Chloe Moretz AKA Hit-Girl

Chloe Grace Moretz stood naked in front of the full length mirror in the trailer that the studio supplied their stars when filming outside of the studio. She had gone through her morning exercise routine, did her stretches, showered and dried her strawberry blonde hair. The make-up artists and stylists would do her hair and make-up so all she had left to do was put on her Hit-Girl costume and report for shooting. It was her first day shooting in her new outfit for Kick Ass 2 and she was a bit nervous. It wasn’t that she wasn’t prepared, she’d been studying the fight routine for months, it was that she was sixteen now and they had added a bit of romance to the script. She wouldn’t film her kiss with her co-star for weeks yet but for some reason she associated being in her costume as the start of kissing boys on screen and it brought a strange throb low in her belly.

Chloe pulled on her purple pants and had some difficulties zipping them since the zipped from the front all the way to just above her pert butt. The pants had sewn in underwear in them and this zipper was apparently supposed to help her use the restroom between takes which was a improvement actually compared to the first costume that required two people to help her out of it. It had felt weird peeling in front of two grown men with strange looks on their faces when she was going, that eventually she gotten a bladder infection due to holding it in as long as she could.

Next came Chloe’s purple top which was easier than the pants since it just had a regular zipper in front with a built in sports bra. The sports bra wasn’t that big of a deal since it was now obvious that she’d never grow out of her A-cups but staring at her breasts in the mirror she decided that they were still going to be nicely shaped and maybe, when she was older, she’d get some implants,

The last pieces Chloe had to put on were her boots, cape, and mask and in no time she looked like a superhero. Smirking to her self she left her trailer feeling a bit more confident than she had before.

Chloe’s confidence lasted for about two hours before she accidentally missed a turn during the fight and got a baseball bat across the side of her head. She fell unconscious to the dirty ground and was immediately swarmed by the studio paramedics and taken to the trauma tent set up behind the crew. The bat was little more than a hollow wooden tube but had hit her in just the right spot to knock her off her feet. The studio doctor didn’t want to send her to the hospital just yet with out talking to her first so the crew made her comfortable on a cot and went about with the rest of the filming.

Just after thirty minutes Chloe groaned in pain as she struggled to sit up. Her head ached and her vision was blurry as she sat on the edge of the cot. She looked around with bleary eyes and started to get a bit nervous when she didn’t recognize anything. She shot to her feet in alarm and immediately began to swoon as the blood rushed from her head. She stumbled out of the tent and had to hold her hand up to block the sun from out if her eyes.

Still not recognizing where she was, Chloe wandered from the tent looking around for something or someone who she knew. She passed stranger after stranger, not knowing anybody as she walked out into the street still not recognizing anybody or anything. She passed a shop window and gasped in surprise at her reflection, not even recognizing herself. She held her hand up to the window and muttered, “Who am I?” She stared at her purple hair and black domino mask and wondered, “Why am I dressed like a superhero?”

“Hey, Hit-Girl!” a voice rang out from behind Chloe. She spun around and looked at the busy sidewalk until she say a average looking man walking past her. “Great costume, kid,” the man shouted out again as he waved happily. Spinning around to her reflection she suddenly realized what was happening to her. She was dressed like a superhero because she was a superhero. She was Hit-Girl! And her throbbing head must be because she was attacked by some villain and now she had to find him and fuck his shit up.

Crouching low to the ground, Hit-Girl peered around looking for that cock-sucker that must have jumped her. Down the street she saw a urban dressed black man walk into an out of the way alley, it had to be him. Still feeling groggy, she made her way as swiftly as she could to the mouth of the alley and peered inside. He was there, just fifty feet away, probably waiting to make some sort of drug deal. Creeping in closer to cut off his escape she leaped out and pulled the double daggers from behind her back, not realizing that they were just rubber props.

“Don’t move, mother fucker,” she said with a wicked grin, startling the young gang member.

“What the fuck?!” the young man shouted, dropping his cigarette and lighter. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Hit-Girl,” she said in the classic superhero pose with her feet set shoulder length apart and her hands on her hips, “And you’re under arrest.”

