Rose Byrne – The Tourist

I should have known it would end this way. Things here in Sydney, Australia were just too perfect.

First I go out and close the major deal my company sent me out here for. Then one of my Australian counterparts offers me a spare pass for a movie premiere held here tonight. What’s more, it’s for a movie I already saw in the States a month ago – but I didn’t need to tell him that.

So of course, my luck has to end with me walking on the road at just the wrong time. The right time for me to get knocked on my ass by a limo.

It couldn’t have been going that fast, which is how I survived – and how only my hip and right side really hurts. If my head wasn’t in the clouds, I would have avoided this easily. But here we are. And here I was trying to roll myself off the road.

“Jesus Christ!” I heard. But the voice was too feminine, too Australian and too lovely to be mine. And I certainly wasn’t the one helping myself to my feet.

“Come on, let’s get you inside,” the voice told me. I was being led towards the limo, and somehow I moved my legs enough to keep up, before being put onto the backseat.

“Do you have enough room to lie down?” the voice asked, as I laid down to find an answer.

“I’m fine,” I muttered, now comfortable enough to look at my surroundings. But looking at the nice limo interior wouldn’t be enough.

I saw the owner of the voice sitting at the far left besides me. It belonged to a very beautiful, albeit very concerned, woman with long brown hair and a somewhat familiar face.

“We should get you to the hospital, right?” the woman asked.

“No, no….” I shrugged off. “I’ve got plans….”

“So do I, but I’ve got some time. I’ve been on good behavior all this time, so they can sod off if I’m late for one premiere,” the woman said rather suspiciously.

“Premiere? I’m going to one of those,” I frowned. “Do you know about a movie called Bridesmaids?”

“Are you joking?” the woman suddenly turned deadpan.

“Not as much as those women do,” I actually did try to joke, but not enough to make myself laugh. “Do you know them? Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy….oh, Jon Hamm’s there too! Or is that a spoiler?” I then remembered, “Wait, there’s an Aussie there too! She’s playing American, but she’s still one of you!”

“Oh yeah, her,” the woman said with suspicious distain.

“Right….her name’s Rose….” I started to say. Then I started thinking of the actress in question, compared it to the woman in front of me – and felt run over all over again.

“Are you fucking joking?” I echoed with more color.

“I don’t have to be on for the crowds quite yet,” Rose Byrne told me. Fucking Rose Byrne told me….

“Okay, now I need to go to the hospital,” I conceded as the limo took off. “Just drop me off and I’ll find a wheelchair.”

“Are you mad? I’m at least making sure you get in the building,” she replied. “After that….oh, hell. So much for a brief nap before show time. At least in my own room.”

“It’s all right, really,” I tried to sound nicer. “I just feel sore. Don’t know if they’ll check long enough for me to miss your premiere. So maybe the hospital isn’t the way to go.”

“Are you seriously going there?” Rose double checked, so I took out my new pass for confirmation.

“Just found out an hour ago,” I told her, explaining the rest – including my name – after that.

“God….even Kristin and Annie couldn’t write this up,” Rose exclaimed. “All right, okay….I’ll take you there and stay as long as I can. If you’re still planning on going, I’ll make sure they let you in. Even if you’re late.”

“Sounds fair,” I conceded, lying down to try and get my head back on straight – from the pain and the company.

“You just got knocked on your ass by a limo. Are you really going to hope they rush you along? Just to see a movie?” Rose asked.

“Well, I liked it enough the first time,” I admitted. “I can promise not to spoil it for the whole country, though.” Rose seemed to bite back a laugh, so I continued, “I haven’t seen X-Men yet, though. American, Australia and me still have that in common, don’t worry.”

“Good, that’s one problem down,” Rose said.

“They’ve seen a lot more big premieres than me, though,” I went on. “I didn’t think I’d see my first one till today. It’d suck if I was right after all.”

