Adult Fantasies – Bindi Irwin

I’ve always loved the outdoors. My family camped twice a
Summer, we had a large family picnic every Summer in a
well-known State Park, during Christmas and Winter
breaks from school my family always traveled somewhere,
like to the Grand Canyon, to Hawaii, Mexico, often times
to exotic places.

As a teenager I got in with a bad crowd, learned to do
lots of illegal things and did many things I wasn’t
proud of. Fortunately I never got caught.

I cleaned up my ways before College and decided to take
some specialized courses and after College was accepted
to the renowned Bronx Zoo. It was a decision I have
never regretted.

Now I already said I love the outdoors. I just don’t
like watching it on television. Nature shows are not my
thing. Give me CSI, Bones and Grimm any day.

So not having watched nature shows, I didn’t know much
about Steve Irwin, the famed Crocodile Hunter. But of
course I knew OF him. Especially of his untimely passing
six years ago.

I vaguely knew he had a daughter named Bindi who was
following in her father’s footsteps. Sounds like quite a
girl I’d thought. If my father had been more like Steve
Irwin I’d follow in his footsteps as well. But my love
of nature is greater than his. My dad has always been
big on making money. He’s rich. Filthy rich.

I have my own place, it’s no huge castle-like house like
my father’s but it’s still better than decent. And I pay
my own bills, even though my father is always offering
to help me out, help me find a bigger, better house,
things like that.

So I have my own place, I have a great job, and on the
side I do a little lockpicking. I told you I learned a
lot of illegal stuff as a teenager.

When a friend gets locked out of his house I’m able to
get him back in, not a problem.

If a friend has a security system and he doesn’t want to
set it off so that his wife who’s away doesn’t find out
he locked himself out, I can STILL get him in. I think
you get the idea.

But I’m a good guy. I don’t use those skills I’d learned
to break the law. At least not anymore.

Anyway, so I’m at home one day and a friend sends me an
email. He says I have to check out these pictures. I
open the attachments and see this cute and sexy young
teen blonde with long legs, a great body and large
breasts under her safari shirts. Damn!

I email him back who is she? He says Bindi Irwin. The
late Steve Irwin’s daughter.

I was floored. THIS is Bindi?!? What a babe!!!

So I started searching for all the pictures I can find
of her. I can’t keep my hand off my cock this girl is
THAT hot.

I start Googling Bindi as well, to get to know her
better. And the more I read the more I REALLY wanted to
get to know her better…

So I arrange to take three months off from work, an
extended leave.

And I get my father to foot the bill for the trip to
Queensland, Australia where Bindi and her mom Terri

I’m surprised they don’t live in a huge house on some
huge property. They do live in a big, beautiful house,
but no different than the house next door I’m able to
rent out for the three months.

Their backyard looks like an impenetrable jungle. I love

So I start to stake the place out. I know, bordering on
criminal activity, and not even in my own country. I
keep a low profile, just watching the comings and goings
of Bindi, her mother, her teachers [she’s homeschooled],
and anyone else who comes and goes.

I get to know their routines. I know when the house is
deserted. When it is I climb the fence between this
backyard and their backyard. I make my way through the
thick foliage to the house. I start checking the
exterior out carefully. I’m surprised to see they have
no sort of security system! I’m able to break in with

Finding Bindi’s bedroom is easy enough. I wire the room
for sight and sound.

I go into her bathroom and open up her showerhead. I
replace the insides with a waterproof bug that only has
picture. And I set up a bug on top of the medicine
cabinet, for when Bindi looks at herself in the mirror.
Then I hightailed it out of there.

Back in my bedroom of the rented house, I turn on my
surveillance monitors. Everything looks perfect. Then I
just waited.

When Bindi finally entered her room again I started
recording. At first it was nothing exciting, unless
you’re so into Bindi like me. I sat there, cock out,
stroking off as I watched the cute eighteen year old.
She’d just turned eighteen last month.

After a while, clothes started coming off. Bindi paraded
around in her skimpy bra and panties. At 5’1″, the
blonde was very slim but those tits… And that butt!

Eventually Bindi went into the bathroom and turned on
the shower. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror,
the bra and panties soon came off. I masturbated faster.

Bindi had these perfect breasts. High and firm.

Her large areolae were medium brown in color and oval-

When she turned to throw her bra and panties in the
clothes hamper, I saw those perfectly round buttocks,
with the deep, dark crack cleaving them. Her butt was
beyond amazing.

But it was her pussy that really had me on edge. It was
unshaven, with light brown pubes. I groaned. I love
hairy pussy.