The young man looked around expecting someone to jump out and yell surprise. “What the hell are you talking about?” he asked the small, oddly dressed young girl. “Is this a trick or something? Did my boss put you up to this?” he asked with a smile thinking he had figured out what was going on. “I get a break every two hours, I can smoke if I want.”

Hit-Girl snickered. “The only break you’re going to get from now on is when someone is breaking off a piece of your ass in prison.”

Shocked by the young girl’s language, the young man asked, “Are you even old enough to be talking like that?”

“I’m old enough to kick some gang-banging drug dealer’s ass,” Hit-Girl said as she took a bold step forward, the pain in her head increasing.

“Hey, that’s racist,” the young man said with a note of hurt. “Just because I’m black in the inner-ish part of the city doesn’t make me a gang member,” he said defensively.

Hit-Girl swooned for a moment before saying, “Tell it… it to the… The ju… judge, ass… asshole…” before falling to the dirty ground.

The young man looked around expecting to see cameras or TV hosts jumping out but nothing happened and he just turned his head back to the young girl. She was maybe ten years younger than him and simply laid on the ground. “Little Miss, you okay?” he asked as he took a tentative step forward. When she didn’t respond he took another step closer, “Seriously, this better not be a joke.” When the girl still didn’t move or speak he knelt down beside her and shook her shoulder.

Hit-Girl slowly rolled over onto her back and looked up at the man with bleary, teal colored eyes. “Go… Gonna get you, mother…” she said before closing her eyes again.

“Holy shit,” the man whispered as he realized who was laying on the ground below him, “You’re fuckin’ Chloe Moretz.”

Chloe’s eyes fluttered open slightly. “I… I… I’m fuckin’… I’m fuckin’ Hit-Girl, cock-stain,” she mumbled, fighting to keep her eyes open.

The confused young man looked around for cameras again before looking back down and the girl. “I heard they were filming a movie around here. What happened?” he asked worriedly.

“Hit… hit my… my head,” Chloe slurred before falling back into unconsciousness.

“That explains a thing or three,” the man said to himself before checking Chloe’s pulse. Her heart was beating fine and she was breathing steadily so she was basically fine except for the knot on her head which he could feel under her purple wig. His eyes stayed on her slight chest for a moment, her small breasts pressing against the fabric with each breath. He didn’t even realize he was staring until a small groan escaped from her lips, her full, pouty lips. “I’m Eric, by the way,” he said as he shook her shoulder again but she didn’t answer this time.

Looking around again, Eric ran through his options in his head. He hated leaving Chloe alone here but there was nobody near by, there was just him, all alone with Chloe Moretz, where nobody could see. “I should get help,” he thought to himself, “I should really get her some help.” He stared down at her face, her moist pink lips parted as she breathed, her wet tongue just barely visible. He could feel himself growing hard in his pants. She was completely vulnerable. All alone in a alley with nobody around and her mouth slightly open.

Eric took one last look around before muttering, “Fuck it.” He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his now erect cock, fisting it slightly with one hand while cradling the back of Chloe’s head with the other. He took a quick look around again, just to be safe, before sliding his cock over the young girl’s lips. He shuddered in pleasure as he pushed the tip of his prick inside of her mouth until he felt her wet tongue pushing back against him. He felt guilty for a moment, taking advantage of the beautiful girl like he was, but when would he ever get a chance like this again. “Fuck it. I can live with the quilt,” he muttered before pushing himself another inch into the girl’s mouth.

Eric only pushed the few few inches of his cock into her mouth, not wanting to gag her and wake her up accidentally. Her tongue pushed against him and he angled himself, resting his shaft on top of her tongue before sliding another inch in, rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. He groaned in pleasure as he fucked her mouth, guilt running through him but strangely just turning him on even more. Her pouty lips closed over his shaft as she instinctively began sucking on him like a small child with a nipple in her mouth, drawing him into her even more.

