How did Miley Cyrus become so wild?

This is complete fiction, and any resemblance between
the characters in it and any living beings is only
coincidental, nor does it reflect the true disposition
of anyone. If you are reading this and find the
subject matter offensive, then please stop. It has
been posted for entertainment only. The author does
not condone sex with under age individuals, or even
outside of marriage, in those places where the law
forbids it.

You have seen how Miley has been carrying on lately.
She has been cultivating a bad girl image, in order to
shed her squeaky-clean Disney girl image. She is
dating a man who should be dating women, not a child.
He is obviously after her money. She is buying a 3.4
million dollar mansion, so she can have a party pad,
without parental supervision. She has been carrying
on, on stage, and wearing tight shorts that show her
camel toe, and kissing other females. Some or all of
this may be my fault. I feel guilty, and decided to
unburden myself. I’ll tell you my story, and let you
decide. This happened a few years ago.

I’m an old geezer. My wife passed away a few years
ago, from too much rich food… clogged arteries. I
live in a modest ranch style house in a southwestern
community. I was reading a “Nero Wolfe” mystery, and
listening to the radio. They announced that they were
giving away a six-pack of concert tickets. I was not
paying close attention to the radio, so I was not sure
who was in concert. The cordless phone was lying
nearby, so I dialed anyway, and much to my surprise, I
won. I had never heard of Miley Cyrus, so I looked her
name up in the Internet at the library, and found out
that she was popular with the younger set.

I went over to talk to them, and
told them how I had won six concert tickets, and ask
if they would like to be my guests. The girls did not
seem too interested. Their father asked who was in the
concert, and I handed him the envelope I had received,
and told him to look. He opened it, and announced that
it was a “Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus concert” with
back stage passes. (They were the only back stage
passes given out for the concert.) Immediately there
were three ear-splitting screams, and little girls
jumping up and down.

On concert day, as the note with the tickets
instructed, we all went to the concert early to take
advantage of the back stage passes. When we arrived,
we followed the instructions with the passes, and went
to a door marked “Utility Room”. There was a very
large guard there, and after looking at our passes,
ushered us in.

As you may suspect, the stage was very crowded, with
many people running about, obviously making last
minute preparations. Another guard intercepted us, and
looked at our passes. He asked the girls if they would
like to meet Miss Cyrus. He also asked the adults, and
both parents accepted. I declined, and the guard
pointed to an out of the way corner of the stage where
I should wait.

When I got there, much to my surprise, I found Billy
Ray Cyrus. He was sitting on a tall stool, with one
leg propped up, and a guitar resting on his knee. He
was plucking the strings and humming to himself. I sat
down on the only other stool. There was no other place
to sit.

He looked up from his guitar, and said, “Hello. You
must be the fellow that won the back stage passes.
They were the only ones for this concert.”

I said hello and introduced myself, telling him that
my friends called me “Pops”. I asked him if I could
ask a few questions about his music, as I was a fan of
his, and he said. “Ask away.”

I started out, “Mr. Cyrus,” and he interrupted me with
“Call me Billy.” I continued, “When you compose a
song, do you start out with a melody, and create the
lyrics? Or is it the other way around, or a little bit
of both.”

He smiled and answered, “That’s the first perceptive
question a fan has ever asked. I start out with a
little bit of lyrics, and then work it into a melody.
The guitar has such a huge range as a musical
instrument, that the possibilities are almost

I continued, “I take it that the first part of the
lyrics are like a short poem. What subjects do you

He replied, “Well, sometimes it is about the things I
experienced, about family, about things that I have
read, or about something someone tells me. Why don’t
you see if you can give me few lines that rhyme.”

I had worked as a technical writer off and on, so out
of habit I carry a pen and small note pad in my
pocket. I pulled the pad and pen out and started
writing a short poem about the last minutes with my
wife, before she passed, holding hands, looking at her
smile, listening to her reassuring me, and telling me
she would always look after me from heaven.

He sat there patiently waiting, picking his guitar.
The funny thing was that his melody seemed to fit the
words as I wrote them. I tore out the page and handed
it to him. He read it, and licked the edge of the
page, and stuck it to the side of the guitar. He began
to play the same melody, and sing the words I had
written. There was a harmonica lying on a table next
to him. I picked it up, and began to softly play it,
following along with his melody.

When he finished, he looked at me. I am sure he could
see the tears in the corners of my eyes. He said,
“That was spooky. It was like we were reading each
other’s minds. This is something I can use, and I
think your wife is still looking after you. I can’t
believe our meeting was a coincidence. Give me your
name, address, and phone number. I’ll be in touch. I
think maybe we can create a few songs together.”

I scribbled them down, and tore out the page, which he
put in his wallet. Just then, the same guard beckoned
me, and escorted the six of us to our front row seats.
I must admit, that I enjoyed Billy Ray’s daughter’s
concert. The three neighbor girls screamed themselves
out. On the way home, all three fell asleep in my
neighbor’s minivan.

