Pre-Oscar Night with Amy Adams

An Academy Award nominated actress was fucking me in the back seat of my car. On the day before the Oscars. Or so she told me at my favorite café this afternoon.

She said her name was Amy Adams, but it didn’t ring a distinctive bell. If I’d seen that red hair and those big blue eyes on a big screen, though, I probably would have recognized it, but I didn’t. She said she was nominated for a movie called ‘Junebug’ but that didn’t ring a bell either.

She said that she was a big bundle of nerves the night before going to the Oscars for the first time. And she needed to unwind. Or at least give herself some hot memory to compose herself before millions of people.

That part I did get. Especially when I drove her to an alley and she started kissing me.

I had enough composure to get us into my backseat first, where ‘Amy’ got into my lap. She lifted up her light blue shirt, but there was no bra covering her two firm breasts. Once I bunched up her skirt, I did feel underwear on her ass, though.

As I felt her up, she went on to unbuckle and unzip my pants, pulling my cock out into the open. She pumped it quickly, so I tried to distract myself by kissing her tits and feeling around her ass and underwear. Yet her hand and thumb got me way too distracted before long.

This woman seemed like a sweet, kind of mousy girl next door when I talked to her in the open. Now she was a red headed vixen doing wonders with her hand. “You gonna cum for me?” she asked eagerly, seeming to enjoy her sexual power over me.

“Do I have to now?” I asked, trying to buy time.

“I guess I should catch up first,” she concluded, taking her hands off me and putting my hands on her below. She gave me room to lower her skirt, then she removed my shirt as I put my hands into her panties.

‘Amy’ kissed and suckled on my neck and upper chest, as I felt around and inside her pussy. She didn’t touch my cock, yet her lips – above and below – helped me stay hard and throbbing. Once her upper lips got on mine again, she lifted her hips to line her lower lips onto me.

Relief came when she lowered herself down, although I didn’t want to feel that much relief so soon. Then again, if she really was an Oscar nominee, how much free time did she have? Then again again, why would an Oscar nominee need to fuck me to feel ready for the Oscars?

But she was fucking me now. Might as well figure out the rest later.

Before then, I went back and forth kissing her breasts, while keeping a hand on her ass and another into her hair. They both felt smooth and soft, and I gripped both of them harder once she started playing with my nipples.

My head laid back, giving me a full view of her beautiful body riding me. The full view of her filled pussy inspired me to rub it while I fucked her, as my other hand went up and down her back. When it got to her ass, she slammed her hips down on me faster.

“Fuck me….now I want you to cum,” she urged. I felt like following her orders any second now. However, she only let me have a few more pumps before she lifted her hips up and came off me.

Once my cock was in the open, she covered it up with both her hands. I was entranced by her as she concentrated on my cock – then when those baby blues focused like that on me, I was a goner.

Somehow, my cum didn’t shoot on me, or on her hair or eyes. It got on her chest and as high up as her chin and right cheek, but no higher – and nowhere too hard to clean up. After we caught our breath, Amy picked up her skirt and got out a tissue, then wiped her cum off me – although she rubbed some of it on her upper chest.

“There. That should get my mind off a few things tomorrow,” Amy praised. Still not completely believing her, and still in a bit of a daze, I just smiled and nodded.

The next night, when I indeed saw Amy Adams on TV and on the Oscar red carpet, I couldn’t even do that bare minimum for the rest of the show. Even when she lost.

February 21, 2009

I never expected Amy Adams to be back at that café, the day before her second Oscars. I just went there as an inside joke on myself. Then again, me fucking her before she took off as a household name – a fucking live action Disney princess at that – was enough of a joke.

And yet there she was for the encore. She had sunglasses on and was a bit more inconspicuous, now that she was more famous. But the red hair and the clear shock she had at seeing me gave it away.

Nevertheless, she made herself go to my table anyway, although we obviously had no words at first. I tried with, “I wasn’t following or waiting for you, I swear. This was just an inside goof.”

“Same here,” Amy told me. After that irony sunk in, all we could do is laugh.

With the ice broken, I brought up, “So now you’re a Disney princess. And you’re back at the Oscars for playing a nun.” There were too many jokes I could make about that, considering things, but I had too many ideas to pick from.

“Nothing I haven’t thought about already, believe me,” Amy jumped ahead of me. “But the audiences buy it anyway.”

“Or you make them suspend their disbelief very easily. Trust me,” I tried to compliment.

