The Actress and Me

A group of us went to Las Vegas for the huge 1982 equipment show. The plane got in Sunday just a little after 12 noon, and by the time we got our bags, grabbed a cab, got to the Imperial Hotel, and into our rooms it was close to 2 pm. I went down to the casino, and played some black jack. Put 20 bucks down and played 4 hands lost and left real quick. I meet up with Dick and he took me over to the crap table, to show me how to play. 50 bucks later I stepped back from the table to review my cash flow. I did not expect to lose 70 bucks in less than an hour.

The gang was going to look around and we headed down the street to Nob Hill and Casino Royale, they stopped in and I kept going on down to the Sands. I told them to give me a call on the cell phone when their ready to go to dinner. I left and went down the street to Sands, to look at that hotel, see if the rat pack was in there. Even though I knew they would not be there. This being my first time in Vegas, I wanted to see as much as possible. I did not realize just how long of a walk that was.

I was sitting at the bar in the Sands having a drink, kind of lost in my thoughts, thinking about things that has happen to me in the last couple of years. She sat down next to me, but I was not paying any attention to what was going on around me. She must have said something to me, because finally she says hello is there anyone home. I turn and look at her and my jaw just drops, she must have been created by the old Greek Gods. She was a vision of a loveliness.

I said sorry what did you say. She giggled and said nothing really you just look like a person who is lost. I said not really, I am just kind of in deep thoughts. She replied penny for your thoughts. She said that her name was Shannon Summers, and I told her my name was Herrmann Thomas Wright, but everyone calls me Tom, except my mother. She chuckled at my first name, I told her I was named after my grandfather on my mother’s side.

I told her that this was my first time in Vegas, and it is kind of lonely, due to the fact that my wife just divorced me recently and took my 2 year old son with her. We were suppose to go on this trip together, and it is uncomfortable being the only one in the group without a mate.

She asked me what happen and I fill her in with the details, she was a good listener. I told her she left me for another man, a dam lawyer at that, and kicked me out of the house. I told her I ended up buying a cottage on Killarney Beach Road. The cottage was original owned by my grandfather on my Dad’s side, who sold it in the late 50’s, and 20 plus years later I bought it back, with the help of my folks. I told her it needs some work, and I would like to buy a better boat, but right now my financial situation is rather shaky.

She ask what state do I live in, and where is my cottage located? I told her to put her left hand on the bar. She ask why and I said because Michigan is shaped like a hand and I will show you just where I live. I started at the base of her thumb, and as sexy as I could slowly moved my finger up her thumb and around the tip and back down the inside of the thumb to the bottom. As I started back up the side of her index finger I stopped and said I live right here on the bay. She responded that was a cool way to show where I lived.

Then she said you really don’t recognized me do you. I said nope, but I bet you are going to tell me you’re an actress. She laughed and said why yes I am. I must had a blank look on my face, because she said maybe I should start at the beginning. I replied that would be nice.

She said I was born and lived in State of Washington, in a little town called Waterville. We had a small farm and apple orchard, and my dad was part time logger also. One day he got hurt real bad in a logging accident. It took a year for him to recover, and we struggled as a family. I have 2 sister Sarah, and Sandy, and 2 brothers Sam, and Steven. When he got better he divorced mom and ran off with his nurse. Mom had to sell the farm to make ends meet, and we moved to Seattle. As I got older I entered a number of beauty pageants, I never won any, but I always placed in the top 5.

One day there was a photo contest for Playboy. I entered and they liked what I had to offer, and I did a spread, was name Miss March of 1980. I was then runner up to Playmate of the year for 1981. I move into the Playboy mansion in LA, and had an affair with Hugh for a few months. I then date and moved in with the drummer for Van Halen. I came home from a movie shoot early and there was a big party going on in the house, and I caught him in bed with 3 other women in some lustful sex acts. So I left and I moved my stuff into my sister’s apartment, and then came out here staying at the Sands for a break.

I asked about her acting career, and she replied that she was in 2 movies, the first was called Terror in the House, where she is away with her family, while her husband is at home battling rodents. The second was called Avalanche Run, which was a movie about skiing. She said she was in a couple of TV commercials and in a couple of guest spots on TV sit coms, and in one daytime soap.