“Oh sweet baby Jesus,” Eric mumbled to himself, “Your mouth is a gift from God.” She felt amazing as he ran his cock-head along the insides of her mouth, enjoying the different textures of her lips, tongue, cheeks, and the roof of her mouth. Her tongue caressed the underside of his shaft as he rocked himself back and forth, a small stream of drool escaping from the corners of her mouth. “Fuck yes!” he groaned as his prick slid slowly in and out of her beautiful face, her eyes fluttering every once in a while as she made light slurping sounds around his cock.

As he continued lightly fucking Chloe’s talented mouth, Eric continued holding the back of her head up with one hand and began sliding his other hand down to her small chest. His hand traveled across her petite tits through her costume, squeezing them softly as he ran the tip of his prick along the insides of her wet cheeks. He found the zipper and pulled it slowly down, still desperate not to wake her up as he began molesting her chest while fucking her mouth.

Eric spread her top open to reveal Chloe’s small, pert tits. They were incredibly firm even considering their small size and topped with pale, pink nipples. He ran his cock-shaft over her pouting lips before sliding himself back inside of her while sliding his thumb over her rosy pink nipples. Shame crept through him again as he molested the young girl but as his hand slid down from her slender chest to her soft, flat stomach, he got over it. The zipper only went down to just below her belly button and he imagined himself cumming all over her stomach and tits when she suddenly began to gag around his cock-head.

“Oh shit!” Eric gasped out as he pulled his dick from out of Chloe’s moist mouth. He scuttled away like a crap with his prick pointed straight up in the air, ready to run away in an instant. The young girl coughed weakly a few time, her eyes flickering before relaxing back on the ground, her eyes closed and her breathing returning to normal. When his own breathing returned to normal, his erection never subsiding, he considered just ending what had been going on, returning the girl to the studio. But then his eyes were drawn to her pink lips and small, exposed tits. He thought over his options for a moment and then just shrugged his shoulders.

Returning to the vulnerable actress, Eric looked down at her prone body. He had fucked her mouth and all she had down was cough a bit but only because he hadn’t been paying attention to how far he had been plumping her mouth. Surely as long as he paid attention he could do even more. After all, when would he ever get a chance to fuck a Hollywood celebrity again?

It only took Eric a few moments to find the zipper beneath her skirt and to figure out the zips in Chloe’s outfit. With only a few tugs his fingers he had her top pulled all the way open to reveal her entire chest and smooth, flat stomach. And then, his fingers trembling in anticipation, he unfastened the zip below her skirt revealing her small, pink pussy. His cock lurched in anticipation as he licked his lips while he stared at the smooth juncture between her thighs. Her pussy was shaved completely bald with only a small tuft of dark blonde, nearly brown pubic hair above her slit.

Eric reached down and softly caressed Chloe’s soft, warm pussy, amazed at how silky it felt. He knew that it had to mean that she was freshly waxed because shaving would have left bumps and it just turned him on even more to realize she was as smooth as a doll. His doll. He stroked her cunt lightly, running his fingertips on either side of her labia, making her flesh bulge out between his fingers as he slid them up and down. She began moaning softly but he didn’t stop, couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop no matter what. If the young star woke up fully right then and there it wouldn’t make him stop, all that mattered to him right now was fucking her.

He didn’t care if it could get him arrested, all Eric could care about was slipping himself inside of Chloe Moretz’s young, fine form. He continued stroking her until he saw a bit of moisture begin to collect at the bottom of her pink slit and her clit begin to harden and slip from her sheath. He parted her dewy labia to reveal the glistening entrance to her pussy, licking his lips hungrily as he traced a fingertip around her hole. He slowly pushed the tip of his pinky into her hot cunt, easing it back and forth up to the first knuckle, slowly preparing her body.

When he could fit his pinky all the way inside Chloe’s tightly clenching body, Eric slid it out and quickly licked her slick, warm juices off before slipping his middle finger in. He could barely get is middle finger in to the second knuckle but as he slid it in and out more her tight pussy began to loosen up enough to take it completely. He added his ring finger next, finger-fucking her gently as her clit became fully visible and he began caressing it with his thumb. The vulnerable starlet began moaning slightly, her eyes fluttering as her unconscious body began responding to him and nervous sweat broke out across his forehead. He stretched his fingers out slightly inside of her pussy, now sure that she was turned on enough to take him, hopefully without waking her.

