Bella Thorne – Man of Steel

Despite it only being our third official date I like to think that Sara Underwood and I knew each other pretty well. Too well in fact. After all we had been chatting and flirting over the phone and online for several weeks leading up to us finally “dating” one another.

That being said I guess you could say that our relationship was mostly based on sex. And in recent times the sex was growing increasingly risqué. We were running late but not for any bad reason.

We had spent the entire afternoon just lying around and enjoying each other’s company. But it was as late as 11pm when we decided to get dressed up and check out the midnight screening of “Man of Steel.”

As expected Sara dressed up to the nines and looked absolutely ravishing – every bit the 2007 Playboy Playmate that she was – and was scantily clad in a short little white dress that barely covered her thighs and what could only be described as “stripper shoes.”

Noting the late time I grabbed her by the hand and lead her half jogging to the box office. Considering her choice of footwear this was amusing in itself.

I could see the excitement on her face as it always made her happy not only to be spending time with me but also to be sharing something that we both enjoyed – superhero films.

When we arrived to the lobby we were relieved to see that the looming weather and late starting time seemed to discourage a lot of people from showing up.

It was while lining up together for our tickets that I we first noticed a very attractive and somewhat busty brunette emerge from one of the cinemas and head straight towards the counter to buy an ice cream cone.

Right away I glanced back at Sara and smiled softly, wondered if she was thinking the same erotic think I was.

Underwood simply responded by squeezing my hand tight in hers and running her thumb over the back of my fingers. I shuddered slightly, amazed at how such a simple touch like that could affect me so strongly. It actually make my cock twitch.

“Hey.” Sara teased. “Check her out next time why don’t you.”

As she and I then shared a brief chuckle Sara paused to contemplate something and claimed that she knew who the girl was.

“Wait a minute. I know her.” She muttered. “I mean. I’ve seen her around.”

“Yeah-Yeah.” I scoffed while poking fun at her expense. “I’m sure you have. Just one of your celeb-buddies right?”

“No. I’m serious.” she insisted. “You know who that is don’t you. That’s that Debby Ryan girl.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I snickered. “Besides how would you know who Debby Ryan is?”

My girlfriend responded by playfully slapping me in the arm before we began to squabble about her identity – that was until the girl in question looked over her shoulder and appeared to recognize Sara in the ticket cue and flashed us a friendly smile.


“Hi.” Sara replied. “Are you watching Man of Steel as well?”


“Has it started yet?”

“Not yet. We’re just sitting through a million ads and previews right now. They’re so annoying.”

“Yeah. Tell me about it.” Underwood agreed. “Well. I hope it’s a good movie. We haven’t seen a good comic-book film since The Avengers.”

“It better be.” Ryan countered. “I’ve been waiting all week long to catch this midnight screening. Less people ya’know?”

“I know what you mean.”

Just then, Sara took this opportunity to excuse herself to go to the bathroom and for a moment I actually felt a little disappointed that she hadn’t bothered to formally introduce me to her “acquaintance.”

Instead there was an awkward silence as I waited to purchase our tickets while I casually checked out Debby’s figure from behind as she stood by the counter waiting to be served.

My eyes almost immediately drifted from her ankle-high fuck-me boots to her tight leather pants and the large leather jacket she wore on top.

As she stood there standing side-on to me I couldn’t help but look past the jacket and wonder what she was wearing underneath as it almost appeared as though her outfit merely consisted of a dark tank top – no bra.

To my chagrin the sexy starlet just happened to glance back in my direction when she caught me staring directly at her butt.

Fortunately for me it seemed that my leering didn’t upset her all too much as she simply smiled and apparently found it flattering – especially considering who my current girlfriend was.

Still. As ashamed as I was I was then surprised when Debby purchased her ice cream and while making her way by me she commented playfully.

“See you inside.”

“Sure. Catch you later.” Was the only thing I could think to say.

A minute later Sara emerged from the bathroom and with our tickets (and snacks) in hand we headed into the dark theater. Fortunately for us the place appeared to be almost deserted with just a few people peppered around the large room – most of them seated in the middle or the front of the auditorium.