“You haven’t gotten married or had kids since….then, right?” Amy asked. I said no – and didn’t bring up her own still ongoing, long time relationship she forgot about that day. “And you still went to see Enchanted?”

“I pretty much had to,” I told her – forgoing the temptation to joke about her lyric that lips were “the only thing that touched.” Which would also reveal just how much I had seen that movie – more than a regular single, childless man in his early 30’s would see a Disney film.

“You didn’t seem like you recognized me in Junebug. But it was a small movie. Doubt was kind of small, but you saw that?” Amy checked.

“I’ll save time and say I’ve seen all your movies now. All five of them since three years ago,” I recalled. “Don’t worry. You don’t have to return the favor by watching my accomplishments. Once I actually have them, however….”

I had to backtrack, since I didn’t want her to think she fucked a bum before Oscar night. Telling her about my job got me through the next few minutes, then Amy took over with some much more interesting Oscar season gossip. Yet I actually kept her interested for a good half hour more, before she had to go.

“The funny thing is I actually need a ride,” Amy informed. “Let me guess….you still have our car.”

“No. Tried to keep it as long as possible. But the engine wasn’t as nostalgic as I was,” I lamented. “My new ride’s in the parking lot over there.”

I walked her over to the nearby parking lot, to show off my slightly nicer new car. I even opened up the backseat, to which Amy took the invite and got in. After I joined her, I closed up and said, “As you can tell, the seat’s a little more comfy.”

“I wouldn’t know. I had a different kind of seat last time,” Amy remembered. Fortunately, it seemed we could laugh about it.

“Still, even if some things stay the same, some do change. Right?” I asked. While we were at the same place, at the same time period as three years ago, this was a different car with different destined results. I knew it had to be.

And yet Amy leaned closer to me. And yet I closed the rest of the gap myself.

She couldn’t have been nervous about the Oscars this time. She had to have regretted cheating on her long time boyfriend back then. I couldn’t have made that much of a convincing case for her to do it again. And didn’t she just say she had to go somewhere?

But when her tongue curled against mine and my hands went back on her, I just figured I should really move this along.

While some things were the same, some were indeed different. This time, instead of her riding my lap, I would lay her on her back and do the job. Given that we were in an open parking lot, there wasn’t much choice, really.

I also had to keep kissing her so we didn’t get too loud, although this wasn’t the worst idea. In addition, I had the bright idea to get those sunglasses off, putting me right up close with the eyes that haunted my brain and my TV/movie screens for three years. This meant I could see them turn hot and hungry as my hand went on and under her skirt.

Amy once again unbuckled and unzipped me like a pro, even in this new position. After getting her panties down just enough, I inserted myself in her once again. Unfortunately, another big difference is that none of us could get undressed this time.

I could only fondle Amy’s breasts over her purple shirt, and I couldn’t kiss or nibble her neck too hard. I could lay my head down against her stunning red hair, but if she had to be somewhere, I couldn’t mess it up too. However, Amy was more liberal about grabbing my ass and pushing it forward – hell, I didn’t have anywhere to be.

“Fuck me, that’s it….come on, come on,” Amy tried to plead quietly. Just hearing her voice get that worked up, in any volume, was enough for me. To help her along, I had to fit my left hand between our bodies and under her bunched up skirt, while my right hand held onto the backseat cushion.

We went like this for a few minutes, before we hit another dilemma. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum….where am I gonna cum?” I asked, knowing cumming on her naked body wasn’t an option. Or cumming anywhere near her body.

“Fuck….hold on, first things first,” Amy cursed, then put her own hand between our bodies. She tried to get herself off first, as if I hadn’t been trying already. Yet the added hand, along with her hips bucking harder against me, seemed to help.

“Fuck, a little more….hold on a little more,” she was likely telling me, not her. If she was, then she disobeyed her own advice when she tightened on me and let herself go.

A few deep breaths into Amy’s neck, and a somewhat successful attempt to stop fucking her, kept me right on edge. When Amy was done, her hand went back between our crotches, before she backed up and took my cock out herself.

“Sit up. Quick, quick!” Amy urged. With no choice, I got off of Amy and sat up, hoping no one could possibly look through the window and see my cock. If they could, they’d see Amy sitting up, grabbing my cock and aiming it right at the car floor.

Between Amy’s hand, the fact she was rubbing her cum on my cock, and the need to really hurry up, I didn’t last much longer. When I finally gave out, I shot all over the floor, thankfully missing my pants, shoes and Amy.