Bindi stepped into the shower. She started to soap
herself up. My cock throbbed in my jerking hand. I
noticed her nipples stiffened. Water must be cold, I

I swear the girl didn’t have an ounce of fat on her.
Even her thighs were very slim and coltish.

It didn’t take long for me to grunt and begin to pump
out my seed. I spurt out eight or nine bolts of hot
white jizz. Best orgasm I ever had.

Bindi was allowed to go out on her own. She had a
bicycle and I started to follow her at a distance with
the car I rented. I followed her for several days. Bindi
always went to the same two places: A Maritime center
and the park.

I didn’t think meeting Bindi at the Maritime center
would do. Too many people. The park was less used. So
the park it would be.

I followed her into the park to the same spot she always
sat at. I parked at a distance and pretended to be
enjoying a walk.

When I drew closer I put on my act.

“Excuse me, aren’t you Bindi Irwin?”

The young blonde teen looked up and smiled at me. Her
eyes seemed to twinkle. I am a pretty good-looking guy
and stay in shape. I’ve had no problem picking up girls.
It seemed it’d be easier to pick up Bindi than I’d

“Y – yes. Yes I am,” She said, sounding pleased that I
recognized her, especially me being an American and all.

“I thought it was you,” I smiled back. Bindi blushed a
little. “I’d ask you for an autograph for my niece,
she’s a big fan, but I didn’t bring a pen or any

“Me neither,” Bindi said. “You’re American, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am,” I said. “I’m Jim. Jim Geminelli. I work at
the Bronx Zoo in New York. Ever hear of it?”

Bindi’s face lit up.

“Have I?!? I’ve always wanted to go there!” She gushed.
“I hear it’s one of the best zoos!”

“It sure is,” I said proudly. “I really love working
there. If you ever come I’ll give you a private tour.”

“Thanks!” She beamed. “Tell me about the zoo.”

“May I sit down?”


I sat down beside her and started talking about the zoo.
Then she asked me what I did at the zoo. We started
talking about the animals, and crocodiles came up.

“My dad worked with crocodiles,” Bindi said, without a
trace of sadness.

“I know. I actually got to work with him once, a long
time ago,” I lied. “He was an amazing man. I wish I’d
gotten to know him…”

We started talking about our love of the outdoors and of
animals. Hours passed. When she said she had to go Bindi
told me it was the most fun she had in a long time.

“Can I take a picture of you on my phone for my niece?”
I asked, keeping up the charade.

“Sure!” She gushed.

Actually I took about a dozen pictures.

“You know, you’re more beautiful in person than you are
in pictures and on television.”

Bindi blushed, smiling brightly.


She had on shorts, and I noticed her rubbing her thighs
together, as if she were becoming aroused.

“I better let you go,” I said. “Maybe I’ll see you

“I can be here tomorrow if you want!” Bindi blurted out,
then blushed.

“I’d love that, Bindi,” I smiled.

Her eyes seemed to dance.

“All right, bye, Jim!” She said.

I stared at her butt as she climbed on the bike and
pedaled off. I didn’t follow her this time, there was no
reason to. Plus I didn’t want her to recognize the car.

I made it back before Bindi did, and watched her on the
monitors. I noticed she looked happier than previously.
I thought she might get on her computer and email some
friends like she has done, but she didn’t.

I ended up watching her shower later, more vigorously
than usual, which brought me off to a major jizz

Our “date” in the park couldn’t come fast enough.

When it finally did I was already there waiting for her
on our bench as she rode up on her bicycle.

“Hi, Jim!”

“Hi, Bindi,” I smiled. “How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

“You look excited.”

Bindi blushed.

“You were pretty excited yesterday too. Did you tell all
your friends you met someone in the park?” I teased.

Bindi blushed darker and giggled.

“No!” She blurted out. “They’d think I’m weird.”

“Why would they think that?”

“Because I have a crush on a man who could be old enough
to be my father…” She admitted.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” I whispered. “I like you a lot

Bindi’s eyes sparkled.

“Want to know something?” She asked.

I nodded.

“This was me and my dad’s bench,” Bindi said. “He and I
would come here a lot and look at all the beautiful
stuff around us.”

“It sounded like you and he had great times together,” I

Bindi nodded.

“Mom never came here with us. I always felt like dad and
I were on a date and I was his little girlfriend.”

I smiled.

“I know Bindi means ‘little girl’ to the Aborigines.”

“Yes,” Bindi nodded. “I was my dad’s little girl. I knew
he was already married to mom but I had dreams of
marrying him and…”

“Let me guess. Losing your virginity to him?”

She nodded again.

