Kate Upton – Hot Tales

Everything had been a blur since that first show I had worked on. Let alone the evening that had followed after with Kate and Vanessa. It looked like my luck was in. I was picked up for a few more shows working in different cities across the world and starting to make a name for myself, building up some connections which was all to the good.

It had led me to New York fashion week itself. Different shows going on all week as the different lines and collections were all displayed. It also led me to some new work and of course into contact with a whole host of models and other celebrities who were attending. That week the main star who was currently standing out that I had the luck to meet was Kate Upton. She wasn’t working, but knowing several of the models and designers she had been around backstage a few times and had flashed a few curious stares in my direction.

It was during one of these shows behind the scenes where we first met. Just a brief hand shake, and a small kiss on the cheek from her, a few words of encouragement since she knew I was still relatively new to the whole scene. I would be lying if I didn’t say she made an impression. She looked amazing and that was without the abundance of bronzed bare flesh she was more famous for, on show from the covers of sports illustrated. Even so it was hard not to notice the glorious amount of cleavage.

But then I knew she was a married woman of course and much better to stay clear of especially while I was working and needed my mind on the show ahead of me. Luckily that had all gone well and I was once again relaxing behind the scenes at the after party when I bumped into her again.

She still looked amazing, that curvy body held tight in a glittering back dress that hugged her figure and was cut low displaying a delicious amount of cleavage as much as I tried to ignore it. I swear she noticed a small tugging at her lips as she came over to me.

“Well wasn’t that fun. You looked great I can see why you were picked for the show.” She said smiling her voice rich and full of laughter as she spoke.

“Oh well thanks for that Kate.” I replied half stumbling over my words as I looked back cautiously trying to get a feel for her.

“I’m glad I could catch you. There was something I wanted to talk to you about when you had a chance.” She added afterwards.

“Oh yes, like another project?” My curiosity piqued. It would never hurt to listen to offers for work especially if there was something she was working on.

“Something like that yes. Though it’s more of a personal project at the moment. Just something I’m working on but it would be good to talk through it with someone I think.”

“Oh well I’m not sure I could be much help I’m just starting out I’m sure there will be other people here far more qualified than me.” I replied trying to think. Whilst it sounded interesting I was sure I wouldn’t be of much use in planning and working on something yet.

“No I think looking around you’re perfect for what I have in mind. You’re young, fresh, not to coloured by experience or tied up to anyone in particular yet.” She leaned a little closer almost conspirators whispering away in a corner.

“I can’t really talk about here yet but I’m staying in the same hotel close by if you have some time to share with me. We can talk things through there in a little more privacy.” She explained glancing around a little.

I frowned following her gaze. There weren’t too many close by at the moment but then I could take her point about it being a busy room and as yet I didn’t really have much idea what she had in mind to discuss. Neither did I want to upset her or turn her down and cause some offense that would hit my reputation.

“Well if you’re sure I can help I don’t mind discussing it at least.” I spoke up and she smiled wider eyes bright with pleasure. “Excellent.” She took out her phone and we swapped numbers. “I need to be seen for a little while yet but when I’m finished and getting ready to head back I’ll send you a text and you can meet me there later. I’ll add the room number.” She added before leaning in to brush my cheek with another kiss before she turned away and headed off.

I had a thought about the last time I had traded room numbers with someone, and the threesome I had enjoyed with Kate and Vanessa. But then I pushed it away. It was likely nothing of the sort. She was married and I was likely reading too much into things. So I let it go and went back to the party just meeting more people and enjoying myself.

It was about another hour when I felt my phone vibrate and taking it out to double check saw the text from Kate. It read simply. “On my way back now. Ready whenever you want to drop by. Room 216.” I studied it for a moment mind racing once more as I considered it before I finally replied. “Be there soon.”

I waited another quarter of an hour but then finally headed off. No one noticed me leave I simply slipped away again leaving the rest behind to make my way back to my hotel. It wasn’t a long trip, a short walk and I found myself striding through the entrance and making my way across the lobby to the elevators. I headed inside and hit the button for her floor and leaned back watching it rise steadily.

