Casting Couch: Chloe Grace Moretz

Being a big Hollywood hot shot studio executive has
its advantages. With the money and power I have I can
control and make people do what I want at any given
point. I am like Les Grossman from the film Tropic
Thunder, but without the loud attitude and ugly looks.
I am more like J.R. Ewing from Dallas, but without the
Oil Company and the greedy backstabbing relatives. My
movie studio is called “Extensive Enterprises Films”
it’s not a huge powerhouse in Hollywood, but we are
getting there.

A lot of the major talent out there are starting to
take notice of our company and are willing to help us
to get our films made, plus seen all over the World. I
had recently got a script for a new edgy film where
the female lead will be the main focus, but alas its
more for a younger audience since the character is 15
in it.

She will be the most important casting ever made
because most of the dialog and inner monolog will come
from the main character. I was looking for a hot,
young fresh faced actress out there now who will be
willing to take this role to new heights. I got out my
binder which has photos and resumes too of all the
actresses in this age bracket, some already famous and
some not so famous (by the way I have many binders on
a lot of other stars as well).

As I went through I came across one actress that has
stood out my mind since I had first seen her, Chloe
Grace Moretz. I loved her in that Vampire film, Let Me
In, also in The Amityville Horror remake, Diary of a
Wimpy Kid, Hugo and most recently Dark Shadows. Chloe
blew my mind in Dark Shadows and in Let Me In she
really captures your attention when you watch her.

Looking at her photos I can see she is a beauty now at
15. She was such a little sweetie pie when she was in
The Amityville Horror, I just wanted to eat her up! I
found her number and her agent’s number and decided to
make a call out to her to see if she would like to do
this film I had here in my hands.

After getting a hold of her Agent, I was informed she
was working on the remake of Carrie and was very busy
at the moment, but was coming up on some time off from
filming this weekend. I told her Agent to give her my
name and number so we can discuss this during her
break. Message was received so I just had to wait to
hear back from her.

I could not wait. I went back and was looking over her
photos, this girl was driving me mad with her blond
hair and green eyes, not to mention her pouty lips. I
could not take it anymore I had to jerk off right then
and there just thinking about fucking her! I needed to
meet her, badly!

About three hours later I got a phone call saying it
was Chloe Grace Moretz on the other line so I did not
hesitate to answer, “Hello, Chloe! Yes this is Mark
Allen CEO of Extensive Enterprises Films and I would
like to offer you a chance to read a script I have for
you here in my hands.”

Chloe was more than too kind to talk to me, “Sounds
good, what is the movie about?”

“Its about a girl who faces a great challenge in her
life and fights back to keep her dignity and pride.
It’s a family film, but I think it fits you because it
sends out a positive message. Interested?” I asked.

“Well, I am done filming for today and have the
Weekend free. I will come to the studio now if you do
not mind.” Chloe sounded impressed and a bit excited
that a big movie studio guy like me thought about her
for this role.

I gave her the directions and she told me she would be
on her way over now. I could not wait to see her. I
was so excited to meet this girl, she has been turning
me on all day. Makes me wonder, do I dare go too far
with her like some of the other girls who have sat on
my couch.

Thirty minutes had passed and then my secretary buzzed
in, “Miss. Chloe Grace Moretz to see you, Mr. Allen.”

“Send her on in, Cathy,” with that, she walked right
into my office. Chloe was a thing of beauty for such a
young girl, that golden blond hair, those innocent
green eyes, her pouty, puffy lips. She was driving me

Extending her hand she said, “I’m pleased to meet you,
Mr. Allen. I cannot wait to read the script.”

She was a delight. I brought her over to my couch
explaining the film to her which she seemed to like
right off the bat. I gave her the script and allowed
her to read over some of the scenes. She looked really
comfortable sitting on my couch in her pink blouse,
her black skirt, her white hose and her Nike sneakers.
As she sat and read over the script I could smell she
was wearing a favorite perfume I have enjoyed before,
Sensei by Giorgio Armani. I’ve always loved that smell
and on her it was driving me half mad. My cock was
starting to rise as I could smell it in her hair and
off her body.