Inside I let Sara lead the way who to my surprise glanced around the room before quickly taking a seat in the very last row. As I followed her inside I waited for my eyes to adjust and now watched as her strong smooth legs took a seat beside me.

It was only while getting settled into our seats that our eyes finally grew accustomed to the darkness and I glanced over to the left to see Debby Ryan and her “date” were also seated in the very last row – over to the side and up against the wall.

I was surprised to see that Debby was in fact accompanied by another female friend who was situated just five or six seats away from me. Noting this I remarked to Sara that maybe we should move to a different area – as I had been looking forward to having some fun with her in the dark.

But Sara quickly dismissed any ideas I might have about screwing around.

“Stop it.” She replied. “We’re here to watch the movie remember. Behave.”

Despite her words I had to wonder why she had bothered to wear such a sexy little dress if we weren’t going to have any fun.

Sitting there beside her I suddenly felt mischievous. Between the heat of her body so close to mine and the intimacy of the darkened theater around us made me feel reckless and aroused. I looked around the room, taking note of the few couples seated far away from us.

Despite myself I soon found my curiosity get the better of me and I glanced over at Debby and her friend a few more times who I noticed were giggling among themselves. At first I assumed I was being careful to spy on them without anybody noticing but Sara finally leaned over and whispered into my ear.

“You know who her friend is don’t you.” She claimed. “That redhead beside her is Bella Thorne.”

“She is?” I grinned. “Again. I won’t ask you how you know that.”

“Fuck off.” Underwood playfully quipped before helping herself to some Coke Zero. (the calories. always the fucking calorie counter.)

When the movie finally commenced we had already raised the armrest between us so that Sara could lean into me and I could put my arm around her waist – toying with the hem of her short skirt the entire time.

My fingers soon proceeded to trace up and down her silky smooth thighs before I slowly hiked the skirt up just a few inches as at time. Sara’s eyes darted around the room and I could tell she was feeling nervous but excited.

“Stop it I said.” she whispered softly. “Don’t get me all hot and wet and make me fuck you were you sit. We might end up scaring those Disney girls.”

“Shit. Why not.” I muttered under my breath. “Maybe we’d teach them a thing or two.”

As Sara and I casually conversed in the dark I casually massaged her smooth legs with my fingertips which soon produced the desire effect.

She now moaned and cooed as she felt my strong fingers digging into her tender flesh. For all her grandstanding and lecturing she had done Sara’s legs ultimately parted slightly giving me all the permission I needed.

No sooner had her knees separated my fingers moved higher up her thigh, meeting her bare skin and feeling the naked heat from between her legs. Her eyes glittered in the darkness as I felt her excitement mounting.

“You’re so bad.” She whispered sweetly at one point. “What am I going to do with you.”

It took all of a few minutes for her to finally succumb to my charms and she scooted down more in her seat and slowly spread her thighs wider.

I took this as an open invitation to play with her body and shoved my hand all the way inside her short dress only to discover that my girlfriend had decided on attending the movie theater with me without any panties on!

“Oh. You little slut.” I whispered into her ear as my hand turned to cup her bare naked sex.

I could feel the heat emanating from her bald pussy as she glanced down to see the very noticeable bulge beginning to grow in my pants.

“Hmm. You know you love it.” she replied back – referring to the way I always got off when she was extra naughty.

Without wasting another moment my fingers started to boldly explore her slick, wet folds. Her body quickly began to heat up, and I could feel goose-bumps rise on her skin – her nipples puckering as the sensations increase in intensity.

I could feel her entire body trembling to my touch as her breathing started to come in short sharp gasps. I took this opportunity to use my forearm and spread her legs even further apart as darts of apprehension soon washed across her face and our hearts pounded loudly in our chests.

Despite her trepidation I stroked her wet center for several minutes and used my long digits to caress each and every slippery fold. I knew her body intimately – more so than many – and the excitement of it all now coursed through my veins.

“You’re so fucking wet.” I whispered hotly in her ear. “You know that?”