My mind was still buzzing half from the show, half wondering exactly what Kate might want to discuss. But it could be an excellent opportunity. Eventually the elevator stopped and I stepped out making my way down the corridor to the right room. I took a moment making sure I was presentable and then quietly knocked on the door.

It didn’t take more than a minute before it opened up and I watched as Kate looked out eye’s running over me a smile widening across her features as she took me in slow and steady before she stepped back. “I’m glad you could make it. Please come in.” She murmured sweetly and gave me the room to enter.

I nodded smiled a little and stepped inside looking slowly around the suite, much bigger than mine of course. “Can I get you anything, a drink?” She asked just behind my shoulder almost making me jump as I felt her presence there suddenly.

“No really I’m fine thanks.” I was edgy still, a little nervous. I didn’t want to upset her and just wanted to know exactly what she wanted with me. “So what was it you wanted to discuss?” I asked, watching as she smiled at me again.

“Straight to business I see. That’s ok we can skip the formalities if you’d prefer and get straight to it.” She replied still smiling, circling around me only now just running her fingers along my shoulder as she moved around.

“I want you to fuck me.” She added straightforwardly.

For a moment I didn’t speak just stared dumbfounded wondering if I had heard that right or was just imagining it all. She clearly could see that as she laughed now.

“I’m entirely serious. I want you to fuck me.” She confirmed for me.

I simply stared back slightly baffled. Mostly just stunned by how things were turning out. Valiantly I thought, considering I was already now rock hard after listening to her words I tried to dissuade her.

“Listen Kate I’d love to really I mean who wouldn’t. You look incredible. But I’m not sure right now is a good time I mean it’s been a long day, I’ve been working, we were at a party and plus well you’re married to.” I started to explain even though my body was in full agreement with her. It wanted nothing more than to bury itself inside her.

She simply cut me of reaching up and placing a single finger over my lips quieting me.

“As I said I am perfectly serious. Yes I’m married, and this, whatever we do here won’t change that one bit. But I’ve been here for two weeks already. My husband also has a strict policy of what we can and can’t do during his season, which can of course be a source of frustration. I have needs that toys can only help so much with.” She told me simply.

“So I need you to help me with this frustration. I need you to take what I suspect is by now a rather hard cock and fuck me. Don’t try to be reasonable, don’t be polite or nice just fuck me. That’s all I want, that’s exactly what I need.” She whispered softly eyes glittering with amusement as she gazed back her finger lightly stroking my lip.

My own eyes fluttered concentration completely shot at this stage my body already betraying what it wanted to happen next.

“Fuck me.” She repeated softly. “Fuck……me.” She kept saying it over and over again, the words reverberating around in my mind breaking that resistance down even as she stepped closer drowning my senses in the scent of her perfume and the feel of her body now just pressing against me.

“Fuck me, and you can do whatever you like, fuck me and you can finish wherever you like.” she murmured again teasing me.

My gaze slipped drifting down to the cleavage on display in her outfit and I heard her laugh softly. “Fuck me, and you can cover every inch of them, just leave them glistening and wet with your seed. Is that what you want? To leave this married woman marked and covered in your own juices?” She teased again her free hand slipping across her breast fingertip trailing over the sort creamy slopes.

“Fuck me and you can do exactly that.” She told me arching her back to slide them over my chest more firmly now so I could feel the weight of them against my body drawing a deep groan of pleasure.

She stepped up on her toes mouth pressing in against my neck a soft touch of her lips and tongue on my ear and neck as she spoke a final time. “Fuck me please.”

That last shred of resistance I had tried to keep shattered then. Torn and discarded by her demands, by my own raging need as I felt her press against me soft, warm and all too eager to resist any more.

I took her mouth first; a deep crushing kiss as I tasted her deeply, heard a shocked gasp escape her mouth muffled by my lips before she melted against me all sleek soft curves sliding over my body.

My hands soon fell on her roaming across her shoulders and then down her back to grasp her hips and ass moulding her flesh and holding her tight against my body letting her feel the hard bulge of my erection as it pushed and thrust against her body. The kisses intensified little bites and nips as we impatiently groped, teased and tasted one another’s urgent hunger exploding out.

