A young man decides that he is going to take advantage of Chloe Moretz

Ever since I saw Chloe in her role as Hit Girl in the
movie KickAss, I knew I had to have her. She just
turned 15 this year and I’ve been watching her every
move that she has made since I tracked down her home

It just so happens that this weekend her parents and
brothers are going to be out of town and this would be
a rare time she would be home alone.

I learned this by listening in on conversations in her
home using my spy equipment.

Saturday was a rainy night and perfect timing to pull
off my plot to take her in her parent’s mansion. I had
been planning this for months waiting for the perfect

I put an old pizza delivery sign that I found in a
garbage dump on my car and dressed up as a pizza
delivery boy. I found the outfit in a Salvation Army
store donated by someone who must have worked for the
local pizzeria.

I drove to her home and rang the bell…

“Who is it?” She asked from the intercom… “I have a
pizza you ordered!” I shouted back through the
intercom standing at the gate.

“I didn’t order any pizza, you have the wrong

“Uhhh, is there any chance I can use your phone to
call my work and get the right address?”

“The address on the order is right here.”

I must have looked so pathetic drenched in the rain
holding the pizza but it was all part of the act.

I was sure to keep my head down so that the baseball
cap covered my face.

Chloe must have looked through the security camera and
seen the delivery vehicle and me in my pizza delivery
outfit holding the pizza.

Because the gate opened and I was able to get into the
car and drive safely into the mansion unseen.

I approached the door and waited maybe a minute before
Chloe came to the door and unlocked it and let me in.
I immediately slammed the door shut behind me. I
couldn’t believe she actually fell for my plan.

As she was walking me toward the phone I quickly
wrapped my arm around her neck from behind as she
started struggling. I grabbed the switchblade from my
pocket and showed it to her making her thrash about
with fear.

She gasped and whined as I choked her with my arm and
she yelled. “Let me go! What are you doing?”

“What am I doing, well I’ll be doing you soon you
little slut, so shut the fuck up and I won’t have to
hurt you… Got it?”

To show my seriousness I lowered the blade to her
throat. She unwillingly nodded and I released my grip
from her throat.

I stepped back and began unzipping my pants and took
my cock out. Just looking at her and thinking about
what I was going to do to her made my cock stand to

She definitely knew what I had planned as she shook
her head in a “No” fashion. I approached her with the

Chloe was wearing her bedtime outfit with tight
flowered pajama bottoms that hugged her legs snuggly.
She had a matching button up shirt that was unbuttoned
at the top giving a slight view of her cleavage.

I started to undo each of her shirt buttons and parted
her shirt, exposing her small tits and I was hoping I
was the first one to see them.

I slowly ran my finger down her chest and over her
bare stomach. This sent shivers down her spine. Her
stomach had the cutest little naval you ever saw. I
slid her shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to
the floor at her feet.

I leaned down and began to lick her erecting nipples.

Then I started to place her hand around my hard cock
and tried to pull away. I showed her the knife and
said “Play with it Chloe, be nice to your new friend.
Stroke my cock you little slut.

“She massaged it with her warm palm as she began cry.
I decided to silence her crying with my tongue.

“Use your tongue… Do it!” I said as I forced her to
French-kiss me.

Her mouth tasted like she just ate some peppermint
candies which made it all the better as I lapped up
the saliva out of her mouth like a dog.

I stopped our kiss and said “You know what I really
want? To feel my cock in that pretty mouth of yours.
Now get on your knees and suck it whore!”

I saw the terror in her eyes and had to force her to
her knees. Once at eye level with my cock I began
slapping her face with my erection.

She was determined to not allow my dick in her mouth.
The knife seemed to have no effect on making her do

So I pocketed the knife and held her down while
plugging her nose.

She couldn’t hold her breath forever and when she
opened them I quickly shoved the tip of my cock firmly
between those impossibly full lips.

I forced the whole length into the back of her mouth.
She started to gag but I didn’t care.

I grabbed her violently by the hair and balled it up
into my fists.

I started to pound my cock back and forth into her
mouth making her choke and gag with every thrust.

I used and abused her pretty mouth for my own
pleasure. I face fucked her so hard I knew it had to
be hurting her but I didn’t care.

Her saliva was gushing from the corners of her mouth
and leaked off her chin.

Just as I felt myself beginning to cum I pulled out as
she coughed and spitted.

“Fuck you have an amazing mouth Chloe! But I knew that
I better stop before you made me cum. I have so much
more I want to do to you before that happens and a
much better place for my seed to be deposited then
your mouth. Now get on the floor on your back!”

She must have known the orifice where I meant to have
my load shoot because she quickly yelled “NO!”

She then began screaming as she got to her feet and
began to run off.

I quickly caught her by her wrist and flung her onto
the floor. She flailed about and clawed at me as she

I started to remove my pants and shirt but as I did
this she got up and tried to run away again.

This time I back handed her hard and she collapsed
back onto the floor dazed.

I continued to remove all my clothes as I looked at
the now prone Chloe Moretz just waiting for my vicious

I positioned myself between her legs and grabbed my
knife from my pants pocket.

I cut the crotch of her pajama bottoms and tore it
open, exposing her fluffy sandy blonde little pussy.

It had the tightest looking pair of lips that I have
ever seen. Her pussy was perfect one a girl of her

I took my cock and began to ease into her. Then I
pushed hard into her feeling her hymen giving way to
my cock.

This instantly knocked Chloe out of her daze as she
screamed and cried in pain.

