Sex Weekend

Mike pulled the throttle to the rear and the boat leapt forward, away from the dock. Quickly coming up to a proper plane, the runabout skimmed across the glass smooth surface of the lake. Mike and John grinned like schoolboys, enjoying the feel of the 125 horsepower engine in the relatively small craft.

Lacy sat up on the bow, dressed in her favorite blue skirt and tank top, enjoying the sun on her body and the wind in her hair. Glancing around, she smiled at her husband and lifted her top, exposing her breasts. Completely removing her top, she lay back, letting the warm summer sun play over her firm body. Her mind wandered as she felt the boat bounce along. The drone of the inboard motor prevented her from sleeping, but she half dozed, luxuriating in the sun’s warmth.

Mike guided the runabout toward a cove across the lake and settled back for the short trip. The weather was perfect. The sun shone brightly in the cloudless blue sky. The slight breeze was not enough to stir the surface of the water, but kept the temperature in check.

Making a small course correction, he looked over at John, who was riding “shotgun” beside him. “You know where we’re going, I hope.”

“Keep on the way you’re headed,” he replied. “Tim always anchors in the same cove.”

Tim was a good friend of John’s, and a casual acquaintance of Mike and Lacy. He had often invited them out on his house boat, but this was the first time work schedules allowed them to get together. They were all looking forward to a long weekend of fishing, swimming, and just plain relaxation.

As the cove came into sight, Mike slowed the boat. Feeling the change in the boat’s attitude, Lacy put her top back into position and sat up. They rounded a small peninsula, and the cove spread out in front of them. Shear granite cliffs rose on two sides of the twelve-acre patch of water. A small grassy meadow led from the remaining shoreline up into the trees. A large houseboat rested in the center of the quiet lagoon. Two people stood on the houseboat’s foredeck, casually attending fishing poles.

Mike pushed the throttle forward, almost to its stop, in order to avoid leaving a large wake as they idled toward the houseboat. John stood and waved at Tim, whom he recognized as one of the people on the foredeck.

“Hello, the houseboat!” John shouted in a mock old-west accent.

Tim walked over to the rail and waved back. “Howdy pardners!” He replied. “Hurry and tie up, you’re scaring away the fish with that loud thing!”

Mike idled the runabout along side the larger vessel. Tim reached out and grabbed hold of the gunwale. John leapt over to the deck of the houseboat and assisted Tim in securing the runabout.

Lacy stood on the bow and saluted Tim at rigid attention. “Permission to come aboard, Sir!” She shouted in a loud, authoritative voice.

“Granted!” Tim shouted in reply, laughing as he returned her salute.

Not to be out done, John walked quickly over to Lacy. Seizing the brunette around the waist, he lifted her and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed at him to put her down as he scrambled across the deck and deposited her in a chair just outside the houseboat door.

As the laughter died down, Lacy stood and, sticking her tongue out at John, walked back to the runabout to help unload the gear.

Tim led Mike and Lacy into the cabin of the houseboat, and showed them where to stow their overnight bags. “You two can take the large bunk,” he said as he pointed out the double sized bed. “The rest of us will sack out wherever we find a place. There’s plenty of room.”

“We didn’t mean to boot you out of your own bed . . . ” Mike began.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tim interrupted, with a smile. “John always sleeps up on the roof, under the stars, and I usually sleep up in the dinette bed. Randy can fend for himself. I’ll leave you to get settled.”

Tim walked out of the small bedroom and headed out toward the front door. “Go on out with him,” said Lacy. “I’ll get this stuff put away.”

“Are you sure?” Asked Mike.

“Go on, I want to change anyway.” She smiled.

Once out on the foredeck, Tim introduced Mike to Randy, a co-worker and neighbor of Tim’s.

“Any luck so far?” Asked Mike, gesturing toward the fishing rod resting in the rail mounted rod holder.

“Not yet,” Randy replied. “It’s still a bit too warm. They should start biting later this evening.”

John reached into a cooler and passed around drinks as the group sat back to relax. Lacy stepped out of the cabin, and stopped the conversation.