Sara sighed softly, scooting even further down in the seat and completely opened herself up to me. She always was a sucker for dirty talk.

I rewarded this gesture by sliding a single finger inside her sopping wet cunt which caused her to gasp out loud. A couple seated just a few rows away from us turned to look, and the guy and I exchanged knowing glances before he turned back around.

I could see Sara smiling out of the corner of my eye before she elbowed me in the ribs lightly – like it was my fault? I responded to this action by shoving two thick fingers deep inside me her hairless clam – causing her to inhale sharply and arch her back.

Her long French-Manicured fingernails immediately dug into my flesh as her nipples puckered and pressed noticeably against her little white dress. I had to pace myself in fear of just succumbing to the moment and plunging three of my fingers deep inside her burning mound. God I loved turning her on.

Our entire attention seemed to refocus on those fingers inside her. They slipped in and out of her sex as the slickness of her body made them glide effortlessly.

I shoved them even deeper still – burying my fingers to the second knuckle as I stroked the very core of her uterus with two digits while my thumbs now twiddled her swollen clit at the same time – causing her to shake uncontrollably.

“Okay. Okay. Enough!” She finally panted as I paused for a moment and wondered what I had done wrong.

“Please. If you keep that up you’re going to make me squirt all over this seat.”

“And the problem is?”

With that said I reluctantly withdrew my hand from underneath her dress and settled back to enjoy the movie. As expected it was almost impossible for us to keep our hands to ourselves and this time it was in fact Sara who reached down to give me an appreciative squeeze of my cock.

“Hey.” I told her while keeping my eyes glued to the screen. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Check it out.” She remarked a moment later and nodded in the direction of the two ladies in the corner.

I followed her eye line not really knowing what to expect, but a second later I was absolutely blown away to see Bella Thorne and Debby Ryan sharing an intimate moment together and making out sweetly.

“Whoa.” I gasped with genuine surprise. “Holy shit. Are they making out?”

In fact the way they were carrying on they might as well have been in the privacy of their home than in some public movie theater – as their sweet kiss quickly progresses into a very hot make-out session. Shocked into silence I turned to look back at Sara for an explanation who simply shrugged.

“Meh. What do you expect. It’s LA. Everyone eats pussy.”

“Did you know those two were into girls… or each other for that matter?”

Sara giggled at my comment but I suspect that despite her amusement she too was just as surprised by the revelation as I was.

Unfortunately for me this sudden turn of events caused me to lose complete interest in the movie we were watch and I now found that I could barely keep my eyes off them until Sara quietly reprimanded me for staring.

“Stop staring at them.” she whispered. “You’re being a perv. Give them some privacy.”

“Hey. You’re the one who wanted to sit here remember?” I replied. “Besides. If they wanted privacy they wouldn’t have come to a public movie theater to get it on.”

“Ugh. You’re such a sleaze.” She giggled.

“What. Do you want to move seats?” I called her bluff.

“Hell no.” she admitted through a chuckle. “And miss all the action. Are you crazy?”

Sara and I quickly shared a tender kiss as her hand soon reached down to find my cock again.

“Hm. This shit is really turning you on huh.” She smiled softly as she felt me throb in her hand.

“Maybe I should go over there and show them how it’s done.” She added.

“Ha. I’d pay to see that.”

“Yeah. I bet you would.” Underwood grinned.

“Something tells me they’d get a kick out of it too.”

Knowing the effect the spectacle was having on me, Sara continued to tease and talk dirty to me over the next few minutes as we continued to watch the ladies get it on. Thankfully for us the action on the screen soon picked up considerably and distracted them long enough to come up for air.

Unfortunately for me they also seemed to eventually calm down quite a bit while I stole several more slide glances and watched them sweetly embrace and caress one another through the course of the film.

At one point I noticed the way Bella constantly moved around and fidgeted while trying to get comfortable beside Debby.

I watched as she ultimately lay on her back while the bustier actress then fed her lover chocolates while watching the film. It was at this point that Sara announced that she was getting up to use the bathroom again.

“I’ll be right back.” She smiles before pecking me on the lips. “Enjoy the show.”

