Winona Ryder – Your Biggest Lover

Winona smiled. She leaned back and enjoyed the sun on
her face. Life was good. The petite, black-haired woman
had the biggest success in her business for years. She
had so many new friends… she felt comfortable in her
skin. And she was in love…

She should have felt guilty, she should have felt hunted
by the press… but she did not.

Life was good.

Winona sat on her sofa in her L.A. villa and enjoyed the
vista. The valley… .the mountains. It was warm and the
sun on her skin left a warm feeling.

Winona wore a white cotton-dress and nothing else. She
enjoyed her body more than ever. Since that special
afternoon… some weeks ago.

It was at a legendary playboy-party were she had met her
idol. The actress she admired, the woman she… was in
love with.

It was the first woman ever she was in love with.

How strange it had felt when that woman had admitted
that she too admired Winona. And even more… and
exciting… and… when she had taken Noni to a Limo
behind Hugh’s house. And there they had made lesbian

-Oh God… when I think about it…-

Winona pressed her thighs together. She placed her right
hand in her lap and pressed her white cotton-dress
lightly against her vagina. She moaned in lust…
It had been the best sex she had had in some time. It
had been… a totally new experience. And she had
enjoyed it so much. She knew she was not a real lesbian.
She knew she liked men very much, she enjoyed sex with

But she also knew she was in love with Kate Winslet.

Kate… so beautiful… so graceful…

And what Kate had done to Noni’s body…

But that had been weeks ago.

Since that afternoon she had not seen her lover. Kate
had been away… and, although they both had made it
clear that they would make love again, that they,
somehow would have a relationship… they had not seen
each other again.
Winona missed her girl very much.

She imagined the day she would wrap her arms around the
good smelling, good feeling girl again. And she smiled.

The bell rang…

And the sound kicked her out of her erotic thoughts. She
got up but the smile on her beautiful face did not
leave. She thought about the tingling sensation on her
body when Kate’s hands…

She unlocked the door and…

She looked up and looked straight into Kate’s face.

The British actress wore… again…

-like… that afternoon-

..the pink cotton dress…

And… again… there was this glow on her face…

“Hi love.”

Winona smiled… bigger…

“Hey… Kate… ”

“Can I come in?”

Noni stepped aside.

“Yes..yes… oh God… please..”

When Winona had shut the door she was standing in front
of her love… and she did not know what to do. Should
she kiss her… or… it was so long ago…

Should she just shake hands… or…

Kate wrapped her arms around Winona and kissed her.

Noni was a little shaken. Kate had taken her off
guard… but then…

Her lips parted and let the tongue slip inside her

It was a big relieve. She let her self emotionally
fall… wrapped her arms around her girl and responded
with an even more intense kiss.

Kate pressed Winona against one wall and let her hands
go over the petite woman’s body. She cubed Winona’s
breasts and started instantly massaging them.

A shower of wild lust washed through Noni’s body. She
played with Kate’s tongue and digged her fingers into
her lovers buttocks…

The girls were lost in desire…

Winona felt like she was melting in hot lava. There it
was again… this pure feeling of lust… and there was
one image… one wish in her brain…

She… Winona… naked and Kate would suck on her

Kate broke the kiss, still holding Winona, still
breathing heavily.

Noni felt the wall in her back… and the woman in front
of her. She felt Kate’s breasts, pressing on her own
breasts… she smelled her lover… and looked into
those shining eyes.

“God… I missed you so much, Kate.”

Kate smiled and stroke Winona’s left cheek.

“I missed you too… my angel.”

The world around Winona dissolved. She felt the woman
she loved… smelled her…
They were standing in the room, hand only eyes for each

But after a little while of bathing inside each others
presence, Kate broke the hug.

She took Winona’s right hand…


She pulled the petite woman through the house…

“What… where are we going?”

“No… no talk…”


Kate stopped and looked into Winona’s eyes… smiling…

“I want to fuck you first…”

Winona just nodded… and then pointed to her left.

And again she was being pulled through her house…


The bedroom was dark an quiet. There was not much
furniture in the room. A huge bed, a side-board… two

Only a little light shone through the shutters, drew
some patterns onto the mattress…

Winona was pulled into the room. Then she stood on the
lower end, looking into the longing eyes of the blonde
lover… feeling her hands on the hips… her breasts on
her breasts…

“Fuck me…”

Noni’s eyelids fluttered. Her longing had taken over.
She wanted the girl to love her.

