Alexandra Daddario – Nude Scene Coach

She told me she was an actress. If she hadn’t, I probably would have said she should be, as a pickup line. I would have used any line I could have on this beauty, though.

It was ironic that I couldn’t take my eyes off her when I saw her at the bar, yet she was the one who had the stones to approach me for a drink — instead of slapping me for ogling. Then again, I imagine she had a lot of practice dealing with ogling men, whether she really was an actress or not.

Her blue coat, white sweater and pink skirt only hinted at what had to be…..a substantial amount of goodies. But the obviously large tits, sharp curves and long, silky legs on her were just the start. Long brunette hair, eye popping lips, and perhaps the most gorgeous big blue eyes I’d ever seen were the finish.

Was this Alison Brie? I knew her blue eyes and big tits pretty well, but Community wasn’t filming in Louisiana – right? Of course not, since it hadn’t even been renewed yet. Who the hell else was it? I was forgetful about things outside of pop culture, but there’s no way I’d forget seeing a woman like this on screen.

When I actually listened to her and stopped looking her over, she said her name was Alexandria Daddario. I certainly would have remembered a mouthful of a name like that. Mouthful….wrong choice of words here.

She ultimately cleared up that she was from the “Percy Jackson” young adult movies, did guest stints on “White Collar” and “Parenthood” and was in “Hall Pass” and the last Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot.

Perfect – the one time I meet an incredibly gorgeous celebrity, and she’s in stuff I’ve never seen. Don’t that beat all?

I could have searched for her on my phone, to make sure she was telling the truth. However, that would have required taking my eyes off her. A few more glances at her eyes and I knew that wasn’t happening.

At the least, Alexandra added more enticing details to her story. She said she was here in Louisiana to film guest spots on HBO’s next TV series “True Detective” with Matthew McConaughy and Woody Harrelson.

If I didn’t know that was really filming nearby, I might have nitpicked, given how HBO hadn’t been that big outside of fantasy lately – and McConaughy’s movie career had seemed too legitimate again for him to do TV.

But I chose to believe Alexandra. And I chose to believe her when she said she was filming a big scene tomorrow – one she was very nervous to do. In fact, she said she needed help rehearsing it, and wondered if I wasn’t too busy.

Stranger danger and countless porno/fanfic setups should have told me this was too good to be true. Plus she could actually be an actress who just wanted to read scenes, and nothing else. Even so, asking a stranger instead of a professional actor to ‘read scenes’ with her should have raised some red flags.

However, I was ruled by other ‘raised’ parts of me at the moment. I mean….she asked nice enough, she sounded sweet and smiled a lot, she wasn’t playing the part of a spoiled, bratty actress, and….well, you try saying no to that face and that sweater!

Instead of trying, I followed her out of the bar, trying to ignore the sway of her hips — if only for a few seconds at a time. Alexandra took me to what looked like a rental car in the parking lot, which could have poked a few holes in her claim to fame. Still, she jumped ahead and said she wasn’t that big yet – although this scene she wanted to show me might change that.

Now legitimately curious, I got in the car and let Alexandra drive me away. She said her hotel was about a half hour away, which made me think I’d crumble under the anticipation – or just have nothing to say and make her rethink the whole thing.

Yet Alexandra kept things light during the ride, in spite of how nervous she claimed to be about this. But she backed up her earlier claims with brief stories about meeting McConaughy and Harrelson – the latter of which was doing this big scene with her. I asked if I had to impersonate him, and my halfway decent efforts to try got her to laugh.

If she was pretending to be an actress, at least she was being a nice and sweet one. But once we were both relaxed and her eyes were on the road, I finally took my phone out to check. I said I was checking the time, but I accessed Google to check other things instead.

That’s when I knew she wasn’t lying. That’s when I saw her IMDB resume. That’s when I saw a photoshoot she did for Cosmo. That’s when I really couldn’t look at her for the rest of the ride – not while I had to put my hands on my pants, anyway. That’s when I felt more nervous than horny.

I was kind of composed enough by the time we arrived at the hotel, though. I let Alexandra lead me inside, to the elevator and to her room. There, she told me to sit down on the couch – which for some reason, had a table and a lamp placed right behind it.

I sat in the middle of the couch as instructed, with the lamp right behind me. Alexandra took off her coat and then went over to her bedroom, which briefly got my hopes up. It was better than still being confused and kind of nervous, at least – as long as I stayed under control.

Being here with a celebrity – albeit an obscure one – and one who happened to be insanely beautiful, might make that a problem.