I happen to glance over a second later only to see the ladies were still caught up in the movie and turned my attention to the screen.

But a minute later I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye and when I looked back I almost gasped out loud as I watched the two of them making out again – this time a lot more fervently than before.

This time Bella leaned down to tongue-kiss her BFF as her hands brushed over the teenagers breasts and finally disappear inside her pants! I could barely believe what I was witnessing as I watched Debby Ryan now make out and finger-bang Bella Thorne just five seats away from me.

The imagery alone was so incredible that I had to stop to adjust the throbbing erection in my pants and froze with fear a moment later when I looked back and made direct eye contact with Debby – who simply smiled and continued with the job of molesting her young friend.

For her part Bella seemed lost in her own world and lay there moaning softy with her eyes shut as Ryan’s hands moved all over her body and inside her pants. It was just about the most erotic thing I had ever seen… and orchestrated by two Disney starlets no less.

While I soon found myself totally captivated by the show I almost jump out of my skin as I felt Sara return and place her hand on my knee.

“Jesus!” I panicked.

“I’m back. What did I miss.” She smiled wickedly. “Holy shit. They’re really going for it over there huh.”

Before I could respond appropriately Sara then reached down and grasped my hard cock through my pants yet again but this time seemed surprised by how hard I was.

“Whoa. Talk about Man of Steel.” She teased. “How about I take care of that for you.”

As tempting as that offer sounded I couldn’t help but squirm nervously in my seat while I looked around the mostly deserted theater. Sara however didn’t miss a beat and quickly unzipped my pants and leaned over to gobble up my boner in one swift action – her head bobbing up and down in my lap as I continued to watch the Disney ladies carry on.

Not more than a minute later I felt my face go cold and fill with shame when I looked over to see two sets of eyes staring back at me through the dark. At this point it seemed like both Debby and Bella had turned the tables on us and were now in fact watching us while Sara gave me head.

Not wanting to be outdone Debby then initiated another deep tongue-kiss with her lover and while Bella seemed a little hesitant at first (no doubt paranoid about the public display of affection) Debby quickly changed her mind and shoved her hand back inside her pants again – silencing any objections she might have had.

The four of us made quite the scene as we now had our way with our partners in plain sight of each other.

In fact I watched Bella spread her knees even further apart and invite Debby to slide her entire hand inside her over-stretched pants. Meanwhile Sara looked up from my lap and grinned back at the ladies as she licked the side of my shaft.

But as incredible as this spontaneous moment was the ladies were soon interrupted by a text message on Bella’s phone who then sat up and slipped out of the theater exit to take the call leaving Debby Ryan to sit alone and frustrated and watch us screw around.

Even though it was dark I could tell from the movement of her arm that she was actually sitting there against the wall playing with herself while she watched Sara blow me. The mere notion alone made me harder than steel and I had to use all of my strength to not blow my load into the back of her throat.

As incredible as this moment was Sara then took her lips off my shiny hard cock and waved her hand at Debby – inviting her to come sit with us! For a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. That or I was seeing things. I could barely believe the gesture she made and looked down at Sara who simply smiled smugly.

“What. Don’t let her sit there alone.”

Debby made her way over to our position in the back row of the theater and helped herself to a seat right beside me as Sara sat up and now stroked my organ with her hand.

“What are you doing sitting over there all by yourself.” Underwood remarked. “Come sit with us. We like company. Don’t we sweetheart?”

It was only now as Ryan sat right beside me that I noticed just how pretty she was in person not to mention how amazing her lips looked.

“Err. I should probably go back.” Debby commented as she squirmed nervously in her seat. “I don’t even know why I came over. Sorry. This is crazy.”

“No. Not at all.” Sara reassured her. “Stay. Keep us company.”

I then watched as Debby bit her bottom lip seductively and in that moment I could almost read the thoughts running through Sara’s head.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Absolutely. Stay.”

“Um. I guess I can do that.” Ryan remarked. “But I can only sit here for a few minutes before Bella comes back. Because she gets super jealous.”

“Well in that case we better make the most of it.”