Kate’s hands wandered upwards… on the left… on the
right… landed on Noni’s shoulders… the fingers went
under the strings of the shiny white dress…

“Do you want to sleep with a woman?”

Winona nodded.


Kate pulled the strings over Noni’s trembling shoulders.
Down the muscular arms… .and exposed the full, firm

They were moving, a little… shaking… vibrating…

Winona could taste the air around her. A metallic
taste… full of electricity…

And when Kate grabbed her tits, when Kate’s fingers
squeezed them, Noni moaned and laid her head back.

Tears were running down her cheeks. Tears of
anticipation, of longing to be touched… to be

Kate massaged her lover’s breasts and her own body was
barely able to stand. She felt Noni’s nipples in her
hands, felt the firm, warm flesh… and she knew… she
was wet.

So she bent forward and kissed her lover on the neck…
heard the moaning, felt the warmth and the longing. Noni
was shaking…

And while Kate hugged her again, she let her hands
wander down Noni’s body. She liked the fabric of Noni’s
white dress on her hands. It was warm, laid itself very
tight around the slim figure.

Their lips met and Noni opened her mouth again.

Tongues playing…

It was like she constantly was on the verge of fainting
out. Winona was totally lost in the desire. She knew she
was in love… with Kate Winslet… her Kate…
Kate’s hands pulled at the dress; pulled it down till…
it landed on the dark carpet. Again her hands found
their way to Winona’s buttocks. She squeezed them,
pushed her fingers between them… a little inside the

Winona’s mouth went wide open. She gasped…

Kate broke the kiss and went to her knees, like a
servant she wanted to please her master.

Kate kissed her lover’s right knee-cap… and her
fingertips caressed the back of the knee… the tip of
Kate’s tongue painted a wet line upwards. Up the right
leg… up…

She laid her fingers, her hands onto Noni’s pelvis…
left and right… kissed the flat stomach.

“God… oh god… yes… ” Winona Ryder’s head laid back
and her mouth was wide open. Her hands were on Kate’s
shoulders and she enjoyed every eternal second that she
felt the wet lips on her stomach.

Then she felt Kate’s fingers going down… exploring the
dark jungle of her pubic hair… and Winona spread her
legs a little.


One finger was inserted. Slowly at first… being pushed
inside her dark, wet body.

Noni had to grab Kate’s shoulders more firmly. She
trembled, was breathing hard…

But Kate pulled her index-finger out of her lovers
vagina, stood up and looked into the big, shiny eyes.

“Do you trust me?”

Winona laid her arms around Kate’s shoulders and smiled
while she had to fight the hard breathing.

“Yes… I do… ”

“I want to show you new ways of making love to a woman.
And if you let yourself fall into this… I promise…
you will have the best fuck ever.”

Winona bent forward and their lips met.

This time it was Kate who had to open her mouth…

When they broke the kiss, Noni let herself fall
backwards and landed on the mattress of her huge bed.


She lay on her bed and it was cool in the room. She was
naked and vulnerable. She was breathing hard and she
felt wet droplets of sweat on her body. She felt her
vulva pulsing, she felt the wetness… she was open. And
their was nothing on the whole planet that could be more
important than the girl who was standing in front of
her… on the lower end of her bed.

A beautiful woman who pulled the strings over her
shoulders… the pink dress… falling down. And she was

Noni gulped saliva… brought her knees in an upright
position and… .let them fall to the left and right…
and her lap was open…

The naked woman was crawling over the bed. Like a
predator she was moving … slowly … strong… and
she knew what she wanted.

Then… she was kneeing between Winona’s Legs… one
hand on the left side of her lovers head… one on the
right… breathing… sweating…

She looked into Winona’s eyes and she saw longing… and

Winona moaned when Kate’s breasts touched her own
breasts… when they pressed onto them… when she felt
her lovers stomach on her own… and she knew that
Kate’s vagina was so close to her own.

She wrapped her arms around the British girl and their
lips met again. Their tongues played again…

Noni felt the tip of Kate’s tongue gliding over her
teeth.. felt Kate on her body… and she knew the
feeling of Kate’s breasts on her own let her go crazy…

They kissed and it was like they wanted to crawl into
each other. Noni’s hands were gliding over the round
forms of her lovers body and she… she felt the sweat
that ran over every curve… over the buttocks over the

Kate’s finger were gliding through the short black hair,
her tongue was re-drawing the lines of Winona’s lips.
She… herself… was so wet… so horny… the wanted
Winona so much. And so she rubbed her body over Noni’s.
She pressed her vagina against her lovers… till she
broke the kiss, till her hands grabbed Winona’s
shoulders, till she was kneeing between the thighs. Kate
bent over and put her watering mouth over the nipple of
Winona’s left breast.