Lacy kept her brunette hair cut short, and wore very little make-up. The low-necked one-piece bathing suit she wore hugged her curves tightly, leaving little to the imagination. Her firm breasts jiggled slightly as she padded, barefoot, to a chair against the rail, between John and Randy.

John introduced Lacy to Randy, and passed her a cold drink from the cooler. All eyes were on her as she popped the top of her soda can and took a drink. The thin blue material of her bathing suit did little to hide her nipples, which stiffened under their gaze as if in anticipation.

Conversation soon resumed, as Lacy took in her surroundings. The bright midday sun reflected off the water, illuminating the area under the roof of the foredeck. Reflected light sparkled and danced, casting streaks of silver across the men gathered around her. Weird shadows played along the granite cliffs enclosing the cove. Birds splashed in the water, foraging in the shallows. The breeze picked up a little, rustling through the trees and sending several leaves spiraling into the water.

“Well, this is a waste of time,” commented Tim as he reeled in his line. “I’m ready for a swim.”

“Sounds good.” Mike agreed. He stood and, removing his shirt, walked out the gate onto the uncovered side deck. He didn’t bother looking behind him and dove into the water head first. As his head broke water, he paddled backward, away from the houseboat, enjoying the cool swim.

Lacy suddenly broke the surface beside him, giggling. “Did you guys enjoy staring at me?” She asked.

Her husband grinned. “I know John and I did,” he replied. “I think the others are waiting to see what you’re hiding under that suit.”

“We’ll just have to see what happens later,” the brunette giggled. “Right now I’m going to relax.”

Mike watched his wife roll onto her back and float off in the direction of the houseboat. Randy and Tim swam over toward the cliffs and tread water in the shade. John took his position on the roof of the houseboat, and lay back on his towel.

An hour later, they were back aboard, eating lunch. Lacy could not hide the fact that she enjoyed the bare-chested company. Her eyes roamed around the foredeck, taking in every detail, both exposed and unexposed, of the men around her.

Randy intrigued her. While he was not a tall man, about 5’5,” he made up for it with stockiness. His sandy blond hair just touched his shoulders, framing a strong face with blue eyes and a neatly trimmed blond mustache. His deep tan highlighted the blond hair that covered his firm chest, and traced down his tight stomach.

Tim appeared to be Randy’s opposite. Tim stood just over 6′ tall, with close-cropped, curly black hair, and a thin, clean-shaven face. His thin frame seemed to accentuate his hairless chest. However, his deep brown eyes had made Lacy a bit self-conscious as he continued to glance in her direction.
Lacy remained silent while the guys talked about boats and fishing. She grinned to herself as the fishing stories began.

“What are you smiling about?” John asked her.

“You guys and your big fish stories.” She answered. “I’ll bet none of you has ever caught anything of keeping size.”

John looked over at Mike and smiled. “Sounds like a challenge to me.”

“No challenge, Tarzan.” Lacy giggled. “I’ve just been listening to a lot of talk and don’t see anything in the kitchen.”

“It’s still too hot for fishing,” commented Randy. “They won’t be biting until around sundown.”

“Excuses, excuses.” Lacy smiled. “Well, what do you have planned until that time?”

“Nothing special,” replied Tim.

“Well then, I’m going up on the roof to get some sun,” she said, standing. Turning toward John, she asked, “Mind if I borrow your towel?”

“No problem,” John replied. “I’ll show you around.”

John led Lacy over to the ladder running from the side deck up to the roof of the houseboat. Lacy climbed the ladder ahead of John, who sported a Cheshire Cat smile. He watched Lacy’s firm rear end as she climbed up the ladder and scooted over the edge of the roof.

Once on the roof, Lacy pulled John close to her and kissed him deeply. Their tongues intertwined as she felt his cock begin to stiffen. Her hand slowly traced its way down to the expanding bulge in his swimsuit. Grasping it in her tiny hand, she gave it a playful squeeze, before stroking it through the thin material.

