Sexy Madness With Dua Lipa

I had always enjoyed catching up with my brother as he was a successful photographer in MANCHESTER, and always had an amusing story to tell about his countless adventures in the entertainment industry, having worked with dozens of celebrities over the years.

It was a Sunday afternoon when I stopped by the studio to drop off some paperwork, before making the long four hour drive home to London. However before heading off, I was prompted to stick around for a few minutes and introduced to his latest prodigy’s, DUA LIPA and GIGI HADID. In fact it was Dua who seemed particularly fun and friendly and spent the next twenty minutes talking my ear off as we watched Gigi run through her paces.

It didn’t take long for Dua to notice just how captivated I was with her blonde friend, as I suddenly found it hard to tear my eyes off Gigi while my brother snapped her in various positions, while posing topless and concealing her breasts with her hands.

“She’s really pretty, isn’t she.” Dua said, interrupting my train of thought.

We both laughed (at my reaction to Gigi’s beauty) and got to know each other better. And as luck would have it, the ladies were set to head back to London right after the photo shoot.

“Really?” I confessed. “cos I’m heading down there myself tonight. Want a lift?”


I hadn’t even thought it through before opening my big mouth to make the offer, so I wasn’t surprised when the singer eagerly accepted.

“That’d be great! Thank you so much for that. It’d be saving us a lot of trouble.”

Minutes later, my brother announced that the shoot was a wrap, with Dua rushing over to embrace her friend and explain the change of plans.

“Is that true?” Gigi addressed me immediately. “Are you going to give us a ride back?”

“Err… sure,” I answered coyly, as I felt my brother shooting daggers at me with his eyes.

He clearly wasn’t impressed.

In truth, I usually preferred to make the long trip alone as it gave me a chance to listen to music and enjoy some audio books, but in this case I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn’t miss.

“Just give us a few minutes to get changed yea?” Dua insisted. “We won’t be long I promise, and then we can head off.”

It was only when the ladies rushed off to the bathroom to change that my eyes dropped to Dua’s ass and I realized just how firm and round it was, especially in the tight yoga pants she was wearing. As far as I was concerned it was definitely her best feature, aside from that gorgeous face of course.

While the ladies rushed to change into something more comfortable, my brother decided to add his two cents and I could see he was not pleased.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,”

“What do you mean? I’m just giving them a ride back to London.”

“You know they’ve both got boyfriends, right?” he added. “Just don’t want you to get your hopes up for nothing. And don’t let them use you like that.”

“It’s just a lift, bro. Nothing’s going to happen.” I assured him. “Like you said, they’re taken.”

My brother stepped closer and lowered his voice.

“Earlier today the girls and I did some blow… and let me tell you, they both have noses like Hoovers, so just be warned. They both have some serious issues they’re dealing with.” he claimed. “I’ve been in the industry long enough to recognize the warning signs.”

Naturally I laughed off my brother’s concerns, but took is advice nonetheless and went to my car to wait for the ladies. A few short minutes later they emerged, each carrying a sack bag of clothes.

“Thanks for waiting.” Dua said, as she climbed into the front passenger seat while Gigi made herself comfortable in the back.

We barely made it to the motorway before Gigi yawned and announced that she was exhausted and wanted to catch some sleep, leaving Dua and I to amuse ourselves during the trip.

“This feels so weird,” she remarked at one point. “Gigi and I were in such a rush to get cleaned up, that I didn’t have time to put on any underwear.”


“Nope. Not even panties.” she giggled. “And it feels strange. I feel like I’m naked in public.”

At first I wondered if Dua was merely saying these things to get a rise out of me, but apparently it was true, which only made my cock throb harder. Even though she loved to talk, we still managed to run out of things to say just a half hour into the trip, with her constantly stopping to check her phone. It was during one of these long awkward pauses in the conversation that I noticed her playing with her hair while looking out the window, before smiling at me.

“By the way, it’s really nice of you offering us this lift.” she said. “You’re doing us both a really big favor.”

“Don’t mention it.” I replied. “I’m going that way anyways, so it makes sense.”

“I know, but you didn’t have to do it. So I just feel like I need to thank you, for being so sweet.”

“It’s not a big deal.” I said, as I noticed Dua look back to check on Gigi and make sure if she was still passed out and asleep. “If it bothers you that much, we can split the fuel three ways if you want?”

There was a long pause as Dua seemed to contemplate something, and tried to find the right words to express herself.

“Err, sure. We can do something like that.” she said while licking her lips seductively. “but I was thinking about thanking you in another way.”