While I filled my hands with the feel of her firm round behind, she ran her fingers across my shoulders and then down my chest. She tugged on my shirt and ran her nails over the skin making my muscles tense as they pushed lower straining against the front of my slacks.

I couldn’t help but admire the quick dextrous movements as she pulled back and flicked open the buttons and then slipped the zip down soon after. A quick deft move to part the front and I felt her hand delve inside my boxers to wrap those soft slender fingers around my aching shaft.

I shuddered and moaned head falling back as she nipped at my neck with eager teeth stroking my hard cock from the head to the base and back again just squeezing slightly as she worked her way back up to the top. It was too much and not enough all at the same time.

I held her hips pushing and grinding myself against her as I felt her hand stroking me and suddenly I needed more. I wanted to give her exactly what she wanted no more waiting no more playing around. She was right, I didn’t want to be nice, didn’t want to wait, I wanted to fuck her.

I spun her around moving quickly using her own momentum to take her of balance and thrust her up against the wall while I slipped behind her holding her in place with my body. Hands dropped to her hips grasping the hem of her dress and lifted it up as she panted. She wore a tiny thong barely covering anything as my hand bunched around it tugging.

It held for a moment fabric stretching cutting into her a little as she moaned before it snapped and tore free tossing it aside to fall to the floor as I pushed my own clothes further down giving myself enough room to work. It wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t perfect but I could do what I needed to.

I could feel her wriggling and squirming against me panting with need and frustration. I pressed against her hard cock rubbing against her lush round rear while I moved to position myself. I guided the tip between her legs feeling her spread them wider giving me room. When the tip found her lips bare and wet, we both moaned. Then it was all instinct.

I surged forwards driving my hips up to meet her body and thrust my aching cock against her entrance. It parted those gleaming wet lips and drove inside her in one deep hard stroke. The moan she gave then was pure satisfaction as she clamped down around my cock squeezing it tightly inside her.

Pressing my mouth against her neck I held myself there savouring the sensation of being buried inside her, of that soft warm body so delicious pressed against my own. But we both wanted more and I began to rock my hips pushing myself in and out of her slowly at first just enjoying that heat and friction and the feel of her wet juices threading their way across my hard length.

Kate was panting, pushing herself back against me at the same time and I felt her buck with every thrust I made inside her. Something about her now just drove me crazy. I took her hard fast and deep. My hips slammed against the soft pillows of her ass. I needed more, wanted more, and wanted to give her the good hard fucking she was craving.

I drove myself in and out hands all over her body at the same time. I squeezed the big soft curves of her breasts, I let them slide down to lightly spank her ass. I gripped her hips to hold her steady while I fucked her, letting her take each and every inch of my hard aching cock now filling her up.

I wasn’t going to slow, I wasn’t going to stop, I was giving her exactly what she wanted, exactly what I wanted. Just to fuck, just to take, just to fill her and feel myself explode inside her. Any more fun than that could wait until after. Now I was just aching to cum and spill it all inside her.

I let my hand reach back up turn her head slightly towards me so we could watch each other.

“This was what you wanted wasn’t it, just to get fucked just to be enjoyed?” I groaned at her.

“Yes…….yes I needed this.” she panted back her voice whisper soft as she spoke.

I slowed down pulled myself back so just the tip of my cock remained inside her, just teasing against her bare sex. She was pressing back against me trying to slide herself back on my length.

“I want you to cum for me, cum all over my hard cock while I fuck you and then I’m going to cum inside you.” I moaned against her almost unable to stop myself doing exactly that right then. I heard her whimpered moan as she edged back against me, the light brush of her lips playing over my own, just a silky tease as I held myself there.

I let my hands enjoy her body just stroking across her, pausing to squeeze her breasts once more before I let my hand slide down over her hip delving between her thighs to find where I was just inside her. I stroked my fingers across her lightly teasing her clit and felt her shudder, another moan as she pushed back against me.

I drove myself deep inside her then not holding back just thrusting forward until my hips met her ass and she groaned once more head falling back in sheer bliss. She felt ridiculously good, squeezing my cock the instant I pushed inside her. I began to play with her stroking and rubbing her clit whilst fucking her hard gritting my teeth to try and last longer than her.