An awkward silence suddenly fell between the three of us as we waited for Debby to take the bait but she didn’t move. Instead she just giggled nervously while trying her best not to look down and admire my shiny cock.

“How do you like the movie so far?” Sara whispered over me, making small talk as her hand never ceased stroking me.

“I Uh. I like it… I like it a lot.” Ryan barely answered as she eyed my manhood and licked her juicy wet lips.

Feeling bold Sara then looked around the theater to make sure people were still watching the film before she dropped her head in my lap and took me back between her hot mouth. Like me the TV starlet seemed kind of surprised and speechless by the daring move and didn’t seem to know exactly what to do or say.

Once again Debby simply giggled nervously and appeared extremely flummoxed by Sara’s boldness.

“Hm.” Debby ultimately whispered. “I got to admit. That looks so fucking hot right now.”

“Well. What are you waiting for.” Sara commented between licks. “An invitation?”

The “Suite Life on Deck” star smiled back at me as she proceeded to slowly lean forward to suck my dick but not before I stopped her mid lunge and abruptly kissed her on the lips.

“Thanks.” I remarked referring to Bella. “I was wondering what your friend tasted like.”

With that said Debby resumed bending over and tentatively licked the tip of my cock with her tongue.

“Wow. That’s really big.” She commented to Sara. “I don’t know if I can get that whole thing in my mouth.”

“Well there’s only one way to find out.” Underwood encouraged.

A moment later Debby moved to kneel on the floor between my legs as Sara continued to suck the head of my cock into her warm mouth. I almost moaned out loud as I finally felt Debby lean forward and take one of my heavy balls between her soft lips at the same time.

“Holy shit.” I let out softly. “Her lips feel like velvet.”

Caught up in the moment I pulled Sara up by her hair and shoved my tongue down her throat while I slipped my hand between her legs, under her skirt to play with her clam.

To my delight I immediately found her Dripping. Fucking. Wet. And wasting little time impatiently plunging two of my digits back inside her slimy hole.

To our amusement Sara gave out an audible moan that was clearly heard during a quiet moment in the film. Debby immediately giggled to this before she opened her mouth wide and took the head of my penis into her mouth – and I quickly joined Sara in moaning continually.

“Oh. God. That looks so fucking hot.” Sara groaned beside me as I continued to finger-bang her pussy while we both watched Debby blow me.

Sara took this opportunity to reach down and guide one of Debby’s hands between her own legs, to illustrate to her just how wet the entire encounter had made her.

The Disney starlet moaned with a mouth full of cock before she took her lips away and moved to kneel directly in front of Sara – who happily spread her legs wide to accommodate her head.

“C’mon. Show me what you got bitch.” The onetime Playboy Playmate dared her. “Let’s see if you know how to use those sexy fucking lips.”

“Mm. You know I do. Just ask you boyfriend.”

“FUCK my boyfriend. I wanna find out for myself.”

I now stroked my cock as I watched Debby Ryan eagerly bury her face into my girlfriends twat and eat her pussy right beside me in the movie theater.

“Ugh. Oh. Shit.” Underwood sighed as she slowly turned to look at me through half-slitted eyes. “Those lips. Those fucking lips baby.”

“I told you.” I grinned. “They’re like soft velvet.”

As Debby proceeded to tongue-fuck Sara I glanced across the way to catch Bella returning to her seat from outside.

Having been outside for a few minutes to chat on her phone she was still trying to adjust to the darkness of the room and suddenly seemed to be in a panic as her lover and BFF was nowhere to be found.

“Hey. Psst. Bella.” I hissed softly. “Over here. She’s over here.”

Bella tentatively moved towards us and finally took a seat beside me as she quickly discovered what her best friend was up to – kneeling between Sara’s flawless legs and eating her out.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” she whispered with a smile – slightly angry but mostly amused.

Before the others had time to explain themselves I suddenly reached over to grab the back of Bella’s head and pulled her face down to my cock – filling her teenager pie-hole in one swift action. To my delight the teen starlet did not resist and I immediately felt her tongue swirl into action.

“Hmm. Good girl.” I praised her. “Suck that hard dick.”