I had enjoyed my visit with Mr. Cyrus. He is a fine
southern gentleman, and I figured that he was just
being polite to a fan, while he was waiting. I never
expected to hear from him again, but about a month
later, I got a telephone call from him. I was quite
surprised, and told him so.

He said, “Pops, I had a good time when we met. I had
been having a long dry spell, but your conversation
with me sorta got me jump-started. How would you like
to come out to my house as my guest, and spend a few
days writing some songs?

I hesitated with a reply, and he continued, “Are you
still working?”

I answered, “No. I’m semi-retired, and only take an
occasional contract for technical writing. So, right
now, I ‘m idle.”

Billy then offered, “I’ll get you first class airline
passage to down here, and you can stay in a guest
room. I have an office where we can work on a few
songs. I would like you to come out this coming
Friday, and stay through Sunday. If you say yes, I
will have the airline call you with a confirmation of
the flight.”

I agreed to the visit, and he continued, “When you
arrive, look for a security escort in a black suit,
holding a sign over his head, with your name on it.” I
thanked him and he hung up.

When I arrived at the baggage claim the following
Friday afternoon, I saw a man in black holding a large
sign over his head, with my name on it. I located my
bag, and introduced myself to him, showing him my
driver’s license. He took my bag, and led the way to
the limo parking area. It was about a one-hour drive
through heavy traffic to the Cyrus home. Billy greeted
me at the door, and had his son take my bag to a guest
room. He said, “It’s good to see you. I’ll show you
your room after I introduce you to my family. He
called them together, and introduced me to each one
starting with his wife, then his children in age

Then he offered, “Let me show you your room, so that
you can freshen up. You have just enough time before
we start supper. I hope you like spaghetti.”

My room had a private bathroom, which I used to wash
my face and hands. I splashed on a very small bit of
Old Spice, and headed to the kitchen. Billy called me
into the dining room, and seated me beside him. His
children were polite, and asked me questions about
where I lived and how I occupied my time. I told them
about the small ranch house where I was living, and
that I was a widower.

Miley perked up a bit at that information, and asked,
“Do you live alone?”

I explained about my wife passing away, and that we
never had kids, because I fire blanks. I explained
that I spent too many years in the military, working
around high power radar equipment, and there were a
few radiation accidents, and the family jewels got a
bit cooked. I laughed about that last part, and got a
chuckle from everyone except Noah, who looked puzzled.
I heard her mother whisper to her, “I’ll explain later

Billy told me that we could get a fresh start in the
morning, and asked what I would like to do for the
evening. I told him, that long ago, we would visit my
sister and her kids, and sit on the living room floor,
and play the kids favorite games. I continued, “We
always had a great time. There was a lot of friendly
competition, and a lot of laughs. So, how about
picking out some favorites, and then the last game we
play will be a game I brought along called Black
Magic.” I could tell that the name Black Magic
intrigued them all.

Billy’s son said, “Hey, I unpacked your suitcase for
you and put everything in the closet and dresser, and
I did not see any game?”

I answered, pointing to my head, “It’s in here,” which
really puzzled them.

Billy Ray laughed and said, “It must be a really small
game!” That got a round of laughs from everyone
including me.

We all helped clean up the dining table, and load the
dishwasher. Afterwards, we went into the living room
while Noah ran to her room to get some games. The
oldest two had begged off, claiming previous
commitments. It did not surprise me. It was Friday
night and they probably had friends that they promised
to meet.

The first game we played was Old Maid; with a genuine
deck of Old Maid Playing Cards. We played about a half
dozen games, and I ended up as the old maid three
times. Noah and Miley dubbed me the old bachelor. It
was a lot of fun, and a lot of teasing and laughing.

The next game was the Game of Life. There were not
enough cars, so Noah decided we would start out
together as husband and wife. So our car got a blue
peg and a pink peg. Noah declared that since she was
my wife, she should sit on my lap. I was sitting
cross-legged on the floor, and she plopped her firm
little girl ass right down between my legs. No one
paid any attention, except her mom Leticia, who
laughed at her. As the game progressed, Noah would
lean forward to grab the spinner, and slide back when
she was done.

Of course we argued at every choice we had to make,
and she would take a chance at gambling on every turn.
Leticia commented that Noah and I sounded like a real
husband and wife, which got everyone laughing at us,
and a frown from us. As we went along, we kept
accumulating kids, until we had several stacked up
sideway in our car.

With all of the moving around that she was doing on my
lap, my old tired dick decided that it liked it. It
wasn’t long before I had one of the biggest hard-on’s
in years. Old geezers like me usually only a medium at
best, not a raging boner. I’m sure she felt it,
because she kept pushing the left side of her firm
little ass against it whenever no one was looking at

I think her mom knew what was going on, because as the
game was ending, she left for the kitchen, and came
back with several large bowls of potato chips. She
told Noah, “Get off his lap now, and you can share
some chips.” As soon as Noah got up, she placed a
large bowl in my lap, which did a good job of hiding
the tent in my lap. Noah ended up sitting on one side
of me, leaning against me. Miley was sitting on the
other side, and also leaned against me. She gave me
what I took to be a knowing grin, and the three of us
munched on chips. The game came to an end not long
after that. Every one ended up in Millionaire acres,
except Noah and I. We and our herd of kids ended up in
the poor house.

