Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday Bash

It was a comfortable, crisp, February day in Los
Angeles. Jennifer Aniston had just finished shooting
with the cast of “Friends” for the next few months. She
loved having fun on the side, and what better way to do
so than drive around in L.A. in her brand new sports
car. For Aniston, Life was good. And why wouldn’t it be
good? She has a successful television show, she’s drop
dead gorgeous, and she’s dating one of the most famous
male sex symbols of the 90’s, Brad Pitt.

Lately, Brad has been out of state shooting a new movie,
leaving Jennifer to just hang out with her close
friends. For Jennifer, a very important occasion was
coming up: her 30th birthday. She was hoping everyone
around her would just ignore it, possibly drop off a few
gifts, or just send a card that showed they cared. All
her life she never was one for a “birthday party”. Last
year one of her closest friends, Molly, a 27 year old
that lived a few miles from her house, brought her to a
strip club full of buffed guys dancing on the tables.
It’s a birthday she’ll never forget, but one she’d
rather not look back on.

Since Brad had left over a month ago and they had just
met, he gave her birthday present to her early. Brad
bought her a diamond necklace with matching ear-rings
along with 2 dozen roses. “Not bad for just going out 2
weeks,” thought Jennifer.

Awaiting her birthday tomorrow, Jennifer ran around town
going through her usual errands such as groceries,
meeting with her agent, and going to the gym to work
out. She was recognized everywhere she went, signing
autographs and posing for pictures every half an hour it

Being home brought her close to many people she knew and
missed while in New York. That night her parents stopped
by and dropped off a few gifts. It meant a lot to
Jennifer having her parents there wishing her a happy
birthday. The next morning Jennifer awoke to her radio
alarm clock and stumbled out of bed. She took her
regular shower and put on her makeup while listening to
the local news.

The phone rang and it was Entertainment Tonight. They
wanted to schedule and interview. Jennifer happily
obliged and went on with her morning routine.

As Jennifer was leaving the house, the phone rang again.

“Hello” answered Jennifer. It was her friend Molly on
the other end. “Jennifer? This is Molly? You didn’t
think I forgot your birthday did you?”

“Oh, Molly, I really appreciate you remembering, but I
don’t feel like going out barhopping tonight.” answered

“We don’t have to do that! Why don’t you come over to my
place tonight, I’ve got a few presents for you.”

“Well, I’m pretty busy, but I’ll probably be free around
9:00 tonight, does that sound good?” asked Jennifer.
“Sure, see ya then!” replied Molly.

Jennifer hung up and continued out the door. The
Entertainment Tonight interview was a few hours away and
she had time to spare. Jennifer stopped by a local
restaurant and had breakfast. While she was there she
seen Jack Nicholson and a few other stars that stopped
by ever so often.

After the interview, she had to meet with her agent
about an upcoming spot on a commercial. She also stopped
by the travel agency to book a vacation to the Bahamas,
one of her most favorite places.

For the rest of the day she was running around town
doing her regular routine. In the back of her mind she
knew that tonight she could sit down and relax with her
friend Molly, and that relieved a lot of stress.

She arrived at Molly’s house around 9:15 and noticed
quite a few cars in the driveway “I suppose she’s
throwing me a surprise birthday” thought Jennifer. She
rang the doorbell and Molly answered the door.

“I’ve been waiting for you!” exclaimed Molly. “Well, I’m
here! I’m so glad to see you!” shouted Jennifer with

The two sat and made small talk about how they haven’t
seen each other in such a long time.

“I’m so glad you could make it!” said Molly. “So am I!
So, why are all those cars in the parking lot?” asked

“Well, I invited a few friends over to wish you a happy
birthday,” said Molly grinning.

“Great…. Well, where are they?” asked Jennifer.

“OH BOYS….” yelled Molly into the kitchen.

Just then, 5 shirtless, handsome men walked into the
living room.

“Jennifer,” said Molly. “Say hello to Eric, Danny, Phil,
Tom, and Max. These guys are ready to give you the time
of your life!”

Jennifer looked over the men for a few seconds and then
turned to Molly.

“MOLLY!” whispered Jennifer. “Let me speak to you for a

Jennifer and Molly stepped into the other room.