She sucked and the saliva was running over the firm

The black-haired girls was screaming. She digged her
fingers into the mattress and tasted the air, smelled
her lover…

Kate sucked the nipple, squeezed the firm flesh with her
hands. Her fingers were gliding over the breasts,
covered in a layer of sweat. Then she let go of Noni’s
breast. She let her hands wander down, stuck out her
tongue and drew a line downwards.

When she reached the belly-button, she put the tip of
her tongue inside it, licked it.

Winona closed her eyes and took deep breaths when she
felt Kate’s hands on the inside of her thighs, stroking
them. She knew what was going to happen and she smiled.


Kate’s tongue left the belly-button… it went further
down. A tingling sensation on her tongue when she was
going through the dense pubic hair… her hands gliding
down the thighs… and then her tongue touched one
vulvar… and she tasted the bitter liquid running out
of Winona’s vagina.

It was like lighting hitting her lower body. Winona’s
eyes went wide and she knew this was pure
satisfaction… she burst into a loud moaning.

Kate Winslet inserted her tongue into Winona Ryder’s
vagina. As far as it went. And all the while she was
stroking the thighs fast..up and down..up… and down.

She pushed her tongue as deep as possible into the
wetness and felt an overwhelming urge to be inside this
woman. She… took the right index finger and the left
one… inserted both at the same time into the vulva…
pulled the lips apart and kissed the inside.

Winona was sweating like she did a workout. She was in
pain, she was in pleasure… her nipples stood erect,
her breathing went faster and faster… she gulped
saliva and was shivering while her lover licked her
lips, her inside… pushing…

“Oh God…!”

Her body was in ecstasy… her nerves on the edge, her
brain… she laid her hands onto the back of Kate’s head
and pushed it toward her vagina.

“Fuck me… please… fuck me…”

All of a sudden Kate took her tongue from her lovers
clitoris and lifted her head so that she could look into
Winona’s eyes.

She saw the longing for love, the need for sex…

So the blonde woman inserted the right index-finger into
the wet hole. Pulled it out a little and pushed it back

Noni was shivering…

A second finger… in and out…

Minutes were ticking by. The air was static… time
stood still… A third finger… three finger in
unison… one move… into the body of the fragile young
woman… in… deep… deeper..out… just a little…
back in…
And again…


Winona’s head was moving from the left to the right…
she grabbed the sheets, pushed her pelvis against her
lover’s hand…

For an eternity the three fingers did their job… and
the vagina opened more and more…

And so Kate Winslet inserted the fourth finger into
Winona Ryder’s vagina.
She turned the hand to the left… stretching the
lips… making the hole wider… and wider…

And the young black-haired woman on the mattress
underneath the British actress… she went crazy…

Her eyes were turning white… saliva was running out of
her mouth… her muscles were jerking… like
electricity running through them.

And after a while Kate had moved her hand sideways..had
stretched the vagina and she could look into it… saw
it pink and shiny from the fluids…

Kate put the thump hard against the palm and felt her
own heartbeat quickening while she…

…pushed her right hand into the vagina of Winona

It was the most intense feeling she ever had. She
couldn’t believe it, felt the hand…

Winona lifted her head and looked at her lower body. She
just couldn’t believe it. She saw her lovers…
knuckles… nothing more. The hand was in her vagina…
the whole hand!


Her head snapped back, her mouth wide open. Saliva was
dripping from her teeth, from her lips, down her chin.

It was like her nerves were laid open.

And then, the British girl made a fist, and started
turning the fist from left to right and back.

Winona screamed as loud as she could.

Her hands hit the mattress, her body was shaking. Sweat
was spraying away. She lifted her lower body and pressed
it against her lovers fist.

It was good, pure and simple.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Sweat was running over their bodies. Muscles under
smooth skin were moving, sound of lust…

And then Winona Ryder’s mind exploded.

It was a white light, encasing her. Her nerves were on
razor edges, her brain was pure fire, sweat was spraying
away in all directions.

The scream was loud.

It was running through her house, reflected by the
walls. It was pure satisfied lust. No orgasm in her life
had ever been so intense, so powerful.

Winona’s hands constantly hit the mattress, her mouth
stood open, saliva was running down her chin. Eyes wide
open but not seeing.