Without breaking the kiss, John slipped the straps of Lacy’s bathing suit off of her shoulders. Lacy released him just long enough to pull her arms free of the straps and allow John to slide her suit down over her breasts. The cool breeze instantly caused her nipples to stiffen as it played over the freshly exposed skin. John’s fingers traced their way up to the firm buds, gently squeezing one between his thumb and forefinger.

Lacy moaned into John’s mouth as her tongue chased his. Her hips began to undulate, reveling in the feeling of his warm body held firmly against hers. She felt his other hand slip between her swimsuit and her back and slide its way down to cup her firm buttocks. John pulled her hips forward, into his, causing Lacy to remove her hand from his throbbing erection. The feeling of his organ pressed firmly against her pubic mound, separated only by the thin fabrics, had the desired effect on her. She felt herself dampen even more.

Without breaking the kiss, John half led, half-dragged Lacy over to his sleeping bag. She finally broke the deep kiss as she felt the soft material under her feet. Looking into his eyes, she began to kneel down, sliding her hands along his firm abdomen as she went. Her hands found the waistband of his swimsuit, and slid them down over his hips, revealing his rock hard cock.

Lacy and John had enjoyed each other’s bodies several times in the past. Although she was devoted to her husband, Mike, she couldn’t help but fall in love with John’s erection. She slowly circled the firm shaft with her tiny fist as she covered his tight stomach with kisses. Her tongue trailed down into his pubic patch. She gently blew on the dampened mound, sending a surge through his erection.

“Mmmm,” she said as she felt the organ leap in her hand.

Lacy’s tongue slid down to the firm shaft in her hand. Her lips felt every pulsing vein in the rigid shaft. John’s eyes closed as her tongue slithered over the crown and down to the underside of his cock. Lacy’s nostrils flared as she tasted the droplets of pre-cum that flowed freely from the tip. The slightly salty taste of his pre-cum thrilled her. She traced her way back up the shaft and lapped at the purplish knob. Forming her lips into an oval shape, she slipped the head into her mouth.

John groaned as her lips slid down the length of his shaft. The crown slid along the length of her tongue, which she swirled in order to gently scrub against the underside of his shaft. Lacy withdrew the erection just enough to swirl her tongue around the very tip, causing John to shudder. She suddenly engulfed his cock, swallowing the shaft until her nose brushed his pubic hair. He cradled her head in his hands as her tongue massaged the length of his manhood.

She withdrew him from her mouth and slowly stroked him. “I want you in me now, John,” she said. “Fuck me, please.”

John gently pushed Lacy back onto the sleeping bag. He bent forward to take an erect nipple between his lips as they both fought to remove her snug bathing suit. He suckled deeply as they finally got the tight garment around Lacy’s ankles. With a kick, the suit flew over the side of the roof and out of sight.

Lacy gasped as John moved to the other nipple, taking it deep into his mouth. His fingers traveled up her thigh, casually brushing her engorged labia. Her legs opened further of their own will. Her hips lifted as his fingers toyed with her neatly trimmed pubic mound.

“Don’t tease me,” she half begged. “Fuck me.”

He stroked a fingertip between her engorged lips, marveling at her wetness. She moaned as he crawled between her legs, and bit her lip as she felt his smooth erection rest between her labia. His warmth thrilled her. She felt the very tip throb slightly just before it momentarily withdrew.

John positioned the head of his penis at her entrance and leaned forward. His hips moved forward with a gentle, yet steady pressure, and he closed his eyes as the swollen knob slipped inside the moaning female beneath him. He groaned as inch after inch disappeared inside her. Lacy’s inner muscles gripped his shaft as it slowly filled her excited vagina.

Lacy inhaled deeply through clenched teeth as she felt John’s erection slowly penetrate her. She let out a satisfied sigh as the tip of his cock met her cervix. Her legs remained rigid, but her hips rose to meet his. Suddenly his lips were on hers, his tongue parting them. She kissed him hungrily as his cock began to slowly move in and out of her.

