Wwe girls Do Dr. Gary and Bill

Dr. Gary is fifty years old. He is an orthopedic
surgeon, rich as Croesus, divorced, funny, intelligent,
good looking, grey haired, charming, kind, sexy, and
treats me like a perfect lady. Gary is very generous,
both monetarily and emotionally. He sends flowers and
gifts on a regular basis. Besides that perfection Gary
has two other attributes that endear him to me:

Dr. Gary has the largest cock I have ever seen in my
life. It is about ten inches long and about three inches
wide! Dr. Gary also has the staying power of a horse. He
just will not cum! In other words – Suck and Fuck

Now, I have kept Dr. Gary to myself. I have never shared
him with anyone. Period!! Besides I do like Gary very
much and he keeps hinting around for a more permanent

One Saturday I was home dressing for dinner and my
cousin Terri called. Terri and I had orgied and shared
men on many occasions, but, though she had heard about
Dr. Gary, she had never met him. Terri asked me what I
was doing for dinner and I told her I had a date with
Gary. She was free and, after what I can only refer to
as your basic groveling and begging, I said that she
could join us.

Terri and I are very much alike. She is a legal
secretary, we are in our forties, reasonably attractive,
divorced, no children, red heads, big boobs, and well
cared for bodies. We both love sex and have kept our
sense of humor about our lives. We are the best of
friends and, truthfully, I didn’t think Dr. Gary would
come between us. (To quell your fears, he didn’t, ah, as
friends, I mean.)

Terri showed up in a bright red silk dress, low cut,
with no bra. I wore a green silk dress, tied around the
neck, with a bra. When I saw Terri, off came the bra.

Dr. Gary arrived on time and when he came in the door I
told him I had a surprise for him. He saw Terri and
said, “Ah ha, your famous cousin, Terri, I presume.” I
asked him if he minded if she joined us for dinner and
he said, “Of course not. If I meet a friend, I’ll have
bragging rights for a year.”

We had an 8:00 reservation at Trader Vic’s in Beverly
Hills. When we got there we were shown to a booth and
Dr. Gary sat in the middle. He was super happy to be
seen with us.

We chatted and laughed through dinner having a grand old
time. As we were having our coffee Gary asked Terri what
I had told her about him.

“Well, Gary,” Terri said with a completely straight
face, “I understand that you have the largest cock West
of the East Coast. Is that true?”

“Why, yes, Terri, it is true.” Dr. Straight Man.

“Hmmm, yes, so it is.”

I looked at them, reached over, and felt Gary’s crotch.
Terri’s hand was already there.

“Stop exploring, Terri,” I said, “Later, maybe, if I let

“Please, Carla, please,” was Terri’s response.

“What about me? Don’t I have anything to say here,” Dr.
Gary said.

“No!”, said Terri and I in unison, roaring in laughter.

We got back to my house and after I closed the door
Terri looked at Gary and said, “OK, sport, take those
clothes off. This I got to see.” Gary looked at me, I
nodded, and he got undressed and just stood there in
front of her.

Terri just gaped and said, “JESUS CHRIST!!!!” She slid
to her knees in front of him, grabbed on to Gary’s cock,
looked at me, and said, “Carla, pleeeeese! Heavenly
rewards to you forever if you let me suck him,” in her
best pleading and whining way.

I said, “Oh okay, if you must.”

“I must, I MUST!” and she started licking his cock. Then
she tried to take it in her mouth. “God damn, how do I
do this?”

“Slowly,” I said. She got the head in then part of the
shaft. Sucking Dr. Gary is not easy, it can be done, but
it is NOT easy. Finally she was in full slurp, going up
and down, fondling his balls, sucking them in, running
her hands up and down his cock, and sucking like wild.
She stood up, aimed him at the couch, and said, “Fuck
time! That is if you don’t mind, Darling,” wildly
looking at me.

“Be my guest. Gary, do you mind?”