It was already 8:30 pm, and I told everyone that due
to the time zone change, I was getting tired, and that
we should play Black Magic. I had everyone except Noah
get seated in a chair or the couch. I told them that
Noah would be my assistant. I said, “The name of the
game is Black Magic. Noah will leave the room, so that
she can’t hear our conversation, and one of you will
pick out an object. When she comes back, I will point
to a number of items, to confuse her, and ask is it
such and such. She will answer yes or no. She will
always be correct. The object of the game is to figure
out how we do it.”

I took Noah down the hall where they could not hear
us, but also where I could look back to be sure no one
was sneaking up to listen. I explained, “When you come
back to the living room I will point to a number of
different objects, and ask is that what they picked.
You say no, until I point to something black. You
still say no. However, the next thing I point to after
the black one will be what they picked. Ok, repeat
back to me what I said.” She did.

I asked if she had any questions, and she asked what
happens if they pick something black. I told her it
did not matter, because what they picked would come
after the black clue. I told her to wait until she
heard me call her name in a loud voice.

I went back into the living room, where the five of
them were waiting, and told them we would go around
the room, with each person getting a chance to pick
something. I warned them to speak in a soft voice so
that Noah would not hear. Miley watched down the hall
to be sure that Noah did not cheat. I told Billy to go

I called Noah back, and after several incorrect
objects I pointed to a black one, and then pointed to
Billy’s object. Noah answered correctly. They made a
couple of guesses, as to how we did it, and none were
correct. So, I said, “Let’s try another one.” Each
time Noah came back, I pointed out a different number
of incorrect objects, and never the same one twice. Of
course their speculations were wrong. Finally, on the
fifth object, Miley got a big smile, and said, “You
always point to something black before you select the
correct one. She knew she was right and I told her so.
She was quite pleased with herself, and broke out into
a huge smile. I was standing quite close, and she
jumped and hugged me, and ended up spinning me around
like we were dancing. I quite enjoyed feeling her firm
young breasts pressing into my chest.

I stepped back and announced that it was almost ten,
and past my normal bedtime. As everyone scattered, I
told Billy, that if he did not object, I wanted to go
out back to his patio, and have a smoke. He asked if I
smoked a lot, and I told him, one cigarette in the
morning with coffee, and one before bedtime. He asked
if I ever had a nightcap, and I said on occasion I
did, and this seemed like a special one. He told me to
go out back, and he would pour us each three fingers
of Tennessee sipping whisky. I fetched a smoke from my
toiletry bag and went to the patio. He came out a
short time later.

Billy told me, “Pops, it has been a long long time
since we had such a fun time family night. You seemed
to pull everyone together.”

I replied, “It has been a long time for me too. I
haven’t enjoyed myself this much in many years.”

After I finished my smoke, and we both finished our
nightcap, I went to the guest room, and closed the
door, to change into pajamas. The room had a private
bathroom, so I took a quick shower and shave, splashed
on a little Old Spice, and put on a pair of short
summer pajamas. They were loose, and comfortable. I
turned down the sheets, and laid down on top of them,
since it was a hot summer night, and a little muggy,
even with the air conditioner running.

It was not long before I dropped off into a deep
slumber. I don’t know what time it was, but I was
disturbed by something. I was quite groggy, after the
strong nightcap, and it took a while before I realized
that a small person with long hair had slipped into
bed with me. It was Noah. She snuggled up to me, put
her head on my shoulder, and her arm around me. I
thought, “That feels nice,” and began drifting off to
sleep. However, sleep was not to come so quickly.

I felt a small hand slip into the opening in my pajama
bottom. It felt around until it found my plumbing. It
continued to explore my dick and balls. Again I
thought, “That feels nice.” After a few minutes, she
must have been satisfied with her exploring. She
pulled her hand out and put her arm across my chest.
We both quickly fell asleep.

I wear a digital watch, and had forgotten to turn off
the alarm. Early in the morning, it started beeping.
Noah gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, jumped out of
bed, and ran for the door. She closed it quietly
behind her. I went back to sleep.


I awoke a few hours later, showered, shaved, and
dressed. I headed for the kitchen, and found Billy and
Leticia at the breakfast table. They asked what I
wanted to eat, and I said a bowl of cereal, and ended
up selecting granola. I also asked for coffee. Leticia
told me that her kids would be up in about a half
hour, so Billy and I could finish eating and disappear
into his office before they got there.

Billy had a small office where he took care of bills
and correspondence. He also worked on songs for Miley.
He told me that he needed peace and quiet for that. We
got started by discussing a few ideas for songs, and
then I started jotted down some lyrics. As he read the
lyrics, he started composing a melody. When he came to
a stopping point I asked if he had some blank sheet
music, and after rummaging around in his desk, he
found a pad. I asked him to go over the melody again,
slowly and called out the notes. As he did, I wrote
the notes on the blank sheets. When he finished, I
asked him to play back what I wrote, and he went over
it. We made a few corrections to the notes, and after
several passes, I had an exact representation of what
he had played. Next I wrote in the lyrics, and he
played and sang the song.

