One Steamy Phototshoot – with Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison is in a country mansion shoot her new 2010 calendar
and she is really hot as she has spent the day posing in sexy outfits.
She loves doing this photo shoots as they get her so hot and she can
feel her wet pussy though her panties. Normally Jen would finish the
shoot and pick a random man backstage and fuck his brains out for her
own pleasure but on this shoot all the men have been perving at her
more than normal and Jen decides there all freaks and she wants
nothing to do with them. She gets changed into her final outfit a lacy
pink bra and thong and Jen makes sure her wet pussy can’t be seen
though the thin material of her panties as she stands in front of the
camera and strikes the sexiest pose she can think of. As she leans back
against the wall sticking her big chest out for the camera and as her
mind wanders she looks across the room and she sees her. A brunette,
shoulder length hair and her body looks stunning and Jen loses track of
time as she stares at this young woman. Her sexy black t shirt looks
tight and really shows off the young girl’s chest which Jen notes
isn’t a big as hers but her boobs look a handful. The brunette is
quite pale showing she hasn’t seen too much sun but her pale look gives
her skin a perfect model like look and Jen licks her lips as she spies
the girl walking round backstage. She drops a pen and goes down to
pick in up and Jen moans softly and her pussy gets very damp and the
brunette’s tight jean clad ass comes into view and Jen wants to do
nothing more than squeeze those big round cheeks. Her perfect model
like girl suddenly gets up and turns the corner and out of Jen’s
vision as the photographer talks to her. Jen slips out of her trance
and back to posing her mind thinking about that young woman and all
the sexy things she could do to a girl with a body like that.

Jennifer has always swung both ways and since her first lesbian fling
on the set of Brookside she has always enjoyed the company of another
woman. She hasn’t been able to express those fantasies as much as she
would like out of fear of the press finding out, she already has a
tough time keeping her slutty affairs with men under wraps adding a
lesbian angle would send most men’s magazines into overdrive. She
wonders what the brunette was maybe she was some kind of model sent in
to distract her and Jen really, really wants to get back to her
trailer home and rub her burning hot pussy. The final picture is shot
and Jen wraps up her tanned body in a thick white bathrobe and says
thanks and goodbye to all the horny crew all who give her a hug and a
kiss grinding their crotches into her body but Jen doesn’t feel the
need for cock tonight. She is still thinking about that amazing
brunette she saw out the corner of her eye. Sitting down at the makeup table to have her makeup remove Jen wonders if it was all a dream
maybe she just dreamt up the sexy woman, her mind could have been
playing a trick on her when she feels a finger poking her shoulder.

“Excuse me Miss Ellison but where do you want your water
bottle,” a soft voice says and Jen turns round and gives a little
intake of breath.

It’s the sexy brunette from earlier and Jen can now read her black T
shirt which has a name on it, it says runner and Jennifer’s face
breaks into a grin. The sexy girl not only works on set but her job is
to run and fetch Jen things and the blonde quietly thanks whatever
higher power but this chance into her lap. She now looks up and
studies the girl’s face properly as she was too far away last time to
get a proper look. Her eyes are green, a very dark green it clashes
well with her white skin and Jen wants to lick and kiss her amazing
near perfect skin. The girl’s nose is very small and straight like a
little line across her face her lips too are small and pink but it
gives her the look of effortless beauty.

“Sorry Miss Ellison,” the girl say looking worried, “Is there something wrong?”

Jennifer realizes she’s been staring so quickly looks back at the
mirror and controls her voice when she speaks so as not to shout out
the thoughts dancing around her head.

“Erm yes sure just take it to my trailer I’ll drink it there…. erm
sorry I don’t know your name,” Jen asks with as much innocence in her
voice as she can.

“It’s Stacy, Miss Ellison my name’s Stacy,” The brunette says smiling
flashing Jen her brilliant white teeth.

Jen grins back it’s been a long time since she’s had to act innocent
to get laid and just the thought of it is getting her even more
excited, “Stacy that’s a nice name if you wouldn’t mind waiting for
me in my trailer I have a little job I need you to do.”