“Well, we’re on the same page there,” Rose gave her support. I smiled, the pain more manageable for the moment.

When we got to the hospital, Rose stayed by my side as I got myself inside. It was fairly crowded, and I doubted she could play the celebrity card too much to move me up the list – even the hometown celebrity card. Nevertheless, she sat by my side and talked to me as long as she could, before she really had to go and get ready for the premiere – again promising that I could get in at any time.

They made room to see me about 10 minutes later. For all the waiting and star company, all I could get was an x-ray and some pills. I’d have to get a more thorough examination from my stateside doctors when I got home, but I was okay to go on my own.

I just had to take it easy – which didn’t help me hurry up, get back to my hotel, get dressed up and find my way to the premiere. As I expected by then, the red carpet was empty, Rose and all the stars were inside, and the movie had already started. If I hadn’t seen it before, I would be much more upset.

At least I remembered all the funny parts in the second half, so I could keep myself from laughing too hard. But I got more of a jolt when it was over and Rose managed to find me.

“You made it!” she said in relief as we left the theater. I smiled at her concern, the fact I did make it – and at the gorgeous red dress, with a v-neck at the top and bottom, that she was in now.

“Making it at the halfway point does count,” I stated. Rose took a while to find an appropriate response.

“The halfway point of the movie, maybe. The whole night’s still got an act or two left.” And that’s how I got into my first movie premiere after party.

Rose helped me make my way around, introduced me to the likes of Kristin Wiig, and stated that the lengths I took to see the movie – one I’d already seen – was damn good publicity. It obviously didn’t need much more of that in America by now, though. Still, letting other countries laugh at me might not be so bad.

As far as I could tell, Rose wasn’t laughing at me, although she was laughing. If I had a clearer head, I could take that as a very good sign. I could even start to wonder if there might be better signs before long.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in peak physical condition for ‘signs.’ Once this caught up to me tomorrow, I’d probably be in bed all day. Luckily I had already arranged to stay an extra day for sightseeing – which seemed useless now.

But even this bad luck turned good again.

Rose told me she was staying an extra day too, to enjoy herself at home again and get some down time before the X-Men premieres hit full swing. She also told me she was staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in the meantime. She also suggested that I might be able to have a more full night out tomorrow.

When I got myself to my hotel, slept in for hours and took my pills on the hour, I attempted to do just that.


I was able to move around much better by the time I arrived at Rose’s hotel that night. I got myself to the dining area, as Rose instructed, without much of a limp.

I almost had a….different physical problem when Rose came down, wearing a stunning black dress that was more worthy for the red carpet than dinner with me. But in my condition, I couldn’t complain much.

When we were halfway full, I dared to ask, “How was your day off back home? Better than my extra day here, I’ll bet. At least so far.”

“Necessary,” Rose answered. “I already needed it to get my head on straight. Using it to forget about running someone over helped too.” Thankfully, she was clearly joking about the second part.

“Yet here I am, ruining all your progress,” I shot back.

“Here you are,” she repeated. “Could be worse. You could not be here. What a way to ruin my break out summer, eh?”

“I get that,” I said. I wanted to carry on with another joke, but I slipped into saying, “I would have liked to see more sights today, though. See more of the country that made you who you are.”

“It did a fair job, all things considered,” Rose credited. “It’s nice to take a step back and remember that. Hopefully it’ll keep me grounded in a post Bridesmaids/X-Men world.”

“I don’t have a world that big waiting for me back home,” I admitted. “But it’s bigger than any I’ve had so far. Even the downsides have an upside. Case in point,” I gestured to Rose. “Even getting hit by a limo works out for me. Like I….hope it’s working out for you. At least now.”

“It’s getting there,” Rose smiled. “As long as you’re in the right state to enjoy it too.”

“I’m getting there. Can’t move around quite as much as I’d like, though,” I yielded. “It makes me need to relax more…..maybe that’s not so bad, either. Not for something like this.”