When he finished, he said, “It sure is a lot easier
working with you writing down what I play. Usually, I
record what I am working on, and when I finally get it
right, then I take it to Miley, to learn, and we
record her interpretation. When we finally get a
version that we are satisfied with, we head for the
recording studio. Instead of that, we have a finished
product, after only a couple of hours.”

I suggested, “Billy, you should call around to a few
software vendors. There must be a program out there
that will use audio analyzer software and will take
what comes in from the computer microphone, and create
sheet music, based on what it detects. It will
probably play it back, and allow you to make on screen
corrections. I would not be surprised if you could
also type in the lyrics. Thirty years ago, when I
bought a 64k Radio Shack color computer, I was able to
get a free audio analyzer program for it, so they must
have much more powerful programs now.”

He replied, “I never thought of that. I’ll call
around. Miley will love it, because she composes too,
and would appreciate sheet music from her trial
compositions. When I tell her what you suggested,
don’t be surprised if she bowls you over with a hug
and a kiss. I’ll tell you, that girl is very
uninhibited. Sometimes I have to keep a close eye on

We continued working until Leticia brought us a couple
of sandwiches, and iced tea for lunch. About 6:00 pm
we stopped. It was suppertime, and we had finished six
fairly good country songs. At supper, Billy asked what
I would like to do, and I told all of them I would
like to spend more time with their family, adding,
maybe there is a movie that all of them would like to
watch. After much discussion, they picked out a Disney
movie that none of us had seen, which had very good

After the dining table was cleared Billy called Miley
and I into his office. He showed her the sheets of
songs that we had finished. She sat there reading the
music, humming softly to herself. She went through all
six songs, and then said, “Daddy, these are all very
good. They’ll all sell quickly for a very good price.
They’re good country songs, and are fresh ideas that
will touch people’s hearts.”

Billy’s face was beaming with a big smile, at the
compliment from his daughter. He replied, “Pops
deserves a lot of credit. He came up with the lyrics,
and wrote what I composed. I was able to go over the
sheets, and make quick corrections. I’m glad he used a
pencil.” That got a laugh from all three of us. He
went on, “Pops made a good suggestion. We should try
to find some software that will take what comes in
from the computer microphone, and create sheet music,
based on what it detects. It should play it back, and
allow us to make on screen correction, and allow us
type in the lyrics.”

Miley almost shouted, “That’s a great idea.” She
jumped out of her chair, plopped down on my lap,
wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a long, more
than friendly kiss.

Billy was grinning, and commented, “I told you so.”

Miley asked, “Told him what?”

“That you would like the idea, and that he would get a
hug and a kiss for it.”

“Well, daddy, you know me pretty well. I think it’s an
excellent idea. If you can find software like that,
buy two copies. I can put it on my computer, and when
I’m in my room, playing and trying new ideas, it can
make sheet music for me. All too often, I forget to
record my experiments, and then later, I might not
remember what I did. An editing feature would be
great, because then I can make small changes, and hear
the results. ” I got a long, sexy kiss again.

We headed for the living room. There was a small couch
big enough for three, and Noah was sitting there. She
called for me to sit with her, saying that she wanted
her husband to sit with her. Miley sat down on the
other side. Bowls of popcorn, and large bottles of
cold soda were passed around. The lights were dimmed,
and the movie, on the very large flat screen TV, was
started. It was like sitting in a private movie
theater. It was not long before Noah pulled my arm
around her, and she put her head on my shoulder. On
the other side, Miley did the same, except that when
she pulled my arm around her, she put my hand on her
small firm tit. From the way the couches and chairs
were arranged, no one could see where my hand was,
unless they twisted their neck way around. Noah,
however, could see what was going on. I looked at them
and they were both smiling. They both wiggled around
for a closer position, and we settled down to watch
the movie.

When the movie ended, it was everyone’s bedtime. We
all said good night, and Noah got her demanded kiss
good night.

Miley smiled and asked, “Don’t I get one?”

Noah said, “No! He is my husband.” Billy interjected,
“Hey, I taught you girls to share.” So I Miley a brief
grandfatherly kiss, and said good night, stating that
I was all out of good night kisses.

Braison said, “Thank God.” That got a laugh from

Billy and I went out back to the patio, so that I
could have my smoke, and we both could have a

Once in my room I stripped, showered, shaved, slapped
on a dash of panache (Old Spice) and slipped on clean
summer short pajamas.