Eric opened Chloe’s legs as wide as he could and climbed between her thighs, positioning the tip of his prick at the entrance to her sopping cunt. He squeezed the tip of his prick inside of her tight pussy, groaning out in pleasure, amazed at how hot her hole felt. His eyes fluttered in pleasure and he thought he was going to pass out at the feel of the unconscious star’s amazing pussy as he gritted his teeth, suddenly insecure about what he was doing. He was in a completely open alley, fucking an unconscious teenage girl, in full daylight, barely 30 yards from the mouth of the alley. Literally anybody could see him if they simply turned their heads but apparently God or Providence was on his side as he slowly slid his aching prick inside of the prone, vulnerable girl. But the feel of her tight pussy slowly parting around his shaft made all the danger worth it.

Chloe began groaning out more and Eric’s voice joined her’s. The louder she began to pant and moan the louder he did as well. His arms began shaking with the effort of keeping himself above her, moving so slowly, filling her, moving inside of her tight body, sweat dripping off of his face onto her purple wig. Her still dressed as Hit-Girl made the whole situation even hotter. He wasn’t just fucking Chloe Moretz, he was also fucking a superhero. He grinned wildly in satisfaction.

Sliding the last of his cock into Chloe’s body, Eric could feel his bloated balls resting on her compacted ass-cheeks. He moved his hips slightly out of force of habit, grinding himself against her inflamed clit, drawing a gasp through her pouty lips, and froze. If she came there was no doubt she’d wake up and he stopped himself from moving, letting her settle slightly. He drew his prick out slightly, barely and inch, and then slid back in, moving slow, relishing the feel of her pussy wrapped around him. He started fucking her slow and deep, moving in and out, still gritting his teeth, his arms shaking, his back aching, barely moving his hips. He had fucked his share of women in his life but none of them felt like fucking Chloe’s teenage cunt.

Eric couldn’t help but start moving faster, pulling his aching cock half-way out of Chloe’s cunt before sliding back in. He could hear his balls slapping wetly against her tight little ass as he tried to hold himself back. She was moaning continuously now as he fucked her, rolling her hips up to meet him in her slumber, her head rocking back and forth slowly, her purple hair spread out around her head. He was gritting his teeth hard enough to make his jaw ache, panting in lust, his eyes locked on Chloe’s beautiful sleeping face as he took advantage of her in the middle of the dirty alley.

Groaning out in lust, Eric could feel his balls boiling with the need to cum, to fill her tight, teenage twat with his thick load but then he suddenly realized something. DNA evidence. When she woke up she’d realize that something had happened when his cum was dripping down the insides of her pale thighs. Then Chloe moaned and made Eric smile. He pulled out of her body and scurried over to the side of her head, placing the tip of his prick next to her gaping mouth. He slid in slightly, her pink tongue caressing him lightly and triggering his orgasm. He came inside of her mouth, pumping his load past her pink lips and she began swallowing automatically, drinking down his sperm.

Falling back on his ass, Eric looked down at what he had done. Fucked a helpless, unconscious young girl. Shame filled him but he pushed it aside, she had slept through the whole thing and would never know what had happened so it wouldn’t be a big deal. And she’d never remember but luckily he would. He quickly took out his phone and began taking pictures before Chloe could swallow the last of his cum, snapping pic after pic of her lovely, exposed body so he wouldn’t have to just remember. He’d never be able to post them of course, or share them with anyone but he didn’t mind. He’d know what had happened and that was good enough for him.

Eric cleaned Chloe up the best that he could before zipping her costume back to cover her small tits and pussy, slightly disappointed that nobody else would get to see her naked. It seemed unfair some how but that was okay too. He knew what her most precious, pink parts looked like in the light of the sun and he could live happily with the memory, and the pictures, for the rest of his life. And who knew, maybe he’d get a reward for returning her to the studio safe and sound?