“Are you kidding?” he said.

He sat on the couch and Terri stripped and climbed onto
him. She bounced up and down, but could not get him all
the way in, and Terri sure tried. Gary was pawing her
tits and cupping them so that he could suck on her
nipples. I undressed and just sat next to him watching.
After about ten minutes Terri asked, “Doesn’t he ever

“Not for a very long, long time, then watch out,” I
said, “Get off and bring him into the bedroom.” She
climbed off, grabbed his cock and walked him into the
bedroom. I laid him on the bed with his legs off the
end. “Now climb back on, facing out.” She did and leaned
back so he could hold on to her boobs. I kneeled in
front of them, started sucking his balls, and licking
between his legs up to his asshole. I flicked my tongue
into his asshole and reamed him out while fondling his
balls. Terri started squeezing and bouncing.

After about fifteen minutes I yelled, “Here he cums!”
Gary started cumming, and boy can Dr. Gary cum. I pulled
him out of Terri and sucked out the last few drops.

Terri was exhausted. She must have cum about five times.
Gary moved up the bed and I asked Terri, “Well?”

“God damn, I have never, but never, had anything like

“Just wait, my love Gary will be hard again soon.” I let
Gary suck our nipples and sure enough he was hard again
in ten minutes. He got over me and entered me. He
started fucking me like wild. Now I’m a screamer when I
fuck so it went something like this:

“Fuck me you cock, get next to me Terri, eat her you
bastard, fuck me, eat her, yes, yes, YES, fuck, FUCK,
shit you bastard, harder, more,” and on and on until I
came with multiple orgasms.

We were all exhausted so we let Gary go. Terri just
collapsed and spent the night. The next morning she was
sore as hell, but happy as hell also. Terri wanted a
rematch and I told her I would think about it.

Monday morning I got a call from Terri. She had gotten a
dozen roses from Dr. Gary with a note that said, simply,
“Thank you AND have I got a friend for you!!” While I
was talking to her a messenger brought me two dozen
roses from Dr. Gary. His note said, “You are still the
only one for me, but WOW!” There was a PS which read, “I
know the perfect man for Terri. Please ask her if she
would be interested.” I asked her and she said “Are you
kidding? Of course!!” I let Gary know and he said he
would get back to me.

Later that week Terri and I received beautiful, written
invitations for she and I to join Gary and his friend,
Bill, for a weekend in Las Vegas in two weeks. The
invitations said we would leave on Friday afternoon and
return on Monday morning. There was one sentence that
got both of our curiosities working. It said, “We
promise you that you will not be disappointed!”

Terri and I bought I great card and accepted. Gary
called me later and told me that he had made our
reservations and they would arrive the next day. I asked
him about the “disappointment” part and his response was
“You’ll see.” The next day Terri and I received a dozen
roses each. In each box were first class tickets to Las
Vegas and $500 gift certificates to Niemen Marcus’. As I
said, Dr. Gary treats me like a queen.

We got ourselves ready and Friday afternoon we were
picked up by limousine. Dr. Gary had let me know that he
and Bill would meet us at the Las Vegas airport.

Terri and I dressed in t-shirts and jeans for the
flight. The limousine took us to the airport on time and
we had a nice flight (two drinks each) so we had a
pleasant buzz on when we arrived. Gary and Bill met us
at the airport in the car they had rented.

We drove to Caesar’s where we were staying. By the time
we had gotten there we were in hysterics and knew we
were going to have a great weekend. Bill has a marvelous
sense of humor and was a really nice guy.