Again I turned down the blanket and sheet, and lay
down on top of the sheets. The three fingers of
sipping whisky put me to sleep right away. Once again,
something disturbed me in the middle of the night. I
felt some one crawl into bed with me. I thought to
myself, “Smells female. Too tall to be Noah. Too short
to be Billy’s wife or his oldest daughter. Must be
Miley.” She put her arm around me, and her head on my
shoulder, and snuggled close, putting her leg on mine.
My legs had been apart, so her upper leg ended up
resting on my plumbing. I thought, “MMM that feels
nice, and dozed off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but I awoke,
to the feel of a warm mouth sucking on my dick. In the
dim light from the bedroom window, when I lifted up my
head, I saw a bare female ass, and pussy with almost
no hair. I was sure it was Miley, so I said, “Miley,
sixty nine please.” Her head came up with a snap, and
left my bare dick sticking straight up. She moved on
top of me, and continued sucking. By bending my head
as far as I could, I managed to get my nose, lips and
tongue right into her pussy. She smelled like Dial
soap. I wrapped my arms around her legs, and spread-
open her pussy. I licked up and down her lips, and
when I got to her clit I flicked it with my tongue. I
continued this for several minutes, and when I felt
her getting wet, I started putting my middle finger
into her wet pussy. I felt no obstruction, so I pushed
it in as far as it would go.

She shuddered a bit. I crooked my finger, like I was
signaling to someone ‘Come here’. I hit her G spot
right away. Once again her head snapped back, but she
resumed sucking right away. I kept wiggling my finger
against her G spot, and used my thumbs to peel the
hood back from her clit. I flicked that little peanut
with my tongue a few times, and then got a good lip
lock on it. She forgot about sucking, and started
trembling all over.

I poked her rose bud with my little finger, which was
nearby, and got a long low moan out of her. She
started shoving that sweet teen cunt into my face as
hard as she could, and wrapped her lower legs around
my head. Her upper legs slammed together, and she got
me into a headlock. I knew she would not let go until
she was satisfied, so I kept sucking, finger wiggling,
and poop hole poking. After what seemed like an
eternity, she released my head, and went completely
limp. We lay like that for several minutes, until she
finally spun around, wrapped her arms around me, and
gave me a long tender kiss. As we continued kissing, I
thought to myself, “Where does a young girl like her
learn to kiss like this. She is one of the best
kissers I have ever swapped spit with.”

She finally broke our kiss and sat up on my tummy, and
said, “Fuck me.” I could see her face in the dim light
from the bedroom window. She had a huge heart-warming
smile, like she is famous for. I smiled back at her
and said, “No!” Her face went from a smile to the look
of a heart broken young girl, with tears brimming in
her eyes. I quickly added, “You fuck me. I want you on
top. This is your first time isn’t it?”

She said, “Yes,” with a smile returning to her face.
This time it was her shy smile.

I told her, “This is your night. I want it to be
something special that you will remember always. It
should be something for you to put in your treasure
chest of happy memories. You are in charge. We will do
what you like, what feels best to you. Squat over my
dick, and slowly lower yourself on to it. If it starts
to hurt, stop until you get used to it.”

She moved into position, and grabbed my cock, and
pressed it against her pussy lips.

She looked at me and asked, “Are you ready?” I nodded.
Again she asked, “Are you ready?” Again I nodded. She
asked a third time, “Are you ready?” Again I nodded.
Then she exclaimed, “Let’s go.”

She started pushing down. I felt her tiny tight young
girl cunt open. She pushed about an inch into her, and
then stopped for about a minute. She continued like
this until she had all of me inside her. The look on
her face was angelic.

I told her, “Just wait a bit, and then start moving up
and down just a bit, until you get used to it.” She
did as I suggested, telling me, “I finally feel
complete. I think I am going to want to do a lot of

I told her, “Miley, you have to be very careful,
because one mistake or blabber mouth will ruin your
career, and cost you untold millions of dollars. If
you are careful with your image, that may someday
reach a billion.”

She got a contemplative look on her face, and told me,
“Maybe I will arrange secret rendezvous’ with you, and
fuck you a lot.”

I answered, “Miley, I think you may fuck me to death,
and send me to my grave a happy man.” She laughed, and
then clapped her hand over her mouth, realizing that
she had to be quiet. She continued bouncing up and
down through what must have been half dozen orgasms.
Since I am an old man, and have learned to hold back
from coming, using the French technique, I was able to
last quite a while. I finally said, “Miley, I can’t
hold back any longer. Yours is the tightest pussy I
have ever been in.”

She answered, “Oh yes, come with me”, and began to
tremble all over. I blew my wad.

She flopped down on me, placing her head on my chest.
Her pussy was so tight, that even though I got soft, I
was still trapped in her.

She murmured, “I can hear you breathe, and your heart
beat. That’s nice.”

We fell asleep together.


In the morning, the alarm in my watch started its
persistent beeping. Miley woke up, and gave me a long
and tender kiss. When we broke the kiss, I told her,
“You are the best kisser I ever met.”

She answered, “Thank you”

“Miley, I know a secret about us. I think that we

She finished my sentence, “Falling in love. Thank

She started to get up, and had to pull herself away.
My dick was still stuck inside her. When she had
pulled back far enough, my dick came out, like a
snapping rubber band, and slapped against my abdomen,
with a loud “Thwack” noise. She saw and heard that,
and laughed, once again clapping her hand over her
mouth. With that she jumped off the bed, and ran out
of the room, pulling the door closed softly.