Lacy’s slippery pussy felt every inch of his shaft as he withdrew, only to press forward into her once again. Her hips began to rise and fall, matching him stroke for stroke as he firmly, yet gently fucked her. She threw her arms around his back and took hold of his buttocks, pulling him deeper inside her as she ground her pussy into the base of his cock. The tip of the hard shaft kissed her cervix over and over, sending chills throughout her body. He lifted his body from hers, supporting his weight on his strong arms, and thrust into her faster, causing her breathing to come in short gasps as she reveled in the sensations. Her face was a mask of concentration as she focused on the friction she felt deep within her overheated pussy. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer, and ground her hips into him to focus the sensations where they were needed the most.

John increased his tempo, driving his cock into her harder and faster. Perspiration formed on his back as the sun beat down on them. His hips rocked forward into her, eliciting quiet moans from her mouth as she concentrated on his cock plunging in and out of her. She began to moan loudly as his cock drove into her faster. Her head rocked from side to side, her cheeks flushing. John watched her heaving chest turn crimson, her breathing deepened even more. He knew she was about to cum.

Lacy groaned deeply as the head of the cock pounding away inside her began to expand. She bit her lower lip and wildly threw her hips into the pummeling assault. Suddenly she exploded beneath him.

The groan turned into a low-pitched scream as her hips frantically thrust forward, attempting to pull him deeper into her spasming vagina. Her inner muscles bore down hard on the length of his shaft as he frantically drove it in and out of her. Her breathing stopped as her body convulsed beneath him. She suddenly felt his cock swell and let out a heavy sigh as he began to erupt within her.

John’s erection seemed to explode as he filled the climaxing woman with his slippery load. The couple rode their mutual orgasm as if in a dream. All sense of reason was gone as they continued to thrust against each other. Lacy caught her breath and began to wail once again as she felt each spurt filling her pussy.

Suddenly he collapsed on top of her, gasping for air. She stiffened and pulled his buttocks harder against her spasming cunt, grinding her pussy into the base of his cock, wringing out every drop of pleasure she cold manage to milk from him. As her orgasm subsided, her color returned to normal and she stroked the back of his head. She planted tiny kisses on his ear and the side of his face as his breathing resumed normal rhythm.

He shakily rose onto one elbow and leaned forward to kiss her once more. Their tongues played a slow game of chase as they reveled in their spent passions. She whimpered as he withdrew his now softening cock from within her vagina’s grasp. He lay beside her, his hand idly cupping her breast as they relaxed their bodies under the warm sun.

Mike’s head suddenly appeared at the top of the ladder. “I wondered how we suddenly ended up in such rough seas,” he teased as he casually tossed Lacy her forgotten swimsuit. “Here, I think someone lost this.”

Lacy raised her head and looked at her husband with a broad smile. “Did we rock the boat a little?” She giggled.

“You two almost capsized us there toward the end,” he laughed. “Randy was hoping you’d hurry up and cum before he got seasick.”

The couple roared with laughter as they reached for their clothes.

Once on deck, Lacy couldn’t help but notice the stares she received from the men. The fact that the crotch of her swimsuit was soaked with cum, which still leaked out of her in a steady trickle, didn’t help much. She quickly excused herself to go clean up as the guys resumed the fishing conversation.

The men chatted as they began to rig the fishing rods. Stories were swapped, with varying degrees of belief and disbelief on the part of the listeners. An hour later, Randy deemed it to be about the right time for the fish to start biting. The mighty fishermen cast their lines into the water and began the difficult task of waiting.

Lacy suddenly appeared from the cabin of the houseboat, again stopping all conversation in its tracks. She wore a multicolored bikini that revealed more than it covered. Her sandals flip-flopped a steady rhythm as she crossed to the center of the deck. A quick scan of the swimsuits around her showed her the high-cut thigh of the bikini bottoms were achieving the effect she wanted.

She sat down in Mike’s lap and put her arm around him. “Any luck so far?” Lacy asked as she wiggled her shapely behind in his lap.

“Things are improving,” he replied as he felt his penis begin to swell.

The swelling did not go unnoticed by the brunette. “Good. Now we’ll see who the better fisherman is,” she giggled.