I didn’t care though and I continued shove my cock
deeper until it could go no further in her.

She continued to scream in pain, and I grunted and
moaned with pleasure as I looked down between her legs
and realized I had taken her virginity.

I knew that had popped her cherry. I saw the blood on
my cock. I couldn’t believe it she was a virgin and
had never seen the casting couch.

She continued to cry as she said “Please stop it hurts
so much!”

“I have only just started so shut up and let me enjoy
this you dumb cunt” I yelled.

I wanted to savor every moment of this as I enjoyed
the tightness of my Chloe’s vagina. It was extremely
pleasurable for me but I am sure agonizing pain for

I just kissed her as I enjoyed the warm moist muscles
which engulfed my cock and squeezed on my flesh
encouraging my balls to produce my baby makers.

I began to rock back and forth allowing my dick and
her pussy to adjust. I could feel her tightness
surround it and her vaginal juices wetting our private

“Mmmmm, so this is your first time is it Chloe. It was
nice of your protective brothers to help you save
yourself just for me all those years pushing the boys
out of your life. Don’t worry though I’ll make sure to
make this memorable! You will have something to
remember me by ounce I am finished with you.”

I started to pump my cock into her tight little cunt
harder and harder making her cries become louder and
louder. It is a good thing that the mansion is in the
middle of nowhere in the hills of California.

As if she had neighbors they would be calling the cops
right now. I pumped harder and harder abusing her with
my words.

“Take that you little whore! Yeah that feels great!
Take that baby making cock all the way up that virgin
cunt of yours! Your little body is mine to enjoy!”

I fucked her so hard that she couldn’t help but scream
in agony as her body was ravaged by my cock. She
started to yell for help but I knew that there was no
help that was going to come so I kept pounding her

“Ohhhh Chloe, you’re making me cum. Your pussy makes
me so hot. I want to cum inside you. I want to squirt
in your pussy. Make a baby in you. I’m gonna push it
all in deep and fill you with cum.”

“Stop! Please stop! You’re hurting me! No! Mommy!
Daddy! Someone! Help!” That was all it took, her
whines set me off to a very powerful and explosive

I grunted and my ass cheeks clenched, “Unngghh!
Unngghh! Unngghh! Milk me, Chloe baby, milk me. Take
my jism… yeah! Feel it? Feel all that baby making
cum squirting into your cunt? Yeah! I’m cumming!

I felt the strength leave me as the last of my semen
was pumped into Chloe and I fell on her sweaty body. I
began to kiss her hard and licked the tears from her
eyes. They tasted so good. This turned me. “God, that
was incredible. I can’t believe that I’m still hard
after the way you milked my cock. I’m ready to go
again I hope you are because I have bigger plans for
your other virgin hole.”

I slapped face her hard just to keep it in mind who is
the boss. I wanted more from her and I wanted her to
suffer even greater humiliation. I had an idea.
“Where’s your bedroom?” I said as I grabbed her by the
hair. Tears rolled down her face as she looked to her
side down the hallway, her eyes pointing the way.

I pulled her up and threw her over my shoulders,
carrying her to her bedroom as she pounded at my back.
When I got to her bedroom which I knew was hers
because of the kitten wallpaper I threw her onto her
bed facedown like a ragdoll. I grabbed her bottoms and
pulled them free of her body, leaving her completely

I had to go again and get more of the fresh cunt so I
reinserted my cock and it felt so good traveling up
her pussy. I continued to thrust until I once again
ran into that deep warm-moist dead end! Thrusting,
thrusting harder now more than ever, my cum was
beginning to well up!

I moaned Chloe’s name over and over with my eyes
closed and my sweat trickling down my face. My cock
stabbed and hammered into that sweet little previously
virgin pussy that would be mine for the rest of the
weekend, “Oh Chloe!” I gasped. “Make me cum!” Digging,
drilling my flesh into the young girl made me swell
larger. As I opened my eyes I saw the tenderness of
her butt cheeks and this made my sperm come flowing.

This time my load of wet sticky semen shot into her in
what seemed like a stream of piss. She screamed in
horror realizing that I was once again unloading my
babymaker. “Hope that you enjoy raising my child
bitch!” She cried harder with these words and I went
to her face and licked the tears from her eyes. She
rolled over into a ball and I started jerking myself
off trying to get myself hard again after the two
rounds of fun. Didn’t take long as her gorgeous legs
and round ass began teasing me. There was one more
cherry on her left to pop I thought.

“Time to lose your last cherry Chloe” I said as I
rolled her on her stomach and climbed on top of her. I
pushed my cock between her ass cheeks and rammed it
into her ass hard. She screamed bloody murder so loud
that the next city could hear her. So I quickly
grabbed a pillow and stuffed her face into it. She
continued her muffled screams and her fists pounded
against the mattress as I pounded her tight virgin ass
with my thick cock. “OOOOOH, You’re either really wet
down there or you’re bleeding! Either way. Take that!
And that! And that!”

I felt that familiar feeling in my cock so a pulled
out of her ass and rammed it back into her abused
cunt. Chloe screamed and then went limp I pounded her
a few more times and then my cock filled her cunt and
she passed out on her bed abused and used. I got off
of her and noticed a Polaroid camera sitting on her

I took 2 snapshots, 1 for me and 1 for her to keep as
a memento of her impregnation with my cum flowing out
her gaping pussy and onto her sheets.

Satisfied I decided to take a tour of her parent’s
mansion and see if there was anything with keeping for
myself once I was done with their daughter.

It is going to be a great weekend!

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