We chatted some more, and then my cell rang. It was Dick say that they were going to Battista’s Hole In The Wall, for dinner did I want to go. I told him just a second, I looked at my watch and it was 6:00 pm, so I ask Shannon if she wanted to go? She kind of stuttered, till I grabbed both of her hands, looked her in the eyes and asked again, that I would sure enjoy her company on this date. She said I can’t go looking like this. I responded that she looked absolutely gorgeous. She said OK lets go. I told Dick I had a date, and to get an extra chair we be there in 15 minutes or so.

We had a great time at dinner, and everyone treat Shannon with respect and enjoyed listening to her tell about her acting career. She held my hand a lot at dinner which made me feel good. Everyone drank lots of wine, but me, I am not a wine drinker, long old story on why. Battista’s has delicious Italian food, and we were all full when done.

Shannon and I took a cab back to the Sands, and went into the bar for a nitecap. We chatted for a while, but all the time I was yawing, till she started to giggle at me. She said you must be tired. Ya it has been a long day, I have been up since 4 am Michigan time, and it now 10pm Vegas time or 1 am Michigan time, almost up 24 hours. We chatted for another 20-30 minutes, and I asked her if she wanted to go to the convention with me tomorrow. She did not know just yet, so I said tell you what give me a call in the morning and let me know. I gave her one of my business cards with my cell phone number on it.

I got up and said it was time for me to hit the sack. She got up with me and wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a very long and sensual kiss. We broke the kiss, and she said I had a really good time, and I like the idea that you did not pressure me into anything afterwards. I told her ditto, and I hope that she calls me in the morning to go with me to the convention. I left with my heart beating faster from that kiss.

In the morning the group headed down to Barbary Coast for breakfast, we almost finished when my cell phone rang, it was Shannon. I answered as fast as I could. She said hi is that offer still available to go to the convention. I responded that I did not think that space has been filled yet, and you are sure welcome to go with me. She said she would be ready in 30 minutes, is that ok. I said no problem, I will be down to get you as soon as I finish breakfast. I asked her if she ate and she replied yes, I had room service bring me up a continental breakfast. I wolfed down the rest of my breakfast, and grabbed a cab to get over to the Sands.

I waited in the lobby for her and she was down shortly, and we headed over to the convention. I got her signed in, and then we stop to figure out just where to go. This convention was huge, taking up all the space around the center. I gave Dick a call to see where they were, and where we should met up with them. I told them I was heading over to Pave-Co and see them as I do business with them. Shannon and I walk that way hand in hand as we look at all the equipment and other support items.

We got to Pav-Co display area and they had some real nice pieces of equipment out on the floor. The salesman that I dealt with was on the floor with another customer. He waved at me and said just I minute. He came over with about four other salesmen, one of them must have recognized Shannon. They all took pictures with her and the owner was there and he came over to get his picture taken also. They gave us a real nice spring jacket and a hat. He also gave me enough tickets for all of our group to go to their customer appreciation banquet at the Tropicana Hotel. We were there about an hour, so they could take some pictures of her on their equipment to put into their quarterly magazine.

Dick and Joe and wives showed up and we headed off to look at some other equipment. I showed them the tickets, and they were elated to be able to go with us. He told me that RC got enough tickets for all of us to go see the Beach Boys at Caesar Place tonight, if we want to go. I looked over at Shannon and she was nodding her head yes, so I told Dick to count us in.

We all headed back to the Imperial Hotel and ran into Dick’s father-in-law Herb. He told us he just won 4500 dollars on this slot machine. We said ya rite sure you did. He pull out his wallet, and it was full of hundred dollar bills, enough to choke a horse. We told him that he should get a money order, so nobody could steal his wad of bills. So he left to do that and Dick finish out his machine, and then he put 20 more bucks of his own in it. Got nothing, so I stepped up and put 20 bucks in and never won a thing. Herb comes back and puts 10 bucks in it and wins another 2400 dollars. We all just about shit our pants. You can guess who bought dinner.

We went to Caesar Place later that night, and saw the Beach Boys, their whole band was there but Brian Wilson. They were great, and we all had a great time. We stopped in the bar at Caesar’s to have a drink, and wind down a bit, as we were sky high from the concert.

