Nicole Kidman’s Encounter

Nicole Kidman is featured on a show about ghostly
encounters with famous people and shares her horrifying

[Commercial break ends]

[Announcer:] We now return to our show.

[Fade in. A spooky graveyard is shown, accompanied by
equally chilling music.]

[Voice-over:] Welcome back to Otherworldly Encounters Of
The Rich And Famous. I’m your host, Lon Chaney, IV.

If you’re just tuning in, Gary Coleman and Jim Nabors
shared their encounters with the unknown in pre-recorded

But Gary Coleman and Jim Nabors are not only famous
figures to have brushes with the dark side…

Live from our studio today, we have well-known and
critically-acclaimed actress Nicole Kidman. Once, even
she endured a harrowing experience with a being – or
beings… from the other side. In an Otherworldly
Encounters Exclusive, Ms. Kidman is going to relate her
encounter with us.

[Fade in to actress Nicole Kidman sitting in a simple
room, dimly lit.

Nicole’s long, wavy red hair trails around her
beautiful, youthful face and down her shoulders. She is
dressed casually in tight blue jeans, a tighter medium-
colored tank top clinging to her abundant bosom and
outlining her dark-colored bra under an open long-
sleeved peach-colored button-down shirt. She is
unsmiling, serious-looking, but her blue eyes seem to
twinkle in the dim light.]

[Nicole:] Ummm, it was sometime in 2001. This was before
I became divorced from Tom – my ex-husband, the
brilliant actor, Tom Cruise.

I had been looking for a new place to live with my
boyfriend – the man I was cheating on Tom with during
our marriage – and finally found this lovely house in
the country, very quaint and beautiful. The landscape
surrounding it was breathtaking, with meadows and
fields, so beautiful.

So we had moved in and I was finally settling in. My
boyfriend was away at the time.

I was in my bedroom – OUR bedroom – setting something up
on my night stand.

[A brief re-enactment shows Ms. Kidman similarly
clothed, in a dark blue, button-down shirt opened, an
even tighter baby blue halter under it – showing even
more cleavage then she was showing in the studio
interview – braless, her large bosom heaving under the
ribbed fabric, her nipples fat and stiff, and a pair of
skintight blue jeans, showing off her firm thighs and
medium/large-sized butt. Ms. Kidman confirmed this was a
replica of the exact same outfit she wore during the
actual event. She had the clothes she originally worn
burned, unable to look at or touch them again.]

[Nicole:] The sun was streaming into the room warmly and
brightly, a breeze blowing the diaphanous curtains ever
so gently, the sounds of birds chirping outside my
window soothing. It was a beautiful day…

Then suddenly the room grew startlingly cold. I
shivered, hugging my arms, feeling the goosebumps
running up and down them. The room FELT darker too. It’s
hard to explain why I felt that, since the same amount
of sunlight still shone into the room. And I knew the
cold air hadn’t blown in threw the window, the curtains
hardly moving.

I began to feel uneasy. I looked around nervously.
Everything SEEMED so normal.

Then the bedroom door slammed shut. I jumped, letting
out a small shriek. My heart was racing, I held my hand
to my chest, as if that would calm it.

When I felt able to, I moved to the door. I turned the
knob. It refused to open. And there was no lock on the

I pulled hard, rattling it. It was of no use.

The room seemed to grow colder still. I rubbed my arms
vigorously to warm them.

I made my way to the window. As I reached it, it slammed
shut. I shrieked again, my unease and nervousness

I felt I just HAD to get out. I tried to raise the
window. It wouldn’t budge. I tried harder, feeling
terror rising in my breasts. Becoming irrational, I
began to pound on the windows hard, though no one was
around to hear or see me. Strangely, the glass did not
shatter under my pummeling.

Then the shutters outside the windows slammed shut,
blocking out most of the light. I hammered on the
windows harder, screaming at the top of my lungs. I had
NEVER felt so frightened in my life!

Suddenly I was pulled backwards, towards the middle of
the room. Something strong held me. I tried to break
free but the hold was well beyond my strength.

I began to rise into the air, the force still locked
onto me. Without warning my undershirt was torn off, my
breasts bouncing wildly as they became exposed. I felt
the need to cover them, tried to but felt something hold
my arms back.

I had this sense there may have been more than one of…
whatever was holding me.

Then my jeans were torn from me, ripped down the seams
perfectly. All that protected my modesty was a skimpy
pair of black bikini panties, and soon they too were
torn off my body.

My full, firm ass was exposed, the cold air in the room
now raising goosebumps on the plump cheeks, and my
unshaven red-haired (censored) was exposed as well. I
never in my whole life felt so

With surprising speed, I was thrown to the bed, face
down. I was held down as well. I felt something spread
my legs out as far to the sides as they’d go. I felt a
pull in my muscles as they reached their limits.

I began to feel something like hands probe my
(censored). When I looked back I saw nothing though. But
I sure felt it.

The “hands” left my (censored). Time seemed to stand
still. I could only hear my harsh breathing. I waited
with bated breath to find out what would happen next…

Finally, it happened.

Something rammed into my (censored) with great force.
“OH (censored)!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

It… it felt like… a man’s (censored)… It was a tad
bigger than Tom’s – my ex-husband, the famous actor –
and was bigger than my present lover’s. It was also too
thick for my small (censored).

It rammed in and out of me painfully. I was surprised it
didn’t tear straight up through my body with the force

I was sobbing heavily now, the pain overwhelming. Part
of me felt like fainting but the abuse was so great it
continuously jarred my senses.

My throat was hoarse from all the screaming, my face
tear-streaked, my eyes red and puffy – I could see it in
the small hand mirror on my night stand.

Whatever the (censored) (censored) )censored) was it
seemed to pound me ceaselessly for hours. And it was
hours when I looked at my watch when the ordeal had
finally stopped.

My (censored) was in so much pain and torn up. Blood
pooled on the bed between my legs. I couldn’t (censored)
for MONTHS after that.

When I finally felt I had the strength, I lifted myself
up from the bed and dragged myself to the bedroom door,
blood now running down my thighs. The door opened with
ease. I left the bedroom, finding myself able to move
faster as I left the house, nearly naked, my breasts,
buttocks and (censored) exposed still but I didn’t give
a bloody (censored) anymore.

I ran and I ran until I made it to another house. The
kind people there called me an ambulance and I was
rushed to the hospital.

…of course I couldn’t stay there…at that house…in
that…room… I moved out, leaving all my things
behind, never to return again…

[Ms. Kidman looked away from the camera, not speaking
another word. Fade to black…]