Once I completely made a mess of the floor, I let myself exhale and enjoy myself for a few moments, until I had to stuff my cock away again. Amy straightened out her clothes and slipped her panties back on in the meantime.

“Well….you’re certainly not sitting in the back,” I reasoned. After Amy opened the left back door and went over to the front passenger’s seat, I got out on the right – careful not to step on my cum – and went to the front driver’s side to drive her away.

Some things really don’t change after three years.

February 26, 2011

After five years, I was finally having sex with Amy Adams on a bed. Of course it happened the night before another Oscars show, and right after I thought the streak would end. After all, she just had a baby in May 2010 – and it was sure fun working out the math on that one.

Since I dodged that minefield by about six-seven months, and since Amy was a mom with an even bigger career now, she surely had better things to do than this again. Yet she looked me up and actually called me this time, claiming she just wanted to talk this time.

She wound up coming to my apartment and talking – mainly about the stress of being a new mom combined with awards season, the struggles in getting back on track with sex, and the usual pre-Oscar stress. Since she had an actual chance of winning this time, it added a whole new level.

I could sit there and let Amy get it off her chest, since I assumed she couldn’t with her loved ones. I let her go on until she felt somewhat clear and better, then I made her a drink to further calm down. In short order, she looked somewhat okay.

At the least, Amy was pleased at my listening skills, and my good company. It turned out I had that with clothes on too, which I either wisely or unwisely joked about. Her laughter suggested it was wise for the moment.

It was wiser when Amy sat next to me on my couch, and started talking more fondly about the season, and “The Fighter” and joking about how David O. Russell and Christian Bale actually didn’t yell at her. I carried on with my far less entertaining, star studded recap of my last two years, and she got more relaxed, which was wise.

I became a frigging guru when Amy started kissing me again. And telling me we actually had time to spare this time.

With more time on my hands, I could fill my hands up with Amy on an actual bed. I could get fully naked, kiss more of her naked body – which seemed to bounce back from the pregnancy well enough – and actually use more than my cock and hands on her pussy.

I had her get on all fours on the bed – an image I couldn’t get out of my head since seeing it in “The Fighter” two months ago. And again a month ago and two weeks ago. But in this case, there was no cutaway to a crazy Boston family, as I stayed and got on my knees behind her.

Ignoring that a baby came out of there nine month ago, I dug my tongue and mouth deep into her pussy while holding onto her ass. Amy moaned as loud as she could this time, which made me go as deep as I could.

“Fuck, yeah….oh, I missed this….” Amy groaned. Whether she meant me or this act in general, I didn’t care to guess. The answer probably wouldn’t have favored me, anyway. But I could be more of a favorite now.

I let Amy flip herself over, so she could lay on her back and relax as I kept feasting on her. My hands trailed over the top of her legs, then up her waist, over her stomach and chest and into her hair, making sure she felt worshipped everywhere. Yet my mouth gave her the most worship and attention, or so I hoped.

My hands finally rested on her hips, holding on as my head buried itself between her legs. The more Amy groaned, and the more I throbbed, the more impatient I got. So I stopped waiting and settled my whole body on top of her, like last time.

In this case, both our bodies were naked as I fucked her on a bed. Also, she could feel up my whole naked body for the first time. She certainly liked feeling my ass and pushing it forward, without pants or underwear in the way. I sure liked fucking her with no noise restrictions, and with her bare body below me.

“I want it from behind again,” Amy panted out. “This time I want your cock there.”

Getting myself to slow down, I took myself off her and let Amy get on all fours again. When I got off the bed and stood in front, she backed up until I could line up with her. Once I did, I got right back in there and didn’t miss a step.

When I masturbated to Amy in recent weeks, I went back and forth between imagining our real life trysts, and imagining me as Mark Wahlberg in an NC-17 rated Fighter. At least in the latter, I could imagine fucking her from behind, fondling her peachy ass, holding her dangling tits below, fingering her as we got closer, and see her turn her head to me with a smoldering look on her perfect face.

A look she kept on as I pulled out, jacked myself off with my right hand and fucked her with my left. As such, we both saw each other cum – her on my hand and me on her ass and back.

Once again, the movies couldn’t accurately match up to real life. At least this real life fantasy would be enough to hold me for the next several years. Hopefully it was enough for Amy to go on too.

February 23, 2013

Once again, the movies couldn’t top real life. In “The Master” Amy seductively jacked off Philip Seymour Hoffman. In reality, she added her mouth on me.