“What have you got cooked up now?” Mike whispered.

“I was doing a little thinking while I changed,” she began. “All the guys hearing us on the roof, and the way they couldn’t keep their eyes off my pussy afterward has made me extremely horny.”

“And now you want to get laid, right?” Her husband chuckled.

“I’m going to tease a bit for now,” she whispered to her husband. “But after dinner, I want all of you to fuck me until I pass out.”

Randy suddenly dropped his pole to the deck. As the group looked at him, he scrambled to pick it up. He looked at Lacy, his cheeks flushing, then turned back to the rail.

“I guess I wasn’t whispering as quietly as I thought,” Lacy giggled.

The afternoon wore on slowly for the fishermen. Lacy busied herself on deck, handing out drinks, holding fishing poles for any of the guys who needed to excuse themselves to the head, and just generally teasing the men unmercifully. She sat with her legs slightly parted, giving them all a glimpse of the valley between her thighs. She watched the bulges in the swimsuits grow as she untied the top strings of her bikini and applied tanning lotion to the top of her breasts. Tim watched in rapt fascination as a single bead of perspiration slipped down her slim neck and disappeared between her breasts. Lacy smiled to herself behind her sunglasses as she watched him suddenly blink and return his attention to the fishing rod.

At length, two trout were caught, cleaned, and put in the cooler by the time dinnertime rolled around. Lacy helped out in the galley, tossing a salad as the guys prepared the rest of the meal. Mike cooked pork ribs on the gas grill on the foredeck, while Tim took charge of the side dish and vegetables. John and Randy took it upon themselves to set the dinette table, and pour drinks. The conversation remained light as they ate, focusing mainly on the poor fishing and Randy’s success at catching the only two trout of keeping size.

The table was cleared, and the dishes washed and put away. The group soon found themselves on the foredeck chatting as a propane lantern hissed in the background. The subject of the trip to the Grand Canyon came up as John bragged about his new camper.

“It needs to be broken in,” he explained. “I was thinking about a trip out to the Black Rock Desert,” he paused and looked straight at Lacy. “You know, instead of the Grand Canyon this time.”

Lacy looked at her husband and winked as she stood. Walking over toward John, she reached behind her and untied her bikini top. “You just want to get your hands on these,” she said as she lifted the top over her head.

John smiled as Lacy stopped in front of him, just out of reach. Tim craned his neck to look around her back and catch a glimpse of her pert breasts. John reached for her, only to see her back up a step.

“Oh, no,” she teased. “You’ll have to wait.”

Crossing the deck, she came to a stop in front of Randy. He swallowed hard as the brunette lowered herself into his lap, straddling his legs. “Randy proved himself to be the better provider today, so he gets the first reward.”

Randy looked at Mike for approval before reacting. Mike smiled and nodded as his wife pulled Randy’s head between her breasts. Randy could feel his face flush as he inhaled her scent. He could not believe it. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. Lacy’s full bosom engulfed his face, warming his cheeks.

Lacy wiggled on his lap. Reaching in front of her, she felt his erect cock throbbing through his swimsuit. The young man felt more than heard her moan her approval. He kissed the inside of her breast while placing his hands on her hips, drawing her closer. The change of position forced Lacy to pull her chest back a bit, allowing him access to her rigid nipples. Still feeling a little self conscious, he gently took a nipple between his lips. Lacy moaned when she felt him suck the nipple into his mouth. The warmth spread throughout her breast as he gently suckled. His tongue never stood still. She felt him paint her aureole with the tip, dragging the flat of his tongue across the sensitive tip of her nipple. The other nipple soon received the same treatment, while his hand covered the now abandoned breast.

Mike watched as his wife slid from the young man’s lap and leaned forward. Catching the waistband of his swimsuit, she began sliding the trunks down his abdomen. He lifted his hips to allow her to slide the trunks down over his buttocks, then down to his knees. Randy hesitantly reached forward to the ties on each side of her bikini bottom, looking up at the gorgeous brunette as he did. Smiling down at the young man, she nodded her approval. He tugged at the ties and she was revealed to him completely.

