A Wardrobe Change

Moze got up off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. Ned watched her walk, enjoying the view of her ass swaying as she did. She closed the door behind her telling Ned the shower would be ready in a minute.

Jennifer needed to pee, and though her and Ned just had sex together, she couldn’t bring herself to let him watch her doing THAT.

Ned was excited yet nervous at the prospect of taking a shower with Jennifer. Like any young man his age, he was self-consious about his body. He’d seen the other guys at school in gym class and he didn’t think any of them were better built than him. As a matter of fact, they never made fun of him in there, so he must be normal. He wasn’t worried what they thought. His only concern now was how Jennifer liked what she saw.

Ned heard the water in the shower start to run, and, like Ned always does, had a panic attack. He grabbed a blanket off the bed and wrapped himself like he was in a cocoon. Moze called out from the bath room that the shower was ready. Ned tenatively made his way to the bathroom, slowly pushing the door open and peeking inside. Moze was already in the shower. He could see her thru the glass door as she started to soap herself. His eyes drank in the sight before him. Even behind fogged glass, Jennifer looked beautiful.

And before he realized it, he was getting hard again.

Jennifer turned her head and saw Ned just standing there. “Come on in fraidy cat”, she said. “The water feels SO good.” She slid the glass door back for Ned. He reached the edge of the shower, still wrapped in the blanket, and now with a raging hard-on beneath it. Ned hesitated a few moments, and before he knew what was happening, Moze reached out from the shower and grabbed his dick under the blanket, wrapping her fingers around the shaft. Electrical shocks ran through his balls as her hand squeezed his cock. Ned dropped the blanket off his body and let himself to be pulled into the shower by Moze.

The water did feel great, Ned thought, when he first got into the shower, but his attention quickly went back to Jennifer, as she stood before him gloriously naked. He took several seconds to let his eyes explore the wonder of Jennifer’s body. Her great tits with their hard, pink nipples, sticking out so invitingly.

His gaze traveled down, over her tight stomach, to the flare of her hips, and then to the neatly trimmed strip of hazel brown pubic hair. He, then and there, thought to himself, had to be the luckiest boy on the face of the earth.

His trance was broken by Jennifer. She handed him a bar of soap and a washcloth and told him “As long as your going to look, you may as well wash what your looking at “. She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. They both took the next several minutes to explore one anothers bodies. Ned used the washcloth to slowly soap Jennifer. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down to her beautiful breasts, washing one slowly, then the other, paying extra attention to her hard pink nipples, his fingers pinching them through the thin material of the cloth. He slowly washed his way further down, over her taught stomach and out to the flare of each of her hips. Ned lowered himself to one knee, then both, bringing him to eye level with Jennifer’s trimmed pubic hair and now puffy pussy lips. He used his free hand to first feel the hair. It felt different than regular hair. Just below the hair at the top of the slit, poking out of it’s sheath, he saw, what he learned from health class, was called her clitoris. He ran his finger over the top of the nub and immediately felt Jennifer almost buckle at the knees. He felt Jennifer’s hands come to rest on the top of his head, her fingers running through his hair. He’d heard the guys in the locker room talk about how much a girl liked it when a boy used his mouth down there. Ned inched his face closer to Jennifer’s pussy. He stuck out his tongue and touched the tip of it to the nub. He heard Jennifer moan out loud. “Oh yessss … that’s the spot “. Her fingers curled in his hair, pulling his face to it’s target. Ned flicked his tongue several times across her clitoris, then he took a long swipe with his entire tongue. Jennifer’s hips hunched forward.

“Ohhh … Ohhh … N … Ned … Ned … don’t … don’t stop … don’t st…”, her moans cut short. Her hips bucked again as Ned closed his lips over the nubbin and he moved a hand between her legs, a finger finding and entering her pussy. Ned moved his finger in and out of Jennifer as he continued to lick and suck her clit. He worked a second finger inside Jennifer and increased the pace of his thrusts. Jennifer managed to lift one of her legs, wrapping it around Ned’s back, opening herself up even more for Ned. Her moans were becoming more frequent and sounded more urgent. She ground her pussy harder into Ned’s mouth, her body quaking each time he flicked her clit with his tongue and he pushed his fingers into her dripping, molten core. Jennifer’s juices ran, coating Ned’s fingers, as her second orgasm of this night began. “Yessssss … Neddddd…

Ohhhhhh … shit … I’m cummmmmmmming … aggghhhhhhhhh”, she screamed out as her pussy exploded into

Ned’s mouth, her juices flowing even more, drenching Ned’s chin. Ned’s tongue continued to work, sending waves of shivering pleasure. It took all her remaining strength to keep from crashing down on top of Ned.

She finally leaned back against the shower wall, panting and breathing heavily. She felt like she had just played an entire game of her favorite sport, volleyball, but, she laughed to herself, this is a hell of a lot more fun!

Moze looked down to see Ned staring up at her from the shower floor. He had that goofy look on his face he always got when he wasn’t sure what just happened. “Where did you learn to do THAT Ned? Your mouth, your tongue … what you did to my pussy … to me down there … that was amazing “!

He shrugged his shoulders and with an questioning smile said, “I don’t know … I just tried to remember what I’ve heard the older guys in the locker room say a girl likes a boy to do to them down there with his mouth.

They said a girl really likes it and I wanted you to feel really good. Besides, I never have seen a girl thing

… ahhh … you know … up close before and I wanted to see what yours looked like”.

