Chloe Moretz’s brush with the supernatural leaves her… different

Chloe Moretz was filming a new superhero movie; she
probably got the part because she was Hit Girl, but
she didn’t care because she wanted it that badly. On
the set, she had made fast friends with one of the
other actresses in the movie, Danielle Harris, who
became like an older sister to her.

One day, between takes they were talking.

“You know, it’s weird,” Chloe said, “I only just
found out you’re, like, old enough to be my mom.”

“Uh huh…” was Danielle’s response.

“I mean, uh,” Chloe looked embarrassed, “what I mean
by that is you don’t look old enough to be my mom, or
um, really, anybody’s mom.”

Danielle laughed. “Thanks.”

Later on, the two walked to their hotel rooms, which
were right next to each other. They talked on the way
about comic books.

“Yeah, I think Green Lantern would work better as an
ensemble action movie.”

“I guess. Well, this is me,” Chloe joked, as they
came to her door.

“Not gonna invite me in?” Chloe chuckled at this, and
then suddenly Danielle leaned forward and kissed her.
This was… surreal. Chloe’s first homosexual
experience, and she didn’t stop her or pull back, she
just went along with it, and continued making out
with her.

“Uhm…” Chloe moaned, as her and Danni’s tongues
wrestled, and they ran their fingers through each
other’s hair. After a bit, Chloe pulled away. “Uh,
lemme open this.” Heart pounding, Chloe turned around
and fished in her pocket for her keycard. As she did
this, Danni rubbed her hands all over her back, and
Chloe could feel her lips on the back of her neck.

Inside the room, they continued making out. Danni
grabbed the bottom of Chloe’s Led Zeppelin shirt and
pulled it off her, and then started kissing her neck
and chest, and feeling her up through her bra. Chloe
reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and Danielle
pulled it off and started kissing her tits.

Chloe backed into the bed, and sat down, then scooted
back on it, taking off her shoes, socks, jeans, and
panties along the way. Danielle stood at the foot of
the bed, smiling, and took her clothes off. Seeing
her naked body, Chloe was once again amazed that she
was as old as she was.

Now completely nude, Danielle crawled onto the bed,
and over Chloe. They made out some more, before Danni
again started kissing her neck and chest, then moved
down, kissed her tits, licked and sucked on her
nipples, further down. She kissed around Chloe’s
navel, and licked around the rim, then continued
down. Chloe’s legs eased open, as Danni kissed down
her pubic mound.

Chloe then felt Danni’s tongue slide into her pussy.
She moaned as Danni began eating her out. “Oh,
Gooood,” she sighed, before getting up on her elbows,
to watch Danni lick her twat. Danni looked back, and
smiled, before continuing to cunnilingize her.

“Oh, fuck…” Chloe whispered, tilting her head back.
Danni’s tongue started probing deeper, and with her
thumb she massaged Chloe’s clit. It didn’t take long
before Chloe came, her body jerking as the orgasm hit

As her body slowly relaxed, Danni kissed her way back
up. As they again kissed, Chloe noted Danielle’s lips
tasted like, well, she supposed like her. Danni then
pulled away, and looked back at her, and something
was…odd. Danni’s pupils seemed to be dilated; in
fact, her eyes were completely black.

“Danni? Are you okay?” Danni smiled again, and her
teeth…were those… fangs? Suddenly, Danni’s mouth
opened wide, she made a hissing sound, and she lunged
downward, and Chloe felt those fangs bite down on her
neck, breaking the skin. Oddly enough, it didn’t
hurt, but felt rather… pleasurable. She then felt
Danni sucking on her neck, and heard her swallowing.

Chloe started feeling light-headed, and then her
hands and feet began to feel numb, then she started
to feel cold, and then, everything went black…


The next morning, she awoke to the sound of a phone
ringing; it was her wake-up call. She picked it up.


“6:30, Ms. Moretz. Time to get up.”

She hung up, then lay back, looking up at the
ceiling. What was with that dream last night? Did she
really have a sex dream about Danielle? Whatever it
was, it sure got weird at the end. She was certain it
had to be a dream, because she wasn’t naked like at
the end; she was wearing her Zeppelin shirt, and

She wondered if it was going to be weird working with
Danielle after having that dream about her. Should
she tell her?

Walking around the set, she felt… weird. She ran
into Danni, who was friendly to her as usual.
“Morning, Chloe. Sleep well last night?” She decided
not to tell her about the dream. At least, not now.

In between takes, she saw Isabelle Fuhrman coming out
of her trailer. Izzy was also in this movie, but they
didn’t share many scenes, so they hadn’t interacted
much thus far. Nevertheless, Chloe suddenly felt
compelled to go over and talk to her.

“Yeah,” Izzy said, “I’m not even needed today, but my
trailer’s more fun to hang out in than my hotel room.
Hey, wanna see?”

She went in, and Isabelle had a damn entertainment
center in there.

“C’mon, sit down, let’s talk.” Chloe sat. “I’ve been
wanting to hang out with you, but our paths don’t
seem to cross much.”

As Isabelle talked, Chloe felt a weird compulsion
growing inside her. Finally, she gave in, and kissed
Isabelle. Oddly, Isabelle didn’t resist, but made out
with her. “What am I doing?” Chloe thought. Chloe
took Izzy’s striped sweater off, and kissed her neck
and chest, and Isabelle started taking off her bra.
Before long, Chloe had Isabelle’s jeans and panties
off, and was eating her out.

“Huh… humh… mmm…” The sounds Izzy was making
told Chloe she was enjoying it immensely. Finally,
Isabelle came with a high-pitched squeal. Chloe
kissed back up Izzy’s stomach, then her chest.
Looking back at Izzy now, she felt… really weird,
even more than before. Izzy had an odd look on her
face. “Chloe? Are you okay?”

Suddenly, almost involuntarily, Chloe lunged forward,
and bit into Izzy’s neck. She heard Isabelle gasp,
and then her mouth filled up with blood, which she
started swallowing. She continued to suck on Izzy’s
neck, until she apparently ran dry. As the sudden
bloodlust passed, Chloe came up, and realized
something was wrong.

“Izzy?” Izzy’s eyes looked blank, and she wasn’t
breathing. Chloe checked her pulse; nothing. Chloe
couldn’t even remember what happened after making her
cum; like she blacked out. She had blood on her lips,
and Izzy had two puncture marks on her neck. And,
there was no doubt, Isabelle was dead.

Chloe suddenly remembered her dream. Danni…her eyes
went black, and she bit her, and then… Did that
really happen? Did she die last night? But then, she
woke up this morning, and…she came back, but…
different. What did Danni do to her?

She looked again at Isabelle’s lifeless body, and she
figured it all out. She knew what was going to
happen; Izzy would return to life in a few hours,
but, like her, different.

Looking at Isabelle, all she could think of to say
was, “Sorry, Izzy.”

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