Stacy nods her head and sets off towards her trailer home and Jen
watches the sexy little brunette leave her mind on fire with all the
little jobs she could make that amazingly hot runner do to her. A few
minutes later all the slutty make up has been removed from Jen’s face
and the blonde ties up her robe and goes towards her trailer knowing
what little gift is waiting for her inside. She opens the trailer door
to see Stacy standing in the middle of the room looking very scared
and nervous. Rejected outfits for the shoot are lying around and the
clothes Jen came to the shoot in are hung up on the back of the
kitchen door and Stacy is keeping her eyes off all the lingerie spread
around the trailer. Jen smiles at Stacy and gets a nervous little grin
back as Jen picks up her bottle of water and takes a seat on the brown

“Stacy please sit down it looks odd with you standing up.” Jen jokes
lightly loving the control she has over the sexy woman who sits down
quickly thinking she is making a fool of herself.

“Want a drink of water?” Jen asks offering her the water as she can
see some colour coming to Stacy’s cheeks.

“No, no Miss Ellison I’m fine just tell me what little job you want me
to do,” Stacy’s ay embarrassed and a little scared as her cheeks blush

“it’s Jennifer Stacy or Jen I’m not a Miss,” She says big smile on her
face as she can see Stacy staring at her a little scared but a sexy
little grin on her perfect face.

“Ok Jennifer what did you want from me?” Stacy asks innocently but
that simple statement has Jen grinning widely as her mind thinks of
Stacy naked bending over licking out her soaking wet pussy.

Jen is about to ask if she’s ever been with another woman but she
looks down and spots a ring, a big diamond ring on her third finger,
“Oh my god your married!” Jen says without thinking making Stacy jump
in shock.

“Yeah I am” Stacy says blushing again but smiling happily, “It’s been 6
months his name’s Alex,” She says holding up her hand so Jen can get a
proper look at the ring.

Jen looks at the ring and it feels like a massive pit has opened up in
her stomach sucking away all her good feelings. She really wanted to
touch and feel this sexy brunette and now not only can she not the girl
is married to a man has the exclusive play with her amazing looking

“Cool ring I can’t wait till Rob gives me on,” Jen says throwing off
her disappointment and take this chance to chat to another woman about

“Oh yeah I read in the paper he proposed I mean I heard and oh sorry I
didn’t mean to bring up your life from what I’ve read,” Stacy says

“No it’s fine really most of my life has been in the newspapers I’m
fine with it,” Jen says grinning crossing on leg up on the sofa and
lying back, “what I wanna know is how a girl so young gets married so

Now it’s Stacy’s turn to laugh, “Young I’m 26 my body clock has
already started to act up.”

“Get lost liar,” Jen jokes getting more relaxed with the beauty sat
a few feet away from her, “You look 22 at worst.”

“Didn’t know you needed glasses,” Stacy jokes back smiling at Jen and
both girls are laughing.

“I’m kidding I know who good I look I worked proper hard to look good
for my wedding and I haven’t really stopped working out,” Stacy admits.

“Yeah that’s the bit I’m not looking forward to about a wedding
getting fit to fit into a dress,” Jen says taking her chance to look
up and down Stacy’s body checking out her slim line frame.

“It’s a bitch to get ready but it’s totally worth it I shouldn’t say
this but after all that hard work and training I tore at Alex on my
wedding night, best sex I’ve ever had.” Stacy blushes again admitting
her love life to Jen who listens and a spark of lust fires up her
soaking wet pussy.

“So all the crappy diets and training is worth it cause the sex is
fucking hot,” Jen questions a embarrassed Stacy who nods her head.

“I was going to bring up the fact it looks like you have no stomach at
all,” Jen says pointing at Stacy’s skinny mid section.

“Yeah I’m really proud of my abs they look rock hard and Alex really
likes them,” Stacy lifts up her plain black t shirt showing her abs to

Ellison holds her breath to stop herself gasping in shock as Stacy
reveals her perfect looking abs. her plain skin really stands out and
her sexy little 6 pack has Jen soaking her panties. The blonde leans
forward and rubs a finger across Stacy’s flat abs and to both of their
surprise Stacy lets out a low moan.

“Oh my god Jen I’m so sorry it’s just Alex has been away for a while
and you looking pretty hot posing for those pictures and I,” Stacy is
stopped mid sentence when Jen places a finger over her lips shutting
her up.