That night Shannon took me to her bed. As we laid there naked in each others arms, and our kisses become more passionate, soon our tongues began to caressed the others lovingly. My hand was on her breast rubbing and tweaking her nipples. Then I slowly worked my way down to her breast and started to gently nibble on her nipples. This was giving her some great satisfaction as she told me to suck and bite them harder. My hand was now lightly stroking her thighs, and the hair on her pussy lips. I spread her lips and inserted my finger and was she ready, her pussy was wet. I went to work on her pussy, getting it good and wet, and then moved up to her clit. I got that little jewel to shine like a beacon. Her breathing was getting heavier and faster, till finally she gave a groan and a gasp, and locked her legs together, as her orgasm washed over her.

I started to kiss my way down from her breast to her pussy, kissing her stomach and belly button, nuzzling her soft and silky pussy hair, till I got to her lips. She spread her legs wide to give me full access to her love hole. I gently started to probe her pussy with my tongue, getting my tongue inside as far as I could, and then out and up to her clit, to lick her jewel. She was squirming and moving in harmony with me eating her out. Suddenly she gives a shout, and has a very intense orgasm, covering my whole face with her juices, and locks her legs around my head. When I got free I looked up at her, with her cum dripping off my face, and she said embarrassly O MY GOD, sorry, come here and let me wipe your face clean.

She cleaned my face off and then went down and started to suck my cock. I said Shannon I am not going to last very long under your talented tongue. She stops and smiles at me and moves up and impales herself with my cock right into her pussy. She rocks away, and I can feel her pussy walls gripping my cock. It was not long and I gave a groan and shoot my load into snatch. She collapsed into my arms smother my face with kisses. We laid together in each others arms till sleep over took us.

In the morning as we laid together, she says go ahead and ask me.

I said ask what.

She replies just what you wanted to know about me.

I answer ok just what is it that I wanted to know about you.

She says that every man always wants to know just what my measurements are.

I laugh ok I give just what are you measurements?

She replies my breast are 36C, my waist is 24, my hips are 35, and I am 5′ 7″ tall, weight 125 pounds, and was born on 3-30-58.

I said wow, but I don’t know what my measurements are, but I am 5′ 9″ tall and weight180 pounds, and I was born on 12-12-55. Making me just over 2 years older than you.

I responded I do know this your eyes are blue, and your hair is blonde and it is natural.

She hits me in the arm and chest, and I grab her bringing her close and we kiss, and soon we are making passionate love. After we finish we clean up and take a shower together, washing each other off, that was fun. We got dressed, and she said why don’t you check out of your hotel and stay here with me for the rest of the week. I said ok, so we went and did that before going to the convention.

Tuesday was more at the convention. The afternoon and early evening we hit a lot of Company open houses at different hotels. We all had plenty to eat and drink. By now Shannon and I were a fixture with the group. Tuesday night we all went to the Imperial to watch the Impersonator’s preform. It was a great show.

Wednesday morning was more convention, and the afternoon we lounged by the pool. Wednesday night was Pav-Co party at the Tropicana Hotel. WOW what a spread. They had those pastry that you put sliced roast beef on with au juice and a little horse radish sauce on it. I think I ate ten thousand of them. Then we hit the table with oysters on the half shell, and slurped down a couple dozen of them. But the best was right by our table, chocolate covered large strawberries. Were they good I must have ate a 100 of them. By now you can guess that I am stuffed. There was plenty to eat and drink, we all had just a fabulous time.

They had a band that played good sixty and seventy music. Also a magician came to every table and did some tricks. He was great, and of course he hit on Shannon real quick. They gave hats and tee shirts to everyone there.

Gary the owner came to our table and asked Shannon if she would be willing to take pictures with some of his good customers. He said he would pay her to do this. She said ok.

I asked how much?

He said 200.

I countered 500 for an hour, and he said done deal, and counted out five 100 dollar bills. He then told us just which tables to go to.

The first was a group of Japs. When they found out that she was Miss March of 1980, they went nuts. One old Jap was counting out 10 one hundred bills, and I said what are you doing. He replies we are buy Miss March’s services. I said no your not buddy, she is my girlfriend, and the only one servicing her is me. He apology a dozen times over, and handed her five hundred dollars for insulting her.

She took pictures with them and almost every other table in the place. When we got done she said those Japs were the worst, each of them tried to get a feel or rub my ass. The rest of the tables were nice to me. I said well you got 1 grand for an hour of work, not to bad. We left the party at 10 pm and headed back to the Sands Hotel.