The orgasm hit her like lighting, was running from her
vagina to her brain and back. Every square-inch of her
slim body was electrified, was in pain, was in pleasure.

“Oh God…!”

And it did not stop.

Kate kept on turning her fist from left to right and

She was starring into Noni’s eyes and found everything
in there that she had ever hoped for. She felt the
warmth of love for the black haired girl. She felt the
need to be in her, to be one person instead of two.

For minutes the British actress kept her right hand in
the wide open vagina of Winona Ryder. Only slowly and
very careful, she withdrew her hand. First she opened
the fist, then she pressed her fingers as tight together
as possible.

Only then she pulled out the hand.

It was dripping wet.

Instantly Kate started licking her lover’s fluids from
her hand.

Winona came back to earth.

She was breathing heavily and felt her muscles aching.
She lay back and stretched out her legs again. Her
vagina felt wide open. It was like wind was rushing
through the opening into her body. She felt warm and
more satisfied than ever in her life before.

She looked at her lover and in this very moment she
loved Kate Winslet.

She loved her with all her heart. She was so close to
her and knew that she would never give her up. What ever
was happening.

Kate moved forward and laid herself down on Winona.

Breasts were touched by breasts, pelvic bones felt
pelvic bones.

Kate’s hands were combing through black hair while she
looked into those big eyes. She bent down and her lips
touched Winona’s mouth, her tongue entered and found

The two girl kissed each other for an eternity.

Winona’s hands on Kate’s back.

They moved down, found the firm buttocks, pressed them.


After a while Kate broke the kiss and supported herself
on her elbows.
Winona smiled.

“That was heaven.”

The next moment she they were rolling around as one

Winona found herself on top of her British lover. She
felt her and her heart started beating even faster.

“Now, Milady, what would you like for dinner?”

Kate smiled and hugged her girl.

“Eat me…!”

Winona crawled backwards till her face was above her
girl’s pubic hair, above her lovers vagina. Her hands
started stroking the flat stomach, were gliding over
smooth flesh and salty sweat. Her tongue went out
between full lips and she bent forward. The tip touched
the line between the pubic hair and the stomach. She
relined the triangle, moved between spread and upright
thighs. She played with her lover and enjoyed Kate’s
agitation. She liked every moment…

But after a while she couldn’t wait any longer. She had
never done this before… but she knew how to do it…
she wanted, needed it badly.

Winona Ryder’s tongue touched the vagina lips.

A shiver ran through Kate’s body, a moaning vibrated the
air. Winona’s tongue was stroking the red lips very
gently, very carefully. She tasted the bitter fluids,
caressed her lovers vagina. Fingers were stroking the
sensitive inside of her lover’s thighs.

The Lust was like a predator…

It came slowly, unseen but wanted.

The prey was shivering, was sweating… eyes wide open,
lips trembling…

Winona’s tongue slipped inside the vagina.

She started licking, started drinking the bitter fluids.
The tip of the tongue moved the clitoris lightly.

And the black haired girl felt her own orgasm, her own
second orgasm built up too.

Two slim, young women, two lesbian lovers came closer to
the edge.

Kate’s lower body came up. She was pressing her vagina
hard against Winona’s face.

Winona grabbed the firm buttocks, pulled the pelvis
closer, put her tongue deeper, as deep as possible, into
her girls vagina.

The orgasm hit Kate. Like a train in full speed, like a
tornado, like the sheer force of will, like the will to

It hit her hard and she fainted for the part of a
second. Kate was screaming.
Winona was hit by lust, by a white light and it was like
it was entering her lower body, it was like someone was
kicking her butt.

The petit young woman sank onto her girl. She was
breathing hard, and her nerves were on the edge; a
tingling sensation all over her body.

And then they were one lover.

Breasts on breasts, a flat stomach on another flat

They were hugging each other, kissing and stroking.

The breathing slowed down by the minute.

The air cooled down and a light wind came in through the
open window. Only the sound of their breathing filled
the room now. Quiet… quiet…

“I love you.”

Kate smiled, stroking the short black hair on her
lover’s head.

“I know.”

Winona lay on her back, a thin sheet over her and her
lovers lower body. Kate was laying on her front, half
covering Winona. She looked into Noni’s eyes, stroking
her face, kissing the chin.

“You know, Noni… we should really do this more often.”

They both started laughing.

“Yes… yes… we will. You are the best fuck ever,

“So are you.”

After some time both girls fell asleep. Their arms and
legs, their bodies were entangled; they were so close.

They were in love.