“Just enjoy it Stacy,” Jen says softly as her finger moves from
Stacy’s lip and back down to her washboard gut, “But I’m flattered you
found me hot.”

Looking up at Stacy with an evil grin Jennifer is happy to see she has
made the shy brunette blush again. Her hands now glide over Stacy’s
abs making her move around as Jen’s light fingertips bring up
Goosebumps on Stacy’s arms.

“Your skin is so soft Stacy it feels like silk and you’re so
toned, “Jennifer coos as her hands massage Stacy’s gut.

Stacy says nothing in return she just moans and looks at this hot pin
up celebrity rubbing her belly. As Jen leans forward further to get a
better touch her robe comes apart and Stacy can see Jen’s big boobs
still clad in the tiny pink bra from the photo shoot. Stacy can’t help
but look down at Jen’s impressive cleavage in that bra and that only
adds to her excitement as Jen strokes her belly softly. Pulling her
long blonde hair out of her face Jen tilts her head down and kisses
Stacy’s belly button softly leaving the faintest trace of rubbed off
lipstick on her perfect skin.

“Jennifer stop this feels great but I don’t sleep with girls,” Stacy
stutters as Jen carries on rubbing her belly but now looks up so the
two woman are face to face.

“Trust me baby,” Jen moans softly, “You are the most beautiful woman I
have ever seen and you will love what I can do for you.”

Stacy breathes in deeply as Jen’s fingers work their magic on her skin
and she moans that hard, “Please Jen I would love to try it but I’m
married I can’t you don’t want me to sleep with you.”

“Bullshit,” Jen groans and her hands are now moving up grabbing onto
the bottom of Stacy’s black shirt and starts to pull it up slowly, “I
want you Stacy and you will be fine you’re not cheating on Alex I just
want your perfect body for one night can I have it for one little
night of passion?” Jennifer asks in an innocent little voice staring
deep into Stacy’s bottle green eyes.

The words are trapped in Stacy’s mouth, her mind is a broken mess
options and ideas fly around faster than Stacy can manage and just to
calm herself down Stacy makes a spilt decision based on her fast
beating heart. She leans forward and her lips touch Jen’s and she
kisses the sexy blonde celeb in her trailer and to Stacy’s delight
Jen’s lips add their own pressure and the two girls become lost in the
kiss. Stacy’s hands reach behind Jen and grab her by the back of the
head and starts stroking her long blonde hair making Jen moan. Both
girls’ lips press against each other softly tasting each other and when
Jen pulls back she hears Stacy breath out hard and mutter wow under
her breath. Jen takes control pulling Stacy’s shirt up and over her
head exposing her well sized breasts in a normal black bra.

“Nice tits Stacy,” Jen groans running her hands over Stacy’s boobs
clad in their tiny bra, “How big are they?”

“34D nowhere near as big as yours Jen,” Stacy says with a smile as Jen
massages her big tits.

Jennifer leans forward and kisses Stacy’s soft lips again this time
she is pressing her own body into Stacy’s. The two woman’s bra press
together making both girls a little light headed as their big tits
press together. Stacy grabs the top of Jen’s robe and pulls it down
her arms and throws it away. Jen is now sat there in just her
underwear as she places a hand on Stacy’s cheek and keeps kissing the
sexy brunette. Their boobs rub together under their bras but Jen wants
to feel her bare skin so she breaks the kiss and reaches round Stacy’s
back. Stacy’s heart is beating out of her chest 20 minutes ago she was
watching Jen posing in her underwear wondering what it would be like
to sleep with her now she’s here sitting in Jen’s trailer while the
sexy blonde unhooks her bra. Jen pulls off Stacy’s bra and stares at
Stacy’s big pale boobs as they hang there, her light pink nipples
fully erect and Jennifer licks her lips at the sight of these perfect
boobs. Her hands gently squeeze her soft tits making Stacy groan as
another woman’s hands tease her tits. Jen presses her palms down on
Stacy’s chest feeling her warm tit flesh on her hands, Ellison even
rubs her fingertips across Stacy’s rock hard nipples making the
brunette shake with uncontrollable lust.

“Oh god Jen,” Stacy moans, “Are you sure you want to do this with me?”