It was at this point that she reached over and placed her hand on my leg, leaving little doubt as to what she was insinuating. The action sent a shiver up my spine. All I had on were a pair of sweat pants, so when she rubbed those long acrylic nails over my thigh, my cock instantly throbbed and visibly tented in my pants.

“Err…” I mumbled nervously, while looking in the rear-view.

“So, can I thank you properly?” Dua quizzed as she slid her hand up and down my leg, then reached across my crotch to bump her knuckles against my erection.

Even though I was extremely attracted to the singer, my mind turned to mush as I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. First I couldn’t believe she was being so blatantly forward, and secondly it blew my mind that she was doing it with her best friend (and her boyfriends sister) seated right behind us!!

As if reading my mind, Dua grinned.

“Relax, she’s out like a light. It’s been a really long day for both of us.”

“Um, I really don’t think now’s a good idea.” I stammered. “What if she wakes up, won’t you get into trouble?”

“Why don’t you let me worry about that,” Dua smiled as she wrapped her fingers around the significant bulge in my pants and squeezed.

“Um… okay?”

“What’s the matter?” she teased. “You seem unsure and confused, but THIS hung of meat doesn’t seem confused, now does it?”

Despite my objections, Dua continued to squeeze my cock through my pants.

“I really want to thank you right now, and show you how appreciative I am.” she purred.

“I can see that.” I joked, trying to bring some levity to the situation.

“It really wouldn’t be a big deal.” she said. “Come on, let me show you.”

Judging from the tone in her voice I suspect this wasn’t the first time she had performed such an act, and for whatever reason the thought of her being this dirty and using her mouth (and body) like that, really turned me on. It also made me wonder just how good she was, if she was as well versed in the art of fellatio as I assumed she’d be.

“Go ahead,” I finally agreed, while keeping my eye on her sleeping friend in the backseat.

I tried to focus on the road while Dua rubbed my cock over my sweat pants. She untied the waistband of my pants and reached in to take out my bare cock in her hand.

“Wow, you’ve got a really nice dick.” she remarked.

I was doing everything I could to keep my focus on the road, as Dua Lipa proceeded to stroke me up and down. Despite my attempts to concentrate, I couldn’t help but notice when her other hand disappear between her legs to touch herself while she jacked me off.

To her credit, the Albanian-born singer knew how to work a dick, and she kept mixing up her style. At times she would simply stroke me up and down, while on other occasions she’d use nothing but her long fingernails to tease and massage the very tip like a claw. Her actions were driving me stir-crazy.

“Hmm. You really like that don’t you,” she grinned. “Am I distracting you from the road?”

Dua snickered as she gripped me firmly in her fist and worked me over with one hand, while her other hand continued to play inside her yoga pants.

“Mm.. you’re so fucking hard right now,” she whispered hotly. “It’s making me sooo wet.”

“Prove it.”

The “New Rules” singer stopped what she was doing and squirmed slightly as she plunged two fingers into her pussy.

“See for yourself,” she said while offering up two of her slick digits.

I quickly sucked them up into my mouth, licking and savoring her juices. Just tasting her essence made me throb in her hand, which wasn’t lost on her.

“Mm.. go ahead, lick it all up.” she sighed, as she continued to jack me off with her other hand.

Suffice to say I was finding it increasingly difficult to not only keep my eyes on the road, but drive.

“Can I taste you too?” she asked.

I barely had time to respond before she shifted in her seat, and without warning buried her face in my lap and wrapped her lips around my cock, her tongue immediately licking and massaging my bell-end.

“Holy shit…!!” I gasped, while fighting the urge to roll my eyes into the back of my head.

Dua performed magnificently with her mouth, sucking me slow and sensually, sinking further down my shaft before coming back up to the head. She then took my hard-on out of her mouth and planted gentle kisses all over the tip.

With every kiss my body shivered, and feared I was going to steer the car into a paddock, but I didn’t dare stop her. In fact, I did just the opposite, and placed my hand on the back of her head and encouraging her.

“Fuck yeah, just like that. Nice and slow.” I growled. “Fuck you’ve got a great mouth Dua,”

In all my years I’d never met a girl who took such pride in sucking dick. She genuinely seemed to get off on it, and performed fellatio like a god damn professional!

It was only when a police car emerged in the distance and raced by us on the motorway, that she stopped to look up briefly, before taking my cock back into her mouth, and this time slipping me past her lips until I could feel the tip of my sword brush against her throat. I found this both amusing and thrilling that the brief brush with the law actually seemed to turn her on, as it clearly spurred her to suck harder and faster.

