Stirke A Pose – Mariah Carey

I remember when Mariah Carey came on the music scene;
her first album is still my favorite. She was amazing;
her voice and body. I loved her long, dark curly hair
especially and that she was a button-down shirt and
jeans kind of girl. Then in the late 9Os Mariah
lightened her hair color and straightened it out. She
started showing off her long gorgeous legs and wearing
tight, revealing sexy clothes.

I was introduced to Mariah around that time. You see,
I’m a photographer. You won’t have heard of me but my
work is well-known in celebrity circles and highly
regarded. Mariah, her manager and record label all
agreed it was time to change her image. I signed a
contract to shoot all of Mariah’s risqu� photo shoots.

If you do a Google Image Search you’ll find lots of
photos from our shoots and in close to fifteen years
I’ve done dozens and dozens of photo shoots with
Mariah. We’ve gotten to be very good friends over the
years. We’ve shared our private lives with each other
[not that I have much of a private life.

But Mariah is sincerely interested in what goes on in
my life]. Mariah has popped by my studio when we
didn’t have a shoot many times over the years to talk
about things that bother her like the guy she was
with/or married to at any given time.

I’ve always made time for her happily, that’s what
friends do. But to be honest Mariah and I are more
than just friends. At least we want more. There’s
always been a sexual tension between us over the years
we’d never acted on. We’re like Mulder and Scully or
Castle and Beckett that way.

Her side of it has been apparent to me and the
‘friends’ who got themselves invited to meet Mariah
over the years [with her permission of course and
never for our lingerie/bathing suit shoots]. Dozens of
these ‘friends’ have sensed it, most of them have even
asked right out if I was balling Mariah. My side of
it, I’ve always gotten jealous of her
boyfriends/husbands when Mariah talks about them. And
I’ve always gotten turned on during our photo shoots.

And some might assume the fascination with Mariah has
faded over time, but not so; I’m more attracted to her
now than ever. But she’s married to Nick now. I have
nothing against him personally, but I don’t know what
Mariah sees in him. Not that it stopped her from
acting a little flirty. Wearing sexy, revealing
outfits can do that to a girl [and more, I should
know… But those are other stories]. But this time
Mariah was a little more than just flirty… I’d
gotten Mariah into a gauzy, white night shirt; not
clingy [except around her large, firm breasts of
course] but it hung off Mariah’s many curves… It was
slightly longer in front, an inch or two below her
hairy pussy, but ending at the bottom of her large,
round butt in the back; if she bent over just slightly
you’d see her naked butt and pussy from behind.

Mariah was playful from the moment she’d put it on. My
cock was throbbing hornily in my loose-fitting jeans.
And during the shoot Mariah pushed things too far.

I’d never actually seen her naked but I’d seen her
areolas through a filmy or wet top or the outline of
her butt under something skimpy, even her thick mass
of curls pressing out against a bikini bottom or
panties. But all of a sudden Mariah, while facing away
from me, leaned forward a bit and flipped up her night
shirt. I’d never seen a hotter butt in my life… And
her legs were already spread and her hairy pussy
looked so inviting from behind. And Mariah was very
wet. My cock was throbbing painfully now. Mariah never
saw me put down my camera, open my jeans, and step up
behind her.

Cock in hand, I moved forward and sank it into
Mariah’s tight, hot pussy. She didn’t get upset or
even act surprised; Mariah just moaned, melted back
against me, and said, “Well it’s about time…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I teased as I began
sliding in and out of her. Mariah chuckled. “I’ve
known you’ve wanted me all those years,” She answered.

“I’ve seen the erections. And those ‘breaks’ you take
between sessions, I watched you masturbate a few
times. Mostly I’d just masturbate knowing what you
were really doing and that you were thinking me… You
were thinking of me, right?” Mariah teased with a
wink, looking back at me over her shoulder.

I nodded. Mariah’s confession turned me on more. I
took hold of her hips and began to fuck her hard.
Mariah gasped and closed her eyes. “What about you?” I
grunted. “I knew you wanted me, too. Why didn’t you
ever make the first move?”

“In my private life,” Mariah said between moans. “I
always let the man make the first move.”

She started to whimper. “Oh, fuck, your cock is
driving me crazy! Nick’s is long enough but it’s so
damned skinny! Yours is so thick…” Mariah groaned as
she began to cum.

I kept fucking her hard, making her orgasm many times,
then I fucked her harder and faster making Mariah
shriek through two massive orgasms. She came several
more times before I blew my load up in her womb.

I hadn’t had one of my one night stands in a few weeks
so I unloaded a huge one in Mariah. I finally pulled
out of her, my cock covered in our fluids. Mariah
asked if she could take a shower. I told her sure. She
grinned and said only if I joined her. Which I did.

Mariah lovingly washed my half hard cock as I ‘washed’
her huge breasts. Then she turned her back to me
soaped up her hands, and reached back and began
fingering her butt hole. First one finger, then two,
then adding the same two on her other hand. She made
herself cum twice – while I stroked my cock back to
full hardness – before rinsing off.

She stepped out of the shower stall and dried off
while I took my turn to rinse off. Mariah seemed
pleased that my cock was hard again. I shut off the
water and stepped out. I began to dry off but before I
was finished Mariah took me by the cock and led me to
the small bed I keep for occasions like these…
Mariah pushed me back on the bed and mounted me.

Leaning forward, breasts dangling hard-nippled just
below from face, she whispered, “I love getting fucked
up my ass. But I won’t let Nick do it to me because I
couldn’t feel anything when he did. I want you up my
ass…” Mariah reached back and gripped my cock. Then
she leaned back and sank her butt hole down onto it
with a sigh. Mariah’s head fell back, eyes closed, as
she rode my cock hard. She multi-orgasmed several
times as she fucked me. At times she press her body
against, raking her hard nipples along my chest as she
fucked me, but mostly she bounced up and down on my

Some fifteen minutes later I grunted and shot off up
Mariah’s butt. After I rest, we finished the photo
shoot. Then we fucked some more. I came in her pussy
twice more and once more up her butt. Then Mariah
dressed, gave me a deep kiss, thanked me and left. I
didn’t see her again for two weeks. I hadn’t expected
to see Mariah, it was one of her surprise visits. She
looked radiant.

“Mariah!” I exclaimed, hugging her.

I turned to my model. “We’re done, Monique. You can go
change now.” She nodded and walked off. After I put my
camera away and Monique went to change I asked Mariah
“How have you been? Is everything all right?”

“I’m great. Everything is more than great. I have to
tell you something…”

“Go right ahead,” I replied.

Without hesitation, Mariah told me “I’m pregnant.” I

I was happy for her. Then it dawned on me. “Is the

Mariah nodded. “And not baby. Babies. I’m having

I grinned again. “That’s great!” I replied, hugging
Mariah once more. “What about Nick?”

She waved dismissively. “He’s oblivious. All he cares
about is his career. He’ll believe they’re his,”
Mariah grinned.

Monique left and Mariah and I went in the back to
‘celebrate’. She and I celebrated a lot over the next
few months as I watched her grow bigger, more radiant,
and a whole lot sexier… I was happy as was Mariah,
neither of us worried what the future would bring…

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