Chloe sat there still reading as I inhaled her sweet
smell of sex and sin. “Are you OK, Mr. Allen? Your
face looks red? Are you too hot?” Chloe asked looking
up from the page she was on.

Oh man! Busted! She must think I am having a heart
attack or heat stroke, or something else. “I am fine,
sweetheart. It is just that I have not smelled your
perfume in a long time and it makes me think of good
times with someone.”

Chloe smiled, batted her eyes and said, “I’m glad you
like it.”

I could not stop myself I had to take a taste of her.
I leaned in and kissed her right on her lips.

“Mr. Allen? What are you doing?!”

I looked deep into her eyes those lovely green eyes of
her then told her. “Letting you know how beautiful you

Chloe looked upset, then she got off the couch and
started heading for the door.

“Where are you going, Chloe? Obviously you do not want
the part do you?”

She gave me a quick glance. “What you are doing is
wrong! I am only 15! I do not have any sex for roles!
Don’t you know I was raised in a very Christian home?
I am sorry Mr. Allen, but I have to go and you need

Chloe started to leave and as she did I spoke up,
“Well, I guess this movie will go to someone else, I
guess. I hoped it be you, but who am I kidding. You do
not have what it takes to make it in Hollywood! You
just suck it up and go with the flow. You do not know
the taste, the taste of desperation, the desire, the
hunger, that fire in your soul to be number 1! I guess
your Religion is all you need in Hollywood and good
luck with that!”

She stopped before the door. I think I got to her. She
sighed, then turn towards me back on the couch. “If I
do what you want, this will never leave this room?
What I am about to do?”

I looked into her face. “What happens in here darling,
stays in here. No one will ever know what you did to
make it!”

Chloe dropped her purse on my desk. She sat herself
down on the front of my desk with her legs spread
slightly. Pushing her hair from her eyes she waited
for me. I got up walking towards the door, locking it
now. I buzzed Cathy, “Hold all my calls. I am going to
be in a meeting with Miss. Moretz and I do not want to
be disturbed.”

“Yes. Mr. Allen.” The intercom shut off and I came in
front of Chloe, touching her face, then her hair. I
leaned in for a hot passionate kiss.

For a girl of 15 she was not a very bad kisser. She
seemed to be a natural. I doubt however she has gone
all the way with a boy, let alone a 38 year old man. I
picked her off my desk and carried her over to my
couch. Her nylon covered legs wrapped around me as we
kissed each towards heaven. She kicked off her
sneakers as I started to grope her breasts through her

Chloe groaned as I felt her up. I do not believe she
has ever been touched by another person’s hand. She
looked surprised, but allowed me to continue. Our
kissing grew more as I slowly inched my hand up her
pantyhose covered leg, entered up her skirt then found
her sweet warm pussy hidden under her clothes. She
groaned into my mouth as my hand fondled her crotch.

She was getting warm between her legs as the fires of
love swept us both. We broke the kiss and I proceeded
to unbutton her blouse. After it was opened, her skirt
was unzipped and removed. She was a vision of youth
and beauty. She may not have the curves of woman, but
still being a young girl she still had what I wanted.
I sat up and had her come towards me. Unzipping my
pants I let out my throbbing cock which almost hit her

“Come on Chloe, why don’t you take a mouthful of
this,” I whispered.

Chloe made a face of worry. I do not think she wanted
to suck my cock, but she grabbed my cock to start
pumping it. Jesus Christ! I think she knew something
about sex because her hand felt good on my cock. Then
she lowered herself down and swallowed my red dick
down her throat. Her young mouth felt so damn good!

Chloe’s head was bobbing up and down my shaft. I think
she has tasted dick before, but I got a good feeling
her pussy has not! After about five minutes of her
sucking my cock I got her up.

I reached around to unhook her pink bra from her
little tits. They were little indeed. Her pink nipples
were hard as diamonds sticking out at me. Knowing what
was coming she rolled down her pantyhose and pink
panties to the floor showing her me her pussy now. She
had some blond pubic hairs on her pussy. Not super
hairy like some women I know, but it formed into a
cute little triangle on her.