I withdrew almost completely with every stroke only to drill straight back inside her, the sound of our bodies coming together and of us fucking against the wall just ringing out loud and clear surrounding us. I could feel myself getting closer trying to hold it back until I heard her give another cry of pleasure.

She soaked my length, a shudder rippling through her as she came all over me and I could finally give in. I thrust forward again as deep and as hard as I could wanting to be buried inside her as I began to pulse and my orgasm exploded out my cock jerking as it shot all that hot thick cum inside of her.

I held myself against her riding out the climax enjoying how good it felt to empty myself inside her. The two of us stood there clinging to the wall before slowly we slid down limply to the floor where we lay in a tangle of limbs just catching our breaths.

After a few moments Kate gave me a lazy half smile of satisfaction, looking rumbled clothes astray, hair a mess, bare skin gleaming a little. It only made me want her again which was a good thing.

“I hope you don’t think that I’m done with you yet. I’ve got plenty more frustrations to work off.” She teased me softly slowly turning over and pushing herself back to her feet. She thrust a hand out in my direction which I took after admiring the view.

She pulled me back up to my feet and I followed as she led me through into her bedroom beyond. The rest of her outfit soon disappeared. The dress over her head, her shoes kicked aside. She stood there naked and gleaming like some blonde Greek goddess. I couldn’t take my eyes of her or the gorgeous full round breasts now fully bare for my eyes to enjoy.

She smiled at me cocking her head slightly hand resting on her hip as she gave me a questioning look.

“Well aren’t you going to join me?”

I didn’t need a second invitation moving to kick of my shoes and undress as well tossing my clothes aside as I watched her slowly walk towards the bed my eyes focused on the round curves of her ass, her hips swinging a little as she moved slowly leaning over and crawling onto it.

I could not fail to enjoy that sight taking my time to walk over and join her although she rolled over onto her front moving to look back as I approached and put a hand out to stop me at the foot of the bed. She trailed her fingers lightly along my belly drifting down until she wrapped them lazily around my semi hard cock.

“There was I just thinking you wanted to fuck.”

“I do, and you will but since your here and obviously enjoying yourself I may as well indulge myself.” she teased, a flirty smile on her face as she squeezed the head of my shaft. I groaned a little my hips bucking a little just rocking against her as I stood there waiting.

She dropped her head placing a light kiss on the tip of my cock before her lips parted and her tongue flicked out to tease the underside of it making me groan a little. I reached forwards fingers sifting through her hair and brushing it aside so I could watch the pretty blonde tease me.

The touch was light and soft. Just her lips and tongue sliding over my cock, along the shaft down to the base before rising back to the swollen head. It twitched and pulsed eagerly making her laugh eyes sparkling playfully as teased me. I edged forwards, she pulled back still smiling making me wait.

Then as I pulled back she darted forward capturing the tip between her lips and sucking lightly. This time when I groaned and thrust a little she accepted it sliding me deeper inside her mouth. It felt exquisite the warm set sensation of her tongue on my shaft, her lips rubbing against me soft and teasing.

It was several minutes just the two of us enjoying the moment. Kate playfully teasing me with her mouth before she pulled back.

“Come here, on the bed, just lay down you’ve got some more work to do.” she instructed me rolling to one side. I obliged climbing up and lay down on my back on the bed hard cock still twitching.

As I laid down she was sat up and smiled back running her fingers along the length of my leg across my belly and up my chest her body moving higher and higher up until she was close to my head leaning forwards over me a little.

“I think I want more of a taste, but since you’re here and supposed to be giving me a proper workout then I think we’ll put your mouth to good use as well.” She teased softly flicking her leg over my body so she was straddling my face suddenly looking down the length of my body.

I caught a glimpse of her busty figure descending down over me just before her gorgeous round ass obscured my view. I gripped it squeezing her cheeks and letting her sink closer so I could slide my tongue along her pussy. At the same time I felt her hand capture my cock, her body press against me and then the feel of her mouth warm and wet engulf my shaft once more.