Randy sucked in his breath as he slid his hands up the backs of her thighs to cup her firm buttocks in his large hands. He opened his legs and drew her closer, breathing in her musk as his lips met her flat tummy. Lacy felt a thrill run through her. His lips parted and his tongue joined in the exploration. She moaned quietly when his chin suddenly grazed through her pubic mound. Hands kneaded her tight cheeks, drawing her closer to the tongue that traced its way down to her curly patch. His hot breath tickled her labia as his bottom lip found her clitoris.

“Oh, no,” she murmured. “I don’t want to cum that way.” Lacy drew herself away from the young man. Grasping his hard on, she stroked it several times. “This is going to be good,” she said as she angled the head of his cock toward her.

Crouching down, Lacy rubbed the rubbery tip of Randy’s erection across her labia. The engorged lips parted of their own will. Inhaling through clenched teeth, she began to lower herself onto him.

Randy’s breathing immediately became ragged as he felt her wet, velvety vagina engulf him. Watching the sexy brunette all afternoon had kept him in an almost constant state of erection, and pre-cum flowed from the tip of his cock freely. When he had overheard her talking to her husband, it had almost scared him to death. He knew he had to have been mistaken, she couldn’t have said that. She couldn’t be serious. Yet here she was, nude, in his lap, sliding her sweet body down onto his hard cock.

Lacy’s eyes grew wider with each inch that penetrated her. Randy’s cock was not long, but it was deliciously thick. The thick tip spread her open, then suddenly his cock tapered back inward just beneath the crown, only to flare out again toward the middle. It broadened once more at the base, she discovered.

Once firmly seated upon Randy’s lap, she leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck. Lacy looked deep into his eyes, her own breath becoming a bit ragged. She leaned forward, rocking her pelvis toward his, and kissed him deeply. The firm tip of his proud cock made glancing contact with her cervix, causing her to moan into his mouth.

Mike looked at the other men staring at his wife. He smiled at John, who winked, then returned his attention to the couple. Tim stared with his mouth agape. It was obvious he had never watched a couple have sex before. Lacy’s groan brought Mike’s attention back to her.

Randy held Lacy tightly as she rocked her hips back and forth over his lap. His tongue chased hers as he felt the tip of his shaft lightly tapping against her cervix, and glancing off the inner walls of her vagina. She never lifted her hips. Instead, she ground her pussy into his lap, putting delicious pressure on her throbbing clitoris.

Lacy moaned into Randy’s mouth when she found the correct angle. She discovered that by moving backward just a bit, then rotating her hips, the base of Randy’s fabulous cock stayed in contact with her clitoris. The added sensation of his erection tapping at the entrance to her womb was almost too much. She knew she was approaching orgasm much too quickly. There were still three more men to take care of.

As the brunette debated a change of position to keep herself from orgasming too quickly, Randy made her decision for her. The sensations Lacy was creating, combined with the excitement of the situation, proved to be too much for him. Releasing her mouth from his, he suddenly pulled her hips firmly toward him and erupted deep inside her.

Lacy felt his erection suddenly grow. The tip planted itself firmly against the opening of her cervix and convulsed, sending long, slippery ropes of his cum directly into her womb. The feeling of the cock bucking and spasming inside her threatened to push her over the edge, but she maintained control. She felt warm cum flowing down the shaft of his cock and seeping out of her, coating them both where they were joined. She bit her bottom lip, concentrating on holding back her impending orgasm, knowing that if she were to cum now, she would never be able to handle the other three men.

Randy held her tighter, keeping her hips perfectly still as electric shocks flashed through the sensitive crown of his erect cock. Lacy pulled his head between her heaving breasts and breathed deeply as she felt the pleasure pour out of him. His body finally began to relax and she felt his erection begin to subside.

“Oh, my God,” he finally stammered. “I’ve never felt anything quite like that.”

“You were in me pretty deep, ” she agreed, releasing his head and rocking backward to look at him. “You had me on the edge for quite a while. I almost couldn’t hold back.”