Rose nodded and added, “After weeks of premieres and junkets, with weeks more to come….there’s something to be said for relaxing. For something more….intimate. Especially when time is of the essence.”

That didn’t mean what I thought it might. Then again, that might mean it did. If so….

“Did you relax in your room before you came down here? Or were you just out all day?” I dared to ask. “You shouldn’t keep yourself up and about on my account. Especially if you have a flight in the morning.”

“I should probably say the same thing to you,” Rose countered. “You still okay with sitting up?”

“I might need a new chair. Or some other place to sit on,” I responded.

“I have places like that upstairs,” Rose offered.

“Well, if you’re still that guilty….I suppose I should help you get over me,” I managed to joke. I wasn’t laughing on the inside, though.

If Rose was, it didn’t show as we finished dinner and went to the elevator. It didn’t show as we went down the hall of her hotel room floor – or when we crossed the threshold into her room. Whatever she had, she kept inside, even if I wasn’t.

Either way, we didn’t speak as I sat down on her couch. I had to admit, it was a nice place to relax, especially when Rose joined me with two glasses of wine. I took one and drank it down, with Rose following suit and sitting close to me.

“I basically did this all day on a bed. Only without company or wine,” I noted. “There’s….a clear difference here.”

“I’ve traveled the world for weeks,” Rose compared. “But there’s no place like home. Even in a strange room with a strange man. But strange isn’t all bad.”

“It can be when you’re not healthy enough to be….actively strange. Not as active as I want to be,” I tried to be clever. But I impatiently clarified, “I don’t know if being too physical would hurt me.”

“We can still be physical without being….too physical,” Rose cryptically offered.

I thought it over, mainly in terms of how getting too hot and heavy would make me even sorer. But if I had it right, she wasn’t offering that kind of….heaviness. And there were other, slower kinds. Kinds you could take your time with and not exhaust yourself on.

I looked on my right, rewarded with the sight of Rose settling besides me. She was all but laying on her side, accentuating the luscious curve of her hip, the delicious bare legs below, the rest of her sultry dress above, and the teasing smile and seductive, half-lidded brown eyes above that.

That was indeed a sight worth taking one’s time on.

I started by putting my head down to brush Rose’s lips. She kept it going by pressing them harder against mine. We got on the same pace soon enough, though I upped the ante when my tongue got involved.

However, most of our bodies stayed where they were. I did put my hand on her hip and slide it down to the top of her bare leg, as Rose laid a hand on the back of my head. Eventually, I slipped and laid my back down on the couch, with Rose keeping up by getting on top of me.

I groaned as she settled on me, feeling the urge to press up against her. Still, I doubted I should strain myself too quickly. But like Rose hinted at, it didn’t mean I couldn’t do anything.

What I did was bring my head down to her neck, as my hands rested on her waist. I buried myself in the sleek curve below her head, drawing a soft, arousing groan as I started kissing the surface. She moaned longer while my hands explored her body, occasionally reaching her hips.

Eventually, I had to grasp behind her hips, groaning myself at her full, firm ass. Rose let out a long breath, then took mine away when she brought my head back up for another kiss. Our tongues went faster this time, with Rose sliding hers into my mouth as I started pulling her dress up.

She pulled back just as I exposed her panties into full view. They were pink with yellow trim, covering a fair part of her ass, but still showing off its pert shape. As sexy as it was, however, it wasn’t all I needed to see.

I kept my right hand on her ass, while bringing the left over to take down Rose’s left dress strap. However, I soon realized I would have to sit up, so Rose followed my lead. Once I was up, I brought the bottom of Rose’s dress back up and took the top of it down, holding her ass with one hand and putting the other on her exposed chest.

As I toyed with her nipples and her panties, Rose brought her hands down to the bottom of my shirt. Seeing we were somewhat imbalanced, I helped her lift my shirt up and off. There was a mark or two on my sides from yesterday, but Rose kept her hands on my upper chest.