Jennifer’s answer is non verbal as she leans down and takes Stacy’s
right nipple in her mouth and starts gently sucking on it. Stacy shuts
her eyes tight and moans as Jen’s tongue licks around her sensitive
nipple and out of lust Stacy grabs her other breast and starts to
squeeze it giving herself more pleasure. Jen’s mouth turns and starts
to work on Stacy’s other nipple and the young runner looks down at her
freshly sucked nipple and sees Jen’s saliva gleaming on it like early
morning dew. Stacy now wants to see Ellison’s tits so she reaches
around her petite body and unclips her pink bra and as she tries to
pull it off Jen looks up giggling.

“Getting into this now aren’t we?” Jen teases as she holds her arms out
allowing Stacy to pull the lacy material off her chest.

“How many chances will I get of having a lesbian affair with one of the
hottest woman in the world,” Stacy replies and throws her bra away and
gets her first proper look at Jen’s naked breasts.

Her natural boobs just hang there looking amazing, her nipples are
darker pink than hers but they are already rock hard and Jen’s breasts
just look perfect to Stacy.

“Do you like them?” Jen asks giggling slightly as Stacy has the same awe
shocked look on her face that most men get when they see her naked
tits for the first time.

“They are so perfect,” Stacy coos, “They could do with a bit more
tanning to match the rest of you but other than that amazing.”

Jen puts her hands on her hips pushing her big chest out even more,
“So with loads of photographers around you want me to sunbathe

“Would make me very happy,” Stacy teases her confidence flowing though
her as she knows she would never cheat on her husband but if he was in
her place he would already have Jen bent over so she decides to enjoy
this once in a lifetime chance.

Jen moves forward and pushes her big chest into Stacy’s and the
lighting bolt of pleasure shot though both their bodies makes them
both jump and laugh at the same time. Stacy’s unshaken hands now move
forward and touch Jen’s perfectly rounded breasts and Jen moans with
delight as Stacy’s soft hands rub against her skin. Stacy massages
Ellison huge tits taking great pleasure in making the sexy blonde moan
and call out at each turning of her fingers. Jen can’t help but lean
forward again and kiss Stacy’s amazingly soft lips and that makes
Stacy squeeze her big boobs harder that makes Jen kiss harder. Moving
forward Jen gets onto her knees and starts leaning over Stacy kissing
her and Stacy lets go of Jen’s boobs as she presses her large
chest into her. So Stacy still wanting to feel Jen’s amazing body
reaches her hands around her hips and grabs Jen’s pert asscheeks.
Jennifer groans into Stacy’s open mouth as Stacy’s hands rub and play
with her big juicy asscheeks clad in just a tiny lace thong.

Ellison breaks the kiss and smiles at Stacy who smiles back, “Ok Jen
one little lesbian fling won’t kill my marriage, my body is yours.”

Once those words escape Stacy’s perfect lips Jennifer’s panties become
soaked in her own juices as thoughts of what to do to Stacy’s body
flood Jen’s mind. She pushes Stacy backwards and the sexy brunette
falls back onto the sofa. Before Stacy can say anything Jen grabs and
pulls off Stacy’s trainers and socks then leans forward and unclips
the button on Stacy’s jeans. Stacy giggles as Jennifer Ellison pulls
down her jeans exposing her black panties and Jen throws the jeans
away and rubs her smooth bare legs.

“You sorta enjoy stripping me don’t you Jen?” Stacy grins as Jen on
her hands and knees crawling towards Stacy’s barely clothed body.

“God Stacy your body is so perfect,” Jen drools as she rubs Stacy’s
perfectly flat stomach, “I really can’t wait to taste you.”

Stacy shakes with lust as she thinks about Jennifer Ellison eating her
out and her entire body is on edge as Jen’s fingers slip into the
waistband of Stacy’s panties. Slowly her panties are lowered and Jen
gasps as she sees Stacy’s smooth pussy perfectly shaved and already
shining wet with her own juices. Ellison is sitting in between Stacy’s
legs as she removes her panties and now she has the sexy young girl
completely naked in her trailer. Jen licks her lips as she looks up and
down Stacy’s naked body viewing her like a hungry wolf stares at a
fresh chicken.