However, this wasn’t a porno or a smut fic. Otherwise, Alexandra would have emerged completely naked, or at least topless. Instead, she came back in holding a red jewelry box and a script. So that part of her story was true after all – I hadn’t seen “True Detective” on her IMDB page, so I still had some doubts there.

“Do I need to look at that?” I pointed to the script in her hand. “Does Woody have lines in this?”

“A few, but we don’t need them for this,” Alexandra told me. “I’ll be doing the talking, you just have to react. I need to be comfortable with people reacting to this. That’s why we’re here.”

“Okay….you’re the actress,” I conceded. Alexandra looked over the script a while longer, then put it down. The red box was still in her hands, though.

“All right. I think I’m ready,” Alexandra said. “Once I start, I’m gonna need to go all the way. So no matter what, just roll with it. I promise I’ll clear everything up when I’m done.”

“Oh….” I got more curious and puzzled. “So that means I don’t get to know what the scene’s about yet?”

“You’ll figure it out as we go along,” Alexandra promised. “Like I said, please try to go with it. I’m sure you will by the end, but….bare with me first.”

“I can try,” I promised, deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Alexandra put the jewelry box down on the table in front of the couch, then wandered over to the kitchen. I wasn’t sure if she was starting the scene yet, but I watched quietly, just in case. Soon enough, she came back with two glasses of ice in one hand, and a whiskey bottle in another.

I wasn’t sure if she was really offering me one before we got started, or if we were starting. But when she turned around and bent down in front of me, her pink skirt and the heart shaped behind it framed was right in my face. At that point, whiskey wasn’t a primary concern.

“Don’t move a muscle,” I heard Alexandra say as she poured the whiskey, snapping my focus from her ass.

“Oh, sorry,” I muttered, forgetting I didn’t have lines in this….whatever it was. She briefly looked back at me, then turned her head again – with her ass still wiggling and tempting me.

I took one more good look at it, but then Alexandra stood straight again and said, “Stop.” I was about to apologize, but she turned around and actually had a smile on her stunning face – looking more playful than upset.

Even before she leaned down and put her hands on my chest, pinning me against the couch.

“You’re very naughty,” she said. I supposed the boner I got from those seductive words was proof. Was this some kind of weird, sexy Method acting?

There was no method to how she sat on my lap and boner, though. Not the DeNiro, Day-Lewis kind of method, anyway.

I was actually going to be dumb enough to ask questions, until Alexandra reached for that mysterious red box. Then she opened it and the mystery was solved – only for more to pop up when I saw her pull out a long pair of handcuffs.

“You have the right to remain silent,” Alexandra told me. That was not going to be a problem. For the part of my brain that wasn’t rational, at least – and that son of a bitch had my rational side in a lockdown. I did raise an eyebrow when she put the cuffs on my right wrist, though.

“Anything you say can be held against you in a court of law,” Alexandra continued, as if she wasn’t…..fuck. “You have the right to an attorney,” she went on, taking my cuffed wrist and putting it next to the lamp behind me. She wrapped the cuff string around the lamp, then cuffed my left wrist – leaving me trapped and submissive.

“If you cannot afford an attorney, the state will provide you with one,” Alexandra wrapped up her version of the Miranda Rights. “Do you understand your rights?” she finished, sitting straight up and on my throbbing lap once I was fully secured.

Did I understand? Or even want to? That was a….loaded question. Maybe loaded was the wrong word. It was shocking that the front of my pants wasn’t more loaded right now.

“Are you sure this isn’t Game of Thrones?” I asked out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it seemed to get Alexandra out of character – whoever this character was. Fortunately, she got out of character by laughing heartily and slapping my chest.

She claimed she was nervous to do this, but she sure as fuck didn’t look it. Hell, laughing at that stupid, semi-clever joke really showed her ease. The only other thing that would….

“Okay, okay, sorry, let’s go on,” Alexandra said, the bright smile coming off her face. She then slipped right back into seductress mode – especially when she put her hands at the bottom of her white sweater. “You want this?”

“You’re fucking kidding….” I rasped out. Alexandra smiled again, only this was a sexy smile. Between that, the half lidded glare from her big beautiful eyes….and the way she lifted her sweater just shy of exposing her big, surely beautiful breasts….yeah, I could go along with this joke.

“Yeah? You want it?” she somehow had to ask again. I was out of words, which I wasn’t even supposed to use anyway.

So I stayed quiet as Alexandra held the bottom of her sweater. Then when she lifted it up and off oh so slowly, I couldn’t breathe.

I’d seen nude and half nude shots of much more famous celebrity breasts. But they didn’t prepare me for this. No breasts I’d ever seen prepared me for this.