Mine changed course, as my left went to the center of her panties and my right went to her perky right breasts. The perky left one got into my mouth, in my attempt to service her chest and pussy at once. My left finger could only brush and rub the front of her panties, yet my right ones and my mouth had more luck with her bare nipples.

I lathered up her left nipple, getting the first low “Fuck” from her. I got a louder one when I pulled back and blew on it, before going over to suckle her right breast. My hands stayed and tweaked where they were, getting Rose to grind on me and give my own nipples some attention.

While I still could, I noticed how Rose’s gorgeous dress was all bunched together around her waist. It seemed a shame to do that to it. “Maybe you need more room to breathe,” I offered, gesturing to her dress.

“Oh, of course. You too, maybe,” she countered. So as she got on her feet to get her dress completely off, I got more comfortable by sliding my pants off. Now we were both left in nothing but our undergarments.

Rose had me beat standing in hers, though. Her tall, leggy curves and perfect face made my underwear even more constricting. But instead of fixing that right away, I got up and led her back to the couch, making sure she sat down before I kneeled down between her legs.

Once I put my hands on her underwear, she lifted her hips up so I could start sliding them down. The minute her pussy was exposed, I dove right in. I slid them down an inch at a time while my tongue licked up and down an inch at a time.

“Ooh….oh, all right then,” Rose sighed, getting louder as my face dove deeper between her legs. After her panties came off her legs, my hands slowly went up both of them, almost teasingly so. My tongue was faster to balance it out.

“God yes….fucking….oh, come on,” Rose urged. I eagerly obeyed, bringing my hands right to her center for extra help. After a deep lick, I pulled my head back and let my left index finger work her over, then pulled out suddenly before my right one went in.

My mouth returned to the mix, licking Rose while my right finger stroked her. As for my left hand, it went up her body and landed on her chest, fondling it along as well. The pinching, licking and stroking made Rose breathe heavier, grab onto the back of my head and hold her own right breast while I grasped her left.

I built her up by burrowing my tongue into her, replacing it with my finger, then working both units at once. When she got as loud as I thought she could, I stopped and backed away.

“What the bloody….” Rose started. “That wasn’t too much for you, was it?” I didn’t answer. She sighed and conceded, “Fine….I guess I have to keep myself busy till you’re ready…..”

I stayed still as Rose put her hand between her legs, keeping herself revved up. I let her go on without any comment or correction, or indication of when I’d be “ready” to go again.

I counted on it being all the more surprising – and climactic – when I went back down without warning.

Around 10 seconds after I started again, I was proven right.

Rose kept her hand on herself, aiding the last leg of the way. As such, I had to lick her center and her finger clean when all was said and done.

Afterwards, Rose slumped and laid her back on the couch for a moment. “Oh, you are a….” she didn’t finish. She just got her breath back and settled on, “I need a bigger place to lie down.”

She didn’t need to make it clearer than that.

I helped Rose get on her feet, then she pointed to the bedroom door. We went towards it and Rose opened up, heading right for the bed. I didn’t mind following her in all her naked, freshly tongue/finger fucked glory, to put it mildly.

She put herself on the bed, lying spread eagle and stretching out, her strength coming back to her. I merely stood around, not sure what I would need to do next, despite having a few ideas. Finally, Rose looked over at me again, rolled over and laid on her side, looking straight ahead at me.

Or rather, the constrained part of me in front of her face.

Between what just happened, the irresistible pose she was in and the irresistible look on her face, it was a wonder I was still hiding it. Or that it hadn’t stained its prison.

It got harder to believe when Rose reached out for my underwear. She brought the front of it down, grazing my erection along the way. I walked closer in time for Rose to lean in and capture me with her lips.

Those lips kissed my tip, parted to let her tongue work it over, and then slid halfway down my cock. After a suckle or two, they came off just as quickly. Before I could recover, she got up and sat straight up on the bed.

