Bridget Jones Meets Bridget Fonda

I couldn’t believe that I finally got a part in a major
motion picture. What amazed me even more was it stars
Bridget Fonda and Renee Zellwegger. I was walking down
Hollywood Boulavard to meet with both lovely actresses.
Bridget actually called me to tell me were she lives.

I hardly could contain myself when I heard her voice on
the other line. As I found the house, it certainly
wasn’t what I was expecting. Just an old log cabin. I
figured a mansion. As I walked up the steps to the front
door, I thought I heard moaning.

“OH, BRIDGET. EAT ME.” someone pleaded, “LICK MY PUSSY.”

Intrigued, I cupped my hands around my face, because of
the glare, and plastered it to the glass. What I saw
completely blew my mind. Bridget Fonda was on her knees,
with her face planted into Renee Zellwegger’s snatch.
She was sitting on a black leather couch with her legs
spread-eagled, and hands on the back of the other
woman’s head.

“Mmmmm. YEAH.” she moaned. “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING.” Renne
arched her back and her orgasm rolled down Bridget’s
throat. As she was erupting, the “Jerry Maguire” beauty
yanked on the brunette’s hair. “AHHH.”

The young woman seductively licked the slim actress’s
creamy inner thigh.

“Um.” Renee put 2 finger’s in her soaking opening. She
scooped up the remains of her cum and cleaned every last
drop. As she was cleansing herself, she turned in my
direction. “HUH? Uh…seems we got company, hun.” she
muttered in embarrassment.

Bridget was the first to get to the door. “Hi, Bob. Come
in,” she ushered with a hand. “Sit down.

I fell into the couch next to the beautiful star of
“Bridget Jones Diary.” “Hi,” I offered her a shaky hand.

“H-hi, B-bob.” she stuttered. She extended me a thin
hand, which I took in my own. “Well…uh. What now?”

“We could, you know…” the gorgeous actress slowly
stroked my cock.

I was rock hard. “AHEM. I came here to rehearse.” I
boasted, in a very professional manner.

“Oh, really.” they both chimed, obviously seeing right
through me. Renee put a hand my member. She guided it
around it’s entirety. “It’s so BIG.” the star marveled.

Her hands felt like silk through the material, and I had
to strain myself not to explode right then.

Bridget watched this show with heated pleasure. Her
hands traveled up thighs. “Yeah…suck his cock…make
him…CUM.” she whimpered.

In response, Renee freed my cock from the elastic around
my shorts and boxers. My member stood erect, inches from
her lovely lips. In one quick motion, the actress
engulfed my entire prick.

“Oh. Yes. Suck it.”

She glanced at me as her tongue lapped up the pre-cum.
In her eyes was enormous passion.

“LICK IT.” I commanded. I put both hands on her head and
groped her silky hair.

“Umph,” she said, enjoying the brut force I was giving

I furiously rocked my cock in and out of her mouth. Her
lips were making slurping noises. “MAKE ME CUM, SLUT.” I

“YEAH. CUM IN HER MOUTH, BOB.” Bridget hissed, still
violently fingering her wet entrance. She was pounding
herself with such intensity, her inner thighs were
heaving with each thrust. “OH. FUCK. I’M CUMMING.” she
screamed in ecstasy. Her back arched, “AHHHH.” Her
orgasm trickled down her hand and leg. Some dripped to
the carpet.

In the meantime, Renee was slapping my dick with her

“Suck it.” I whispered. “Lick me. Make me cum.”

The lovely actress rubbed my thigh and gripped my balls.

“YEAH. I LOVE IT.” I howled.


“UM.” Renee said.


“You like being spanked, bitch?”

“UM.” the beauty repeated.

A kneaded her soft butt. SPANK.

Her mouth seductively licked my shaft to my scrotum. She
was a pro. She certainly had 6 inches in her mouth

Probably Tom Cruise, I thought. Maybe Hugh Grant. Or
both. I grabbed the back of her head and violently
forced her lips to my sack.

“UMPH.” she mumbled, in surprise.

“I’M CUMMING.” I arched my back and my explosive orgasm
filled her entire mouth. Renee expertly gulped down
every drop. “AHH.”

As the actress got done, she released my cock with a

and got back on her feet. “Well. Now can we get to
rehearsing?” I asked.

“Absolutely.” Bridget agreed. “I think all your tension
has been released.

Or has it?

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