They were the most delicious, perfect, mouth watering, gravity defying D-cups I’d ever seen – in real life or rehearsals. Even so, I still noticed the soft, silky, sexy bare curves of her waist below. Combine that with the Goddess like face I’d been entranced by all night – and how it got even more Godly in this context – and I was sure I’d been a dead man for at least a minute now.

If I wasn’t, I must have passed away without knowing it when she leaned forward, her tits right within range of my face. Yet she then got off my lap – and killed me a few more times over when she turned around, unzipped her skirt and bent down to let it drop. There were no panties she had to drop either.

So on top of everything else, her ass was pure perfection too. So were her long, bare legs and entire full frontal, hourglass body. Even the hair on her pussy was just right. Don’t that beat all.

The beating continued when Alexandra got back in my lap, unbuckling and unzipping my pants. She then unbuttoned my shirt, revealing the wife beater underneath. Then she put me out of my misery – and dug me further in – by finally kissing me.

Once her lovely lips covered mine, I didn’t know how I had the mental capacity to kiss back. I managed for a few seconds, until she grinded herself deeper on my lips. She then kissed me again…..before going down to kiss me lower and lower.

She wasn’t. But she was going down to my exposed underwear anyway. Kissing right above it. Putting those tits right near my bulge. Letting those unreal baby blue eyes look so….hungry.

I could only hiss and throw my head back, hoping I could last a full second. In that hope, I barely heard Alexandra say, “And scene.” But it registered when she got back on her feet.

Despite being able to see every sultry inch of her body again, it was still a slight consolation compared to…what I thought would happen. Not to downplay it at fucking all. But…. “What the fuck?!” I all but coughed out a long held breath.

“All right, okay. I said hear me out,” Alexandra reverted back from seductive to nervous. “I told you to do that during the scene, but please do it afterwards too.”

“It’s not like I’m going anywhere,” I rattled my cuffs, before I questioned why I should be this pissed off. My raging, unattended hard on and Alexandra’s still naked tits, ass and body reminded me, though.

“As you can tell by now, I’m doing a nude scene tomorrow. It’s….my first one,” Alexandra said. “They say it’s the kind of scene that’ll break the Internet. Well, maybe not just the scene….” she made light of her own drop dead beauty. “Still, that’s even more pressure to get it right! And be comfortable with Woody and a bunch of crewmen seeing….everything! So I thought I’d practice with one first!”

Some of it seemed reasonable enough. Teasing me to the brink with no payoff still wasn’t. But if it was just for work….maybe I couldn’t hold it against her for having some professionalism. Then again…..

“You could have told me what I was in for,” I pointed out. “At least Woody knows what’s coming,” I shut myself up right after saying that word.

“If you knew right away, you would have made me more nervous. Even if you didn’t mean to,” Alexandra figured. The last part salvaged her a little. “I’m sorry, I just wanted to be sure I could do this. Maybe I didn’t think every part through.”

I sighed, still halfway bitter at her for teasing me, and still halfway drinking her in while I still could. Anything to help me take care of myself when I left – which seemed to be the only way I’d take care of this.

“For what it’s worth….you hit your mark on the kissing part,” Alexandra used terminology to praise me. “And….if that’s the reaction viewers will get….I guess I did my job too,” she admitted, pointing to my bulge.

“That’s for sure,” I had to give it to her – in some way. “I mean….it’d have happened even if you threw those clothes off then and there. But you teased me, talked naughty, peeled them off slow, looked and sounded so confident….I’m sure that wasn’t just from the script.”

“It gave me a blueprint to go by,” Alexandra seemed to downplay her own talents.

“I don’t know what kind of fans you have. But if they’ve been waiting for this, I can’t see how they’d be prepared for that anyway. It’s cool how you’re putting in the extra effort for them. Even if you’ve already got…..more than enough to wow them,” I admitted.

After all, if I wasn’t….the star witness to this, and I only saw this on TV – like the rest of the cable world would – all this would be more than fucking enough for days. I just had to put aside how it was….different for me at this moment.

If she needed regular praise and encouragement, I was overflowing with that for this. Leaving aside the one big, not yet cooling down issue.

“Thanks. I know that can’t be easy for you to say,” Alexandra sensed.

“These are all the clean words I can think of right now,” I truthfully and jokingly admitted. At the least, it was helping me calm down somewhat down there. I’m sure Alexandra noticed too – and I was right.

“You know what? I guess this wasn’t totally fair to you,” Alexandra admitted. “I built you up without warning you, now I’m letting you….fade to black.”

“No, I don’t look that shocking down there,” I tried to joke my way into steadying myself.