We were taken up to the suite they had reserved –
“Suite?” – Hah! It was almost as large as my house! One
of those Super-Dooper-Big-Time-High-Roller’s Suites. It
had a living room with a full wet bar with bottles, not
a mini bar. The living room had a round hot tub right by
the windows which faced out on the Strip. There were two
bedrooms, each with two king sized beds and bathrooms
you could die for. There was even a butler if we needed
anything. Each bedroom had a fruit basket and roses from
the hotel … and I thought that I was treated well in

While Terri and I checked out our bedroom and the
bellman dumped our bags, the butler opened a bottle of

Finally, we were alone. We sat on the couches and
toasted the weekend. Gary said that we had dinner
reservations for 8:00 so, as it was about 6:00, we had
plenty of time to get acquainted and maybe gamble a
little before dinner. It was one of those stiff
conversations that one has before the ice is broken. I
mean, hell, we ALL knew why we were there, but nobody
mentioned it.

I decided to get things going and told them that Terri
and I wanted to unpack and then how about using the hot
tub, which was steaming pleasantly away. General
agreement by all, so we excused ourselves and adjourned
to our bedroom.

Terri and I decided that we were going to fuck before
dinner come hell or high water. She really liked Bill
and wanted another bout with Gary and his monster.
Besides we were, as you can well imagine, HORNY AS HELL.
After about fifteen minutes we returned to the living
room in our negligees. Our breasts were bouncing, our
nipples were erect, and our pussies were clean shaven.
We were ready! The guys were there waiting for us in
those terry cloth robes supplied by the hotel.

We paraded in, walked over to the hot tub, faced Gary
and Bill, dropped our negligees, and got in. They gaped
at us, handed us new glasses of champagne, and stood
there leering away. We could see the bulges under their
robes. You notice how subtle we were. No one wore
bathing suits!

Gary then said, “You remember when I invited you for
this weekend I said that I guaranteed that you would not
be “disappointed”? Bill is now going to show you why I
was able to make that guarantee.” Bill slowly took his
robe off.

My god, he was almost as big as Gary!!!!! Terri and I
just looked and said, “JESUS CHRIST!!!!” Gary then took
off his robe and they just stood there facing us their
fantastic cocks fully erect and throbbing. Our nipples
and cunts were tingling like mad.

[[Now, I must tell you how Gary and Bill met. Bill was
from Florida. Briefly, they both have an aberration
called “priapism”. That means an unusual enlargement of
the male sexual organs. A few years ago there was a
study made of this condition at a University. Gary,
being a doctor, volunteered and Bill’s doctor suggested
that he go also. Though they were born with this
freakish endowment, they suffer from no loss of use or
other problems connected with it, though they do cum in
HUGE gushes.

They met at the study and became friends, getting
together in Vegas, the Bahamas, or Florida a couple of
times a year to play golf, gamble, and “compare notes”
[G-G-G]. Though they told us that this was the “first
time” they had brought some female companionship, I
wouldn’t bet on that. Whatever the medical name for it
is, to Terri and I it was simply FUCK and SUCK HEAVEN!


They got into the hot tub. Gary next to me and Bill next
to Terri. We sipped some more champagne while Terri and
I explored their equipment, giggling in delight.

They had obviously done some “note comparing” because
Bill turned to Terri and said, “I understand that you
and Carla are the best fucks West of the East Coast.”
Revenge time for what Terri had said to Gary in Trader
Vic’s that night!

Terri, no dummy her, quipped back, “Not being Gary, I’m
not going to ask you who told you that or humph away
like he did. Yes, Bill, you have lucked out! Carla and I
ARE the very BEST fucks that you have EVER had or ever
WILL have!” Bill humphed. She then stood up, cupped her
breasts, thumbed her nipples, and said, “Would you like
us to prove it?” Bill humphed again.

I looked at Gary, leaned close to him, and said,
“Darling, I have not even been near a man since we had
dinner last and I am horny as hell,” and then kissed him
deeply. He grabbed me tightly and ran his hands over my
back and caressed my breasts.

Terri then sat down next to me and motioned Bill over.
He stood in front of her and Gary stood up in front of
me. We looked at their cocks, licked the shafts, and
kissed their cock heads.