“Your body is perfect,” Jen whispers as she takes her hand and she
rubs it over Stacy’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh Jen,” Stacy groans as Jen’s soft hand rubs against her wet
pussy lips and she leaves her juices on Jen’s palm.

Jen licks Stacy’s juices off her hand and now she starts to lower her
head and kisses Stacy’s pussy making the young married woman moan and
shake in shock and lust. Jen kisses Stacy’s wet pussy lips then slowly her tongue works around them tasting them and making Stacy moan.

“Jen god your lips are so good I’ve never felt anything this good,”
The young brunette coos as the blonde sucks and licks her pussy.

Ellison can’t really talk as her head is buried in between Stacy’s
legs, her tongue licking inside Stacy’s pussy and she grabs onto
Stacy’s hips keeping the young runner steady as she sucks on her cunt.
Stacy can’t believe the mop of blonde hair between her legs is the
glamour model and actress Jennifer Ellison and even though she has
never been with a girl before Stacy can’t believe what she has been
missing. Jen’s tongue drives into Stacy’s wet pussy licking up her
juices and Jen adores the taste of the brunette’s pussy. Moaning and
groaning Stacy leans forward and places her hands on Jen’s hair and
pushes her face deeper into her pussy. Jen responses by licking hard
and pushing her face into Stacy’s cunt her tongue really working hard. Ellison has been with loads of girls and she is using
her experience to make the lesbian virgin Stacy enjoy her first
experience. Stacy rubs and plays with her own boobs adding to her own
pleasure as Jen sucks and licks her pussy.

“Lick me Jen lick my wet pussy Jen don’t stop please don’t stop suck
my sweet clit,” Stacy moans as she is so hot and wet and a light sweat
starts to form on her forehead.

Ellison gets on her knees and pushes further into Stacy’s pussy, her
tongue licking every inch of her pussy and rubs against her clit.
Stacy howls and arches her back, her eyes closed tight as she grabs
her own breast hard trying to halt the overwhelming pleasure building
up inside her. Jen is using ever trick she knows to bring Stacy to
orgasm, she licks and sucks on Stacy’s pretty pink pussy licking her
soaking wet clit and even lightly biting her pretty pussy lips with
her perfect white teeth.

SEXY BLONDE SLUT,” Stacy screams it’s been a long time since she has
screamed like that during sex and to Stacy’s delight her dirty long
cries of passion seem to turn Jen on more and licks her harder.

Jen is so hot and wet from sucking this sexy woman’s pussy that she
moves her own hand down into her wet thong and starts fingering her
own pussy. Stacy can feel her own orgasm building in her body and she
starts bucking her hips into Jen’s tongue nearly getting tongue fucked
by the sexy blonde. Her tongue pounds in harder and Stacy’s nails dig
into Jennifer’s skull as she nearly humps Jen’s face looking to do
anything to get her off. Jen’s hand works over her own pussy
faster as she pulls three fingers in and out of her quickly under her
panties. Stacy thinks about what is happening she is getting eaten out
by Jennifer Ellison she has the blonde topless and sucking and licking
her pussy.

body shakes and she cums all over Jen’s tongue and it drips onto her
pretty model face.

Ellison stops licking and lets Stacy’s sexy body shake and rumble with
pleasure and once she has stopped cumming Jen lifts her face up and
smiles at Stacy with Stacy’s juices all around her mouth.

“You are one very sexy bitch,” Jen teases as she licks up the rest of
Stacy’s juices then gets off the sofa allowing Stacy to stretch her
whole body out.

Stacy’s lungs pump in and out hard as she tries to catch her breath
back as she breaths hard trying to shake off her mind blowing orgasm.
She can’t believe how good it feels to have a woman licking your pussy
she leans back against the cool sofa and thinks what a sexy surprise
that will be for her husband if she brings another sexy female home.
The mere thought of it makes her grin and rub her own boobs softly
making her sore dripping wet pussy ache with lust. Stacy looks to the
nearby table and picks up the bottle of water she had brought to Jen
in the first place. Never in her wildest dreams and fantasies could
Stacy believe she would have had her pussy licked by the amazingly hot
blonde. Stacy takes several gulps of water and the rest of the world
starts to come back into focus as the amazing mind numbing pleasure of
Jennifer’s tongue wears off and she starts hearing noises. She can
hear moaning and groaning and Stacy props herself up on her elbows and
looks for the source of the noise. Looking down at the floor of the
trailer home she sees Jennifer Ellison sitting on the floor her hand
inside her thong rubbing and pumping her pussy as Jen is sucking on
her other hand licking off some of Stacy’s juices that is still on her

sexy scouse accent as she pushes 4 fingers into her soaking wet pussy
really fucking herself.