“Even so, I owe you. Plus….I still have another nude scene after this. After I suck his cock,” Alexandra bluntly told her. “I suppose if I want to get in the right mindset for that….”

Well, so much for fading.

I was back at full strength well before Alexandra bent down and finally freed my aching cock. It was all white, as I hinted, and aching for her – though not as much as a few minutes ago. “Don’t wanna do this too quick….” Alexandra thought ahead.

So when she made first contact with my cock, she just stroked it up and down for a few moments. Then when her mouth got involved, she merely kissed my head and rubbed it over her lips. Still, my mouth was frozen in mid jaw-drop.

I hissed when she took my head past her lips, suckling slowly and deliberately. Her tongue got involved just as I looked directly at her, which nearly made me fuck her mouth uncontrollably right there. My hips stayed somewhat still as she licked and sucked the top half of my cock while stroking the bottom – but my wrists weren’t.

Now I really fucking hated not having my hands free. I hated the writer of True Detective for writing that detail in the script – in spite of every other incredible thing he put in the scene. But I was experiencing the one and only thing HBO wouldn’t film, and I couldn’t even fully enjoy it.

That was the wrong way to think of this, I knew. But as much as I was getting now, I still wished my hands were free to do more. I wished they could go into her hair, lay on her bobbing head, touch her face, and maybe even reach down to her chest if possible.

Instead, all I got was Alexandria bobbing and swallowing on my cock, rubbing her lips up and down my shaft, and her eyes looking so Goddamn gorgeous the more she enjoyed and looked at me. “Fucking….Goddamn gorgeous….” I almost repeated.

In response, Alexandra took her mouth off and merely licked me up and down all over. Her lips brushed my shaft ever so often, making me throb as much as I did during the scene. Finally, when I was wet enough, she went for the jugular.

Of course, I only realized that was a pun long, LONG after her ample jugs smothered my cock.

In the meantime, Alexandra pumped her tits up and down my cock perfectly, dipping her tongue down on my slit once or twice. At that point, I had to improv.

My hips finally gave in and pumped Alexandra’s rack themselves, regardless of how close I was. Regardless of how we both didn’t want this to end so soon. But the more her perfect flesh engulfed mine, the more I didn’t care.

I only wanted to cum all over every inch of her upper body and face. I wanted to drain her with cum so she’d be late for her big scene tomorrow, from spending so much time washing her face and chest. If I couldn’t cover her flawless skin and figure in cum, I would settle for filling her mouth, though.

However, if I didn’t stop moving my hands involuntarily, they might knock the lamp over and stop the whole thing. Fortunately, Alexandra was too fast for them.

After a few more tit pumps, Alexandra took her chest off me and covered me with her mouth again. She sunk her mouth down on me all the way.

She only started coming up very slowly, licking and rubbing me along the way and moaning right on my weakening shaft. Her eyes seemed to dare me to cum – and once her lips wrapped around the bottom of my head and her tongue all but wrapped around it, I took the dare.

Alexandra came off my head just as it started exploding into her mouth. After a few seconds, she did enough breathing and sucked down the rest of my offer. I gave her mouth a few errant pumps, until my hips came down once I finally felt drained.

I laid my head down and let my trapped hands rest, right as Alexandra came off my finally spent cock. I closed my eyes and caught my breath before I could face her, yet I heard her comment, “So that’s how Woody would do the extended cut. I figured he’d taste more….organic, though.”

Now I groaned for less hot reasons, but I still felt a smile forming in spite of myself. It was hardly my first involuntary reaction of the night. When I finished, I opened my eyes to see Alexandra standing in front of me, still naked. “I guess I should get the cuffs off now,” she figured.

“I’m willing to assume you have a prop key too,” I hoped. Like many more improbable hopes tonight, this one came true.

The next big hope was that the aftermath wouldn’t wreck everything. How was I supposed to leave after that – or find a way to stay? How could I stay, given she had two big nude scenes tomorrow that….hold on. “You said there was another nude scene in this?” I asked carefully.

“Half-nude, technically,” Alexandra corrected. “They let me keep my shirt on. Nothing else, though. Other than that, it’s all talk, no ‘action.’ Still, it’s talking with my pussy exposed, so….”

“That’s all it is? Just exposure?” I pushed on, perhaps against my better judgment.

“Well….there is one very suggestive part at the end. Involving more….suggested tongue work,” Alexandra teased.

“If you’re nervous about that too….then I think I’ll need to read the script first this time. If there’s real talking and all,” I proposed. Tucking my cock back in my underwear, I took my phone out from my pants and put it far away. “There. Now I can’t take script pictures without HBO’s permission.”