“Why would you want to hold back?” Randy asked her, curiosity written across his face.

As she shifted her body to get up, Lacy explained that she rarely orgasmed more than once during sex. She went on to say that when she orgasmed, she almost always came so hard she practically passed out, and required a long rest to recharge. “It just wouldn’t be fair to end it before I took care of the rest of my guys,” she finished with a smile.

Lacy stood and gave him a final deep kiss, gently fondling his now flaccid penis. Cum slowly leaked out of her vagina and dripped onto the deck. Turning to look at Tim, she added, “Would it?”

Tim looked at her nude body in silence. This was unbelievable. He had, of course, been watching her sexy body all day long, and had even entertained the idea of masturbating that night while fantasizing about her. Now here she was nude, and motioning for him to come fuck her.

Lacy walked to the center of the carpeted deck as Tim stood up. He nervously approached her, as Mike and John watched the brunette run her hands over her body, cupping her breast with one hand, while absentmindedly teasing her clitoris with the other. She wasted no time with preliminaries, simply reaching for the buttons of his shorts instead. Mike watched his wife grasp Tim’s erect cock as it sprang free. Once the cutoff shorts were around Tim’s ankles, she lay down on the deck, pulling him down to lie with her.

Tim looked down at the gorgeous woman beneath him as she guided him between her open thighs. A look of concentration appeared on his face as soon as he felt the tip of his penis enter her. She reached behind him and pulled him deeply inside her in one swift, smooth motion. As Tim got over the initial euphoria of penetrating her, his hips took over, rocking into her gently.

“Fuck me, Tim,” she breathed to him. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

Tim seemed to brace himself at her words. He studied every feature of her pretty face as he thrust forward, burying himself completely inside her. She gasped at the depth of his penetration. The young man withdrew almost completely, only to thrust forward once more, driving the breath from her lungs as he slid completely into her once again.

Even Mike was in awe of the power Tim put into each thrust into his wife’s slippery pussy. He leaned over and whispered to John, “She won’t last long that way.”

John only smiled in reply. He pulled down his bathing suit and stroked his hard cock as he watched Tim and Lacy buck against each other in front of them. “We may have an unconscious woman to fuck pretty quick.”

Lacy’s face reflected her surprise at the power and determination of each of Tim’s deep thrusts into her pussy. She moaned as she thrust her hips back at the young man, attempting to match him stroke for delicious stroke. She felt his buttocks flex as the cock plunged in and out of her, hurling her toward her orgasm. While she had asked for him to fuck her hard and fast, she never expected anything like this. His cock seemed to grow with each forward stroke, stretching her vagina to unbelievable limits. Her breathing came in short gasps as she looked deep into his eyes and wriggled her hips beneath him.

Tim seemed to be in a world of his own as he pounded the full length of his cock into the sexy brunette. Her slick inner muscles clutched at him, milking him, and spurring him on. He felt her nails begin to dig into his buttocks, and a low moan begin to well up from within her. Thoughts of the men gathered around them watching never occurred to him. Instinct to fill her warm pussy with his load of cum drove him to continue the rapid pace, driving his cock into her harder and faster with each passing second.

Lacy could not hold back. Tim’s fabulous cock made sure of that. The sensations created by the thick shaft pounding away inside her threw her over the edge of orgasm. She felt the familiar sensations begin at her entrance, and she stiffened beneath the young man as they swept over her body. Spasms took control of her muscles as she ground herself into him, crying out in total abandon as she convulsed on the deck. Mike smiled to himself as he watched his wife’s body thrash about beneath their host. Her face and upper chest turned deep crimson as she bore down hard on the amazing cock with her vaginal muscles.

Tim was not oblivious to what was happening to her. The convulsing muscles deep within her pulled him rapidly over the brink himself and he exploded inside of her. The cry became a shriek as she felt his cock tremble and shake within her, sending thick volleys of cum surging into her. The syncopated rhythm of their combined efforts disappeared. They became thrusting, orgasming animals, each intent on their own pleasure, and attempting to wring as much of that pleasure from the other as possible.