With Debby eating Sara’s pussy and her “BFF” now sucking my cock beside me I reached down to stuff my hand inside Bella’s pants only to find her incredibly wet – no doubt from her earlier exploits with Ryan.

In fact she was so wet that I effortlessly plunged two fingers deep inside her young cunt in one fell swoop and felt her moan around my cock.

At this point I could barely contain myself and felt my balls tingle with excitement. I was literally on the verge of popping in Bella’s mouth when Sara leaned over to kiss me deeply on the lips. Suddenly Sara almost jumped out of her skin and thrashed about wildly in her seat as she came in Debby’s mouth.

“Oh. Shit. Oh. Shit. FUUCKK.” She grunted through gritted teeth as her body betrayed her and twisted like a pretzel.

Considering how high her body came off the seat I was surprised she didn’t scream out at the top of her lungs.

Riled up beyond belief she then leaned forward to bury her tongue down Debby’s throat – and in the process savored her own pussy juice – before she pulled away from me and insisted that she and Debby had to slip away to the bathroom for a few minutes so she could repay the favor adequately.

“But…What about me?” Bella pouted.

“You stay here and keep him busy while we’re gone.” Debby told her. “Don’t worry. We shouldn’t be gone too long.”

“Don’t bet on it bitch.” Sara chimed in before the two ladies slipped out the exit door in a rush.

To my amusement Bella simply paused for a moment to look up at me and then shrugged her shoulders and continued to blow me.

In fact she now seemed intent on prolonging the act and instead of sucking me like she had the last few minutes she instead teased and taunted me by spitting and slobbering her spittle all over my rod – completely coating my manhood in her slimy warm saliva.

Fed up with her antics I finally pulled her up to my level by the hair and kissed her hard on the lips – her chin still drooling spit as we swapped saliva.

“Fuck.” I hiss down at her. “Stop teasing me and blow me already. I was so close before.”

Bella smiled smugly to herself before she replied arrogantly.

“Aren’t you going to fuck me now?”

“Is that what you want?”

“I dunno.” she shrugged. “You think you’re up to it?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You think you can handle it.” She challenged. “Many say they can buy most fail.”

This was a challenge I was willing to accept. But before I could think of anything witty to say the temperamental teen suddenly smacked the side of my cock with her hand and giggled childishly as she got up and rushed to make a break for the exit.

Thinking quickly I immediately gave chase and caught her just before she had time to slip out the back exit where I directed her to follow me to a small area that was directly behind our seats – a small gap between the back row of chairs and the carpeted wall where the projector played a few feet above us.

There I took her firmly in my grasp and instructed her to face the screen as I stood behind her. To my amusement Bella seemed to take to her submissive side quite well.

At this point I mused that if anyone in the theater had bothered to turn around they would have clearly seen us standing there under the beam of the projector. But as it was it was apparently a pivotal moment in the film and everyone’s attention was elsewhere.

I grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her back. Bella instinctively struggled against me but I clasped her tighter and shook her until she stopped moving.

“Stop it.” I chastised her. “Stop being a little cunt.”

“You can’t talk to me like that.”

“Oh no?” I laughed.

We now stood there together in the dark, panting quietly. I could tell from her body language that she was frightened but also intensely turned on.

As she stood squirming in my grasp the teen harlot then leaned her head back against my shoulder and arched my spine – rubbing my young butt against the front of my pants and almost daring me to respond.

“So go on then.” She teased over her shoulder. “What are you waiting for. You caught me fair and square.”

“What the fuck.” I remarked while trying to figure out just what game she was playing at.

My grip tightened again as I sucked in a quick breath and my cock firmly seated itself between her ass cheeks.

Bella moaned as she felt me harden and ground herself back against me again.

“You. Little. Slut.” I whispered into her ear. “You’re getting off on this aren’t you.”

The teenage temptress didn’t answer.

“Are you looking for some cock tonight?”

As I spoke I began to grind my penis up and down the groove of her crack.

“Mm. Yeah. I am.” She purred erotically. “Give it to me.”

As Bella spoke my hand moved up to find my hard nipples.