“I think that would have been a nice thing, Bindi,” I
said. “I’m sorry it never happened.

“Me too…”

“I wish you could be my little girl,” I said. “I would
love to be the one who…”

“Takes my virginity?” Bindi finished, smiling.

I nodded.

She took my hand.

“You can if you want to,” Bindi said. “I know I want you

“Are you sure?” I asked. “You just met me yesterday.”

“I know. But I feel like I’ve known you forever.”

I leaned forward, cupped her furthest breast and kissed
Bindi. When I broke the kiss and pulled back I saw her
eyes were closed and lips pursed. When she opened them
and saw me looking she giggled.

“So when do you want to do it?” I asked.

“Now?” was Bindi’s reply.

I took her hand and led her to the car. We put her
bicycle in the trunk.

Then I drove to the house.

Bindi gasped.

“You’re staying here?!?”

“I am,” I said. “It’s a friend’s house, and I’m watching
it while he’s away,” I lied. “I saw you last week coming
out of your house, but it took me until yesterday to get
the nerve to meet you. I was worried you’d think I was

Bindi giggled.

I parked the car in the garage and we went into house
from there, the garage opened in to the kitchen.

I led Bindi to one of the other bedrooms. The one where
I had the surveillance equipment was locked.

I closed the door and pulled Bindi to me. Lifting her by
her butt, I pulled the girl up so I could kiss her.
Bindi wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back
as I kneaded her butt through her shorts.

“I’m glad you got the meet me,” Bindi said softly. “You
remind me so much of dad.”

I kissed her again then she slid down off of me,
starting to undress. I followed Bindi’s lead. My cock
was already hard and she gaped at it when I unveiled it.

“You’re so beautiful, Bindi…” I said.

She smiled.

“Thank you. I like your body too,” She said. “Especially
that,” She grinned pointing at my throbbing cock.

I led her to the bed and we lay on our sides. I started
kissing her again as I slid my hand between her legs to
rub her young pussy. It was already wet.

Bindi moaned. Reaching out she gingerly wrapped her hand
around my cock, experimentally stroking it.

When Bindi was wet enough, I lay her on her back and
mounted her. I started rubbing my cock along her hairy
slit. She moaned louder as she grew wetter.

Soon my cock was covered with her juices, as I planned,
but I kept sliding my cock along her pussy faster and

Bindi grabbed my arms as she groaned and gasped, her
body writhing under me wildly. He back kept arcing as
she grew louder and wetter.

Then Bindi came.

Grabbing my cock, I shoved it in her pussy and rammed it
through her hymen before Bindi knew it. I pumped in and
out of her rapidly, extending her orgasm, intensifying

After her orgasm passed, I slowed my pace.

Bindi’s eyes were closed. She was licking her lips as
she breathed heavy, moaning occasionally. Her nipples
visibly throbbed.

I started increasing my pace again. Bindi whimpered
softly, biting her lower lip as she arced her back
again. Faster I fucked her. Harder. She convulsed under
me, cried out and came again.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock, clamping down on it. I
was groaning myself, the pleasure so great.

As her orgasm passed I continued to fuck her rapidly,
knowing I couldn’t last long in the heat and tightness
of Bindi’s young cunt.

I gasped and groaned, holding back as long as I could,
As Bindi clamped her hands tightly to my arms, writhing
and convulsing wildly.

She whimpered loudly, arcing her back as she convulsed
under me. Louder and louder Bindi became as she thrashed
under me.

Suddenly she screamed, cumming for the third time. As
her pussy clamped down on my cock again I lost it and
started pumping my jizz deep into the girl’s pussy
heavily. I must have spurted into Bindi ten or eleven

My cock stayed hard inside of her as my jizz oozed out
of her pussy around it.

I wanted to catch my breath, so I rolled Bindi on top of
me as I dropped down onto my back.

The blonde beauty cuddled against my chest, giving my
cock a squeeze with her pussy muscles every now and

Finally she turned her head and looked up at me, her
eyes twinkling brightly.

“So, was it everything you hoped for?” I asked.

Bindi nodded.

“And more!”

I wrapped my arms around her tightly, protectively.

“I’m glad.”

We said nothing for a few more minutes, savoring the

Finally she said “Jim?”


“Do you think I’ll get pregnant?” Bindi asked.

I hadn’t thought about that.

With all of my careful planning, that was one thing I
had never considered.

“I guess that’s a possibility,” I admitted to Bindi.

“Good,” She said, laying her head back against my chest.
“I’d like that.”

I smiled. If Bindi was happy about the possibility, then
I was happy. Hell, I was more than happy..