The muffled sound of my moan was half silenced by her body sliding against me, her hips rocking her lush rear against my mouth. I heard her moan at the same time the vibrations rippling around my cock as she guided her mouth along its length. I bucked a little pushing myself against her mouth eager for more but conscious of what she wanted I threw myself into my task.

I let my tongue slide across her lips teasing her sticky folds and delving inside her. She gasped around me quivering, her own mouth bobbing back and forth along my cock taking me in and out so we were both enjoying each other. I could feel the lush curves of her breasts sliding over my belly, her mouth warm, wet and eager on my cock.

It was delicious and I drove my mouth deeper and harder against her lashing her lips with my tongue and pushing up to find her clit. I nuzzled it gently, lips and tongue brushing over it before I opened a little wider and captured it completely before I began to suck as well making her moan even more.

I used my hands to grip the cheeks of her firm ass, spreading them a little wider so I could guide my hand back and thrust a finger inside her at the same time I licked and sucked at her clit. I could hear her moaning even more loudly gasping as I enjoyed her.

She was sliding her own mouth over me more and more taking me deeper making me ache as my hips bucked and I was almost fucking her mouth at the same time she was riding my face. I could sense the familiar tingle growing by the second as I enjoyed her mouth.

She either felt it, or had something else in mind as I felt the pressure lift as she released me and rolled to one side. Her cheeks glowed as she smiled at me looking radiant. She really was gorgeous all soft lush curves and breasts I couldn’t take my eyes of. I was just reaching for them when she planted a hand on my chest and pushed me back.

“Not like that.” She teased me gently. “I think we’ve got to make you useful again.” She added her hand reaching down to grasp my cock and stand it up straight.

She straddled me again her leg moving over my hip and then pushed herself back to meet my hard cock which she held up guiding herself to meet it. I felt the head brush her lips sliding against them as she teased it back in before it slowly parted her and began to sink inside.

Slowly she sank down on my length and I grasped her hips to pull her down to meet me the both of us moaning as she squeezed my cock inside her once more. I felt her shuddering, felt her quivering around me moaning softly just rocking her hips as she held me inside her. Leaning forward she kissed me panting softly.

“Oh yes this is exactly what I needed.” She half moaned flexing around my shaft. I held her with my hands exploring her thighs reaching around to cup and squeeze her ass only this time I could finally enjoy her breasts. Moaning my mouth lunged up and closed around one big pink nipple sucking it hungrily into my mouth making her gasp again.

Her hips were moving rising and falling on mine, sliding herself up and down rhythmically along my cock which pulsed inside her. I moaned against her breast releasing that first hard nipple and capturing the second swirling my tongue around it, biting down gently and sucking again as I felt her gasp above me.

Then I had to let go falling back to just watch her riding me sliding herself up so I could almost see threads of her juices trailing down my shaft before she sank down once more smearing them between us both. I thrust up to meet her, hands darting up to grasp her breasts kneading and squeezing the firm mounds as she moaned head falling back as she bounced on my hard cock.

I don’t know how long it went on for I lost track of anything except the feel of her body, the flush of colour seeping through her bronzed skin. She was exquisite, soft and warm lush curves that enticed and drew me in making me want to explode. She slowed down just watching me lips parted a little as she bit them gently.

I reached out and grasped her hips and while she was still moaning I rolled with her so she ended up flat against the bed laid out this time with me on top of her. I didn’t wait I captured her wrist with my hand pinning it down as I began to thrust inside her once more deep and hard giving her my entire length with every stroke.

She gasped beneath me eyes fluttering, her breasts bouncing with every thrust I made inside her. If she wanted to be fucked that was exactly what I was going to do. Moaning myself I drove my hips against her body plunging my cock inside her, almost pulling free my cock glistening wet before I thrust back inside her once more.

My mouth found her nipples first one then the other sucking hungrily on the engorged tips before I raised myself up a little just giving us both the room to see my cock sliding inside her over and over again.

“This was what you wanted right? Just to get fucked?” I teased her a little watching her head move as our bodies clashed.

“Yes, God yes don’t stop, just fuck me.” She hissed back at me.