“Molly what are you doing?” asked Jennifer. “Jennifer, I
know you have been under a lot of stress lately and I
figured you’d like to have some fun for a change. These
gorgeous guys are here to fuck you and nothing else!!
Isn’t that great? When I told them who you were they
about shit their pants! C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

“Molly, I can’t believe you did this. I’ve never done
anything like this before.”

Molly tried to persuade Jennifer as much as she could,
but Jennifer just sat there. After moments of thinking
about it, Jennifer finally chimed in: “Well, they are
very {hot}, and since you’ve went through all the
trouble of getting them here, and since Brad’s out of
town, I’ll do’em. But if this ever gets out, I swear
I’ll hunt you down!”

Molly laughed and the girls went into the living room.

“You boys ready for some fun?” yelled Molly.

All five men yelled “Hell yeah!”

“Well,” said Molly. “I’m not the birthday girl, so I’m
going to leave for a little while to give my friend some
privacy. Make yourself at home. I’ll see ya in a bit.
And with that Molly walked out the door.

Jennifer stood there looking at the men smiling. She was
wearing a pair of very short denim shorts with hiking
boots, along with a snug T-shirt that showed her huge
tits very well.

“Ok, guys,” said Jennifer. “We’ve got all night, so why
don’t me make ourselves comfortable?”

And with that the men shocked Jennifer by stripping down
totally naked.

“Is this good enough?” asked Eric.

“Oooh my, my…” said Jennifer gawking at their
eagerness and bodies. “Well, then, I guess it’s my
turn,” said Jennifer. With that, the beautiful Jennifer
Aniston slipped off her T-shirt revealing her lacy red
bra. She didn’t stop there as she slipped off her short
shorts showing off her red panties.

“Should I leave the boots on or off?” asked Jennifer.

“On!” said the men.

Jennifer turned to the men, giving a runway twirl.

“Why don’t you have a seat on the couch, Jenn…” said
Max. Jennifer then went and had a seat on the couch. Her
face was surrounded by five cocks just waiting to touch
her soft tanned body.

“OOooh… I like these presents!” said Jennifer
playfully gazing at all the cocks surrounding her face
“I don’t even have to unwrap them!”

Jennifer then began to take both hands around Max and
Eric’s cock, stroking them lightly. She then took Max’s
huge cock and began to lick the head of it sharply.

After teasing it for a while, she began to suck it like
crazy, still giving Eric a fantastic hand-job. The men
in the room let out many “Oooh’s” as he began to give
Max the best blowjob he’s ever had. She went from cock
to cock sucking it like it was the last one on earth.
The men standing were dying to have their cock engulfed
in her beautiful mouth. She would stop sucking just
before the man was about to unload, and then go on to
the next.

This drove the men crazy!! After all the men had been
taking care of once, she went back around again, deep-
throating them for all it was worth.

“Mmm, did you all enjoy that?” giggled Jennifer. The
expressions “Oh yeah,” “Jeeezzz,” and “Wow!” were heard
throughout the room.

“Now that you are all VERY hard, I bet we could have a
little more fun.” said Jennifer.

Tom grabbed her by the ankles and stripped off her red
panties while Dan reached around and took off her bra.
The men were breathless as they stared at Jennifer
Aniston’s excellent tits and pussy.

“I gotta get my cock in that pussy!” exclaimed Tom.
“It’s all yours, baby!” shouted Jennifer as she lay back
on the couch. It had been almost a month since Jennifer
had been fucked and she was extremely horny at this

Tom got on the couch and guided his cock into her sweet
cunt. He then grabbed her sexy legs with her hiking
boots still on and threw them over his shoulders. Tom
took hold of her waist and slowly began to thrust his
cock into her pussy.

After a minute of slowly doing her pussy, he began to
increase the pace, pumping into Jennifer’s pussy

“OH!! OH!!” screamed Jennifer. “God I love it!! Give it

“You like this, Jenn?” teased Tom.

was all Jennifer screamed.