She already jacked me to the finish in our first pre-Oscar night. For our fourth, she gave me the same hot, detailed oral treatment I gave her on our third. Of course, I wasn’t on all fours, although I was comfy lying in her hotel bed.

Unlike before, we were both on the same page of pretty much expecting this. She called me up for the first time in two years, and I cleared my Saturday in anticipation. After catching up and dishing on her movies and her last Oscar night, she invited me here and assured no one else would be there. When I saw she was right, I didn’t take long to get in the mood.

My mood was bliss at the moment, as Amy stroked me, sucked me and teased me with her mouth and hands. Her luscious red hair was tickling my thighs, and those pretty blue eyes of hers bore into me while her tongue tickled my underside, and her hand cupped my balls. That was enough to make me start pushing into her mouth.

Apparently, that was enough for Amy to want me to push somewhere else.

She took herself off my wet cock, only to get up and sit herself down on it. She rode me in our first time, but this time I was flat on my back. I also had more room to fuck her right back, while my hands went on her pussy and tits.

After going back and forth on them for a while, I settled my fingers on her pussy as I fucked it faster. Amy put her hands on my chest and leaned hard on me, keeping her balance and bouncing herself more furiously. “Oh….don’t you cum till I get it in my mouth….” she dared me.

It was a taller order the faster we went. So I took my hands off her pussy and settled for holding her tits, yet Amy didn’t seem any less worked over. Neither was I, really.

“Fuck…’re gonna need to get off now,” I warned.

“If your cock won’t help me do that….” Amy seemed to misunderstand. It led her to squeeze me once more and then get off me completely, which seemed to suggest she did understand. But instead of sucking me to the finish, she turned herself around.

Getting herself on all fours above me, I finally understood her. Therefore, I felt safe to grab her ass once it hovered above my face, and start servicing her. If I couldn’t let my cock finish her off, my mouth would have to fill in.

Of course, once Amy let me fill her mouth again, I was a little distracted.

Needing to work faster, I nibbled on her lower lips and grinded my face against her center, then slid my tongue inside as far as possible. Amy moaned on me, but still sucked me painfully slow and sweet – which might have affected me more than my rough stuff was affecting her.

Still, I let myself go faster on both ends, fucking her with my tongue while fucking her mouth faster with my cock. Amy bucked both her face and pussy against me right back, then I felt her take her mouth off and felt that I was fucking her hand now. I just kept going anyway, as she dabbed and teased my head with her tongue.

Nevertheless, I didn’t stop thrusting my tongue and head against her. Maybe I was making up for not doing this before. Maybe I thought I’d better do it now in case this was the last time – even Amy couldn’t get Oscar nominated every year.

Whatever the case was, I was determined to give Amy at least one less reason to regret all these pre-Oscar nights – when the regret eventually came.

Once my thumbs got into the mix, she came too.

Still, it was about a few moments after I came, so it wasn’t all perfect. Well, it was in a few aspects, although getting to see her swallow me would have been nice.

Regardless, in case this was the last hurrah, I wouldn’t ruin it by nitpicking out loud.

March 1, 2014

I knocked on her hotel door, but when it opened, it only opened enough for me to get in. I heard her say, “Just hold on a second,” which stopped me from actually going in.

Since this was the shortest wait in between….pre-Oscar nights yet, perhaps this extra waiting now was karma. Besides, the stress of waiting now was nothing compared to my stress in the weeks before the Oscar nominations. At least I knew this stress would pay off.

“Okay, come in,” I heard – there was a pay off right there.

I went inside the room, looking for the next pay off, but she wasn’t there. I looked around on the couch and in the kitchen, but waited until later to look at the most obvious place – the entrance to the bedroom.

Then I got one hell of a payoff.

Amy had kept me waiting just so I could get the surprise of seeing her like this. Standing in the open bedroom doorway, wearing nothing but a buttoned white shirt – which was unbuttoned down to the naval. Much like virtually every single thing she wore in “American Hustle” she made herself have virtually no neckline to speak of.

Unlike in the movie, however, the outfit was open enough to expose both her tits – not just her side boobs.

In spite of having seen her completely naked, and having seen her virtually naked on screen at least….five, six times in the last few months….I still felt like drooling. I swore that she just got more and more gorgeous every time, every year and in every movie.

And yet instead of saying that, when it sunk in how she was making fun of her own movie to greet/seduce me, I laughed. Fortunately, she laughed at how I was laughing.