I said, “These are ours all weekend. To play with, to
suck on, to fuck with, for the WHOLE weekend,” and I
started sucking on Gary like wild as Terri started on
Bill. We cupped and sucked their huge balls, taking them
in our mouths, sucking and sucking. After a few minutes
I called, “Switch,” and they switched. I ended having
Bill cum in my mouth and over my breasts while Terri
finished Gary… and BOY did they cum, in fantastic
gushes, just like turning on a hose!

After we rinsed and dried ourselves off, we took them
into their bedroom. We got them hard again and I sat on
Bill’s cock while Terri sat on Gary’s. Our tits flapping
in their faces while we bounced merrily away. After
awhile we switched so Gary could cum in my cunt and Bill
in Terri’s.

We lay in each other’s arms until it was time for
dinner. After dinner we gambled for awhile, saw the
cocktail show, and returned to our suite. When we closed
the door we kissed the guys and said we would be in
after showering.

Terri and I took showers and joined Gary and Bill in the
living room. We wore our negligees and they had on their
bathrobes. We had brandies, looked over the city, and
talked for a long time. I was lying in Gary’s arms and
Terri was in Bill’s. They were cuddling our breasts. It
was warm, comfortable, and delightful.

Finally we decided that it was bed time. We went into
their bedroom and did a simple good night fuck. Terri
and I on our backs, just enjoying their cocks inside us.
I fell asleep in Gary’s arms and Terri in Bill’s.


The next morning I woke up to the sound of gentle
moaning. Terri was sucking Bill and Gary was watching. I
started sucking Gary until he came. Then they ate our
cunts until we came. Afterwards we all showered and
decided to go downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast we drove to the Sahara and gambled for
awhile, had lunch, and returned in time for our hour
massages. After the massages we went back upstairs. We
were fully relaxed. Gary asked if we wanted the hot tub.
I said no, let’s just get in bed. We undressed and met
in their bedroom.

I told Gary that we wanted fancy fucking and gang
banging. Good and hard! I motioned Bill over to lay on
the bed and kneeled so I could have Gary fuck me from
behind while I was sucking on Bill. Terri said to leave
some for her, to which I replied that there was plenty
to go around. I sucked on Bill while Gary fucked me
royally with Terri licking his asshole and sucking my

After I had cum a few times I got up and let Bill fuck
her while she sucked Gary and I licked Bill’s asshole
and sucked on Terri’s tits. After awhile I chained so
that Gary could eat me. Then Terri and I lay down so
they could cum on our nipples. We licked the cum off of
each other and rested for awhile.

After a bit we were all ready again. I got Terri sitting
on Bill’s cock backwards so I could suck his balls and
flick my tongue on her clit and Gary sucking her
nipples. After Bill came once more we did the same for

We then napped and changed for dinner.

Gary and Bill wanted some real craps action that night
so I called my contact at the Union Plaza where you can
take ten times odds at craps. I told him to make
reservations for four at the Backstage Restaurant and to
raise the table limits. I was bringing him some players.
We drove down for a 7:30 dinner and then we hit the

I introduced Gary and Bill to my contact and requested a
high limit table. He asked what they were prepared to
play for and they each produced ten grand in cash saying
that we would start our play at $100 pass line bets.
There was some scurrying around and he made one table a
$25.00 table.

Nothing much happened for about a half hour. Then a man
at the end started making passes. He must have gotten 7
and 11 about ten times. We were hitting 7 and 11 at $100
each along with our pass line bets. Gary said that this
was going to be THE lucky hand of the weekend. The
shooter then started hitting points of 6 and 8 while
throwing intermediate 4s and 10s repeatedly.

By the time he sevened out, after an hour and about
fifteen minutes, we each had $3,000 placed on the 6 and
8 (left on even if that was the point), $4,000 on the 4
and 10 bought, line bets of $400 with ten times odds of
$4,000. We hit so often that they had to get out the
DUSTY $500 chips and you know the Union Plaza hasn’t
seen action like that FOR YEARS! They had two box men,
two floor men, AND the Casino Manager watching the
table. EVERYONE was making bundles. We made so much
money we took our winnings by CHECK!