Ned stood up to face Moze and when he did, she stepped in to kiss him. She tasted something different when she did and she realized she was tasting herself on Ned’s tongue, the juices she released.

Jennifer felt a hot, hard object poke her upper thigh. After a several seconds of kissing Ned and feeling his steel hard shaft poking her legs, she told Ned “Lets dry off and go back to my room “.

They took a few minutes to dry one another off and use this time to continue exploring each others bodies.

He slowly worked his way from in front of her to start drying off her back. He worked the towel down over her shoulders, down her sexily strong back and on further down to the twin globes of her ass. He loved the way they fit into his hands, each one cupping a beautiful cheek, so strong to the touch, yet so soft to feel.

Ned lightly kissed each cheek as he dried it. He continued down, drying each leg. He got Moze to turn and face him. He had her lift her one foot, then the other for him to dry. He payed special attention to her toes, drying each one. He’d remembered how sexy he thought her feet and toes were the first time she wore those sandals when she suprised him that day. Ned worked his way up Jennifer’s thighs, up over her hips to her taut stomach and up to her breasts, which, like her ass cheeks, he kissed each one as he dried them.

Jennifer started to dry Ned off, but spent very little time on any particular place, though she did like the look of Ned’s body as she worked her way around it. She thought his butt was cute and gave it a little squeeze as she worked her way around his body. She was most interested in the front of Ned.

Jennifer took special care to dry Ned’s dick and balls, moving them with her free hand and drying them with the towel in her other. She was amazed at how his dick had gotten soft until she touched it, then it just got almost instantly hard again … and how soft the skin of his penis actually felt. After all they had just been through and done with one another, Ned was still a little embaressed when his dick started to get hard in

Jennifer’s hand as she dried it. His hard dick was getting harder by the moment and Jennifer could sense that

Ned needed relief from this. And now it was her turn.

Moze took Ned by the hand and walked him back into her bedroom. She sat him on the edge of her bed then pushed him back so he was lying down.She knelt down between his legs, looking at Ned’s dick sticking up from his body. Jennifer reached out with one hand and grasped the shaft. She slowly started to move her hand up and down his length, watching as the skin wrinkled and then stretched with each stroke. Ned moaned outloud as he felt those familiar sensations he got when he ‘relieved’ himself whenever the thoughts of all those girls made him stiff. Ned moved himself up un his elbows so he could watch. He could feel each stroke a bit more than the last and it felt fantastic! Ned’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he saw Moze move her face towards his dick, and he almost jumped out of his skin when she pursed her lips and gave the tip of his dick a soft, very gentle kiss. And his brain almost exploded when Jennifer opened her lips and put the head of his dick inside her mouth. He felt the heat of her mouth surround his glans and then the wet of her tongue as she swirled it over and around his cock head. He watched, mezmirized, as Jennifer’s head began to slowly move up and down, kind of like jerking him off … but with her mouth! He felt Jennifer making sucking motions with her mouth as she bobbed up and down on his dick. And he could still feel her tongue working itself around his shaft too. “Ohhh

Jeez … Ohhh … mmmnnnmmmmmm “, he moaned as he felt Jennifer reach out and cup his balls in her free hand, her mouth still working magical feelings on him. Ned started to breathe really hard as he felt his balls tighten, a sure sign he was going to cum really soon. “Jen … Moze … Jennifer… , I … I’m going to … to … to … to

… ohhhh jeeeezzzzzzzz…”, he bellowed as his cock began to let loose a torrent of cum. He watched with awe as Moze kept right on bobbing her head until she felt the first splash of Ned’s seed hit the back of her throat. She pushed her head forward, taking as much of Ned’s dick in her mouth as she could, and kept on sucking as spurt after spurt of hot cum erupted from within him. Jennifer swallowed several times, keeping pace with the pulses from Ned’s dick. Ned collapsed back on to the bed, feeling like all his body’s energy just blasted out the end of his cock. He felt Moze bob her head several more times on his shaft before he felt her release his dick from her mouth. He felt her tongue trace along the underside of his shaft, trailing down to his ball sack and then back up again. He felt the mattress depress next to him as Moze made her way on to the bed, trailing her hand up over his stomach to his chest. She snuggled close to Ned and kissed his cheek. Ned opened his eyes and turned to look into the two most beautiful brown eyes he knew he would ever see. She kissed him again and said, “you know how you said the guys in the locker room talk about what they do to the girls and what they like and what makes them feel good? Well, girls talk too, and I’ve heard a few girls talk, and that was what they all said would make any boy feel good “. Ned could only nod his head in agreement, he was to drained to even answer Moze.

Jennifer and Ned just layed together for a while, cuddling and kissing one another, hands caressing the others body, fingers tracing outlines of one another, basking in their joint adventure into adulthood.

Moze glanced at the clock on her bedside table. She saw they had about an hour before their folks would get back from their dinner and movie outing. She never wanted tonights feelings to end, but, they needed to get up and fix everything as to give the illusion that they had done the usual pizza, movie & video game hang out session.

The time flew by as they got dressed, straightened up the room, wolfed down several pieces of cold pizza, (sex sure makes you hungry they each thought to themselves), and made the room appear as it would from their normal hang out time together.

Soon enough, their parents got home. Jennifer walked Ned to the door as he said his good-byes to her mom & dad.

Moze glanced over her shoulder, making sure they were out of sight, grabbed Ned by the collar, and planted a big wet kiss on his lips, catching him by suprise. ” You want to come over to swim tomorrow? I have a new swimsuit

I found in the costume room that I think you might like “, she said with a little wicked grin on her lips…

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