I was just about to ask questions, until her right hand went on my shaft and her left one pulled my head down towards her – answering pretty much everything.

Despite having her mouth on my cock seconds ago, Rose’s slow, deep kisses were incredible. I hoped mine were too, considering what my mouth was full of a minute ago. In any case, she slowly jacked me off for added insurance.

She broke the kiss slowly, mercifully letting me catch my breath – albeit while not stopping her handiwork below. Her face and smile were right in front of me, which barely helped me breathe any better.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” I let escape, her talented hand and bottomless eyes keeping me from censoring myself.

“How sweet of you,” Rose credited, pecking me a few times before using a full fledged kiss. She then went down and used the same technique on my cock.

That wasn’t enough for her, as she sucked more and more of me down. Her tongue curled around my head, causing me to moan and put my head back. When it came back down, I saw Rose pull back and gaze up with immense satisfaction. She kept looking up when she sucked my head down a few extra times, before getting up and sitting on the bed again.

It was my turn to bend down and kiss her mouth, with her hand taking its place on my cock. Despite everything, I attacked her mouth with more vigor, my own hand going onto the back of her head. I felt nearly ready to put her on the bed and put my cock in another tight surface of hers.

If my mouth wasn’t so full with her own mouth, and if her hand wasn’t so fast, I might have gotten away in time to start that.

Instead, I only felt and foresaw what was cumming when it was too late.

I pulled my mouth away from hers, barely getting a word out before I started shooting off. The first batch landed on my chest, as both me and Rose watched with our mouths open. Realizing that wasn’t ideal right now, Rose let a second shot land under my chin before pointing my cock away from me.

The rest of it landed on her chest and stomach, but we both had our marks already. When I was dry, we took stock of how the other was….dripping in different areas. I had a strand going down my chest, with my lower chin still wet as well.

I imagined the mutual sight was something out of an even heavier R-rated Judd Apatow comedy. If Rose pitched this to him and Kristin Wiig for a Bridesmaid sequel or knockoff, I would have to call my lawyer. But for now, I was just gobsmacked.

“Well…..there we are, then,” Rose commented. If any of us said any more, we’d either be embarrassed or feel like laughing hysterically. Either way, we’d probably be better off dry.

I went to the bathroom, getting out the first roll of toilet paper I could find, although it obviously wasn’t mine to take. But it would have to do as me and Rose took enough to wipe ourselves off. When that was done, we were left with the question of how to go on.

We still hadn’t gotten to the main event yet, and she would likely be ready a lot faster than me now. So we’d have to wait around for several minutes, it would seem.

Or we could do more than wait around.

I laid down with Rose at the center of the bed, pondering how to get us started again. Since Rose had a few minutes to recover, perhaps getting her….started up again was okay. I tested the water by putting my hand on her upper leg, ghosting over it slowly and steadily going up.

Rose put her hand on my chest, leading me to slide a finger up and down her lower lips in return. That was enough for several moments, until I got myself on top of her. I took in the sight of her laid out on the bed, before I went back to work on her chest.

She arched her hips up against me, hurrying my recovery along. I focused on hers, however, kissing my way down her body. Paying her back, I dipped down for one long lick between her legs, then left it alone to kiss up her stomach.

“Oh, that’s the game I started, then,” Rose groaned.

“Well, I’m too sore to do much playing,” I attempted to tease. Yet when Rose got me onto my back, she went to another level beyond that. Or she was about to.

“My limo did a number on you, huh?” Rose asked, as if she hadn’t a bunch of times already. Albeit not like this, of course. “Does it still hurt here?” she asked before kissing the center of my chest.

“You know it didn’t get me there,” I didn’t play along.

“Right, here then,” Rose poked me on my right side – although it hurt more than a regular poke.