Phil immediately answered her call and jumped on the
couch behind her head. Jennifer arched her back and
gobbled up Phil’s cock while getting banged by Tom. It
was a beautiful sight; Jennifer’s tanned body arched
back with her tits protruding while her pussy was
getting a workout. Picasso painted many paintings, but
none as beautiful as the picture the other three men saw
on that couch.

all Jennifer could manage to mumble with her mouth full
of dick. Phil couldn’t take much of the beauty slurping
away at his dick and immediately blew his load in
Jennifer’s mouth. The jizz ran out Jennifer’s mouth like
a waterfall.

“This is much better than cake!!” said Jennifer wiping
off the cum from her mouth and licking her fingers. “I’d
much rather blow cocks than candles!”

Tom was getting tired and was about to blow. He withdrew
his cock and aimed it at Jennifer’s stomach. Tom then
shot a river of cum all over her belly. Jennifer reached
down and rubbed it all over her body, including her
tits. She then sat up on the couch.

“Oh Danny…” yelled Jennifer across the room. “Why
don’t you stop whacking off over there and come FUCK me!
I’m far from done!”

Danny was over there quicker than an Olympic sprinter.

“Lie down and relax…let me take care of everything!”
said Jennifer. With that he laid his body down on the
couch, his cock like a flagpole.

Jennifer wasted no time and straddled his cock, reaching
under and guiding it in her pussy. She then started
bouncing like she was on a pogo stick. Up and down, up
and down, her titties going every which way, her
straight hair flowing.

“OH MY… You have a very {OH YES!} big dick Danny boy!
I could fuck this all day long,” gasped Jennifer.

Danny then reached around and grabbed her tanned hips
and started to thrust her down onto his cock with an
even greater force.

STOP!!” screamed Jennifer.

Danny was in pure heaven. He’s marveled at this girl for
years on TV. He would have gave anything to just touch
her ass.

Now, at this moment, she is fucking his rod like crazy!!
All the men in the room were stroking their cocks at the
site of the two screwing. They couldn’t believe the
lovely women they “thought” they knew could be so

After minutes of bouncing on Dan’s shaft, she jumped off
and started to lick his cock slowly, teasing every bit
of it.

“Mmmmmmm, Danny, this tastes so goood! I just have a
craving for cock tonight!” said Jennifer. She then stuck
it in her mouth and started wiggling her tongue around
it. She then jerked it back out of her mouth, spit on
it, and rubbed it furiously until the pressure that
boiled up inside Dan couldn’t take it anymore.
Jennifer’s face was splashed with a face-full of cum
(which she didn’t bother to wipe off.)

In the corner of Molly’s living room was a pool table.
Jennifer pleasantly got up and walked over to it. The
men whistling at her all the way over, admiring her
sweet body and ass. Jennifer bent over the table.

“Anybody up for a game of pool?” asked Jennifer in a
lustful tone. “How about you Max, you’ve got a pretty
big stick.”

Max made his way over and looked over her extraordinary

He gave it a sharp slap.

“OH AHH!!” yelped Jennifer. “Have I been a bad birthday

Why don’t you punish my ass?”

“Certainly!” said Max.

And with that he wasted no time in putting his huge cock
into her ass. He began with short thrusts, Jennifer
clenching to the table anxiously. After many short
thrusts, he really gave it to her, grabbing hold of her
hips and pounding her from behind HARD and FAST!

Jennifer’s body was very sweaty and cum covered so it
was hard to grip her hips, but Max managed to handle the
hot actor. Jennifer then began to breathe heavily and
closed her eyes. Max had the biggest cock in the room
and it was all she could do to take it in her ass.

SSSSHHHHIIIITTTT! Screamed Jennifer at the top of her
lungs, gritting her teeth the hole time.

“Do you want it, baby? Tell me how bad you want it!”
yelled Max. “AH! I… I… WANT IT! I WANT IT BAD!
Screamed Jennifer.

He then laid two more slaps on her tanned ass.



OUT!” admitted Jennifer

“I NEED A COCK TO SUCK!!” demanded Jennifer with her
hair flying in her face.
Four men jumped up but Eric shoved his in her mouth. You
could hear Jennifer giggling while she tried to suck the
cream out of his cock.

“{slurp}…I love cock! {slurp}in the ass, in the pussy,
{slurp) in the mouth, it’s good all the way around!”
said Jennifer in the most lustful voice they had ever

After about five minutes of Max pounding Jennifer’s ass
to oblivion, he exploded into her soft, firm, ass, which
unleashed a load roar of pleasure from the babe.