When I got up several hours later, I showered, shaved,
and dressed in dress pants and a short sleeve white
dress shirt. I joined everyone for breakfast. Billy
asked, “Going somewhere? You are all dressed up for

I answered, “Well, I thought if all of you were going
to Sunday service, I would like to join you.”

He replied, “Yes we are, and you are quite welcome to
join us.”

After Sunday service, we had dinner, and Billy and I
went to his office to work on a few more songs. Things
went well, and we finished two more songs. It was late
afternoon, when we heard a knock at the door. Billy
said to come in, and Miley entered, closing the door
behind him.

Miley addressed me, “Pops, daddy and I don’t have
anything that we keep from each other. I tell him
everything, and he always answers my questions
truthfully, even the hard ones like about sex. After
church, I told him and mom what I, I mean we did last

I did not say anything. I was wondering if jail and a
new husband named Bubba were in my future. Then I
realized that, last night, what I told Miley held true
for me also. My question then was would Miley and I
see each other again.

There was a long silence in the room. Miley kept
looking back and forth between me and her grim faced
silent father. With a smile, Billy laughed and then
spoke, “I thought I let you sweat a little. Leticia
and I heard Miley’s door close last night, so we
looked, and saw her slipping into your room. We also
heard her return early this morning. As I told you
yesterday, she is very uninhibited. Leticia and I
always knew that Miley would sooner or later, probably
sooner, choose a sexual partner. We were worried.
Would it be enjoyable for her? Would it be some boy
that was using her body for masturbating? Would he be
using her vagina to do it? Would he blab and ruin her
career? Would she catch a venereal disease? As it
turned out, we feel she made a wise choice. She told
us about it, not the details, just the basic parts,
and that she was the aggressor. Actually, Miley
molested you. Leticia and I decided that if both of
you want to, the relationship can continue.”

Miley had a look of surprise on her face, and
interjected, “Thank you daddy.”

Billy continued, “I am frequently in your city on
business, usually over the week end. The people I see
put me up in a luxury suite. I arrive on Friday
evening, and leave on Sunday after noon. What I was
thinking, was that Miley can come with me, and I’ll
smuggle her into your house. Do you have a garage, and
that we will be able to pull in if you left the door

I answered, “Yes, it holds two cars, and one side is

“Good, we can pull in, and Miley can slip into your
house unseen. We’ll call and let you know when to open
the door. When it’s time to leave, we can repeat the

I told them, “I would very much enjoy Miley’s visits.
I think she understands that this can only be a very
intimate friend ship, and I won’t feel hurt when she
ends it. Sooner or later, she will start dating boys,
and even though she may not get physical with them,
she won’t need me anymore.”

I was sitting, and Miley came over and sat on my lap,
put her arms around me, and her head on my shoulder.
She broke down, and started crying. I held her close
until she stopped. I finally asked, “Is there
something wrong?”

She said, “No, it was relief. I was not expecting what
daddy offered.”

Billy told us, “Miley, you know that your mother and I
love you very much, and that we are open minded. You
work very hard, and do very well at your home
schooling. We feel that we should help you through the
difficult times of growing up. We understand your
needs. Pops will make a kind and considerate lover,
teacher, and best friend.”

That sent Miley across the room and onto Billy’s lap.
She gave him a very tight hug, and a kiss on the lips.
I could not help noticing when she got up, that he had
a tent in his lap.

I left later that evening. I did not hear from any of
the Cyrus family, until about a month later, when
Billy made arrangements for Miley’s first visit. After
she arrived, and we were safely in the house, she
handed me an envelope, and told me it was from Billy.
I opened it and found a very generous check.

Miley informed me, “We sold all of the songs, and
that’s your share.”

I told her, “I have a special surprise for you.”


“Well,” I replied, “let’s get you settled in first. I
will give you a clue to think about. It is what a
fellow does for his lady to show that he really cares
about her, and that he is not just using her for his
own sexual gratification.”

She screwed up her face in a puzzled look as I led her
to the spare bedroom. I told her to unpack her small
suitcase that she had brought, and put her clothes
into the dresser and closet.

She asked, “Why the spare room, and what are you going
to do to me.”

I answered, “I am going to please your entire body.
The spare room is in case we have to let someone in.
We want things to look somewhat proper. Before we go
to sleep tonight, you will have to get in bed and toss
and turn a bit, so that it looks like you slept here.”

She puzzled, “Who would we have to let in?”

“I don’t know, and don’t expect anyone. I telephoned
the few people likely to stop by, and told them that I
was feeling a little under the weather, and needed to
rest quietly. Hopefully, that will do the trick.”

I liked how she said “We.”

I asked her to unpack and then strip. Afterwards, she
was to come into the bathroom naked, and see part of
what was in store for her. I went into the master
bedroom, and quickly stripped. I entered the bathroom,
put a plug in the bathtub, and turned on the water,
adjusting it for very warm. Next I dumped in a
generous amount of ‘Herbal Essence’ shampoo, to make a
bubble bath.

Miley entered when the tub was almost full, and
commented, “Well, I finally get to see you naked. Not
bad for an old geezer.”