The downside of Alexandra agreeing was that she really did put her sweater back on. It also hurt that the script didn’t have her taking it back off – or have Woody’s character reach underneath it. But the end of the scene was….still more than suggestive enough.

I agreed to zip myself back up, read the scene without peeking at others in the script, and not try to impersonate Woody. Alexandra actually knew her lines, so I was the only one who had to read from the script. Between that and the actual script directions, it was like I was being handcuffed all over again.

Nonetheless, Alexandra sat her bare, heart shaped behind backside on my covered lap as the scene started. I almost wanted to screw up the lines so she’d sit there longer – or at least long enough for me to feel anything down there again.

Yet there I went, reading my lines correctly so Alexandra could focus on reading hers too – like this was a regular old rehearsal.

Once Alexandra got off my crotch and sat next to me on the couch, I could actually focus on reading and acting with her – when her bare pussy wasn’t completely visible. But I survived, and so did she, until we got to that suggestive ending.

“You just wanna have your cake….and eat it too,” Alexandra said her last line, then got up from the couch. She bent down and put herself – and her ass – right in position.

Putting down the script, I remembered enough to still say, “What good’s cake….if you can’t eat it?”

On that cue, I had to put my face directly against her perfect ass. Like in the last scene, however, they would cut away just before the good oral stuff really happened. However, since Alexandra decided to do the extended version of the last scene….was she really suggesting I do the same?

It would be fair. It would be one of the few logical reasons to actually take it this far, instead of just reading the script. And maybe a Woody Harrelson could smother an ass like this on his face and do nothing else – but the rest of us didn’t have such a high tolerance.

Last time, Alexandra said “And scene,” and only blew me afterwards. If she didn’t want me to act sooner, she’d have said “And scene” by now – or walked away. Right?

“I may need to have his face on my ass for a few takes,” Alexandra said. “Should get used to it now.”

In that case….time for take two.

I pulled away and sat straight up on the couch, attempting to start fresh. But I had to start quick before Alexandra stood straight up too. Right on time, I repeated the line, “What good’s cake if you can’t eat it?” then leaned back to her bent over behind.

In the script, I wasn’t supposed to put my hands on her ass, or anywhere else. Yet the script had handcuffed me long enough. And when there were no last second objections, I finally laid my hands on one of Alexandra’s sexy body parts.

With my hands on her ample cheeks, I merely savored the texture and full, thick surfaces for starters. Ultimately, I stuck my tongue out for added stimulation as well. Once the tip of it reached her pussy lips, it licked them up and down from behind while my hands pushed her ass up and down too.

I was doing quite enough behind her – but the front of her needed attention too.

In a flash, I got down on my knees behind Alexandra, who could now stand up straight again. Reaching around, I put my left hand on the front of her pussy and went to work, while I kissed up the top of her legs. I inserted a finger just as my mouth reached her ass – remembering just in time that I couldn’t leave any marks on it.

Not unless I wanted Woody Harrelson and a whole HBO film crew to see it, and immortalize it on TV. I wasn’t quite that desperate for infamy. Still, Alexandra’s apple-shaped ass nearly made me desperate enough.

Finally, I just settled on kissing her left cheek for a while, letting my right hand squeeze her right. Yet my main target was below her cheeks, as I licked the bottom of her pussy while my fingers worked over the front of it. Attacking her from both ends, I was able to drive her 25 percent as crazy as she drove me – which speaks more to how crazy she made me.

After one more good ass squeeze, my right hand reached around to her front, so both my hands could rub and pinch her. I kept licking her from the back, all while my left and right fingers took turns fucking her. “You wish that was in the script, huh?” I moaned on her.

“Well, fuck, now I do,” Alexandra answered while groaning.

“Does Woody do that to you?” I kept going. “Does your character want him to? Do you play it like that?” I got carried away, even as my mouth was busy on other things.

“I’m not playing now, am I?” she chose to answer. For all I know, she could be – but when she turned around and shoved my face right into the front of her pussy, I saw it couldn’t all be an act. Soon, I tasted it too.

I ate her out like a man possessed, now that I finally had room to really taste her. My hands went back to her, pinching and pulling her lips apart as I licked the open space. I was tempting to tug and play with her hairs, but I doubted I had to get that Method.

Alexandra still tugged and played with the hairs on my head, yet I didn’t mind that. Or her hips bucking against my face. Or when I put my hands on her hips and felt up how curvy they were – careful not to leave marks.

As she got closer, I couldn’t take it any more. On the chance she’d end this after her orgasm made us even, I needed to feel up two more curvy body parts.