When I looked up to check on Gigi again, I thought I saw movement but before I could say anything, I felt my balls tighten and my entire body twitched.

“Fuck, can I come in your mouth?” I hissed, trying to be polite.

It was a dumb thing to ask because Dua had to take her mouth off me to answer.

“Ready to cum already?”

“Yeah, you’re really that good.”

She gave my dick a long appreciative lick from base to tip and jeered me on.

“Go ahead. Shoot. I’ll swallow it.” she snapped back before sucking my cock.

Up to that point she’d been sucking me with great meticulous care, but now that I had announced my intentions, Dua began blowing me with great urgency. As soon as I felt my balls tighten again, I put my hand on the back of her head and jammed her face down against my erupting cock, as load after load of hot spunk fired into the back of her throat. She initially gasped at the sheer volume of cum ejaculating inside her throat, and gulped deeply before sitting back up and giggled while wiping her chin.

“That was a huge load,” she winked.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” I said as she looked back to check on Gigi.

“I can.” Dua quipped. “I’ve always had a weird road-head fetish, so you were going to get blown tonight one way or another.”

Minutes later we stopped to fill up some fuel and then returned to the motorway where it was almost as if the blowjob had never happened. Instead, we had a very normal conversation about family and friends, and sang along to some tunes on the radio as we joined the M40 to London.

About two hours after she’d sucked my dick, Dua came up with another great idea, and claimed that she had a spare blunt in her bag that she wanted to smoke. We passed it back and forth, blowing smoke and telling jokes. Dua inhaled deeply and blew a stream of smoke out the window after we heard Gigi briefly cough in her sleep.

“Weed makes me so horny sometimes,” she said.

Strangely enough, just hearing this admission from her made me rock hard and she noticed almost immediately.

“You’re such a pervert,” she smiled as she reached over to confirm her suspicions.

“How am I the pervert, when you’re the one grabbing my dick right now?”

“I dunno,” she shrugged. “but I’m pretty damn wet. Is there anyplace we can pull over for a few minutes?”


As if reading my mind, Dua grabbed my hand and seemed intent on proving to me just how excited she really was.

“Now do you believe me?” she said as I was directed to touch her bare pussy.

I was immediately surprised to see just how smooth – albeit with a little sharp stubble – and wet she was. I immediately took this opportunity to try and finger her while driving, but it wasn’t easy. Dua ultimately took the reigns and lay back and spread her legs for me, as she casually played with herself, before she eventually peeled her yoga pants right off her legs to leave her seated completely naked from the waist down.

“What the fuck—” I gasped, as I looked over to check if Gigi was still asleep.

I now had the unenviable task of trying to keep one eye on the road as a half naked Dua Lipa lay furiously masturbating beside me in the passenger seat.

“Take out your cock.” she hissed.


“I wan you to stroke it for me.” she purred in her classy British accent.

I did as she asked and fisted my cock in my hand, while trying to watch her at the same time I was driving.

“I know exactly what you need right now,” she said a minute later. “Another blowjob.”

I barely had time to agree before Dua shifted and lunged forward to slip the head of my cock into her mouth, and this time proceeded to suck me more urgently, as I kept one hand on the wheel while the other was allowed to explore and caress her beautifully naked thighs and ass. Every time her head bobbed up and down in my lap, I reached under her shirt to fondle her gentle swaying breasts, and pinch and tease those incredibly erotic hard nipples.

However, just when I thought things couldn’t get any hotter, I glanced into the mirror to see that Gigi wasn’t only wide awake, but actively watching us!!

“oh shit,”

“What the fuck are you both doing?” we heard her say from the backseat.

I felt my heart drop, thinking we had just been busted red handed by her boyfriends, sister. But to my surprise, Dua didn’t react one way or another, and merely continued to blow me like she had no other choice in the matter. Not knowing what to do or say, I looked back at Gigi and made direct eye contact with her.

“So are we there yet?” she asked. “How much longer?”

“Not not long… mmpphh!” Dua moaned with a mouthful of cock.

“I’m talking about the trip, not the cock in your mouth…” Gigi quipped under her breath.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or act upset or happy, as it was quickly made abundantly clear that the ladies had some sort of arrangement, despite the fact Dua was dating Gigi’s younger brother Anwar. In fact seeing how casual they both were, I suspect this wasn’t the first time they had messed around in front of one another.

“She’s really good at that, isn’t she?” Gigi directed at me a minute later.

“Um, yes. Yes she is.”

“Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road.” she said. “And maybe you might last a little longer than last time.”

I felt my blood turn cold, as the leggy model made it perfectly clear that she had been awake the entire time. In fact I was just about to turn my head to say something directly to her, only to be doubly shocked to see that she had one of her hands trapped between her legs and was casually playing with her kitty while watching us screw around.

“Are you comfortable back there?” I teased, referring to the fact that she was openly watching us.

Gigi responded in the only way she knew how.

“Why don’t you do us all a favor and find a place to park.”

Noting this, Dua took her mouth off my cock and while jerking me off in her hand, began to pick a fight with her friend.

“Seriously, Gigi?”

“Well, why should you have all the fun?” the blonde replied.

“You’re more than welcome to it.”

“I know am I. Tell him to pull over and then we’ll see what he’s really made of.”

“Mm, I think he likes that idea.” Dua purred, as she felt my cock throb with anticipation.

“You better not waste it,” Gigi cautioned from the backseat, while rubbing her clit.

“So what if he does,” Dua taunted. “We don’t need him to have fun anyway. I could always come back there and finish you off myself?”

“Mm… twice in one day?” Hadid giggled. “You’re such an insatiable little slut.”

The image of them together almost made me pop prematurely. Thankfully I held off long enough to find a place to pull over, and once there I literally dove between the two front seats to join Gigi who had take this time to get completely naked.

“Come on cowboy, show me what you can do.” she dared.

I grasped my cock and slowly brushed the head of it along her ultra-slick pussy lips, causing us both to moan.

“oh-god, that looks so fucking hot right now.” Dua groaned from the front seat.

I ultimately pushed forward to bury the very tip of my sword inside the Victoria’s Secret model, then abruptly started to pound her hard and deep on the backseat, as Dua cheered us on and masturbated furiously.

“Yea, yea… fuck that little slut! Make her cum all over your cock!”

To make matters worse (or greater) I couldn’t believe just how fucking tight Gigi was. It actually shocked me. The entire time as I pummeled her, she just lay there glaring up at me with those big pleading eyes, begging me not to stop or slow down. Considering how good she felt, I had no intentions of stopping. It was actually quite comforting to see that side to her personality, so see she wasn’t a total bitch ALL the time. It seemed having her young pussy stuffed to the brim and smashed repeatedly took her down a peg or two.

Gone was the attitude, and brashness. This was just Gigi Hadid stripped bare… begging to get off.

“Yes… fuck me… fuck me, baby.” she hissed while grabbing my hips and pulling me in tighter.

I happily obliged, making sure to slam my balls against her ass with each thrust, only to have Dua interrupt us midway through the wild fuck-a-thon and insist I pull out so she could clean me off with her mouth. At first Gigi was almost hysterical when I suddenly complied with Dua’s demands, but the moment the Albanian harlot gobbled down my slick rod and was forced to relish and gag on her friends pussy juice, Gigi laughed like a deranged school girl.

“Ha, that’s right! Deep-throat that fat fucking cock you little slut! How does my pussy taste!!”

I looked back at Gigi who lay there with her legs spread wide, rubbing her bare naked sex. It was just about the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t wait to get back inside her.

Dua helped guide me right back into Gigi’s waiting pussy which I pummeled even harder and deeper than before, until I felt her lock her legs around my back and suddenly yelp and tremble uncontrollably. Sensing her climax I plunged forward as deep as humanly possible, burying my cock balls-deep, and before either one of the girls could scream out or protest for me to pull out in time, I suddenly fired off a huge load into her creamy young pussy, only to pull out casually way too late and watch my thick creampie load slowly seep out of her delectable cunt.

The look on the girls faces was priceless, like something serious had happened. Something unplanned and out of their control.

“What?” I snickered carelessly, still out of breath and sweating profusely.

As far as I was concerned I had done my part and fucked her to my abilities.

“Err. I can’t believe you just… did he just shoot his fucking load inside of me?” Gigi yelped at Dua.

“To be fair, we probably should have stopped him earlier.” Dua explained.


“I don’t know!”

“I swear to god Dua, if I get knocked up again I’m blaming you! This is your fault. This always happens whenever we’re together. It’s not a coincidence anymore.”

“Sure, go ahead. It’s always my fault. You always blame me, not the fact that you can’t seem to keep your legs shut.”

“Damn straight it’s your fault! …wait, what did you say?”

While the ladies dressed and bickered among themselves, I slowly climbed into the front seat and started the engine and continued on towards London. Having made the same trip hundreds of times before, I now knew that after tonight the route home would never feel the same again.