I looked at her and said, “Likewise.”

She laughed and commented, “I hope that you didn’t
mean the old geezer part too.”

After I finished laughing, I handed her a shower cap
that my lady once used, and had her put it on, to keep
that luxurious hair dry. I had her slip into the tub
and told her to relax a minute. I went into the
kitchen, and poured her a small glass of very strong
sweet white wine. I went back into the bathroom, and
told her to sit up, handing her the wine. I instructed
her to sip it slowly, and grabbed a washcloth. I began
washing her back from her neck all the way down to her

When I had finished her back, she had finished the
wine, so I set the glass on the sink, where it would
not fall and break. She laid back and I washed her
arms and then her front, spending extra time on her
tits, pinching her nipples through the washcloth. As I
suspected, the warm water, and the very strong glass
of wine were getting to her. She let out a long moan
when I pinched.

I picked up her leg farther away from me and washed
her toes, foot, and leg, all the way down to her
nearly bald pussy. I stopped, without touching that
treasure, and washed up the other leg up to her toes.
I set the wash cloth aside and grabbed each toe in
turn and did the little piggy poem, ending up with
‘This little piggy went wee, wee, wee, all the way
home. I quickly walked my two fingers all the way up
her legs until I got to her pussy. She giggled until I
rubbed them up and down on her clit, and told her,
“Here she is, safe at home. ”

I continued, “Ok, now get up onto your hands and
knees, so that I can wash your lady parts.”

When she was arranged, I gazed down at that bare
bottom a moment, and pulled the plug to let the water
out. I gently washed her ass, poop hole and pussy. I
could not resist her rose bud. She had been moaning
continuously as I washer her lady parts, and when I
poked about two inches of finger up her ass and
wiggled it, her head snapped back, and she let out a
very loud “Ahh.”

I connected a hand held shower unit on the bathtub
faucet and told her to sit. I rinsed her off from top
to as far down as I could, and then had her stand, and
rinsed off the rest. When she got out of the tub, I
dried her with a large fluffy towel, and then had her
sit on the toilet, which was next to the tub. I pulled
the hand shower part off of the hose, and positioned
the hose end in the toilet, turning the water on and
adjusting it to warm.

She asked, “What are you going to do to me.”

There was a quiver of uncertainty in her voice.

I told her, “Trust me, you will like it.” I pushed the
slender rubber tube into her cunt, and thoroughly
washed it out. Next, I slipped it into her shit hole,
and told her to tell me when she was full. She did,
and I pulled it out. She let loose, and there was a
whoosh of water and a couple of loud plops as lumps of
shit came out. I looked up and saw that she was
blushing with embarrassment. I assured her that
everyone always had a few lumps ready to come out. I
repeated the process until she had been washed out six
times. Then I flushed the toilet. I filled her up one
more time and told her to let loose, and squeeze hard.
She did, and I looked between her legs, and saw the
bowl had no shit in it, not even little flakes. I put
the hose back and put my finger in her ass and wiggled
it to help her evacuate and remaining water.

She moaned and told me, “You were right. I did like
that. I had a little cum just now.”

“Well Miley, you are going to have a lot more cums,
and each one will get bigger. I am going to touch
parts of you that have nothing to do with your tits or
your lady parts, and much to your surprise, you will
cum for me.”

She got off the toilet, and I told her to bend over,
like she was only one year old and ready to have her
butt wiped. When she did, I gently dried her off. I
led her into the master bedroom, and laid a large soft
beach towel down on the middle of the bed and told her
to lay down face down. I told her I would be right
back, and went into bathroom, and got a small bottle
of baby oil that I had purchased for the occasion. I
warmed it in the microwave and returned to the

Miley had her eyes closed. She was relaxed from the
bath and the wine. I reached down to the floor beside
the bed and pulled out the “Oster Massager” that I had
already plugged in. She wasn’t aware that I had
returned. I drizzled the warm oil down her back. She
opened her eyes, a surprised look on her face. I
slipped my fingers into the springs on the massager.
Once I had the motor securely strapped to the back of
my hand, I turned it on high, and began to massage her
back and shoulders. I did her neck muscles and the
depressions behind her ears, and then the backs of her
arms. I slowly worked my way down her back, and gave
those gorgeous globes a long strong massage. Slowly, I
continued down her ass crack, arriving at her now
thoroughly clean poop hole. I allowed two of my
vibrating fingers to work their way inside. She moaned
in a small orgasm, and finally told me enough. I
continued my way down her legs, and began to massage
her feet.

She told me, “I’m cumming. I didn’t know that feet
were sex organs.”

When I finished her feet, I told her to flip over. I
worked my way up her legs, stopping just short of her
pussy. I shut the massager off, and she asked, “Are
you done? I hope not.”

I answered, “No, I have to switch hands, this one is
tired.” Since I was now massaging with my left hand, I
could kiss anywhere I wanted. I moved up to massage
her neck and shoulders, worked my way down to her arms
and fingers. As I massaged her hands, she moaned
again, in another small orgasm. I went back to her
chest, and massaged both breasts, pinching her nipples
between vibrating fingers. This time her moans got
very loud, and she gasped, “Yes, I’m cumming, and it’s
a big one.”