Heck. Her nipples were so hard at this point they could cut through glass. I groaned inwardly as I realized the sexy little tramp wasn’t wearing a bra so I proceeded to twist and pinch her engorged breasts through her blouse.

“You want to get fucked tonight huh?” I hissed in her ear. “You want a thick hard cock inside you… you little cunt.”

Bella nodded her head as I released my grip on her face and now used both hands to knead and massage her teen titties while I licked and sucked the side of her neck. At this point we were both so worked up that I could taste the salty sweat on her flesh.

To my surprise the starlet reached back for my cock with both hands but I quickly countered and grabbed a fistful of her long red hair and bit down hard on her shoulder.

“Hey. Take your whore hands away from my cock.” I told her. “Who said you could touch with it?”

“Please.” She whimpered seductively as she now squirmed against me.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.” I told her.


“Please what Bella?”

“Please. Fuck me.”

“What did you say?” I replied without thinking.

For a moment I panicked that maybe Bell might speak too loudly and cause the other patrons in the room to turn around and find us standing there – engaged in whatever it was we were doing. Fortunately for me she didn’t raise her voice but instead just repeated herself.

“Please. Give it to me.” Thorne pleaded. “I need it. I want it. Bad. I need to get FUCKED.”

“Are you wet right now?” I asked rhetorically. “Is this tight young cunt hot and wet for me right now?”

As I spoke I mashed my face against the side of hers and used my free hand to reach down and furiously pull at the laces of her pants.

“C’mon. Take this shit off.” I hissed in frustration as I attempted to relieve her of her pants. “Show me that tight teen ass of yours.”

“Mm. Yeah.” she sighed sexily. “Take it. It’s all yours.”

“Oh. Fuck. Yes.” I sighed a moment later as my fingers easily found entry to the oozing hole between her swollen cunt lips.

I then fucked her standing there with my fingers slow and deep – pausing to pinch her hard little clit and probing her until I felt her cum. With my hard cock rubbing against her (bare) teen ass, my other hand fondled her tits while my tongue jabbing in and out of her ear – sucking it into my mouth.

This combined assault really seemed to push her buttons and she began to climaxed yet again – her knees buckling as she moaned even louder than before. Noting this I quickly clamped my hand across her mouth again to shut her up.

“Shut the fuck up.” I insisted. “Shut up and watch the movie.”

With that said I then bent her over while she grabbed the back of two seats for balance.

Pulling her pants all the way down to her feet my thumb found her slit and rubbed the entire length of it up and down – pausing at her clit and ass to draw wonderful wet circles. In an instant my own pants fell to the floor and I replaced my thumb with the head of my cock and rubbed it along her sopping wet slit.

This time however I paused at her ass and cunt to tantalizingly push in a fraction.

“Oh. Shit. Oh. Yes.” Bella panted breathlessly. “Do it. Fuck me. Take me right now.”

Despite her pleas I decided to tease her in the same fashion she had down to me only minutes earlier.

In fact Bella was so worked up at this point that she wanted me to bury my prick balls-deep inside any orifice I desired and now pushed back against me whenever I paused at one of her aching holes.

I responded to this wanton action by instantly withdrawing. Bella bit her bottom lip in frustration and held as still as she could while I continued to tease her sex from behind.

After an eternity of torment I finally and slowly started to head-fuck her pussy – using just the tip of my cock to pleasure her – but it quickly became agonizing as she realized this was a new form of torture, another tease. Tears of frustration almost formed in her eyes as I refused to penetrate her any deeper.

The music suddenly surged on the screen in front of us before I took this opportunity to fill her completely. With one swift thrust I impaled the teenage cock-tease and grasped her hips as I pounded my prick into my young cunt from behind.

To her credit she matched my pace with each and every thrust but despite this immense pleasure I reluctantly withdrew from her tight confines and she bucked back against me – trying in vain to be filled again.

“No! Please. Don’t stop.” she almost sobbed over the loud action sequence playing out on the screen. “I need it. Don’t fucking stop.”

