Miley Cyrus decides to bear it all on the “That Metal Show” to the audience’s rapt approval

Eddie sat in his dressing room [more like a broom
closet] shaking his head. “How did we get talked into
this?!?” He thought to himself. “This is THAT METAL
SHOW for goodness’ sake! METAL.”

Eddie sighed and shook his head again…

The consummate professional, Eddie put on “nothing-
out-of-the-ordinary” face and said “Please welcome for
the first time on THAT METAL SHOW, Miley Cyrus!”

Eddie, Jim and Don rose as Miley emerged from behind
the curtain excitedly.

Miley waved happily at the audience as she passed
through it, the audience deathly silent, wondering
what the fuck a fuckin’ Country singer was doing on

Eddie kept his professional demeanor but on the inside
was losing it. “I don’t believe this! This show is
over, we’ve reached the lowest of the low here.”

Miley turned before reaching the guys and waved
excitedly to the audience. “WOO-HOO!!!” She exclaimed.

Turning back to the guys, she giddily shook Jim’s,
Don’s and finally Eddie’s hands. Jim and Don eyed
Miley’s body in the tight white type, short denim
skirt and cowboy boots as she shook Eddie’s hand.

All four sat down and Eddie said to Miley “Welcome to
the show.”

“Thanks for having me!” Miley replied excitedly.
Turning back to the audience, she stood up and
screamed “WOO-HOO!!!” as she pumped her fist in the
air. As she sat back down, Jim and Don ogled Miley’s
slim, smooth legs which were slightly open. Jim wished
a spotlight was shining up her skirt. Don wondered if
she’d gone commando.

“So Miley, tell us what you’ve been up to,” Eddie

Miley went on to talk about her latest album, the
tour, answering whatever questions the three guys
threw her way.

“So Miley, your body is so (bleep)in’ hot, how do you
stay in such great shape?” Jim finally asked.

“Thank you, Jim,” Miley gave him an extra-wide smile
then went on to go into detail her workout routine.

“Since no one else has seen it yet, how about world
premiering it for us here on THAT METAL SHOW?”

“Oh, no…” Eddie groaned to himself.

At the same time the audience roared its approval.

“Really?!?” Miley smiled.

“Sure,” Don and Jim said simultaneously.

“Wellll,” Miley began as she stood up, “I AM eighteen

Another cheer from the audience, even louder this

Miley began to slowly disrobe as the audience clapped
and hooted loudly.

No one noticed Eddie begin to lose it. “You have GOT
to be kidding me…”

Jim and Don were rubbing their erections [something
the all-male audience would be doing if they weren’t
too busy clapping] now as Miley’s tight young body
came into view. She was indeed pantiless as her brown-
haired pussy came into view. Her brown nipples were
already hard in excitement.

“WOO-HOO!!!” Miley screamed, pumping her fist up in
the air in the direction of the audience, making her
young titties shake.

When she turned back to the guys she was pleasantly
surprised to see Jim and Don with their cocks out and
jerking them. Eddie had his head in his hands, shaking
it. “This CAN’T be happening…”

“Oh, guys, I LOVE cock!” She gushed.

“Oh, really?” Jim said as he and Don rose and moved
towards Miley.

Miley dropped to her knees and grabbed both of the
cock, the audience going wild, many also with their
throbbing cocks out now as well.

Miley began to jerk Jim and Don off then leaned
forward and took Jim’s cock into her mouth, deep-
throating it. Several audience members were now
jerking off themselves. Eddie could see his life
flashing before his eyes as he sat their silently,
eyes closed, head down.

Miley switched to sucking Don’s cock as she jerked
Jim’s. Even Jennifer, watching from backstage, had her
hand down her tight leather pants, rubbing her clit

Miley looked up at Don as she let his aching cock slip
from her mouth. “Fuck me from behind,” She hissed.

Married Don grinned evilly as he maneuvered himself
behind Miley, pulling her body into a bent over
position and rammed his cock into her as she started
sucking Jim once more.

Pretty much everyone in the audience as did the TMS
crew had their cocks out now and jerked off madly.

Don jack-hammered in and out of Miley’s young pussy as
she deep-throated Jim, her body wracked by several
orgasms at the same time.

Jim groaned. “(bleep), I’m gonna cum…”

“Cum on my face! Cum on my face!” Miley gasped as she
pulled her mouth off of his pulsing cock. “I
(bleep)in’ LOVE cum!!!”

The audience roared and cheered as Jim whipped out his
cock and jerked it rapidly. Soon he deposited a
massive load all over Miley’s face.

When he finished cumming, Miley swallowed his cock
again with a moan, Jim’s jizz oozing slowly down her

Don kept at Miley’s hot little pussy for another
fifteen minutes. Finally he pulled out and plastered
Miley hot butt with his load as well. Exhausted, Don
went back to his chair and collapsed.

Looking up at Jim, Miley let his cock slip from her
mouth. “(bleep) my (bleep)!” Jim grinned and slid up
behind her and slammed his engorged member into her

Audience members began to come down and surround
Miley. Soon jacking cocks began to spew massive loads
all over Miley’s young body.

Miley shrieked and squealed. “I LOVE LOVE LOVE

Soon every audience member had spewed at least two
loads of hot jizz on Miley Cyrus as did Jim for the
second time himself, Miley squealing in utter


During the segment Stump The Trunk, Jim said “Eddie, I
don’t know how this one got in here.”

“Oh, no,” Eddie thought, shaking his head. Certain
audience members laughed and chuckled.

“This one’s from your wife,” Jim said, reading one of
the cards in his hand. “She asked ‘Are you (bleep)
gay?!? You had a chance at some hot, young pussy and
just sat there like an ass?!?”

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