I replied, “They are only going to get bigger from
here on out.” I worked my hand down to her pussy, and
as I started to massage it, I leaned over and kissed
her. Kisses are most amazing and very passionate when
your lady is cumming. I did not want to stop kissing,
but after about five minutes or so, (I had peeked at
the clock before and after), I started teasing her
left nipple with tongue flicks, sucking, and little
nips. She finally grabbed my head and moved it to the
other one.

She had been moaning continuously as I worshipped her
breasts, but I finally pulled away.

She almost barked out a question, “Why did you stop?”

I spoke gently, “Both of my old hands are tired now.”
I took my hand out from between her legs, switched off
the Swedish massager, and set it to the corner of the
bed. I was going to need it later, when my hands
recovered. I moved down between her legs, and began to
lick from her asshole to her clit. That little peanut
had swelled up and didn’t look so small now. It was
poking out from its hood, and was almost as big as my
little finger, and almost an inch long. I was amazed.
I gently bit her lips and continued flicking her clit
with my tongue. I slipped my finger into her for a “G”
spot massage. Finally, I got a lip lock on her clit,
and began to suck in earnest.

She had been squirming and moaning, but when I started
the lip lock, she shouted, “Oh my god.” She wrapped
her lower legs around my head, and slammed her upper
legs together. Her hands went to the back of my head,
and she began pushing my head into her crotch, and
humping back in a fucking motion. Once again, I knew
that I was trapped at her tunnel of love until she was
satisfied. I continued to enjoy.

I think that my dick was the longest and hardest that
it had been in many years. My dick is relatively
small, probably below average. My wife measured it
after we first got married. She was holding it one
day, and said that she wondered how long it is. I told
her that her fist was three inches wide, so she
grabbed my cock with both fists pressed together, and
told me that the knob was still sticking out. I
suggested she use her index finger between the two
knuckles, as that is about an inch long. She finished
her measurements and concluded that it was seven
inches. She told me, “Well seven inches is kind of
small from what other wives told me about their
husbands 10″, 12″ and 14″ long ones, but this is big
enough for me, since when you push it all the way in
it hits my cervix.”

Finally, Miley went limp. I grabbed her legs, and
pushed them up to her shoulders. I slowly entered her.
She was very tight, and it took a while, but finally,
I felt the head bumping into the opening of her womb.
I moved up towards her shoulders, until my dick was
bent in an almost painful curve. I began sliding in
and out of her; it dragged over her clit, providing a
lot of stimulation. She was moaning continuously now,
and quite loud. I was glad we were alone, instead of
at her home.

I told her, “Cum for me. Prove you love me. Give me an
earth shattering cum.” That triggered what I believe
was a very big, and long cum. We continued fucking
through a series of what I think was six orgasms. She
finally went limp. I told her to put her legs down and
squeeze them together. Since I was still inside her,
with my dick still severely bent, I continued humping
away. She had another series of orgasms, and finally
passed out.

I got off of her, and rolled her over onto her tummy.
I grabbed a pillow, folded it in half, lifted her
bottom up, and put the pillow underneath her. Her
gorgeous ass was pointed up, and her legs parted. Her
poop hole was on display. I waited until she woke up.

She murmured, “Now I know why you washed all the poop
out. You’re going to fuck my ass hole.”

I said yes, and slipped the massager on my hand, and
turned it on. I had her raise up a little, and slipped
my hand underneath, and started massaging her pussy. I
oiled her hole, and slowly pushed my cock into her
tight little backside hole.

She told me, “I thought it would hurt, but it feels
very very good.”

With that I began slowly fucking her ass. She started
cumming almost immediately. With front and back
stimulation, she could not help it. I picked up speed,
until I was going like a jackhammer in and out of her
ass. As she began to scream in orgasm I told her, “I’m
cumming now Miley. Here is my proof of our love for
each other.”

She almost bucked me off, as I shot my load. I pulled
out my hand, shut off the massager, and put it aside.
I got off of her, and pulled the pillow out. After
rolling her over, and putting her legs together, and
arms by her side, I wrapped her up in the large soft
beach towel she had been laying on, so that she would
be warm and relax. I lay beside her, and we both went
to sleep.”

Miley paid a dozen more visits over the next year. She
got the same full body erotic massage each time. She
even tried deep throat on me, although she always
gagged. On her last visit, she told me that she was
allowed to start dating boys, and would not be
visiting me anymore. She had her doubts about having
sex with anyone else until she was a lot older, and
even at that, she doubted she would ever find anyone
to compare with me. I told her, you can teach him when
you find the right guy. I am sure Billy was glad about
how she felt.

I don’t hear from anyone in the Cyrus family anymore.
That chapter of our lives has closed. I haven’t felt
any regrets until recently. Was I a contributor or the
cause of her increasing wildness, because I fucked her
so much when she was so young, and might not have been
able to handle the emotional baggage? I just don’t
know. You decide.

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