Natalie Portman’s Dream

Natalie Portman lay back in her bed and fumbled around
for the remote control. Finding it under her blanket,
she waved it in the direction of the TV and pressed the
‘off’ button. She was struggling to keep her eyes open
and was much too tired to watch another late night

The picture flared white for a moment and then shrank
down to a white dot that faded away gradually, leaving
her room in darkness. Natalie dropped the remote at the
side of her bed, pulled the blanket around her, and
squirmed around to get comfortable.

Breathing softly, peacefully, it wasn’t long before she
started to dream. She’d had the same one for the last
two nights now – not that she was complaining. It was
exactly the kind of dream she liked.

She was shopping in a huge mall, filled with hundreds
of shops that sold everything she could ever imagine
wanting. And, of course, she had a credit card that
never seemed to run out. She was wearing a short,
summer dress with a bright-coloured pattern, her long
dark hair was tied in a loose ponytail, and a
collection of carrier bags swung from her arms as she
walked happily through the busy mall.

This time, she became aware that there was a difference
to the recurring pattern, though. She suddenly spotted
a lingerie shop that hadn’t been in any of her previous
dreams, and she headed over to take a closer look at
the window display. There were several life-like
mannequins, all dressed in a variety of sexy underwear.
Natalie stared at them appraisingly, biting at her
lower lip, and then, with an impish grin, impulsively
decided to go in.

She wandered around for a while, browsing through the
racks and stands of delicate garments, wondering
whether she would buy anything.

“Can I help you with anything?” a male voice came from
behind her.

Natalie spun around and found herself facing a young
man dressed in casual jeans and a badged t-shirt that
served as the shop’s uniform. He was what was usually
described as medium build, with untidy, short blonde
hair, dark blue eyes, and a friendly, attractive face.

She blinked at him and then hit him with a cute smile.
“I don’t know,” she said, “Do you think any of this
stuff would suit me?” She struck a pose, inviting him
to consider her perfect, petite figure.

He looked her up and down admiringly, and returned her
smile. “I think the only problem might be finding
anything here that could possibly make you look any
more beautiful than you already are.”

Natalie beamed at his blatant flattery.

“What about this?” he asked, reaching past her to pick
up the pale pink, satin shift she’d almost convinced
herself to buy already.

“Well, maybe,” she flirted, “I might be able to decide
if I could see what I looked like in it. Do you have
anywhere I could try it on?”

“Follow me,” he said, leading her towards the back of
the shop. His expression was amused, but every time her
eyes met his she could see the desire burning just
under the surface.

He showed her into a spacious cubicle with plain walls,
a single chair, and a full length mirror.

“Will this do?” he asked.

“This’ll be fine,” she replied, moving closer to him
before he turned to leave, “But why don’t you stay for
a little while. I might need some help.”

She pushed the door shut and then, rising onto her
tiptoes, planted her lips firmly onto his mouth. He
didn’t seem surprised by the action, and joined in the
kiss as he held her slim waist to support her. Their
lips were constantly moving, their tongues flicking and
curling around inside each other’s mouths. Natalie
sighed with satisfaction and rising passion.

Seconds later, she let out a delighted squeal as his
hands slid down and squeezed her ass, pressing her
against him. She kissed frantically all around his
neck, his grip on her driving her wild.

Eventually, desperate for more, she pushed him back
towards the chair and straddled his lap as he sat down,
her head now above his, their lips never losing
contact. She had to suppress a moan of excitement as
one of his hands slid around her thigh and under her
short skirt. Natalie was suddenly reminded that she
wasn’t wearing any underwear and quivered reflexively
as his fingers stroked the surface of her sex. The
lightest, most tentative touch was enough to send a
wave of tingling pleasure surging through her body.

After only a moment, though, with incredible restraint,
he stopped and his hand retreated. She broke off her
kiss with a moan of disappointment, until her attention
was diverted to the fact that her light summer dress
was being gathered and pushed up and finally off over
her head.

She leaned back and let him gaze at her, displaying the
slender curves of her naked teenage body to full effect
as she stood over him. Her small breasts were firm and
pert, like teardrops of pale flesh around her exquisite
pink nipples. The small dark triangle between her legs
was trim and neat and barely hid her slit.