Terri and I insisted on returning our stakes, doubled,

Then we went to the show we had reservations for. After
the show we played baccarat at Caesar’s for awhile and
it was gross. I finally said, “If I am going to get
screwed, I may as well do it in bed. Let’s get out of

We went back to the room and ordered champagne and
strawberries. We turned the hot tub on and sat in it
munching and drinking. We were in GREAT spirits, as you
can well imagine. Terri and I held strawberries in our
hands, looked at each other, snickered, sat on the tub
edge, dipped the strawberries in the champagne, stuffed
them in our cunts, slowly drew them out, and FED them to
Gary and Bill. God was that erotic!

Now we were ready for bed. Gary took my hand and Bill
took Terri’s and they led us to the two different
bedrooms. Gary and I got into bed and Gary held me close
and said, “Honey, the afternoon is for fucking, the
evening is for making love.”

He then ate me until I came with a shattering orgasm and
then gave me a gentle and fabulous fucking. He told me
that I was the most exotic and wonderful woman he had
ever been with and we fell asleep with my head on his
chest and his arm around me.

The next morning Terri and I woke up before the guys. We
ordered the Sunday papers and coffee from the butler and
sat in the living room waiting for them to get up. We
talked about the great time we were having. We decided
that, because we did like Gary and Bill, we would leave
the mornings and afternoons for group fucking and the
evenings for private.

Simply stated, Terri and I really liked Gary and Bill.
As I said I have always referred to Gary as my favorite
fuck and I had always presumed that he and I simply saw
each other for sex. Saturday night was the first time I
ever really thought that there was more to it on my

When they finally did get up we showered together and
ran into the bedroom for a quick fuck. We switched
during the fucks a couple of times and finally they came
in our cunts. It was wild and noisy.

I said to Terri, “Jesus, can’t these guys cum?”

Terri would reply, “You’re not trying hard enough.”

I said, “I’m not the one that is supposed to get hard.”

She said, “Well, shit, let me try him.”

Bill said, “Gary, would you ram it into her harder, I’m

Gary said, “I am ramming, she’s just wasting her energy

… and on and on.

Finally we all came, showered again, got dressed, and
drove to the Hilton to have breakfast. We played
baccarat there, then went to the Golden Nugget for
lunch, and back to the hotel for our massages.

When we got back to the suite we were laughing so much
we could cry. We had gotten stuck in the elevator and
whenever the emergency crew called to us that it would
only be a few minutes more we called back, “Make it
about ten more minutes,” accompanied by loud moaning and
giggles. We didn’t actually do anything but roar in
laughter. We kept on saying what we should do! Finally
we got out and when we got back to the suite we felt
that we had to live up to our big talk in the elevator.

I asked the guys what would get them harder than the
rocks they already were. Gary said that he would like to
see Terri and I in a bi scene. Terri said, “OK, but what
about you?”

You could have knocked me over when Bill said, “We’d
love to, for you.”


We got them undressed, sat them down on the bed, and
told them not to play with themselves. Then Terri and I
did what I have always thought we wanted to do but never
had. We worked each other over, but good. Something we
had never seriously done before.

We walked to each other and deeply kissed, slowly
undressing each other. We cupped our breasts so our
nipples touched each other. Terri moved down and sucked
my nipples, then went down to my pussy which she gently
licked. I raised her up and did the same to her. We then
went to the other bed and laid down kissing and touching
each other. Then I got on top of her and started eating
her cunt in a sixty-nine position.