Ellison thinks about Stacy’s sexy body, she reminds herself of how she
kissed the sexy runner then stripped her naked before eating her out
and making her cum. Stacy can’t take her eyes off the sexy one woman
show as Jennifer Ellison fingers her pussy and rubs her big breasts.
Jen groans loudly as she pushes her fingers in as deep as she can
manage trying to get herself some relief as she is sure Stacy is now
fast asleep trying to sleep off her massive orgasm. Stacy could not be
more awake as Jen’s moans become louder and louder and Stacy is not
worried that anyone will hear as she wants the blonde to scream and
shout louder and louder. She can take no more of this moaning and
groaning and wants to help Jen with her orgasm in the same way Jen
brought her to a massive orgasm. Stacy crawls down onto the floor and
moves across the lush carpet towards a moaning Jen and she reaches out
and grabs onto the tiny waistband of her thong panties and starts to
pull them down.

Jennifer’s eyes shoot open and she looks down at a naked Stacy pulling
off her panties, “What are you doing Stacy?”

“I’m stripping you naked what does it look like I’m doing,” Stacy
replies pulling Jen’s soaking wet thong off her feet and throws them
away now she can see Jen’s pussy and her fingers being pushed deep
inside her.

“Very sexy Jen but I think I can help you with that,” Stacy says with
a confidence that she had no idea she could have with such a big star
as Ellison.

Jen grins she loves this sexy girl even more not only is she hot and a
great fuck but she is more than willing to try and bring Jen off.
Ellison’s pussy is so wet and she is so horny she is sure Stacy can
make her cum. Jen pulls her fingers out her pussy and holds them out
and Stacy licks them clean. Her long pink tongue roams around her wet
fingers and Jen giggles as Stacy sucks and licks her fingers clean of
her own juices. Now Stacy leans forward and pushes her sexy face right
into Jen’s tits. The blonde moans with joy as Stacy rubs her face all
over Jen’s boobs and then as if this wasn’t enough for Ellison but
Stacy uses her near perfect tongue and starts to lick Jen’s sweat
coated breasts. Knowing she now has this celebrity completely naked is
so hot and Stacy had always wondered having never been one of those
slutty loving sex kind of girls she always wondered what it would be
like to hear or here a blonde large breasted slut being fucked. She
never thought it would be her doing the fucking but she loves
every second of it. Stacy is sucking and licking Jen’s massive tits
running the very tip of her tongue around Jen’s nipples making the
blonde’s back arch and makes her groan like nothing else Stacy has
ever heard.

EVERYTHING TO THEM OOOOOHHHHHH,” Jen groans with pleasure as Stacy’s
amazing tongue runs all over her massive tits.

Stacy licks and kisses every inch of Jen’s perfect boobs before
sliding her left hand down her flat stomach towards her soaking wet
pussy. Jen groans with joy as Stacy’s fingers touch her wet pussy lips
and her moans get louder as Stacy strokes her cunt. Stacy had been
scared she wouldn’t know how to bring another woman off but she thinks
of how and where she would liked to be touched and aims for those
arenas. She is rewarded with Jen’s loud moans of joy as her lips brush
over Ellison’s rock hard nipples and her fingers slide across her
pussy lips. Jen runs her own hands though her long blonde hair as
Stacy teases and brings her tanned body closer and closer to orgasm.
Stacy’s fingers are coated with Jen’s juices and Stacy nibbles her
perfectly white teeth across the skin of Jennifer’s boobs and the
blonde gasps at the pleasure running though her body. Taking a deep
breath Stacy works two fingers into Jen’s cunt and starts to finger
fuck the blonde celeb and to Stacy’s utter delight she finds she loves
this new feeling and from the sounds of Jen she is loving it too.