Ellen Page confesses her love to Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie was woken in the middle of the night by a knock
on her apartment’s front door. She looked at her alarm
clock; it was about three in the morning. It was also
pouring outside. She went to answer the door, grumbling
to herself, “This better be fucking good.” She opened
the door to find Ellen there, dripping wet.

“Hey, Mags.”

“Shit, Ellen, did you walk here in the rain? Get inside,
and get those off!”

Ellen came in. “Listen, Mags, I need to talk to you.”

“Get out of those first. I’m gonna go run the shower.”

Ellen stood under the hot water, eyes closed. She was
shivering when she got out of her clothes, but was
warming up now.

Later, she sat on Maggie’s couch, with a hot cup of tea,
wearing a bathrobe that was too big for her.

“That’s all I could find,” Maggie said, “Obviously, I
don’t have anything in your size.”

“S’okay,” Ellen whispered.

“So, what the hell were you thinking, walking here at
this hour, in the rain?”

“You remember when I came out?”


“Well, I thought that would lift this big weight from my
shoulders. But the thing that made me realize I was gay
…That’s still eating at me, and won’t leave me alone.”

“Ell, what are you talking about?”

Ellen put the tea down on the coffee table, and turned
to Maggie. “I can’t believe how hard it is to say this.
I mean, I came out on national television. And tonight,
I walked here two miles, in the rain, crying, and I’m
still having trouble getting this out.” Ellen started to
tear up again. “Maggie? I’m… I’m in love with you.”

It took Maggie a second for this to sink in. “I-I don’t
really know if that surprises me or not. I mean, I felt
a certain vibe from you when we first met. Of course, I
get that from a lot of fangirls.” Ellen sniggered a
little at this, which caused Maggie to smile. “You know,
I love your laugh.” This made Ellen smile. “Your smile,
too,” Maggie said softly, “I love your smile. Come

Ellen scooted over, and Maggie put her hand on the back
of her head, leaned in, and their lips met. The two made
out on the couch, rubbing their hands on each other.
“Oh, God,” Ellen whispered, as Maggie kissed her neck,
“Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” She kissed down Ellen’s neck, then down
her shoulder, exposed by the drooping robe. “Maybe we
should go to my bed.” Maggie picked Ellen up, and
carried her towards her room. Ellen giggled all the way.

Maggie laid Ellen down on her bed, then stripped out of
her pajamas. As she did this, Ellen took off the robe,
and tossed it aside. Maggie then got on the bed, on top
of her, and they kissed tenderly, before Maggie again
started kissing down Ellen’s neck.

Ellen’s chest rose and fell as Maggie kissed down it,
and around her nipples, which she licked and sucked on.
As Maggie kissed down her stomach, Ellen held her arms
over her head, revealing her unshaven pits. Maggie
paused at her navel, licking around the rim, before
moving down to Ellen’s also unshaven pussy.

Maggie stuck out her tongue, and buried it in Ellen’s
dripping snatch, receiving moans of approval from Ellen.
As the orgasm approached, Ellen arched her back, lifting
her butt off the bed. When she came, Ellen let out a
high-pitched squeal. As her body calmed down, Maggie
kissed her way back up, finally arriving back at her
lips. “Is that what I taste like?” Ellen smirked.

Maggie now sat against her footboard, with Ellen’s arms
wrapped around her, once again kissing. Ellen move down
to Maggie’s breasts, and sucked on her brown nipples.
This caused Maggie to moan, as she loved having her
nipples sucked. Ellen moved down to Maggie’s snatch,
also hairy, and proceeded to eat her out.

“Oh, God, Ellen…” Maggie whispered, tilting her head
back. Maggie could tell how badly Ellen had wanted this,
as Ellen made love to her pussy with her tongue. When
she came, Maggie involuntarily snapped her legs shut
around Ellen’s head. “Sorry,” Maggie said, catching her

“No, it’s okay, I’m used to it.”

As Maggie and Ellen continued to make love, the room
gradually lightened with the sunrise. By the time they
finally fell asleep, it was well light out, and the two
slept all day in each other’s arms.