We both licked each other for awhile and I turned her
over and licked down her ass crack until I started
reaming her. She was screaming and the guys were

I flipped her over and sunk my mouth into her pussy. I
was really into it. She came like wildfire. She grabbed
me and started working on my asshole until turning me
over to lick my clit. I came in a screaming cum. When we
came up for air the guys gave us a resounding hand of

Terri said, “Your turn … and it had better be good.”
Now I must tell you how much I love to watch two guys
suck each other off. It is wild and the most erotic
thing I know. Well Gary and Bill obviously had done it
before! They got next to each other on the bed and
sucked each other’s cock and balls, they reamed each
other, and finally came in huge bursts of cum in each
other’s mouths. We jumped on them and sucked and kissed
it out of their mouths.

Terri and I told them it was the wildest thing we had
ever seen! We were so god damn hot we switch and
multiple sucked and fucked them for an hour! We would
fuck them and switch suck them tasting each other on
their cocks, then climb on and fuck and switch again.
Finally they came in our mouths in bursts of cum that
went on and on. Terri and I kissed, sucking their cum
out and letting it drop on their faces and our nipples.

God damn, did we go fuck, suck, and cum crazy!!!

That night we went to Michael’s in the Barbary Coast. We
had a beautiful, romantic dinner. We played craps for
awhile, did great, and took our winnings back to
Caesar’s where we played baccarat and won some more.

After winning a few thousand we went back to the suite.
We showered and sat on the couches naked just looking
over the city. I was in Gary’s arms with his hand
holding my breast while I stroked his cock. Terri was
doing the same.

We drank wine and talked for about an hour. We talked
about our lives, how we lived them, and what we had done
with them. During this whole time I felt more
comfortable than I had ever felt before. Finally we
decided it was bed time and went to our separate

Gary laid back and I sucked his cock and balls and
licked his asshole until he came blasting in my mouth.
We kissed deeply and he took his cum from my mouth.
After he got hard again I sat on him and took him all
the way in gently riding him to another orgasm.

When it was over we started talking. He told me that I
was the only woman he had ever known who actually
satisfied him and that he found me terribly exciting. He
said that he knew about my past and that he thought it
was time for me to seriously consider my future.

Then he said, “Look, Carla, you’re 40, very attractive,
have more smarts than any other woman I know, and it is
time for you to think about another commitment. I am not
going to insult you by suggesting that I support you or
that you move in with me, but I would like to see you
steadily and see if there could be a future between us.”

I was amazed with this as I had not really seen it
coming. Well, maybe I had, but didn’t want to admit it
to myself.

“Would you consider seeing me on a regular basis,” he
continued, “I would not date anyone else.”

I sat up, looked at him, and said, “Where do you think
it would lead?”

“How about trying it for six months and let’s find out
where it would lead.”

I was flabbergasted. For the first time in years I had
no quick response. Hell, I have turned down marriage
proposals by the dozens over the years because they were
just sex proposals, Gary was deadly serious.

I reminded him that I may not be right for him, that I
had a reputation as a fast lay, and that I had “been
around”. He said that it was time for a change, he
didn’t care about my past, only my future, and that he
thought we could be happy together. I said that I would
think about it and let him know in a couple of weeks,
but no promises.

This was nuts! I had decided that I probably would never
get married again (I’ve had two). He is everything a
woman could want. Rich, sexy, free, generous, kind, and
loving. But, you know, though I am street smart, with
it, and have become far more particular over the past
few years, I have been around. He knows that. Can he
handle being with me and having some guy come over and
make a comment?

The one thing in my favor is that I do lead separate
lives, which Gary knows. My sex life is never involved
with my normal life and I have never bedded anyone that
he knows, to the best of my knowledge, other than Bill.

I talked it over with Terri and she said, “Go for it,
you fool. This is an opportunity of a life time. If Bill
asked me to be exclusively his, I would jump at the

Well I still see Gary regularly. Who knows. I may decide
to go straight, but hell, I’m having too much fun. If I
do, what am I going to do with all those home videos?

Meanwhile Terri and I have met Dr. Gary and Bill in Las
Vegas and Lake Tahoe a few more times. Terri even flew
to Florida to spend a week with him last year.