Shortly after, Eric suddenly blew his wad in her mouth
(which she gulped down in a hurry) For the next hour the
four other men took her ass into their own hands and
left her very satisfied (and sore).

The six of them all went upstairs and found Molly’s cozy
bedroom. The room was immaculately clean and had
pictures all over the wall.

Jennifer immediately flopped on the bed.

“Ahhh…this is much more comfortable than that couch!”
said Jennifer writhing on the soft bed.

Just then Dan came up from downstairs.

“Looky here!” yelled Dan holding up 2 pairs of
handcuffs. “Ahh…what do you plan on doing with those?”
asked Jennifer already knowing the answer.

“Just lie down and let us take care of that!” said Dan.

Max and Phil went downstairs while Dan, Eric, and Tom
handcuffed the star to the bedposts. After a few short
minutes Max and Phil returned with bottles of whipped-

“Mmm… somebody must be hungry!” said Jennifer
teasingly. Max and Phil began to spray the cream all
over her long, tanned, sexy legs, and onto her sweet

“Ahhh… yes,” was all Jennifer could say as the
sensation of cold whipped cream was sprayed all over her

The men wasted no time and dove right in. Tom and Eric
began to lick and suck on her legs while Max had the
pleasure of eating out her marvelous cunt.

“Oooooohh, lick it all up baby! You {ugh} eat pussy so
fuckin’ good! Keep it up and {UUH} I’ll let you fuck my
ass again!” exclaimed Jennifer.

By now Tom and Eric had much of the cream on her legs
all licked up, so they merely just stood around and
stroked their cock, watching the actor get her cunt
sucked. Jennifer then wrapped her legs around Max and
was about to go crazy from the mind blowing pussy fuck
she was receiving.

“OH GOD!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! screamed Jennifer
as she started bucking her hips to the sensation running
through her body.

After minutes more of cunt sucking from Max, he let up
and let the other men in on the action. At one point the
phone rang and Eric picked up. Apparently the neighbors
heard screaming and wondered what was going on.

After a break in the action, Jennifer got to taste some
cock: topped off with whipped-cream. The men sprayed
their dicks with cream and shoved them in the star’s
mouth for some deep throat action. She gratefully
thanked the men for the treat… (though the men should
be the one doing the thanking).

They unlocked the handcuffs and Phil asked Jennifer:
“Have you ever done any DP action? You know, double
penetration, where one of us fucks your ass while one of
us fucks your pussy?

“Never!” exclaimed Jennifer. “But it sounds thrilling!
Let’s do it!”

Dan and Max got the honors, while Eric, Tom, and Phil
would be the one’s filling her mouth, or as they put it,
her “third hole”.

Dan started warming her up doing her doggy-style. He
pounded his cock into her. The echoes of his groin
slapping against her firm ass bounced off the walls.

“AAAAAHHHH!” yelped Jennifer as she welcomed the
pounding she was receiving. “FUCK ME! DEEEP AND FAST!

Max laid down and Dan stopped the banging on her pussy.

Jennifer jumped on the cock and guided it toward her
cunt. She began to bounce, and eventually bent over to
let Dan insert his shaft into her ass. The two men began
to get a rhythm going. In and out, in and out, and
eventually got a furious fuck session going.

“HMPH!” and “UHHGH,” were some of the things coming out
of the young babe’s mouth. She began to scream but the
words came out incoherent.

“How are ya likin’ it Jenn?” asked Max out of breath.
OOH GODDD! COCK!” shouted Jennifer.

The action was too much for her! Eric, Tom, and Phil
took turns sticking their cocks in her mouth. Sweat
poured from her head and body!! Though she was getting
screwed from two ends wildly, she could still give an
excellent blowjob.

The night ended on a pleasant note. The five men and
Jennifer all got dressed and headed downstairs. The men
gave her flowers and planted kisses all over her.

“I’ll never forget you guys…” said Jennifer tapping
the men on the back. “This truly was a great birthday
for me.”

“No problem,” said Max. He gave her their card in case
she was ever in town.
Jennifer never has seen the men again, but truly made
some “FRIENDS” she’ll never forget.