The theatre grew quiet again as the film segued into a serene space scene. Bella breathed out and slowly calmed herself as my thumb once again found my dripping slit.

Up and down, up and down I teased her cunt before I dropped to my knees and replaced my thumb with a long velvet tongue and lathered her from clit to asshole and back again.

“Oh…So good.” She purred above me as my tongue began to penetrate her sweet, tight, teenager bunghole.

I took this opportunity to pinch her clit between my thumb and forefinger which literally made her pussy pulsated inside my hand.

I could tell from the way her body was reacting to the stimulation that she was set to climax again… but then she almost burst out in euphoria as two of my fingers fucked her well-lubed cunt while my tongue fucked my tiny ass.

The actress swooned as she felt me hum and murmur against her sensitive flesh while I licked and probed the juices from her pussy. Bella was still pulsing when I rose again and dipped the head of my meat stick into her hot velvet cunt.

Without wasting any time I spread her cheeks wide with my hands and pushed my bell-end against the entrance to her butt. Bella was almost woozy as I popped through the tight ring and buried my length inside her precious rectum.

“Ugh. Fuck.” She let out.

“You wanna get fucked in the ass slut?” I said as I effortlessly eased into her backdoor.

“Yes. Please. Do it. Fuck my ass.” She almost begged. “Fuck my tight little teen asshole.”

Warm slimy spittle now drooled out from my mouth to help lubricate my fat cock as I ground into her sweet teen asshole. The redheaded starlet had to quiet the screams rising in her throat as my pace quickened. It was sweet exquisite pain and a fullness I’m almost sure Bella Thorne had never experienced before.

Her mouth was agape as I grabbed her roughly by her red hair and started pounding in her harder and faster. Bella silently begged the screen in front of us to grow louder – to allow her to give voice to what she was feeling – but she could only gasp and hold her breath as she felt me approach my zenith.

I drilled her relentlessly and wanted nothing more than to fill her whore bunghole with creamy hot man sauce, but when I was certain I was close to erupting I suddenly changed my mind and pulled out of her snug derriere to pull her around by the scruff of her neck to face me.

Bella closed her eyes and parted her lips, expecting me to kiss her full on the mouth but I declined. Instead I stared back at her while just inches away from her face and grinned cruelly at her.

“Suck me.” I demanded.

Her knees buckled as I pushed her down in place – just as the final battle between Superman and General Zod began to wrap up on the big screen.

My vein-laid cock now stood proud and pulsing as I brought her face closer. The actress struggled against me long enough to look up into my eyes while she took my love muscle into my hot mouth – watching with glee as the same cock that had been embedded in her butt now slid into her mouth.

My head reared back as I began fucking her face – both hands on either side of her head. Bella’s tongue massaged at the underside of my shaft as I pulled out and she lashed the base of my prick for good measure.

As expected it didn’t take long for her to grow accustom to the brutal face-fucking I was giving her as her hands reached up to tickle my tight nuts while I pummeled her pie-hole.

She soon felt me start to pulse inside her throat and I came with a roar – shooting my seed while she sucked and swallowed the sap from my balls. It was only now that I finally withdrew and pulled my spent cock back into my pants.

“Such a good little slut.” I smirked as I reached down to thumbed one of her erect nipples.

Bella slumped to the floor in an absolute mess – her mascara running and her lipstick smeared – just as the final scene of the blockbuster movie played out for the small audience.

Moments later the credits began to roll while I looked around for Sara only to find her waiting outside for me and smoking a cigarette. To my amusement she looked positively glowing yet somewhat exhausted – clearly having enjoyed her own fun with the delectable Debby Ryan.

“There you are.” I remarked as I greeted her with a kiss. “Why didn’t you come back in to watch the end of the movie?”

Sara simply flashed me a sarcastic grin that told me everything I needed to know.

“Honestly. After everything that happened to night you really think I could just go back inside and sit there and enjoy the film?”

“Where’s Debby?”

“She’s still upstairs I think.” Sara claimed. “By the way. I gave her our phone number and invited her to come over this weekend for a pool party. Are you mad?”

“Are you crazy. I can’t wait.”