Natalie’s mouth was open and she was breathing heavily
in anticipation. An endless second seemed to pass,
neither of them touching the other, and then he reached
out and cupped her mound in his hand. She shuddered and
groaned as his fingers probed her wetness and his palm
pressed against her soft pubic hair. Resisting the urge
to grab onto him, she had to concentrate to stay
standing as she ground herself down on his hand,
thrusting and gyrating her hips in a slow, erotic

He didn’t touch her anywhere else, but maintained the
single point of contact between their bodies, focusing
all the pleasure she could imagine in that one place.
He rubbed her and squeezed her and slipped his fingers
in and out of her, seeing her body shake, hearing her
breathless moans. She felt like she was on fire, and it
was getting hotter and hotter.

She closed her eyes and begged him to keep going. And
it went on and on, and all she wanted was more. But
then, finally, she felt the heat like a detonation
inside her, expanding to fill her with burning ecstasy,
her body convulsing in the wake of the most powerful
orgasm she had ever experienced.

The sudden gush of her sexual juices spilled out over
his hand, running down her legs and dripping onto the
floor. She had never come as hard as this before, and
the effort of trying to control her muscles and stay on
her feet was making it last longer than she had thought
possible. She grit her teeth and almost whimpered as he
continued to massage her gently until the heat faded
and she could relax again.


Time had no meaning, and Natalie had no idea how long
it was before she reached down, unbuckled her dream
lover’s belt, and opened his pants to release his
straining erection. She fondled it for a while,
enjoying the mutual stimulation as her own senses
recovered from their near overload and began to climb
rapidly back up the arousal curve.

Before long, he put his arms around her waist and back,
drawing her forward until his mouth was against her
warm skin, delivering lavish attention over every soft
contour of her chest. Her nipples hardened immediately
as he sucked and kissed her small, rounded breasts. She
bent her head down and introduced one of his ears to
her tongue.

As she became more and more impassioned she felt him
move underneath her, positioning himself. And then he
stabbed upwards into the narrow, tender entrance to her
womb, making her cry out and gasp for breath. Her legs
gave way and she went all the way down onto him,
feeling him fill her, taking him as deep inside of her
as she could, wanting to maximise the incredible
sensation. Unable to control herself any longer, she
began to move herself on him, feeling the waves of
pleasure as his thick shaft slid up and down her tight,
wet passage.

One of his hands ran all the way up the curve of her
back until his fingers interwove themselves in her
thick dark hair. The other travelled all over her
slender young body, rubbing and caressing her pale
velvet skin, feeling it start to moisten with sweat. He
pulled her head back and shifted his mouth away from
her breasts, up to her neck and shoulders, hearing her
moan hoarsely into the air. His thighs pushed upwards
rhythmically, meeting each of her thrusts with one of
his own, penetrating deeper into her than she had
thought possible.

She clasped her hands around his neck and leaned back
until her arms were fully outstretched, swelling her
pert breasts as they were pushed together. The motion
of her hips increased in urgency as she forced herself
against him, riding his shaft as it drove into her
again and again and again. He held onto the seat of the
chair as their rhythm grew faster, more frenzied.
Natalie had to grit her teeth to restrain herself from
groaning loudly at every stroke of pleasure, but her
heavy breathing was still clearly audible.

They had both worked up a light sweat by the time she
felt the sharp, wonderful build-up of sexual tension in
her innermost parts that marked the imminent approach
of a powerful climax. Within seconds it reached its
peak and her body shuddered in orgasmic release, every
nerve in her body reverberating with ecstatic rapture,
making her hold her breath as she just kept on coming
and coming.

And then, brought to the same point by the intense
stimulation of her rippling pelvic spasms, he shot a
spurting stream of liquid heat deep into her and heard
her breath explode from her lungs as the piercing
pleasure pushed her beyond any restraint. She pulled
herself close to him until her breasts pressed against
his chest and then lunged for his mouth with her tongue
and wide open lips, kissing him with desperate fervour,
panting and groaning as her slight young body trembled

He met her hungry mouth with his own and returned her
clinging embrace, holding her tightly as her passion
ran its course. After an indefinite time Natalie began
to feel herself relaxing, slowing down, becoming aware
of a deep sense of satisfaction. Everything seemed to
be fading away and, within moments, her dream had
dissolved and she found herself once again surrounded
by the comfortable darkness of sleep.

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