“Good, now I don’t have to use the accent,” she said before walking over. In spite of looking like sex on legs a moment ago, she reverted back to her sweet, equally heart stopping smile, looking genuinely happy to see me. I couldn’t resist kissing her hello, and she didn’t either.

After we got the making out out of the way, Amy went over to pour us a drink. She unbuttoned that last little button on her shirt, letting it stay open even though we weren’t….getting to business yet. I went topless out of solidarity, however, yet we weren’t in a rush to do more this time.

There was certainly a lot to talk about first. Like her movie, the fact she was nominated for Best Actress for the first time, her Golden Globe win, our respective stress leading up to the nominations, the odd Jennifer Lawrence story, and the chance that her movie might win big this time. Maybe it was even her own time too.

“Things are different and crazy this time, but they aren’t that crazy,” Amy answered to that. “Even if I win, it’ll only be because Cate worked with Woody Allen. How’s that gonna play?” Given that Cate Blanchett had won everything in sight up to now, perhaps upsetting her thanks to Woody Allen backlash wouldn’t be the best way for Amy to finally win.

“At this rate, the movie won’t even win anything either. It’s been back and forth for weeks, and we might be out of time to get to forth again,” Amy reflected. “Unless the pundits are wrong, this is gonna be the same as every other Oscar night. Sitting around while everyone else wins something.”

“Is that….getting old for you?” I dared to ask. But if the same old, same old stuff she did at this time of the year was getting to her – like losing and me – I might as well know now.

“I love going and I love the people that beat me, don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked with a lot of them,” Amy reminded. “But I don’t know. I guess at some point, the same old routine gets boring. I thought for a while there might be a chance of pace this time. Maybe because I’m in a different category this time. But I might have been kidding myself.”

“Well….even Meryl had a 30-year Oscar losing streak. You’re not even at 10 yet,” I did the math. “Now that they know you’re not a supporting actress anymore, they should take the next step eventually. Even if it’s not tomorrow night.”

“Maybe,” Amy admitted. “I can’t control it, anyway. It’s not up to me if Oscar night’s the same as usual. Pre-Oscar night, on the other hand….” Now the excitement and nerves were blending in again.

“I made sure my schedule was clear tonight. Of everything. Told them I was more nervous about the show than usual. Since this is new territory for me and my movie might win, they bought it,” Amy stated.

“But you’re not nervous this time? Ironic?” I pointed out.

“This time I just don’t want to be bored,” Amy set up. “If I have to sit around all night, like usual….I want really good things to think about in the meantime. Keep my mind busy during the other categories, and when Ellen’s not joking around.”

“And….that’s my job this time?” I caught on. To start her answer, Amy got herself closer to me on the couch.

“We don’t have to hurry up this time. I don’t want us to hold back, either. We can do anything we want,” Amy offered. “No matter how slow….” she said before kissing me slow and deep. “Or hard….” She broke off and said, before shoving her tongue down my throat and then suckling my lower lips before pulling back. “I want it all this time.”

“Is that right?” I technically didn’t have to ask. But she knew I wasn’t confused when I put my hand on her open shirt, then underneath it.

“You got it,” Amy confirmed, guiding her hand to my belt and zipper. When she unzipped and unbuckled me, I felt safe to pull her onto me and settle her on my lap.

Once Amy got her legs around me, she reached into my open pants as I lifted the bottom of her shirt up. She pulled me out and started stroking me, all while my hands gripped her ass and my fingers started stroking her below as well. After a few pumps, I even started trying to outright fuck her hand, to which Amy just grinded on me harder.

Amy wrapped her left arm around the back of my neck, with her right hand wrapped around my pumping cock. With both my hands on her bottom, I started kissing her upper body.

“Shit….can’t go all out here,” I told us both. “You can’t explain away love bites to E! on the red carpet.” I went down and kissed her tits, muttering, “You’d probably get questions if they saw marks on here too.”

“Yeah….but you wouldn’t. You don’t have to talk to E! tomorrow,” Amy remembered.

On that setup, Amy tipped me over on my back on the couch, so that she could go down and kiss, nibble and suckle my neck and chest without holding back. She even kept her hand on my cock so I could keep fucking it, which she was driving me crazy enough to do faster.

My hands stayed on her ass and pussy, with her mouth inspiring me to go harder on them too. After pinching and rubbing her lower lips, I figured I could get away with one slap on her round rump. Amy moaned enough that I tried getting away with another.