“Okay, okay, you didn’t have to get it right the second time!” I argued, then settled down. “Or is this a ‘kiss it and make it better’ kind of thing?”

“No, kisses are only that magical in the movies,” Rose reminded. Nevertheless, she kissed my side more gently several times – then poked it again. Once I finished grimacing, she continued, “And that’s why we’re not fucking each other’s brains out, right?”

“Just the first reason,” I excused.

“If you can’t fuck through pain, then go easier on your attacker. That it?” Rose asked. “Make her go easy on you too?” she went on, before kissing up and down my stomach. “That any easier?”

My cock was just starting to answer for me.

“So this is easy for you. Lying around and healing,” Rose taunted, her left hand going down my body as her right went up. “The pain’s just torture, but this….” she finished by putting her lips on my nipple as her hand grasped my shaft, in a familiar move.

“There are different levels of torture,” I admitted.

“And different ways to cope,” Rose followed up. “For things like a vacation, or a trip back home, or a work overload, or getting hit by a limo….you need ways to help you unwind. Even if you’re not that active. Even if it’s just for a little while.”

If the message wasn’t clear by then, it was when Rose rose up, put her hips over mine and started dropping down on my revived staff.

“Oh….” I moaned, both pleased and annoyed I couldn’t go all out right now. At least until I saw Rose sit down, towering over me like a goddess.

“I see the appeal,” I admitted in more ways than one.

Rose responded by carefully riding me for a few moments. She got a little faster when I reached up to cup her breasts. After playing around with them, pulling the rest of her down on top of me and holding onto her ass, she went quicker.

But after flipping her onto her back again, it was my turn.

Now that I was controlling the pace, I had to plan it out – as much as I could while inside Rose Byrne. I did want to ease into it, moving my hips slowly and lying my face down into her neck. I got the idea to kiss her hotly and deeply while pumping her slowly – so that bought time, some welcome groans and humping below me.

I took a breath and started going at a more regular, faster pace. I kissed up to Rose’s lips to assure her, then she started kissing back and meeting my thrusts in return. Letting out some pent up speed, I drove deeper into her and she held onto me – though she eventually held my hips too hard.

I didn’t groan out of pleasure that time, forcing me to stop and lie onto Rose. I felt an inner pain from breathing too heavy, so there was that to contain as well. I should have gotten off of Rose by then, but I was trying to keep still and salvage things. In any case, Rose didn’t try to get me off or tell me to get off.

After I felt better, she got back to work getting me off.

She helped sooth me by kissing and lightly nibbling my ear for starters. In the middle, she pecked my lips and snuck her tongue in for a brief moment. For the finish, she reached down between us and rubbed herself, making herself tighten on me. When I got going again, she even tried to brush my cock when it briefly came out.

We were back at a languid pace, but that had worked well so far. It worked really well when Rose got back to kissing me, and when I went between us to help her along. I leaned on my right elbow and rested my hand on her head, nibbling on her ear to make us even.

“That good?” I whispered into her ear.

“Mmmhmm,” Rose groaned beautifully. My left hand went back on her nipple and she added, “Yeah, that too….”

And so it went for several minutes. I tried to drive Rose close by kissing her, rubbing her, and adding a deep, sudden thrust every so often. Rose tightened on me, reached down for my ass instead of my hips, and tried to brush my balls when she could.

It would have been enough for me to just lie against her neck, listen to her, feel her and watch her face reflect her pleasure. But I had to add a few extra things for her, of course. My next gig was to kiss her extra hard and quick, breaking apart only when I had to breathe.

Rose exhaled, chuckling and then moaning as I drove in deeper. She leaned up to peck me, then dipped her tongue in my mouth oh so briefly again. I saw the playful, sultry twinkle in her deep brown eyes, distracting me while she started kissing me, but I did catch up.

“If this is you holding back….” she credited somehow.

“If only,” I felt safe to brag, whether it was warranted or not. I did hold back saying that we’ll never know anyway.