The combined ejaculations of her lovers gushed out of her as the pummeling pace continued. Lacy fought for each breath as her orgasm drew out into an almost blinding convulsion. Never before had she felt such ecstasy. The cock bucking inside her seemed to be everywhere within her at once, coating her insides with slippery cum.

Finally, Tim’s muscles could not go on. With a loud, almost animalistic groan, he collapsed on top of her, his hips twitching as his cock pumped the last few dribbles of his semen into her.

Lacy’s inner muscles continued to spasm weakly around him. The sudden weight of his body on top of her brought her back to a slight sense of reality. She could only see the top of his shoulder as he lay atop her. Closing her eyes once more, she let the tension drain from her well-used body, and drift off to satisfied sleep.

Lacy awoke to the feeling of hands gently stroking her. She luxuriated in the feelings of the hands, and now lips, that explored her inert form. A tongue slipped over her labia, causing a slight moan to escape her lips. Absentmindedly, she hoped someone had cleaned her up from her previous activities. Her skin began to come alive. She could tell she was no longer on the rough carpet of the foredeck.

Opening her eyes, she slowly became aware of her surroundings. It was daylight. She had obviously been carried indoors, and was now on the bed in the cabin. John stood over her as Mike, Tim, and Randy slowly stroked and explored her body. He quickly shushed her before she could speak by kissing her deeply. A mouth found a nipple as the tongue between her legs settled in on her clitoris.

Lacy’s body reacted instantly to the fingers tracing their way over her tummy, thighs, neck, and shoulders. The other nipple was quickly engulfed by another hot mouth, occupying all of her pleasure centers at once. John’s tongue chased hers as he stroked her cheek. The tongue on her clitoris caused her hips to undulate as she basked in the ministrations of the four men. She would not last long at this rate.

Mike smiled to himself as he continued to lap at her rigid clitoris. He knew Lacy loved to be stroked and licked like this, and he loved to pleasure his wife. Although he hadn’t participated the night before, he knew his opportunity would come. At the moment, it was her turn. For now he was content to give his wife the pleasure he knew she loved.

Although the hands and mouths were taking their time, not hurrying in the slightest, Lacy felt her orgasm approaching rapidly. Her nostrils flared as John’s mouth prevented her from breathing from her own. Her chest heaved beneath the two suckling mouths, still firmly attached to her erect nipples. She came.

Her hips thrust upward into her husband’s face, and she groaned into John’s mouth. Light flashed through her mind as the tongue drove her further over the edge. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she grasped the heads of the men at her breasts, pulling them firmer against her. Her pussy became inflamed under Mike’s tongue, her clitoris sensitized by the friction. Realizing this, he slowly backed off of the rigid bud, and began a series of long slow licks on the outside of her labia, bringing her down from her peak.

The men eased up on their ministrations, each slowly releasing their oral grasp of her body, until only their slowly moving hands remained.

Breaking the deep kiss, John pulled back from the now relaxed woman. “Good morning,” he smiled.

“Mmmm,” was all she could reply.

The men slowly pulled away from her, and one by one departed the tiny bedroom, leaving Mike alone with his wife.

“Sleep well?” Mike asked as he sat next to her.

“Very,” she replied. “I guess I owe you and John for last night,” she grinned.

“Relax,” her husband replied. “We have all day and one more night.”
“I’ll need all day to recover,” she giggled.

“Wait ’til tonight,” he teased as he got up to leave the room. “We’re going to make sure you need all of next week to recover.”

Lacy smiled broadly as her husband left the room, closing the door behind him. As her hand trailed over her flat tummy, she reflected on her life with her husband. They had shared many pleasures together, this holiday weekend included among them. As she rose from the bed and put on a powder blue silk robe, she briefly wondered what her four guys had cooked up for her later in the evening. Reaching for the door, she decided to forget about it and just go with the flow. She changed her mind and shucked off the robe, deciding instead to just stay naked. It didn’t matter what they had in mind, she knew she would love every minute of it.