I pushed myself back further still moving in and out of her just a little more slowly reaching down to toy with clit rubbing it lightly with my thumb as she panted even more those luscious breasts heaving with every breath she took, every thrust I made inside her. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer but knew I was going to cover her this time.

I slowed myself down and then withdrew cock glistening as she looked back at me breathing deeply.

“Roll over I’m going to fuck you from behind and then I’m going to cover those breasts.” I muttered voice straining now as I waited cock still pulsing, glossy and wet with her juices.

She smiled at me coyly as she laid there, the perfect breasts in question heaving as she breathed in. She trailed her fingers over them just teasing a little before she began to move slowly rolling herself over on her front. Growling almost, I reached out and bought my hand down lightly across one cheek spanking her.

Then I grasped her hips and tugged them up closer to where my hard cock waited. She pushed her torso up and looked back at me grinning as she wiggled her behind a little as I guided the head of my shaft to her entrance. I didn’t tease now, just thrust forward and buried myself inside her one stroke to push as far as I could.

I just began to move, thrusting in and out of her hard and deep, pounding my length in and out, making her quiver and those gorgeous round breasts bounce with every powerful thrust. Her head tossed, her hair flying and she pushed back to meet my body my hips and her ass meeting together the sound of flesh on flesh ringing out around us.

I kept going driving myself against her feeling her juices soaking my length, seeing it glistening with them as she moaned and panted beneath me. Her upper body collapsed back against the bed as her arms weakened although I groaned with her watching as she thrust a hand back and started to rub her clit, playing with herself.

“Fuck, I’m close don’t stop. Just don’t stop, fuck me.”

Between that touch sliding over her sensitive flesh, and my shaft still working her body it was enough to finally tip her over the edge as I drove inside deep and hard and felt her gush against my cock body vibrating as another orgasm rippled through her body as she played with herself.

She moaned as she came riding out her orgasm as I continued to thrust inside her deep and hard pushing myself towards that peak as well although I knew exactly what I wanted this time and it wasn’t to finish inside her. I wanted it all over her breasts before I was finished.

I waited for her to fall flat panting against the bed before I slowly pulled free of her body my hard cock glistening with her juices as I climbed higher up the bed. I dropped a hand on her shoulder and guided her over so she was lying back smirking again as she looked back at me playfully.

“This is what you wanted now wasn’t it?” She teased.

“Yes, after you wanted fucking anyway.” I agreed. “I wanted to make sure I left you covered.” I groaned straddling her.

I knelt down and let my aching length rub against the soft curves, the head brushing her nipple before I pushed it deeper into her cleavage and slowly began to thrust once more. She helped me then squeezing her breasts pushing them together to surround my cock in a warm blanket of flesh.

I couldn’t withstand that, not for long. I bucked moaning, hips thrusting myself between them just watching my shaft trailing juices all over her hard skin leaving it glistening as I moved. The throbbing grew ever more intense building by the second as I watched Kate, watched my aching length pulse and jerk every little movement making more creamy fluid seep out to leave her slick and wet. Finally I felt my breath catch as I made one final thrust pushing the tip just free of her cleavage angling it slightly to make sure it sprayed over her.

We both just watched, my pulsing cock sliding across the lush soft curve of her breast and erupting out, pale shots of cum splashing across the smooth slopes of flesh, up to her neck and then dripping down between them as I continued to rock my hips pushing my cock against her to get every last drop out painting her skin in my creamy juices.

Gradually it finally stopped and I slipped free just brushing it over her nipple smearing the last few drops against the hard tip until I fell back alongside her just panting as I fought to catch my breath whilst admiring the pretty blonde beside me, now glazed in my juices. She looked as attractive now as she had done before we had started this. Tousled, slick with sweat and our juices, I could have just laid there and watched.

She snuggled in against me smiling lightly as she trailed her fingers down the length of my chest.

“Don’t think I’m done with you yet. Since you’re here now you may as well stay a little longer so we can see exactly what else I can do with you.”

“Whatever you say Kate, whatever you say.” I smiled lying back comfortably. “I may just need a moment.”