“Well, if you don’t mind….” she started to ask. But instead of clarifying the question, she wiggled herself off my cock. Getting the idea – at least half of it – I rolled off her and waited for her next move.

A move that apparently put her on all fours.

Not such a bad move, really. It would be so easy and mouth watering to finish this behind her – but once again, I felt I owed her a little more.

I got on my feet behind Rose, but didn’t insert myself behind her. Instead, I bent down and let my tongue warm her up again. I pressed my face against her, holding her firm ass still and wiggling my tongue and lips against her own.

I heard Rose’s heavy breathing, fueling me on to lube her up. When I felt she had enough, I stood up straight and lined myself back into her. I wasn’t sure how fast I should let myself go, yet I built a fair pace as I felt her tighten and watched her jiggle.

Before long, the jiggling was building up, with Rose arching herself against me. It seemed she was trying to take over, just in case I got sore again. She was certainly doing a good job, so I placed my hand below and worked her right back with my hand.

“Uh huh….fuck me, yeah,” Rose called. I watched her fuck me in equal measure, despite knowing that watching it too much would end me. In any case, I didn’t quite want to end it like this.

I pulled out suddenly, bent down and licked her clean again, then got her off all fours and on her back one last time. I parted Rose’s legs and stepped back between them, fucking her while standing up and watching her pleased reaction.

Rose wrapped her slender legs around my waist, which made me hiss a bit. However, I stopped her from letting go, deciding to risk it if it meant watching this. I did fuck her slower, although my fingers weren’t as patient.

Both my hands worked on her pussy, which hopefully cancelled out my slow pumping cock. After a while, I put my hands on her legs and pumped her hard and fast, until Rose’s legs gripped me too hard. But I still slowed down and let my hands do much of the work after that, keeping her right on the edge.

Once Rose stopped worrying about me, she focused on the pleasure – and I focused on her being overcome by it. She laid her head back, squeezing her eyes shut every few moments, trying to watch me in between.

“Oh, fuck me, make me cum,” Rose pleaded. “Make me cum on you….make me cum….”

That perfect plea was the perfect trigger.

With my hand and my cock pumping her at breakneck speed, I tried to get her off before I hurt too much. It was a close call, but I finally felt her go off in time.

I bent over and held my sides, thankful somewhat that this was keeping me from cumming. But when Rose was done, I had to lay back in bed. At this rate, I’d need to leave soon just to fit in another doctor’s visit before my flight – though I couldn’t give him a full disclosure.

I closed my eyes, feeling Rose’s hand on my stomach, yet she didn’t say anything. I took a few more breaths, recovering from the pain and the pleasure, but I eventually felt normal again. When I looked normal, I felt Rose move her hand lower.

I still had some cum left on me, which Rose used as lube for her hand. I opened my eyes anew and saw her lying next to me, flushed and satisfied. Now it was my turn.

“No more suffering for my sake, okay?” Rose requested. “Probably a fitting way to end, I know. But let’s try to be different this time.”

Like before, Rose expertly worked me with her hand. Like before, she went down and topped herself with her mouth. Like before, her tongue, hand, lips and eyes kept me from holding back.

Unlike before, Rose stayed down there. Unlike before, she slid her tongue over my head, hummed and pushed me over. Unlike before, my release didn’t get on any part of my body.

After it went down one part of Rose’s body, the rest of her came back up and settled next to me.

“Best ending ever,” I muttered. Fitting for the best vacation ever, though I kept that to myself. Since I got to share some final kisses with Rose before I really needed to sleep, it was the right call.

I certainly didn’t say I should get hit by limos on vacation more often. Even if I was really knocked on my ass more in this room.

It certainly gave me less to complain about on the long ride home – especially when I watched Troy with fresh eyes on my laptop.

Even the visit to my American doctor was worth it, despite how his medicine for my sore body….didn’t compare to the kind I got in Australia.