While she was getting undress I too had removed my
clothes. She looked at me now with her green eyes
looking intense as she lay back on the couch,
spreading her legs to invite me in.

I leaned in between her legs as my face was starting
right into her pussy. Acting like a thirsty dog I
licked the outside of her pussy. Licking the sweat and
pre cum from her lips and inside her pussy.

Chloe moaned out loud as she was feeling the warm wet
sensation of my tongue lapping up her pussy. Licking
her pubic hairs I rubbed my warm cheeks into her skin
as the curls of her public hair brushed my face. I
think Chloe liked this so much she was petting my head
then grabbed my hair hard for she was having an
orgasm. Chloe hissed like a snake as she felt my mouth
all over her sweet young cunt.

I was driving her insane!

I think it was time for her to feel really good now as
I got up, placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy
and went on in. Chloe squeaked and yelled as my fat
cock broke her hymen. I knew it, she was a virgin!
This was wonderful knowing my cock was the first to
take this Christian Girl’s pussy! I thrust in and out
her now broken cunt.

Chloe’s eyes had filled up with tears and pain now as
my hard fucking thrusts gave her a good fucking
punishment. I slowed down a bit to get her to relax
and enjoy this good fuck. Chloe was calm now as she
wiped away her tears. I looked into her face. “Are you
okay, Baby? Do you want me to stop?”

She looked into my eyes and said, “No, no I am okay
now. Please do not stop. Fuck me now, please?!” All
the words I wanted to hear as I fucked her hard and

She was getting into it now as she wrapped her legs
around me taking me deeper into her pussy. She placed
her arms around my body holding on to me as I fucked
her more and more. Deeper went my cock and faster I
went I do not think she wanted it to end. I had
stopped fucking her after about 30 minutes. Now what I
wanted now was to deflower her little asshole.

I got her up on all fours, then pulling out of my desk
I got out some KY Jelly. I lube up her little asshole
and then covered my cock with it, now for easier
access. Chloe did not seem to mind what I was doing
for I think she knew what was about to happen, but
waited to see how this would feel.

Pushing the head of my cock to her puckered little
hole I pushed forward into her greased up backdoor and
slowly snaked my cock inside. Chloe yelped like a
little dog barking at a stranger as my cock went deep
inside of her ass. This little tight fuck hole felt

I pounded her ass as my jelly covered cock smacked and
popped out loud from the rhythm of my thrusts. Chloe
was going into agony and ecstasy as her little poop
chute was getting the punishment it deserved. Her
little white body bounced back and forth as she rode
on my fuck stick. Loud sticky pop sounds and her
groans filled my ears as her asshole was being abused
and lanced by my fat cock.

I loved how this child of god was on her knees now
begging for more. As I looked up I could see Chloe
holding her cross necklace in her hand. She was
kissing the gold crucifix as some tears feel down her
face. She was asking him in her own way now to forgive
her for sinning in his eyes. If I am the Devil now, so
fucking be it! The Devil was sending this little girl
on an one way ticket to Hell!

I pulled out of her asshole as quickly as I went in
and shot my load all over her ass cheeks.

out as the last of my cum dripped off her skin. We
both laughed out loud together while we both panted
from the heat of our passion as well. She looked at me
giggling now her golden hair covered half of her face.
Smiling at me now Chloe leaned in and we kissed again.
“Thank you Mark! That was wild! I’m glad you talked me
into it.” Her green eyes grew wide as she said this
and we kissed again.

“Ohhh, Anytime Baby! Anytime I am here for you!”

She smiled from that statement.

Months had passed and Chloe became an even bigger star
after that. Carrie did extremely well, critics said
she made Sissy Spacek look like an amateur. She did
our little film and was nominated for an Oscar for
Best Actress which she won. When she gave her
acceptance speech, she thanked everyone including me,
saying, “Without your guidance Mark, I would have
never gotten my Oscar! Thanks so much, I love you!”
She blew a kiss to the camera and I knew it was for
me. I quietly replied, “I love you too, Chloe!”