me to
the edge.

“O.K then.” Elisha replied letting go off my cock with
her feet and putting them together, side by side, with
her ankles together, showing me the soles of her feet.
With the way feet are shaped, there was a gap in the
middle. “If you wanna cum, then you can do it yourself.
Go on! Fuck my feet!” She ordered me with any signs of
her being nervous or the innocent girl next door now
out the window.

I held her feet at the balls just under her toes,
helping to keep them together and pushed my hips up.
The head of my cock rubbed past the milky white soles
of her feet as I pushed my cock head through the gap in
the middle. My cock head sprang out on the other side,
brushing the top of her feet. I used the gap between
her feet as a fuck hole. Pushing my hips back and
fourth, my shaft rubbing along the groove of her feet.

“Mmm…” Elisha moaned, wiggling her cute little toes
as I carried on thrusting at her feet, my balls
slapping against her heel every time I thrust up.
“Yeah! That’s it!” Elisha egged me on. I started to
thrust at her feet faster and faster, feeling my orgasm
getting closer, holding her feet tighter with my hands.
“Fuck my feet! Yeah! Come on! Cum on my feet! Cum on my
fucking feet.” She started to shout, curling her toes
and gripping my fingers with them.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. Elisha pulled her feet away,
her heels on my thighs.

“Cum on my feet!” Elisha yelled. I stroked my cock,
pointing it ay the soles of her feet, jerking off as
fast as I could.

“Uhh… Uhhh… UHHH!” I screamed as I came after a few
seconds of jerking off.

“YEAH! THAT’S IT! CUM ON MY FEET!” Elisha screamed as I
orgasmed. My first load shooting onto the heads of her
toes, the second load hit her on the ball under her big
toe. I pointed my cock at her other foot, shooting my
third load onto her big toe. The next few loads weren’t
as big and spurted out down the soles of her foot and
heel. My cum that had landed on her toes, started to
flow down and Elisha started to squeeze the cum in
between her toes making it ooze down her soles, onto
the tissue that she had set on my lap.

Elisha let out a cute little laugh as she wiggled her
cum covered toes. “I’ve never tasted cum before.” She
said innocently, reaching down with her finger and
scooped up some from the sole of her foot. She opened
her mouth, her tongue spread out a bit and slowly put
her finger into her mouth, enveloping her lips around
it. She sucked her finger hard, swallowing my cum.

“Hmm… Don’t know why women complain about the taste
so much. It’s like having salted peanuts.” Elisha
laughed at her own joke. She grabbed a couple of
tissues and wiped my cum off her feet. “You don’t mind
if I use the bathroom do you?”

“No go ahead.” I replied pointing her to the office’s
private bathroom. Elisha got off the table and took the
tissue she used to wipe her feet and the tissue on my
lap, put my dick away, zipping me up and went to the
office’s private bathroom. She came out a couple of
minutes later.

“That was so fun! I’ll see you soon.” Elisha said
kissing me, darting her tongue into her mouth. She had
popped a breath mint already and I could taste it on
her tongue. “So do I just come in and see you?” She
asked, picking up the packets of weed.

“Here’s my card.” I said regaining my composure. “Any
time you need any thing, any thing at all just give me
a call OK?”

“OK.” Elisha said walking out the room, swaying her ass
side to side. She gave me one last look, turning her
head while she had her back to me, blew me a kiss and
left. I felt like I was in love with this beautiful
creature and I couldn’t wait to see her again. Now that
I knew that she wasn’t so innocent, she’s going to have
to do a lot more next time.