We walked into the casino, and I took her over to the craps table. Well should we have some fun with the money you got tonight. She said ya and handed me the grand. I place the whole bundle on the field bet. The first roll was a 3, and she ask what happen as she knew nothing about craps. I told her if we hit 2-4 & 9-12 we win. I told them to push the bet. Next roll was a 9, and I said push again, it came up with a 4 on that roll. Now we had 8 grand. I gave her back the original grand, kept 2 grand and left 5 grand on field bet. The next roll was 2 craps pays double. We now have 15 grand. I kept 5 and place 5 on Yo and left 5 on field and I place a yo bet for table guys and a yo bet for the shooter, a grand each. I had 12 grand on the table, and the shooter rolled an 11. WOW we hit big 80 grand. Shannon was going nuts jumping up and down in her skimpy dress. She was putting on a good show. I just hoped her tits did not flop out.

When I got done we cashed out 100 grand on a grand bet, unfucking believable. Here I was complaining that lost 70 bucks on Sunday, to making a killing on Wednesday. I turn to Shannon and said well partner we both get 50 thousand a piece. She grabbed me and gave me a big kiss, and whispered in my ear, say I am going to fuck you silly tonight and I will do all the work on you. I just smiled to that. We both took cashiers check for 45 thousand and took 5 thousand in cash.

She grabbed my hand and just about dragged me to the room and then she ripped my clothes off me, and tossed me on the bed, and then she stripped her clothes off and crawled up the bed stopping at my cock.

She licked and suck my cock, and played with my balls and licked them, she had buddy so fucking hard, that I thought for sure I was going to rip right out of my skin. She attacked my eruption hole with her tongue with such ferocity, I thought for sure she was going to lick my nuts from the insides. It was not long and I could feel my nuts start to tighten up, and I said to Shannon, honey I am about to cum. She just sucked on it harder. Soon I exploded in her mouth, leaving her with my deposit. She gobbled it all up not letting any go to waste.

She moved up on me and gave me a big kiss passing some of my cum back to me, which I swallowed. She said that was a snowball. She then cooed in my ear asking just how did that feel? I just moaned and kissed her back, I was still on fire, and ready for more. I moved down and started to suck on her breast and my hand was working on her pussy, and she was dripping wet down there, and was ready to be fucked. I mounted her and buried my cock deep into cunt. And I just pounded away. Having just cum I was good for a while, and I was the one who fucked her silly I think.

We both collapsed, and it appeared that we fucked each other silly, I held on to her tightly, and we both fell asleep.

It seem like I just fell sleep, when my cell phone rang. I grabbed it and it was Dick. He wanted to know what our game plan was. I said what time is it. He said 9 am. I thought wow. I told him that we were going to spend the day together, and go shopping, and go out for a fancy dinner tonight. It being our last day together. Dick said ok call if plans change.

Shannon was laying next to me smiling at me and her hand was working my cock over. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, and we made love for about an hour till we both cried uncle. We showered together and went down to have some breakfast.

Then we head off to the shopping center to spend some money. She bought a very beautiful black dress which was very low cut, and slits up the side to show off a lot of her legs, with shoes and hand bag to match. I got a nice suit with a tie and shoe’s to match. We went back to the Sands and headed for the pool to relax. We had a late lunch, and dinner reservations were at 7. We dressed and took a cab to Caesar’s Place. We ate a very expensive French restaurant, had a great meal. Shannon look stunning, and all the guys in the place were looking at her. I suggested to her that we should meet up with Dick and the gang for drinks before we head back to the hotel.

I gave Dick a call and told him we would meet him over at the Imperial, and I would buy drinks for all. He call back and said everyone is here now. It was warm outside and we walked over to the hotel.

We met the gang in the bar, and they all did wolf calls and whistles at us for being decked out in fancy clothes. Nobody would believe that we won 100 grand at the craps table, until we produced the cashier checks showing 45 grand each. We toasted each other, and reminiscence about the week, and the fun and good fortune we had. They all wish Shannon well, and were glad to meet her. .

We said our goodbyes Friday morning, she had tears running down her cheeks. I told her we would keep in touch and would get together soon in the near future. I took a cab to the airport and caught my flight to back home, with a heavy heart. I knew that I would miss her.